Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Shiloh'n Shasta here - our weekend haz bin kinda lazy - mom tu.

Shasta: At least we didn't git the snow some of our neighborz, like thoze in the O-K state got an'in partz of Kansas.

Shiloh: Yeah, Shasta iz rite 'bout that but it iz still really cold. After we got up tu go tend tu buziness, we kame bak in fer a quik nap
  while mom got our breakfast.  We want tu send a big thank-u to our good buddy, 
After our mom read about hiz breakfast that day, it didn't take tu much frum us
tu convince her that we shood haf sum tu

Shasta: After we had our breakfast, I let mom know that we both wanted tu go bak outside agin

Shiloh: Yep, we want out but didn't stay long.  Then when we kame in, I went tu take a nap
while Shasta went tu check out Mr. Ducky for the upteenth time - as if it iz gonna change any

but then she ended up takin' a nap tu

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mango Minster 2010 - Shasta 's entry

Well I had seen the same pikchurz of pups enterin' this great dog show that my big bruther Shiloh did an'then I herd him pesterin' mom to help him find a pikchur.  So I d-cided well, he ain't gonna git the better of me.  So here iz my pikchure tu-
I think this pikchure showz off my true personality - I AM
the diva around here an'I claim this toy.
Anyway, now for sum info-

Name - Shasta Beaglebrat

Gender - Female

Group - Hound dogz      (I AM a noze on 4 pawz)

Breed - Beagle

Bloggy addy -

Mango Minster 2010 - Shiloh's entry

Mom helped me chooze this pikchur fer Mango'z big dog show - after I saw how many other pups were enterin', I coodn't b left out so here iz the info; furst the pik-

I think this pikchur shows how I'm alwayz on the lookout fer
thoze rascally rabbitz.
And now the info-

Name - Shiloh Beaglebrat

Gender = Male

Group - Hound Dogz         (become deaf - huh, whaddya say?)

Breed - Beagle

Bloggy addy -

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bringin; u'all up tu date

Shiloh B here: We – me’n Shasta B - haf bin layin’ kinda low these past cuple a dayz. This past weekend mom finished puttin’ all her Christmas stuff away. She wuz fillin’ boxez and throwin’ stuff away’n …

Shasta B: Yeah bro – an’we didn’t wanna end up in 1 of thoze boxez or in the trash so…

Shiloh B: Yep lil’sis, we just stayed outta the way’n az quiet az possible – at least az quiet az a Beagle kin b. Oh’n we haf seen the Mister Sun off’n on fer a couple of dayz – may-b he escaped frum thoze squirrelz. Then last nite mom pretended she wuz a chef or sumthin – she started fryin’ up sumthin that smelled real good then ……

Shasta B: Then mom chased me outta the kitchen iz what she did next. Now how kin I perfect my floor-cleaning skillz if she’z gonna du that? I’m still lernin’ sum stuff – how kin I practice if she won’t let me in the kitchen? Then I saw her addin’ a little of this’n a little of that – grabbin’ here’n grabbin’ that so I thought well may-b it’z a good thin’ I ain’t there – don’t want her tu grab me by mistake.

Shiloh B. Yep – so u all see it haz bin kinda scary’n frantic around here but yet good thinz’ r happenin’ tu like mom’z vizion is gittin’ a little better each day. We bin getting’sum difrent thinz’in our kibble like cheeze’n bananaz’n cereal’n cottage cheese – only not all at once. So now u’all no what we haf bin up tu lately – now we iz gonna go take a nap.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hey - it'z gone tu!

Us Beaglebratz haf noticed sumthin' else tu - Mister Sun haz not bin vizitin'here much at all since we gotz all that snow.  When mom gotz home frum werk yesterday, she let us out so we cood see that old Mister Sun but he didn't stay much after that - he vizited a wee little bit tuday but not long.  Mom sed it haz bin tu weekz since he haz bin here much.   Maybe like Dennis the Vizsla sed and Mister Sun got recalled buy the manufacter like the snow or Jack sed maybe the squirrelz ate the snow.  Cood that be what happened tu Mister Sun tu?  If it wuz the squirrelz then maybe it iz time sum
of us went on an undercuver mission tu find out what'z up woth them.  We'll keep a watcu fer them squirrelz around here - make shure they ain't plannin' anythin'.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lookie - lookie, it worked!

