Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wind chill warning

Beaglebratz here-

Yep, that'z what the weatherman sed.  An'what'z this "negative" temperachure stuff, like negative 20 degreez - hey, when it'z cold then it'z cold an' when it'z frigid then it'z frigid - when it freezez r paws then it;z freezin'.  Y kan't they just say that?  Duz any-1 remember what happened here on Christmas Eve an'Cristmas Day-

Or this

Well, thingz haf not changed much since then, 2 weekz ago, except they got worse last night-


an' the weatherman sex thoze negative temperachurez will last at least 'til Saturday.
Oh well, there iz 1 good thing - mom wuz home tuday b-cuz of the weather.  Now we haz tu go take a nap.


Andrea said...

Hope you guys are taking good care of your mommie.
I got my new glasses, today. I had to get the progressive lens...I am getting old.
Blessings, andrea (sitka's mom)

JacksDad said...

Maybe he meant wind chili warming. It will be hot enough to cook chili outside :)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Pretty much ditto all that for me here. I have 3 new inches of snow right started at 1:00 today. It is to continue... and that will make 13 days in a row for at least flurries here.
Global Warming... where are you???

Janie said...

I hope you guys enjoy playing in the snow!

River said...

Be careful! When they start talking windchill it means you can freeze your tail off!

love & wags,