Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where DU they git theze namez?

What iz it with our hoominz an’niknamez fer us? We Beaglebratz haf enkwirin’ mindz an’we want tu no! We thought we red where anuther 1 of us 4-leggerz asked ‘bout this tu.

Fer example, me – Shiloh – sumtimez mom will call me Shi-boy. Now I object tu this – there iz nuthin ‘bout me that sez I am shi. Anuther name mom uzez sumtimez iz SnuggleBuddy. Ok – so may-b that 1 iz tru – SUMTIMEZ. But tu say it outloud – I’ve got a reputatshun tu uphold. What kind of fear duz that put in them little furry kritterz if they hear that, huh? An then I will also talk about anuther that mom uzez fer both me’n Shasta – Dooglez. She sez she made that up meaning a mix of dogz an’Beaglez. Now I, Shiloh, must STRONGLY OBJECT tu this nickname ‘cuz there is absolutely nuthin that iz mixed with me or Shasta Don’t git me wrong, mixez r a really grate thing – my best bud b-4 Shasta wuz a mix – my little “big” bruther Oreo who mom had when I moved in. But me’n Shasta r not mixez an’we haf paperz that say we ain’t, so there!

Shasta: Ok Shiloh, my turn now. How wood u like tu b called baby girl when u r 3 yearz old. Or niknamez like squirtbutt or wigglebutt? Ok – may-b my butt duz wiggle a little – OK, A LOT sumtimez! But kin I help it if I git really happy, hmmm? That’z like tellin’ a hound not tu howl when she seez a wabbit. But squirtbutt – where’d that come frum – my butt don’t squirt – never haz.

So u all kin see what we haft u endure sumtimez – what’s a poor doggy to du?


JacksDad said...

Those are not bad nicknames at all!! The tall guy has a name he calls me, but I'm not allowed to say such words! :)

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Well I can tell you that you are NOT alone in this. I don't know why "they" do this either, butt it is a bit off putting, I must say.
The only thingy I can say in "their" behalf is... have you ever heard some of the thingys that they call their 4-legger pups???? I'm just sayin'.

River said...

Those names aren't too bad. I get Riverdog which is okay but it would be a lot worse. My brother is Bite-Bite. He always answers though because it usually means food. In that case humans can call me anything!

love & wags,

JD and Max said...

Sigh - we know exactly what you mean. Well, at least Max does - he's been called every Max derivative under the sun - Maximillion, Maxidian Order (his sci-fi name!), Mad Max - well, you get the idea! JD on the other hand is only ever JD. Well - it DOES stand for 'Just Dog' after all (as JD is just SOOO laid back!) that no nicknames are required! We like your nicknames though - they're really cute! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

Cinnamon and Mint said...

My humans also call me using discriminatory nicknames, such as Wasa-wasa (a mimetic word for "being fidgety") and Gubu-Gubu (an onomatopoeic word for a sound like something's bubbling)!