In our last blog entry we - Shiloh'n Shasta showed u pikchurez of what our bakyard still looked like with all the snow then we were tellin'the snow tu go away.  Well just look at it now.  Theze ferst 3 wuz yesterday when it really started a lot-

And theze next 2 were TUDAY!

It iz almost ALL GONE!  Don't no where it went an'don't kare.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow, snow go AWAy1

Our mom talked tu us 'bout changin' the bakground on our blog - she sed may-b if it wuz dif'rent an' haf briter colorz then may-b that will chase the snow away.  So that iz why u see what u see.

A lot of the snow iz almost gone - at least in sum placez like in our front yard an' on our deck even.  But if u look in our bakyard, u mite think nuthin much haz changed - here, u take a look an' d-cide -

Oh, an' we need tu apoligize tu our friends fer not vizitin' their blogz very much - b-tween the weather makin' uz lazy an' stayin' close tu our mom when she iz home, we're purty tuckered durin' the day when she iz at werk - she iz still havin' a little truble with her eye, sumtimez it iz a little better then sumtimez a little werse like it wuz tuday when she went to her doc but it wuzn't real bad like b-4.  We r tryin' tu du better when we kan.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where DU they git theze namez?

What iz it with our hoominz an’niknamez fer us? We Beaglebratz haf enkwirin’ mindz an’we want tu no! We thought we red where anuther 1 of us 4-leggerz asked ‘bout this tu.

Fer example, me – Shiloh – sumtimez mom will call me Shi-boy. Now I object tu this – there iz nuthin ‘bout me that sez I am shi. Anuther name mom uzez sumtimez iz SnuggleBuddy. Ok – so may-b that 1 iz tru – SUMTIMEZ. But tu say it outloud – I’ve got a reputatshun tu uphold. What kind of fear duz that put in them little furry kritterz if they hear that, huh? An then I will also talk about anuther that mom uzez fer both me’n Shasta – Dooglez. She sez she made that up meaning a mix of dogz an’Beaglez. Now I, Shiloh, must STRONGLY OBJECT tu this nickname ‘cuz there is absolutely nuthin that iz mixed with me or Shasta Don’t git me wrong, mixez r a really grate thing – my best bud b-4 Shasta wuz a mix – my little “big” bruther Oreo who mom had when I moved in. But me’n Shasta r not mixez an’we haf paperz that say we ain’t, so there!

Shasta: Ok Shiloh, my turn now. How wood u like tu b called baby girl when u r 3 yearz old. Or niknamez like squirtbutt or wigglebutt? Ok – may-b my butt duz wiggle a little – OK, A LOT sumtimez! But kin I help it if I git really happy, hmmm? That’z like tellin’ a hound not tu howl when she seez a wabbit. But squirtbutt – where’d that come frum – my butt don’t squirt – never haz.

So u all kin see what we haft u endure sumtimez – what’s a poor doggy to du?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sort of an update on mom

Hello all – Shiloh Beaglebrat here

I just wanted tu check in fer a bit. It iz warming up here a little – herd that weather guy say it may git tu 42 degreez tumorrow. An’sum of that cold white stuff iz goin’ away – not shure where it went, just hope it ain’t just hidin’sumwhere then comez out agin anuther day.

Mom haz bin a little sad the past few dayz. The local therapy dog grupe that mom an’me r memberz of – sum of us kin go tu the library so the little kids kin read tu us - mom werks with the library tu help organize it tu. The latest program started this past Sunday an’ will last fer 2 months so nobody gits bored. There wuz a grupe of us going. Well, they all went – even got on that square talkin’box (although I don’t know how they cood all fit) but mom an’me weren’t there. Mom’s vizion still is messed up – it’z getting’better but not az fast az mom wood like - I hear her say it'z takin'it's sweet time but then she also sez it's God's time, not mine. We haven’t bin able tu vizit anywhere fer over a month. Yep, I miss it a little but what makes me the happiest is just bein’here with mom. Last week little Shasta got her acceptance letter for therapy dog work but kan’t go yet either but she’s never bin so she duzn’t really no about it anyway – I just wish mom wood realize that we both r happiest bein’ eith her.  She'z at werk rite now but me'n Shasta will be sooo glad when she gitz home soon.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Oh yes, it wuz a warning..........

