Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A contest @ Big Stinky Dog and info about us

We Beaglebratz haz a few announcementz here  Furst, Mason over at Big Stinky Dog blog iz feelin'kinda low - he hadn't gotten any entriez fur hiz CONTEST!  REALLY - NO ENTRIEZ!  That iz an abominashun!  So we Beaglebratz d-sided tue help out if we cood - egspeshally since it 
ENDZ 11/30/12 @ 11:59pm.  

Now furst wuz hiz
where we gotz our furst clue 'boutz it.  If u go tue this post then 
read down tue the last paragraph
u will c the werd CONTEST 
complete d-tailz.
Now fur a bit more stuff 'boutz Team Beaglebratz.
That post we did yestaday - 'boutz Chewy.com-
that wuz the blog'z 500 post.  BUTT furst, we haf bin tue bizy the past few dayz tue due anything 'bout it.  ALSO, that includez any postz that MOM did b-4 she BEGGED us Beaglebratz tue take over writin'the blog so it woodn't go bye-bye.  SO, furst- we r gonna wait til AFTER the NEW YEAR tue haf our selebrashun post.  Also, since we took over in October of 2009 - we r gonna figure our #500 post frum THAT date, since this blog likely wood NOT B HERE IF WE BEAGLEBRATZ had not taken on such a monumental task - duin'our best tue rescue it frum the abyss of blogdom.

Here iz anuther piece of IMPAWTENT bit of newz 'boutz Team Beaglebratz.  We don't wanna b away at all BUTT we Beaglebratz r NEEDED TUE MOTIVATE our MOM.  She iz SLOWER THAN A TURTLE sumtimez.  She needz our help tue FINISH dekoratin'cuz IT AIN'T DUN!  Our Christmas tree iz naked - well, half iz.  Our friendz r not sittin'around our tree which meanz WE CAN'T sit around it either like this!

Theze pikchurez r frum LAST YEAR!  So even tho we hate bein'away at all, our mom NEEDZ our help.  We WILL RETURN ASAP!
~Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta~

(from the mom - I NEED to give a special thanks to Ann and her girls over at ZOOLATRY for the beautiful and festive header she made for Team Beaglebratz.  I know how busy it must be for her and it is such a difficult time for her.  For her to take the time - even if she did say it didn't involve much doing - I appreciate it all that much more.)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Two fur Chewy.com - from mom, Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta

 A few weeks ago, Team Beaglebratz heard from Chewy.com about doing a product review for 
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky
At first I wasn't sure - with the problems that Shiloh had been having and I didn't want him getting all excited and possibly re-injuring himself after his recent bout with IVDD plus all the negative stuff I had been reading about chicken jerky treats - I just wasn't sure this was the right time or product.  But I also knew Blue Buffalo was a good quality dog food plus right after being contacted by Chewy.com I decided to google those treats to see what info I could find out. Maybe I am a little suspicious but when I saw the results listing from Blue Buffalo I kept looking until I finally found a product review that was on another BLOG I decided to go with that first. Then I googled to find out where the ingredients come from that are in these treats-
according to Blue Buffalo - all ingredients are from the United States AND there are only THREE
ingredients in their Chicken Jerky treats - chicken, dried cane molasses and saltSo after reading this info and viewing the pictures from the blog (The Elka Almanac), I decided that it would be a good product for the Beaglebratz to try.  Then, to avoid Shiloh becoming too excited too soon - when the treats arrived, I would just hold it back a few days until I was sure Shiloh would be ok with it.

Now with all that said - what did Shiloh and The Diva Shasta think of their new treats?
 Well as usual, Shiloh was the first one with his head in the box - trying to figure out what smelled soooooo yummy.
But he didn't stop with just the box - I guess he was sure whatever it was - the treats were for him
Nope, Shiloh did NOT want to share those treats, not even with his own sis, The Diva Shasta

A-HA!  FINALLY - The Diva Shasta gets her turn.

Now this next picture is really not that good at all but I wanted to give you all some idea about the jerky itself.

 They are not shaped like what you might think about any jerky - the pieces are smaller and the texture is softer making it easier to tear into smaller bites for either tiny dogs or to use for training treats.

