Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Quik update on Chloe

Ok - so we Beaglebratz r uzin'our telepathic wavestream here since we can't turn the 'puter on til mom gitz home frum werk so that meanz we gotta keeep this short.  We herd frum the grapevine that Chloe iz out of surgery an'waitin'fur her mom.

Fur more info on her condishun an'tue leeve your prayerz, purrz an'POTP, PLEEZE click on the link b-low

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Wordy Wednezday - Pleeze send up your Purrz, POTP an'Prayerz

There haz already bin so much terrible devastashun an'so widespread thru-out the central an'south/southeast United States.  So many peeple an'their furry furrendz were hurt or even sadder, killed-sum may haf bin friendz or furrendz.  What iz even worse - sum areaz r NOT in the clear yet az more severe stormz spread the horrific damage an'devastashun. 
Pleeze take  sum time tueday tue remember all thoze who have bin affected by theze furry most terrible stormz an'pray fer their safety-
 not just fer tueday butt also fer many, many dayz tue come.

Also - PLEEZE remember-
 tueday az this iz the day that 
Chloe will b havin'her x-rayz'n
surgery fer her oral cancer.
Chloe's mom iz really anxious that
(think many of our peepz know that feelin'in sum way)
all goez well with removal of the tumor'n 
her lungz r not affected.
Pleeze stop by their blog'n 
leeve a comment fer
POTP an'PURRZ an'support.

~Mom Kim, Diva Shasta'n Shiloh~

Friday, April 25, 2014

POTP REQUEST - we Beaglebratz would like to interrupt our previously scheduled post fur this most IMPAWTENT message!

Us Beaglebratz furst herd'boutz Chloe 

earlier yesterday 

 on her blog at Pug Possessed 

 (that'z Chloe in that badge on your left)

Akchually, there iza a furmily of Pugz  

there az well az their mom, Punchy 

Chloe'z mom just found out that Chloe haz oral

 cancer.  Pleeze stop by their blog 
(click link above or on badge)
tue leeve your POTP, purrayerz an'prayerz

an'support fur Chloe an'her mom, Punchy.

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~ 
Mom Kim

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Little Question From Mom Kim

Well I do have a pic I could use with this but I

am short on time so will have to go without this

time.  But I'm sure that many, maybe all are

familiar with the scenario - you have taken 

your dog to the vet HOWEVER here is my 

question - are you welcomed in to the exam 

room with your dog?  If you are not - does it

bother you?  I  USE to be - even just when 

Shiloh'n Diva Shasta got their shots or got 

their nails trimmed but now it RARELY 

happens and in fact not sure when the last

time was for the nail trim or shots.  Now 

this is NOT the vet I took Shiloh to that one 

time for his back - I was in the exam room that

time(different vet).  The one I take them to

now, really needs to retire - not so old but

he has medical issues himself and even sis 

agrees that one kinda gets the feeling that

we are in the way(even when no one else is

there).  Also, when I did take Shiloh to that 

different vet then went back to our current vet

I told him(our current vet) we had gone to the

other vet clinic because I needed to be able to 

get a time that was more accommodating to my

schedule - he(current vet) said well I needed 

say something to him(current vet) next time 

and maybe he could work something out  -

that lasted for a short time and when BOTH

Beaglebratz recently had their teeth cleaned,

I was the one doing the accommodating and 

and having to miss work.  That different vet

clinic stays open a bit longer in the evening

and Shiloh liked it there too.   Part of me wants

to stay loyal but there is a bigger part that tells

me it is time for a change.  Anyone else have

any thoughts?

Oh, something else that is totally off topic but

I just wanted to mention.  If you have a

Facebook account/page for your woofie/kitty

you mite wanna take a look at it - log in.  

Facebook is shutting down, suspending or 

whatever you wanna call it.  Shiloh'n Diva 

Shasta can keep theirs IF I change it to a 

business page or organization or brand -

 just don't use a timeline - that's for more

of an individual social type of thing

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Earlier tue-day,
 we Beaglebratz furst herd frum 
Stella Rose of The Three Little Pugs 
that they knew of a little Pug
needin'sum POTP.
So we went tue check it out.