Yes, it wuz a WARNING an'not warming.  If it had bin warming then that white stuff all over the ground wood b going away but it'z NOT!  An' it'z still frigid out - at least the weatherman agreed with us an'also sed it wuz frigid.

Haz your mom ever asked u this very dumb questchun - "Y du u hover around me when I'm eatin'but I don't du that when u r eatin'?"  Well, we Beaglebratz haf a very good answer - May-b if mom wood feed us more then we woodn't hover.  Then, IF she duz share her lood just look at the teeny amount we git-

Yes, if u look at the bottom of this pikchure, u kin ALMOST see that itsy-bitsy piece of banana.  An'just look at what mom makes us du fer that itsy-bitsy teeny amount of banana - we think we shood git all the banana fer havin' tu du that.  Mom iz ALWAYZ makin' us du that in order to git sum yummies - this iz what we had tu du
last nite -

then mom made us clean the floor
(u kin bigefy theze pikchurez if needed)

But fer the most part, we love our mom-
what kin we du? 

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wind chill warning

Beaglebratz here-

Yep, that'z what the weatherman sed.  An'what'z this "negative" temperachure stuff, like negative 20 degreez - hey, when it'z cold then it'z cold an' when it'z frigid then it'z frigid - when it freezez r paws then it;z freezin'.  Y kan't they just say that?  Duz any-1 remember what happened here on Christmas Eve an'Cristmas Day-

Or this

Well, thingz haf not changed much since then, 2 weekz ago, except they got worse last night-


an' the weatherman sex thoze negative temperachurez will last at least 'til Saturday.
Oh well, there iz 1 good thing - mom wuz home tuday b-cuz of the weather.  Now we haz tu go take a nap.

Monday, January 4, 2010


We r gonna make this our PET PRIDE post of the week - we
haf bin so bizy helpin' mom an'fergot 'bout that.

Shasta here - I wunder if mom really noticed just how good I wuz sharin'with Shiloh when she took theze pikchurez

Butcha u no wkat" 
A little doggy kin share only
so long then.......

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prayer button - see above

After Andrea (Sitka's mom) told us 'bout the neat prayer buttonz that Ms. Edie at Rich Gifts Graphics and Blog Design we d-cided tu check it out.  That iz the prayer button we got fer mom -, just below our top header.  If u wood like tu place it on your blog, just copy the code an' add it tu yoor sidebar. 

Ok, we iz tired - keep gettin' a little of that white stuff an' it iz still very cold - mom sez feels like a deep freezer.  We r so BORED so best just go tu bed.

Taking this opportunity

Hello all - mom Beaglebratz here

Since the Beaglebratz are asleep on their bed, I thought I would take this time to thank you all for your prayers.  I do love this blogging community - there are a lot of caring puppers & their humans here.   I am noticing some improvement each day.  I am sure the Beaglebratz will check in later.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just stoppin' by fer a bit.........

Mom iz stil havin'truble with her vizion - sumtimez itz a little better then it gitz a little worse.  We stay with her az much az possible which meanz we ain't viziting other doggy blogz az much az we wood like - we du what we kan.

Not much else goin'on rite now - itz still very cold, only 13 d-greez, sn'still haf a lotta white stuff on the ground
 an'more of it iz comin' down.  Mom iz duin' what she kan around here to clean the house but when she sitz down, we go tu lay down by her.  Gotta go fer now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sorry this iz late - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Mom stayed home with us on Nu Year'z Eve - kinda quiet evenin' fer us.  Here r sum pikchurez of our evenin'-

(U kin bigefy theze pikchurez)

Shasta Beaglebrat - Then mom d-cided I needed tu share-

Shasta - az u kin see, I wazn't shure about this.

All this playin' wore us out-

An'that iz what we kept duin'most of tuday-

And now we r goin'tu bed.