I wanted to get a picture or two of the dogs trying the jerky but they snarfed their pieces down so fast - I didn't have a chance - trying to position the camera and feed them treats at the same time just didn't happen.  I can tell you - both Shiloh and The Diva Shasta gave the 
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Treats Chicken Jerky a total of 8 paws up (2 dogs times 4 paws each = 8 paws).  Before I end this post however, the Beaglebratz have a few words to say-

YOO-HOO  Iz anybuddy there?  This here iz Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta.  We Beaglebratz just herd sum furry great newz just fur us 4-leggerz- wooferz'kittiez.  You'all know that mom just did, with our help of course, a product review for Chewy.com .  Well we Beaglebratz haf a bit of furry great newz tue share 'boutz Chewy.com .  You all know how alot of online storez r havin'cyber  Monday salez - well Chewy.com iz gonna due that tue!
  There’s no promo code for customers to enter.
No special link to follow.Just a massive, up-to-50% discount on everything but food at Chewy.com
So that all our furrendz can c this furry most wunnerful newz (an'so we can get tue bed), we Beaglebrat need tue post this - NOW!
~Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta~
~an'mom Kim~

Thursday, November 22, 2012

HAPPEE THANKSGIVING frum Team Beaglebratz

What we r really thankful fur, egspeshally

this year.
Well of course us Beaglebratz r ever so thankful 

that we haz our mom

an'all the really good stuff she duz fur us.

An'of course our mom iz ever so thankful she 

haz us Beaglebratz an'what we give tue her.

Butt our mom haz sumthin'else she iz ever so 

thankful fur cuz if

it hadn't happened then

none of ANYTHING wood ever haf happened.

None of theze doggiez an'us wood never

haf known what it iz like tue

b with mom

Angel Kammie
 Angel Oreo
 Angel Kryket

Furst, sum of u know'boutz all the eye problemz

our mom haz had-

well last year, x-actly on November 22nd,

mom had her last, most recent

cornea transplant.

It didn't put an end tue her eye problemz butt

it shure did make thingz sum better.  BUTT

even that wuz what peepz call an anniver-sary cuz

it all started x-actly on

November 22nd in 1976.

Mom sez that year wuz 

the birthday of the United States-

she also sez 1976 wuz 

kinda like her re-birthday. 

That wuz the year when on November 22nd, she had 

an operashun that saved her life.

Mom sez that soundz kinda

melo-dramatic butt it'z true.  

She had a doctor vizit a few weekz b-4

an'the doctor found 

It wuzn't that bad c stuff butt

az big az it wuz, it still cauzed a lot of 

 problemz fur our mom,

includin'her eye problemz.

The doctor told her that if 

she didn't haf it removed then 

she mite live just a couple of yearz.

We Beaglebratz r shure THANKFUL that

our mom had that bad stuff taken out.

Tue end on a funner topic-

a fun fact we just herd-

the first Thanksgiving feast lasted 

3 WEEKZ!!!!
The Diva Shasta thinkz that wood b a most wunnerful feast!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

At werk with mom - sorta ... an'other stuff tu

We Beaglebratz haz a few thingz tue 
cover in this blog post an'we wood like tue
the oportunity tue bring it tue u.

Every mornin'when mom leevez fur werk, 
it'z the same old thing- 
she sez "You two b good, mama lovez her 
Shiloh'n Shasta".
We Beaglebratz r in a quandry here-
if she lovez us so much
(an'we r shure she duz - may-b?) 
than y duz she leeve us - home alone? 

So she goez off tue werk butt she tellz us that
we r with her all day long 
in many wayz.
Which wood u rather haf at werk?
What that pikchure there above showz OR
the reel thing 
 The next few pikchurez showz u'all 
other wayz that
we r "with her at werk".
Mom sez she can't b at her desk without
seein'us an'thinkin'bout us.

See that Christmas card up top-
the red one with pawprintz?
It'z kinda hard tue make it out butt
it meanz a whole lot tue mom cuz
it showz a pikchure of us 
Beaglebratz'n Angel Oreo- 
it wuz The DIVA Shasta'z first Christmas'n
wood end up bein'Angel Oreo'z last.
An'of course we're all there with mom. 
Here iz a fav of mom'z-
a pikchure of Angel Oreo that a friend made

Now here iz us agin

Thoze r pikchurez of flowerz frum 
mom'z garden hangin'there
b-side my (Shiloh'z) pikchure.

Then a few pikchurez of other stuff that
mom sez remind her of us when
she iz at werk
Some of theze pikchurez r kind of really ... 
um .. well
not good.