Come tue find out - that little Pug iz

Our mom vizitz their blog- 
they live not far frum us.
At furst we herd that Abby Lynn wuz 
very much sick - vomitin'dark bile'n 
very lethargic -
she wuz on her way tue the dogtor.

Now we know what iz goin'on - 
furst there wuz an update frum 
The Three Little Pugs sayin'that Abby Lynn haz Diabetez an'her blood sugar wuz 
really high at 465.

Our mom finally had a chance tue check 
Calamity Acrez Hobby Farm blog
a bit ago an'Mary Ann (Abby Lynn'z mom)
had left a further update -
Abby Lynn iz x-periencin'many of the uzual signz of Diabetez such az 
x-cessive thirst
frequent urinashun
weight loss
glaucoma haz b-gun in both eyez.
She iz also not eatin'
(not even cooked cut-up chicken).
The dogtor did send Abby Lynn home 
b-cuz there iz no one at the dogtor clinic 
tue watch her overnite - 

PLEEZE dear Lord - guide
Abby Lynn'z pawrentz thru the nite az
they watch over an'treat Abby Lynn.

If u haf not yet stopped by their blog-
PLEEZE due not hezitate tue go tue-
tue leeve your prayerz'n POTP an'support fur both
Abby Lynn an'her pawrentz, 
Mary Ann an'Keith.  

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~
Mom Kim

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How do you say - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARG !!!!!

 We all at 
Team Beaglebratz
would like to take this moment to wish
a very Happy Birthday!

Shiloh asks - "Wood u like sum cake?"

 Diva Shasta has a special gift for you.

Here's that cake!

Time to PAW-TEE!




Friday, April 4, 2014

NOTICE!! NOTICE! We are still around HOWEVER...(and an update)

Mom Kim here-

Let me do a bit of a recap of this past week-

MONDAY(3/31) - Diva's Bailie (Westie cuzin) and Shasta both had their dental work done - Diva Bailie came out better with NO teeth left behind at the vet's while Diva Shasta left one.  Otherwise, Diva Shasta is doing fine and eating as always.
TUESDAY - the workday was nothing different however
sis picked me up after work then went to my place 
where in less than a half hour both Shiloh'n Diva Shasta went out then came back in to eat then back out again.  After they came back in, sis and I left for Winchester, KS where my Aunt Elaine and Uncle David lived.  My aunt Elaine had been in failing health for the past few-  months - we had been told that it was now only
 a matter of hours before she passed.    When we got 
there many of their children were home now as well as 2 of Elaine's sisters. 
WEDNESDAY - Usual workday again except for one thing - my sis called me after she got a phone call that even though we knew it was coming, we all still kept hoping and praying for a miracle - it still seems so unbelievable
when our Uncle David called to tell us that our Aunt Elaine had died a short time earlier. 
Also in the afternoon on this day, I had an eye doctor appointment - we tend to JUMP and get to the eye 
doctor almost as soon as I notice any worsening of my eye condition (for anyone new here, I am blind in my left eye so when something changes in my remaining vision then I get to my eye doctor ASAP)   And yes, things had indeed changed for the worse.  Exactly how worse will be determined when I see my cornea specialist NEXT Tuesday, 4/8.  I do know that my visual acuity this past Frday was basically 20/70 - now I am reading about the level of legal blindness but since that is my DISTANT vision, it doesn't affect my ability to work - at least not much at all.  This problem is by no means new and I have a few blog posts about it - especially since late January of 2010.
Ok - now AFTER my appointment we headed to Rossville, KS where my Aunt Eloise resides in the local nursing facility there.  After my sis and I visited with our Aunt Eloise for a while, reminisced about her husband (our Ucle Harry) we returned home.
 THURSDAY - usual workday.  The Beaglebratz loveds that I was home with them all evening - found out that the visitation for my Aunt Elaine will be Friday (4/4)
 evening with the funeral Saturday afternoon - in other
words, won't be around much at all until possibly Sunday (4/6).

On another note -  I had been tninking about this then when I had a comment on the post about requesting POTP for Diva's Shasta and Westie cuzin Bailie - 

about making Diva Bailie an Honorary Blogville member - she does visit here sometimes and Shiloh'n Diva Shasta visit there too

Diva Shasta & Shiloh with 
Diva Bailie, their Westie cuzin