Thursday, September 19, 2013

Well whaddya know - here we are with a HUGE thank-you

From Mom Kim (ALREADY EVEN)  It only seemed fitting that this post be included in the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop altho I really cannot limit my thanks to just one day.

Well I would have NEVER thought I would be typing this already - I will NEVER stop being amazed at the power of prayer from Blogville and all other friends and family.  I so appreciate all the prayers, words of comfort and support and good vibes from allI was finally able to return to work earlier Tuesday(9/17) afternoon after my eye doctor appt.  Last week, after the lens kept coming out during the night, I contacted my specialist and spoke with one of his nurses - I told her what was happening and how frustrated I was and asked if she had any ideas.  Her answer - try using a little piece of tape to hold the eye shut during the nite which basically made it impossible for the lens to have room to come out - BINGO!

I saw my local eye doctor and now it was his turn to be really encouraged.  So that is where my vision problem stands now and for the next few weeks - unless I develop a new problem or the lens comes out, I don't return to either of my eye doctors UNTIL AFTER I have this BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma) on my nose taken care of and it has some time to heal- surgery for that is Monday, 9/23/13.

Now then, I also have an update on my Shiloh-man.

Some of you may recognize this pic - it is a few months old HOWEVER the action is typical of what was FINALLY going on in my livingroom a couple of days ago.

Oh did it ever give my heart a big ole'warm fuzzy.  That was the FIRST time Shiloh had played with Diva Shasta for a few weeks.

You may not be able to see the chair, but this was the FIRST time Shiloh was up in 
his favorite chair 

 One time I looked in the chair and saw something like this HOWEVER I began thinking 

that maybe Diva Shasta laying on Shiloh's back just may NOT be helping at all so-

 now, if I see them then 
I make Diva Shasta lay beside Shiloh.
(at least for awhile)

because I really would like to see 
more of this-

Another change I made, altho not entirely new, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta are both back on their Duralactin - I had run out and never did re-order - the improvement continues.
You can look HERE for when I first posted about the Beaglebratz's response to it.

Ok - that is enuf for now - not making plans for our next post - all I will say is I hope me and/or
the B-bratz are back in a day or two.

And once again-
Mom Kim

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Normal never happens

Mom Kim here - I love Tweety, so much of what he says 

seems to fit my life - at times it even seems like what he 

says is tailored-made for me.  Anyway, not long ago the

Beaglebratz said something like they were here that day 

but not sure when they would be back - the last few days 

have been a good example of that and this post might 

even be the last from any of us for awhile.  I had an

appointment with my cornea specialist this past Tuesday,

9/10, and he was a little encouraged with the healing of

the epithelial defect (skin tear like) on my cornea and also

replaced the bandage contact lens I was wearing which

sort of facilitates the healing - by the next morning that 

lense had come out and the defect was worse again so

back to my local eye doc to get the lense replaced 

(that was on Wednesday);  This would happen again on

Thursday, 8/12 - I was off all last week due to poor vision,

was at work this past Monday and Tuesday then have 

been off work Wednesday and Thursday this week and 

it is unclear when I will return to work.  Outside of using 

the lens, there is nothing more that can be done for at 

at least the next month; remember the skin lesion on my 

nose - well that did prove to be a Basal Cell Carcinoma 

and I am scheduled to have it surgically removed with 

reconstructive surgery on 9/23 and my eye specialist will 

not do anything more until it heals (I totally get this).  Now

IF that contact lens would STAY PUT and do its job then I

hope and pray I can return to work ASAP otherwise, I

have NO idea when/if I will go back to work.

On the homefront - the Beaglebratz are doing good -

Shiloh continues to improve - sometimes trotting around

and holding his tail up high.  He continues to limit 

himself - will not even try to jump up on furniture.  I 

was giving the B-bratz their Duralactn when they BOTH

came trotting out to the kitchen and BOTH started to jump

up which did make me smile but I immediately told them 

down - hopefully Shiloh'n Diva Shasta will soon be doing 

this again  but right now the only play is between me and Diva Shasta.
Well, in case I can go to work tomorrow, I need to get the 

B-bratz out so I can get them back in and we can all get to

bed.  Just in case we can't get back real soon, here is my
favorite pic of all of us so you all can remember who 

we are->
                      Mom Kim, Diva Shasta'n Shiloh


Sunday, September 8, 2013

POTP for Shiloh - one more time

Mom Kim here - I have decided that the only PLAN I am going to make from now on - 

My vision is still deciding what to do - I was off work this entire past week  
(it is doing better and I HOPE to go back tomorrow but I don't
want to say that too loud in case I jinx it)

I had my skin biopsy(nose) this past Thursday and should get the results 
tomorrow or Tuesday.

today I am focusing on SHILOH.
At first I thought maybe he was having
another flare of his IVDD but 
after checking his spine for pain-none
(this has worked in the past)
I am thinking 
he may be having problems with arthritis.
Shiloh is not exhibiting pain in any one area-
he just has trouble wanting to relax and
is pacing ALOT.
(as in none of us except maybe Diva Shasta got much sleep last nite)
After going out to potty this morning he did come back in and slept a bit.  
Eating and drinking is good too.
Thought I was giving him a 
baby aspirin last nite but 
I am pretty sure that 
is the one I found on the floor
so will try again.
I am hoping that rest, time and 
baby aspirin(?) will work to
resolve this and 
that a vet visit WILL NOT be needed.

It seems like we all have received more than our share of your prayers and POTP
but it looks like Shiloh could use some more-
PS - after looking at this picture, it reminded me that he is still carrying his tail almost up - about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way and he does wag it some - the first time he was hit with spine problems, his tail was tucked and he just about sent a vet through the ceiling when the vet tried to move it.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We r here tueday BUTT ,,,,,,,

When our mom woke up this mornin'she cood tell that her eyeball wuz not rite - AGIN!  She stayed home frum werk (yea fer us butt not fer her).  She wuz able tue git intue c her local doc who told her that skin tear on her eyeball (the epithelial defect) wuz not any better an'put one of thoze speshal kind of lens in her eyeball - she haz truble keepin'it there - butt it mite help that
skin tear git better.  Her local doc also got her an appointment tue c her speshalist next week.  She told peeple on HER Facebook page what wuz goin'on cuz she didn't know when she wood b there agin (she cood hardly c the top letter on the eye chart this mornin'so............ 
we thought we shood stop by here tue let u'all know so that if we iz gone fer a bit, that iz y.

C u'all sumtime..........

Sunday, September 1, 2013

From Mom Kim

Mom Kim here-

I just wanted to thank those of 
you who voted for the Beaglebratz in the
Dogs of Blogville Calendar Contest-
voting is over.
Will be around  sometime.