Monday, October 31, 2016


Hello there efurryone-


Erlier tue-day I ferst hadta 
pawtrol the Beaglebratz Manor groundz tue
make shure there wuz no zombiez or other evil kritterz about-

after that I hadta git ready fer 
Yepperz -
me an'the Dougie Dog wuz 
off tue
Hope we c u there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Howl-o-ween or is that Woof-O-Ween Sunday Selfie

(Would like tue thank
makin'me look even better.)

I know, kinda late agin(thankz AGIN, mom).
I am linkin'up with 
The Cat On My Head 
Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Whatever werkz!

Lady Shasta here -
I found out that my mom wuz goin'tue a pikinik later 
plus she wuz makin'sumthin'tue take there
so tue say I wuz upset iz an unnerstatement!

Mom had brought sum stuffz down tue put
in that mashine tue git clean butt
hadta leeve'em on the 
livingroom floor tue check on sumthin'she wuz cookin.
I needed a snooze an'may-b 
I wuz a bit miffed'bout the pikinik sooooo...

See, I woodn't even play with the Halloween toy that
she gotz me or
 even snuggle with it.

I hadta let mom know sumhow that 

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Friday, October 28, 2016

#ChewyInfluencer on foodie Friday

Yep, u'all gotz it rite - this post iz  
all'boutz our 2nd review this month fer the Blog Hop that I'm shure u know iz co-hosted by

"Lady Shasta - u haf anuther d-livery frum Chewy!"

Hmmm - what'z all this?  Iz it sumthin'tue eat?
Ain't never seen treatz in little packitz like this b-4.

Mom told me that this treat iz like the
punkin she gives me sumtime frum a can butt this iz
eazier tue give me an'it comez frum Chewy so
it hazta b good.

Now this next pikchure duz NOT show
my dinner - I git more than this HOWEVER
I had already eaten my dinner when mom r'membered that
this treat wuz s'pozed tue go on it soooo...
she fixed me a little snack .
(Mom Kim here - from the looks of the next 3 pictures, the Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! did a great job covering the pill I had hidden under it since it is gone too!) 

 I hadta make shure the bowl wuz clean.

I haf sed many timez how much I love punkin-
this wuz no x-cepshun.
Mom really likez it tue cuz
x-cept fer the water in it uzed in makin'it,
there ain't no other ingredientz.

I give it

By the way, my mom took a pikchure of 
sumthin'else she really liked'bout this treat-
Yep - I know it iz kind of a weird pikchure butt
she sed she really did appreciate thoze little 
notchez on the sidez of the pakitz-
an'I due tue really cuz they make it eazier an'faster tue 
git my treat
(Sum peepz git the biggest joy outta the leest little thing)

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

We received 1 box of the 1.05 oz box of
Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up!
Dog & Cat Food Supplement Pouches
for our honest opinion.
There was no other form of compensation involved.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween through the years on #ThrowbackThursday plus re-visiting old goals

Mom Kim here for today - been doing a bit of reminiscing at old Halloween pictures.  This first one is of me and my two 
fur-angels - Shiloh and Oreo.  We were waiting for the 
costume parade at Petsmart.
Halloween 2005

This is my favorite backdrop to use - this was the Halloween just before Lady Shasta joined our furmily - in fact she was about three weeks old and would join us in about 5 weeks - we just didn't have any idea at the time that our paths would soon come together.
 Halloween 2006

My fur-angel Shiloh with an attitude
Halloween also 2006

This was the first Halloween picture I could find of 
Team Beaglebratz.
Halloween 2009

Angel Shiloh was the Biker Dude and Lady Shasta was 
a fancy butterfly.
Halloween 2010

The Team looking for skeletons in the closet
Halloween 2013

Evidently the Team found some skeletons out here?
Halloween 2014

The high-class couple-
Angel Lord Shiloh and Lady Shasta
Halloween 2015

Picture for Halloween 2016 - yet to come.

Also re-visiting an old goal
These past few months have been kind of some off few months for me when it comes to the blog and not sure how things will go in the near future.  Wanting to sell this house is still on the burner and slowly getting the work done I need in order to do that HOWEVER instead of trying to sell it this year -
it's pretty doubtful that will happen as I have just not
been able to get the work done as quickly as I had hoped.
So unless a miracle suddenly blows in and ALL the work can be done in the next week or so,
I am pretty much resigned to the fact that 
putting the house on the market 
won't happen until early spring of 2017-
especially as the holidays draw closer.
Also my sis and I will be visiting family in Louisiana sometime before the end of this year so that needs to be figured in to when work can be done also.
Actually not selling until spring may work out for the best as 
it will allow me more time to find things like
little areas that need paint touch-ups and
other such odd jobs which just might improve the chances of selling this house.

Another goal - that all too elusive 1000 posts.
It would have been great if that had happened BEFORE
Angel Shiloh journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge but
with all my medical problems and then his,
and how life in general just seems to have other plans at times,
I guess it was just not gonna happen that way SOOOO...
it is still out there to reach 1000 posts by the end of 2016.
I was on track until this past few days to be able to do
that with just 1 post per day HOWEVER-
once again LIFE took over-
not problems with my vision but 
just life in general-
Lady Shasta having her own problems with her
Intervertebral Disk Disease or maybe 
just plain old Arthur-itis and getting older.
It's better plus I have found out she likes
wearing a light-weight sweater,
especially in the morning when it's cooler.
we will both be trying to
post more and there is 
a good chance that on some days you will see 
more than 1 blog post so just maybe we can make 
1000 posts by the end of the year.
Of course if it was totally up to
Lady Shasta we would have been there already.

Ok - I have been rambling long enough-
if I am going to at least get 1 post today then
I need to shut up and post.
(have you ever noticed that rambling seems to be a human "quality"?)

Mom Kim

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#ChewyInfluencer meanz can't b werdless

This iz the ferst of my entriez in-tue the 
Oktober Blog Hop which iz
co-hosted each month by

Hey mom-
the mail guy iz here with a 
d-livery fer ME frum

Iz there really sumthin'in here?
Ah-ha!  So there it iz.

So - now what mom?

There ya go-
I gotz me sum Blue Buffalo Boo Bars Mummy Morsels! 

You can c what theze treatz haf in them-
sum of MY fav'rit stuffz like 
Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Oatmeal an'Carrotz -
an'stuffz that mom likez-
Barley an'Flaxseed. 
An'they duzn't haf stuffz that my mom duzn't like-
none of thoze by-productz, corn, wheat an'soy.

I wunder if I can sneek one outta here-
that witch an'her punkin best not snitch on me.

What - no mom - I didn't take one.
I'm just sittin'here - waitin'real patient like.

See - I iz just layin'here - not botherin'nuthin. 

Whoopz - well a pup can wait just so long then.....

Oh wuz them ever tasty!
Oh yes-
my seel of 

I give theze Boo Bars
4 PAWZ UP cuz of their
Mom lovez'em cuz they r
good fer me an'she really likez their
crunchy-ness an'how eazy they will break in smaller peesez.
(smaller peesez - I don't unnerstand how this iz a good thing)

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

We received 1 bag of 
Blue Buffalo Boo Bars Mummy Morsels Dog Treats
for our honest opinion.
There was no other form of compensation involved.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Blowing In The Wind-

Durin'our photo shoot yestaday- 
I swear, my mom will 
take a pikchure of ANYTHING!

Don't ask me where we haf bin-
did haf sum werk dun on the house erly last week AND
still waitin'tue haf more dun BUTT
my mom haz had plenty of time tue due
anything BUTT help me post

Be bak - SUMTIME!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

3rd an'final pawt of trilogy of barkday fun with Lady Shasta

Ok -this iz the last pawt of the trilogy of MY 
barkday fun. 
In case u missed any of the ferst 2 pawtz
u can look here at the 1st pawt & here at the 2nd pawt.
Now on with the show.........

ME AN'MOM wuz in fer 1 more surprize-

After I got dun with my cake an'ice cream an'other stuffz,  
I herd the phone ring then 
mom wuz talkin'tue aunt sis on the phone
(still can't figure out how they due that)
I didn't really pay much attenchun tue what they sed UNTIL
I herd that majic werd - WALK!
Oh what a perfekt way tue end this perfekt day!
Lookie - lookie, I gotz my new walkin'harness on.
We wuz walkin'out by the pondz at the governor'z place.

A lot of animalz come around here - even other doggiez so
me an'Lady Bailie, my Westie fur-cuzin'wuz 
checkin'out any pee-mail that wuz left b-hind.
I had NEVER bin on this trail b-4 -
so much tue check out.

Fer sum reezon, 
neether of us saw what wuz IN the pond at ferst,
we wuz more interested in possible viziterz
AROUND the pond BUTT

Oh lookie there-
See - I told u!

I  really tried hard tue go talk tue them - 
I bet they cood tell me sum good stuffz'bout this place BUTT
mom - then aunt sis, woodn't let me.

Hey mom - over here.
I wanna go HERE!
This iz MY barkday walk so we iz goin'HERE!

There wuzn't any more duckiez JUST
a lot of pee-mail tellin'me a lot of doggiez 
had bin here b-4 me.

Mom told me we wood b goin'bak there sooooo
may-b then I can talk tue thoze duckiez.

Oh what a day my barkday wuz-
ok - time fer a nap-
talk'bout your sweet dreamz!

~Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor~