Saturday, April 28, 2012

LOOKIE WHAT WE FOUND & our mini-me's

Okey-dokey.  So sum of us pupperz an'kittiez fergotz 'boutz the other day when it wuz Nashunal Assistantz Day BUTT az your Secretariez of Social Netwerkin'
 it iz our duty tu inform our readerz of sum IMPAWTENT info we just found out.  So here it iz-
tumorrow, yes that iz April 29th, iz a furry much speshal day fer all of our pawrents -

an'just stop tu think 'boutz this fer a moment-
it iz b-cuz of all of us pupperz an'kittiez that our pawrentz git this speshal day.  Our mom gitz emailz frum Three Dog Bakery an'they haf sum speshal adz just fer this speshal day they call

Pup-u-lar Treats
Yes, speshal treatz just fer us petz an'there r sum fer the kittiez tu!  So may-b it iz tu late tu GIT them in time fer the speshal day - if your pawrentz don't order them now THEN they cood order them on THEIR speshal day - APRIL 29th, SUNDAY which iz one way they can show y they r speshal.

Now we want tu show u our MINI-ME pikchurez that we sent tu Rubie's Birthday EventMom furst read 'boutz this a few dayz ago an'we told her we wanted tu du it.  Well, she iz one of thoze furry best prokrastinaterz - ya'know, one of thoze peepz who putz off stuffz so FINALLY tuday she takez our pikchurez then we git them sent tu Rubie - the day B-4 her birthday event contest endz.  Anyway, here r thoze pikchurz->
Furst iz Shiloh with hiz mini-me
 This little guy iz sooooo furry much just like me-even rite down tu hiz white-tipped tail'n
big black noze.

Now we haf Shasta with her mini-me
   We haf had a bizy day so Mini-Me an'me
r takin'a nap tugether.

The furry most bestest thing 'boutz 
our mini-me'z iz
they don't eat NUTHIN'!
Speakin'of eatin'it iz
'boutz that time soo
we gotzta go.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~
 n'our Mini-Me'z

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nashunal Professhunal Assistantz Day

Most probably all of us doggiez an’kittiez haf sum kind of an assistant in our livez – us Beaglebratz du tu although SHE thinks she iz OUR leader or boss BUTT we digress.  Anyway, on Wenezday, it wuz
Nashunal Professhunal Assistantz Day – that’z what our mom iz at her werk place - an assistant SO y wood she b anymore than an assistant here – we haf nooooo clue.  ANYWAY, b-4 we digress sum more, our mom wuz tellin’our aunt sis ‘boutz a purty little plant with pink flowerz 

that her BOSS gave her. WE WUZ WORRIED – shood we haf gave her sumthin’tu? BUTT then we r-membered – she duz NOT thinkz of us Beaglebratz az her BOSS soooo, we iz safe.  BUTT just in case – since she wuz real lazy tired when she got home frum that werk place yesterday, we gave her x-tra cuddlez when she tried tu snooze on the couch an’we wuz x-tra quiet can't help it if there wuz sumthin'outside that shoodn't b so we didn’t disturb her while she wuz snoozin’even tho she will disturb us sumtimez.  So that'z y we didn't haf a WTF Wenezday post BUTT will try next week.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

PeeS - we iz all still TRYIN'tu git uzed tu the new blogger - it'z probably like one of them pesky flea bugz - keepz botherin'u an'duzn't go away.  Wunder if mom cood uze Frontline on it tu?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ALERT!!! info bein'shared an'grumble, grumble AND Just In - Rainbow Bridge Alert - Sweet April

We Beaglebratz are still here – BUTT B-4 we git on tu our own stuffz, we lerned (yes, we can du that tu) sum IMPAWTENT info boutz the HOUSTON PITTIE PACK that Blogville's Mayor Frankie an'sidekick Ernie r wantin'tu pass on.  Miss Sandra wantz it known that since she iz gonna b havin'her new 2-legger baby an'Little Josh growing like gang busters... it had simply become a bit cramped, where they were.  So they will b movin'tu a new temporary home until their FOREVER new home gitz built an'they move in. The bad thing 'boutz this iz they WILL NOT HAF INTERNETZ ACCESS = they will not b able tu blog or du their Facebook stuffz.  
We Beaglebratz cood not du without our Internetz stuffz.  Go tu Frankie'z an'Ernie'z blog fer complete info.

Now then, our mom haz bin a little more kerazier distracted lately than her uzual self due tu, among other stuff, the blogger changez.  When she lookz at her blogger dashboard, it ain’t got all the new postz on it – she HAZTA go tu the reader tu find the gazillion new postz.  An’just this mornin’her OUR playlist wuz EMPTY – THIS WUZ NOT SUMTHIN’WE DID!  Mom wuz furry much upset cuz she also did haf a playlist just fer her an’it wuz empty tu an’she had uzed up a LOTTA our valuable time tryin’tu find all that music – at least that iz fixed now.  BUTT we hafta wunder - iz there sum kind of conspirazy goin’on here?  Her vizion iz duin’ok fer now – in fact the doc sed this mornin’the problem seemz tu b fadin’away BUTT she iz still havin’tu go tu the hu-doc at leest 1 time a week (so furry much glad that AIN’T us).