Oh an'u know we told u'boutz 
goin'tue c Santa Pawz- 
well it wuz a good thing we had 
our listz with us tue give tue him cuz
they wuz in such a hurry'n 
we hardly had time tue say 
Merry Christmas.
Butt each of us Beaglebratz got a bag frum
Santa Pawz only mom kept'em-
yep, we Beaglebratz haz NO IDEA what
iz in'em butt we due know they iz
frum Santa Pawz.
Iz mom keepin'em fur herself?

Finally, the Shiloh-man here.

Mom sez that it haz bin awhile since 
she haz seen me look so animated-
(since when am I a cartoon?)

she thinkz I am lookin’an
feelin’happier now– 

I due feel a whole lot better now.  
I am runnin’more an’bak tue patrollin’the perimeter of our kingdom– 
alwayz on the outlook fur trespasserz.  
Almost efuryday I am playin’a bit
more with The DIVA Shasta an’we all

 even slept in the regular bed last nite 
altho mom did help me a little gittin’up on it 
(instead of sleepin’on the sofa-sleeper) 
Mom wood like me (Shiloh) tue 
take a moment here tue

fur your wunnerful POTP an'healin'vibez.
(Iz The DIVA Shasta watchin'that critter up there?)

~The Shiloh-man'n The DIVA Shasta~
an'mom tue 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Santa Paws

 Just a note fur now - we haf a furry much most 

IMPAWTENT errand tue run in a bit so we iz 

not gonna b around fur awhile.  Aunt Sis iz

bringin'her Bailie tue

We Beaglebratz r gonna go haf our annual talk 

with Santa Pawz.
(mite git a pikchure tue)
Well we duzn't know if this Santa Pawz iz

the reel deel - cood just b an emissary sent by 

Santa Pawz cuz we iz shure the REEL DEEl

Santa Pawz iz likely bak at the North Pole-

gittin'all the prezziez ready fur 


Mom sez we gotta go git ready now-

See ya'll around the blogz
 ~Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta~
(that'z our friend Tuz there in the middle)
(pikchure frum last year)
(shurely u didn't think our mom had our house all Christmasy already 
did u - she duzn't move that fast)

Friday, November 16, 2012


Need to add this b-4 we git started cuz this FUN-raizer 
and we just looked an'gittin'close BUTT
still cood uze more help tue 
reach their goal.
More info can b found at the linkz b-low.
Ok - we the Beaglebratz here-
The past few dayz, sumtimez when our mom watchez that big talkin'box, she haz gotten furry much sad.  She knew we Beaglebratz didn't unnerstand y she wuz so sad so she told us - "u know how it gitz here sumtimez when we git thoze big thunderboomerz an'lotz of rain an'flashez of lite up in the sky?  Well that iz kinda what happened out where Dexter livez an'many, many, many more doggiez an'kittiez live - only it wuz really, really bad an'even affected sum down where Da Weenies of Florida live."  An'we sed butt mom, Dex an'Da Weenies live so far away frum each other - wuz that the only thunder boomerz?  Then mom sed "no dear onez - the storm wuz way more bad than what our thunder boomerz r an'hurt so many more peeple an'eferything in-b-tween Dex an'Da Weenies had what is called a hurricane - a lot worse than the tornadoes we git.  An'there wuz way tue much rain an'big windz blew.  There were many peeple who now r in Heaven b-cuz of that big storm called Hurricane Sandy.  Mom sed she wished she cood help an'we Beaglebratz wanna help tue-
PLEEZE can we help tue?

We Beaglebratz found many wayz ANYONE can help - maybe u wood want tue help tue? 

One way we Beaglebratz found we cood help wuz over at Mason's blog - Big Stinky Dog You can click on this link rite there OR we haza widget up there on our blog that sez Going to: Hurricane Sandy Animals

This iz what we talked 'boutz in the b-ginnin- we also seen Wag N Swag: Help Hurricane Sandy Pets You can read 'boutz it there or over at Mayzie's Dog Blog Butt like we sed b-4, it endz REAL SOON.

How you can help pets and their people affected by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy Lost & Found Pets

Emergency Relief To Pets Affected By Hurricane Sandy

Petfinder: Help Is Needed After Hurricane Sandy

These are but a few of the articlez our mom found fur us - she sed u'all can just google pets 
an'hurricane sandy tue find out more. 

~Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta~
(our mom helped us with this)

(From the mom - Oh dear, did mom ever do a MAJOR - no, I take that bak.
 Just figured out - it had to be a blogger brain fart.  This post WAS
 scheduled to go live at 3:30 this morning - didn't happen.  Also got spam 
 showing up on some old posts - I DID HAVE MY SPAM FILTER SET - now that option appears to no longer be available.  I would really hate to take the time to change over to Wordpress but who knows - blogger is pushing
 me that way)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little update - the Shiloh Man - 2nd post today

Mom here - I have REALLY been NEEDING to do this for several days now. In a way it seems like the original onset (this year that is) happened a LONG time ago HOWEVER it was just on October 21, 2012.  Maybe it was the way Shiloh had a few days at first where I thought he was getting better only to be back to whining and in pain less than 12 hours later.  At first, after the first 5 days, he was done with the Metacam then about 4 or 5 days later, he was able to stop the pain med however I decided it would be good for Shiloh to continue his muscle relaxant for a bit - he was still having a bit of a problem with relaxing and doing some pacing - symptoms of IVDD.

It was only a couple of days before the muscle relaxant was stopped also.  However the problem I had convincing Shiloh he still had to take it easy increased along with keeping him off his favorite chair.  Shiloh will usually sleep on one of two dog beds available - one of those being his new orthopedic dog bed I got for him
 (like I said before, this is NOT an endorsement for this bed with AKC's tag on it - the bed just happened to be the ortho bed I could afford at this time and I didn't realize how prominent their logo would be in this picture)

The other change I made - and so far it is working along with Shiloh's improvement - I WAS giving him glucosamine however after talking about his IVDD on Facebook a bit and several comments from other Beagle owners whose Beagles had HAD problems with their backs, I switched to a product called
DURALACTIN Now this joint supplement does not contain glucosamine or chondroitin - Duralactin contains only MicroLactin®, which modifies the neutrophil/endothelial cell interaction to reduce the emigration of neutrophils.  Now that last part is just some of what is said on the website and I'm not real sure what it means but I think something like the problem with Shiloh's back is caused by too many neutrophils getting to the area where it shouldn't be and the MicroLactin® interferes with this.  In the meantime, what I really know is when I open the back door to let the dogs out - if they spot something on the other side of the fence that should not be there, like some kind of critter, both Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta take off Aroooooo-ing and running.  I should probably keep Shiloh on a leash instead of letting him go but he has shown no ill effects from this.  The Beaglebratz are also playing and chasing each other again in the house altho this is on a limited basis.  At times, it almost seems like Shiloh really knows when he needs to take it easy and when not.  I am keeping an open mind and open eyes - as long as Shiloh either stays the course or improves any then I know the Duralactin is doing the job it was made for.  If Shiloh has another setback sooner than later - then I will decide at that time what to do.
   ~Kim, Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta~

Veteran's Day, TODAY! And a little history lesson

The mom here - maybe it's because I am a government employee and have tomorrow off in recognition of Veteran's Day but I kind of forgot (blush) that TODAY - November 11 - is the ACTUAL, FOR REAL - VETERAN'S DAY!
I have SOOOOOOOOO many reasons I blush that I didn't remember that TODAY is the REAL Veteran's Day.  Like both my dad and my brother were/are veterans.  My mom worked at a veterans medical center where I have worked for over 25 years.  And then I remembered that Kansas is the actual birth place of Veteran's Day - yep, 
was the actual birthplace of Veteran's Day back on Nov. 11, 1953, when Alvin King, a resident of Emporia, felt that the day which was called Armistice Day didn't give just credit to all those veterans who had served and given their lives since WW1.  After U.S. Rep. Ed Rees of Emporia, introduced legislation in Congress in the spring of 1954 to change Armistice Day to Veteran's Day all across America, it was Oct. 8, 1954, when then President Eisenhower signed a proclamation that stated: “On that day, let us solemnly remember the sacrifices of all those who fought so valiantly, on the seas, in the air, and on foreign shores, to preserve our heritage of freedom.”   

And let's not forget - the veterans of our military - they are not just the two-legged kind-
we also owe a big debt of gratitude to all those 4 leggers

Team Beaglebratz is forever grateful for what ALL of our veterans have given to us.
~Kim, Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta~