Saturday, August 25, 2018

#Caturday Art

Ok - know it is late but wanted to get this post linked up to the #Caturday Art Blog Hop hosted by
Athena Cat Godess.
This week all art was done in Lunapic.
The first one I used Fairy Art to 
get this finished picture.  I like this because it is more
like her real colors than Picasso.
This is the Picasso Art.
Another picture with the Fairy Art then 
I put a Picture Frame on it - 
those eyes of Miss Maizie are definitely drawing me in.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer - Goody Box Grain Free for Dogs

Disclaimer - The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor are members of the 
#ChewyInfluencer Team & enjoy getting a surprise from them each month.
For the month of August, one of the boxes was the Goody Box Grain Free for Dogs which
contained several treats and a toy.  The Ladiez received this free in exchange for 
their review & honest opinions only - there was no other compensation involved.

Miss Maizie here-
Mom told me that since this Chewy box came so close to 
my barkday, I wood git to review it.
What iz this - anuther box within a box? 

AH-HA ... HUH?
Hey mom - where'z the bag of treatz...where'z the food?

I gotta git this open - I smell sumthin'yummy in it-

Ok - now we're talkin'just what iz here?
I smell sum kinda yummy dif'rent stuffz.

An'it haza a squeeker- 
the ducky I already haz duzn't haf a squeeker.
Oh that Ducky iz the prize (or so I thought)
Me'n Ducky had a whole lotta fun!


  I love my new Ducky.(An'r-member, all thoze little pikchurez can b bigified) Butt wait - mom iz tellin'me there iz more in that box, 
the smelly, yummy kind of more -

(Well, sorta - mom sed I gotta share with Lady Shasta- 
I guess that'z ok, she shared with me on her barkday last year.)
So while I go bond with Ducky, gonna let mom tell'ya 
a little'bout that box
(an'may-b grab a couple bitez while mom iz bizy)

So just exactly what was in this Goody Box Grain Free for Dogs?
Nulo Freestyle Grain Free Duck Recipe - the 4 oz. bag of soft
 chewy treats great for training with only 2 calories per treat.
 Other recipes available such as Salmon & Turkey.
 soft & chewy with just 5 calories in each treat making them 
 ideal for training.  Other recipes include Turducken, Chicken,
 Rabbit & Salmon.  Like everything in this box, they are 
 Grain Free.
 is handy to take on a walk or car ride.  Not as soft as the others 
 but still easily breakable & chewy. Other meat varieties include
 Chicken, Beef & Pork with a variety of other nutritious  & 
 healthy ingredients.
 meal topper is 4.5oz of various forms of beef including kidney,
 liver & spleen, hoki oil (fish oil high in Omegas and rosemary
 extract - that's it making it very nutritious.  Other varieties 
 include Lamb & Chicken - all from New Zealand.
Formula Flaked Wet Dog Food - we received 2 of these
 individual flats that for us, make an ideal meal topper -
 I divided 1 of these between the 2 dogs as a meal topper.
 3 different characters that will vary with shipment - duck,
 a green frog & a pink pig - they each come with a squeaker.
 As you saw above, Miss Maizie loves her Ducky. 
If you would like a more complete description of each item, make sure to click on their links.

Miss Maizie here agin-
there iz no queschon at all what I give this box
(now it iz only me duin'this)
I know fer shure that 
Lady Shasta wood agree so
here iz our seal of approval! 

An'b-4 I fergit,
thanx to-
fer takin'the time each month to
host the Blog Hop.
R'member - if u r a #ChewyInfluencer then
make shure to link up your Chewy blog post to 
the blog hop like I did.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with Miss Maizie

Miss Maizie here - since this past Wednezday wuz 
my barkday'n I'm s'poze to git to post most of the whole month, 
mom sed I cood link up to the
The Cat On My Head.
This iza speshal week fer this blog hop -

Mom took this pikchure earlier this year shortly
after she gotz that phone that iz s'poze to b so smart-
(she needz all the help she can git) 
then she haz bin playin'with Lunapic A LOT 
lately an'added a frame- 

"Whatcha duin?"


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Miss Maizie on a later Thankful Thursday

Miss Maizie here -
my mom sed I cood post agin butt
I had to link this post up to
Of course what I am most thankful fer on 
this day AFTER my 2nd birthday (rite mom?) iz 
my home with my mom an'sissie!
Well, it took my mom an x-tra day
(my barkday wuz YESTERDAY mom)
butt here r my barkday pikchurez.

The ferst thing I want to do iz to 
thank Angel Shiloh for tellin'me it wuz ok to 
wear hiz barkday bandana- 
doncha think we kinda look like twinz?                         
Speakin'of twinz-
theze r my new pink pupper twinz, 
ain't they cute?
Whoopz - I'm gittin'ahead of myself
(not shure how one cood really do that tho butt mom sed I wuz duin'that).

Ferst, there wuz this Chewy box-
See - I can sit there all prim an'proper just like Lady Shasta.
There iz even a pikchure of me checkin'out 
the box just like her.
The ferst thing I grabbed wuz 
theze little ballz that wuz fer my barkday-
 (oh mom knowz me so well)
There wuz also a barkday cookie-cake in there that 
mom gotz fer me 
 Yes, I iz sharin'it with Lady Shasta.

Now mom didn't haf no paper to wrap
this other stuff in BUTT
it didn't bother me none.
This iz where I found thoze pupper twinz'n
one more thing-
 There'z a clue here - pawt of it iz purple.
 Meet Sssupreme Sneeky Snake- 
he came with hiz ferst'n last name then
I added hiz middle name cuz he wuz sneeky with me.
Mom sed he wuz frum Petstagez'n they haz dif'rent sizez.

One more thing-
All that barkday stuff shure can tire out a little doggy-
time fer a nap.