There iz also sum stuffz goin’on at her workplace that’z kinda “distractin”her tu.   We hopez it all gitz made better cuz we NEED her tu feed us an’b with us an’help us post pikchurz like these we gotz this past Sunday-
After our breakfast, we started our day like this-

Then we did a little of this-

Then sum more of this- 

 An'also sum of that tu-

We know this iz already long BUTT we just herd this furry most terrible newz-
 Run free little Miss April
Please leave your condolences at their blog: 

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Change & Sunny Saturday

First a note - from the mom-

Team Beaglebratz has finally been slapped with "THE CHANGE" - that's the BLOGGER CHANGE.  I know you all talked about it and the message was on my dashboard about it BUT I kept thinking that when it didn't happen and didn't happen that just maybe this blog just MIGHT not get hit with "the change" - no such luck.  Being 50+ and having disabilities - working for government where change is almost a daily occurrence, when change is forced on me, I don't usually deal with it too well.  I have already let Blogger know I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT!  But as usual, it doesn't make a difference.  As usual big business rules and they know what's best.   So enough of my griing for now - it is Saturday, kinda brisk out and very sunny so I thought I would leave you today with a few pictures while I contemplate this new blogger look I now must deal with - knowing everyone in Blogville is dealing with it too - I guess makes it a little easier?

Note here from the mom - midway through this post, I was again forced with something - either continue with this post and risk having my leg shred to pieces by a "starving" Shiloh or feed him, IMMEDIATELY!




After doing this post I realized I don't have a whole lot of outdoor pictures of the Beaglebratz and what I do have, are not that easy to find - they are scattered all through my files - I NEED to remedy that.
So maybe I can do both of those things this weekend.  Hopefully the B'bratz will be back tomorrow - right now they are chilling and I have some errands to run.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

R.I.P. My Sweet Lady Miss Ginger

Shiloh here

It iz with a furry much broken heart that I pass on this awful sad newz tu u'all in case u hazn't herd.  
10/9/2000 - 4/19/2012
My sweet little lady Miss Ginger haz crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  It happened Thurzday evenin'n it wuz most unexpected.  In case u hazn't had a chance yet, PLEEZE go by Dachsies With Moxie - of course her mom an'dad r most hertbroken an'upset az a rezult of this horrible event an'cood uze sum of our wunnerful Blogville show of support an'care.

Run free my sweet Angel Ginger. 
Our thoughtz an'prayerz go out tu you'n
your mom an'dad'n
Thai, Chip, Tasha'n Anna Rose. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mr. Chewy -

 Awhile ago our mom received an email from Mr. Chewy which included the code she cood uze anyway she wanted fer sum of their productz.  Well she wuz really surprized  b-cuz we just don’t git that many good offerz like theirz (of course, we Beaglebratz wood haf tu have a say in her final selectshun).  Then when she went tu their website an'saw their selectshun, she sed she wuz like a kid in a candy store – such a humongus variety – she sed it wuz almost overwhelming.  (we wanna c tu).  We haf seen so furry much many of our fellow Blogville rezidentz with stuffz frum Mr. Chewy - we Beaglebratz think Mr. Chewy shood b-come the unnafishal pet food stuffz supplier of Blogville - just our opinion. 

Ok - so we iz gonna show u'all sum pikchurz of what we gotz. Mom sez when she got home - there were TWO boxez sittin'on the porch an'she KNEW who they were frum

"Hey  mom - iz this MY box?"

"Here Mom - let me help"

"Hmmm - lotz of paper in here butt I du c sumthin'else tu - wunder whatever cood it b?"

"Hey mom - what r thoze?"
(this was the only pic I got of Shasta- 
she wouldn't get too close with Shiloh there)
Mom sed theze were called
Limited Ingredient Treats
We got the fish an'sweet tater kind 
so we cood share with 
our Westie cuzinz. 
Whoopziez - guess mom fergot'boutz 
this pikchur of me tu.
Theze yummy treatz r
mom got us the 
Blueberry Cobbler kind. 

An'here'z anuther pikchur of 
me - Shasta altho 
u can't really c me cuz
my head iz in the bag.
mom got us the
Duck Breast variety-
so furry much yummy an'healthy.

Yep - this iz our FOOD-
Taste of the Wild High Prairie  
with all kindz of good stuffz like
roasted bizon an'venison-
sweet taterz an'peaz tu.

Now all theze linkz go tu 
 just what we gotz 
az sum of u'all know-
they gotz ALL kindz of good stuffz
Sum of u haf already 
had a chance tu try 
Orijen Pet Food 
which haz all kindz of good stuffz
like deboned meats,
fresh-water fish,
fruitz an'veggiez.
Deboned meats r hi-quality stuffz. 
Anuther popular food they haf iz
Blue Buffalo 
which haz several 
real meat ingredientz in
their food.

BUTT Mr. Chewy duz NOT stop with food-
they haz so many 
Dog Treatz  an'they
don't stop there.
Fer our kitty furrendz,
they haz stuffz fer them tu-
Cat Food an'
Treatz an'
Kitty Litter.
An'tu make it all complete,
they haz thoze thingz like 
flea an'tick an'vitaminz 
tu keep us doggiez'n kittiez 
good'n healthy.

Ok, b-4 we stop,
we iz gonna let our mom
sey a FEW werdz-

This is from the mom-.
Another thing I was impressed with – their free shipping on orders over $49 – there were no hidden charges.  Their shipping rate is low anyway but with having our order DELIVERED right to our door with no extra charge was amazing to me - having disabilities and not able to drive, this was truly a blessing.  Mr. Chewy has learned what I wish so many other retailers would, whether online or not – treat your customers right – keep ALL costs low – and you will have more satisfied customers who are more than willing to come back.

~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WTF Wednesday - Yes, we haf thoze too!

We Beaglebratz r teamin'up with The Mango Man tu show u'all sum of our WTF stuffz.

We Beaglebratz r not shure where tu start – when u haf a kerazy mom like ourz, WTF examplez simply abound. 
Shasta – Ok, so this pic of me iza younger  me but it tellz u just how long we haf bin dealin'with WTF.  I will go furst cuz this WTF thingy just happened a couple nitez ago.  We were all getting’ready fer bed – az u can c frum this pikchur, 
me’n Shiloh were in bed already – purty near asleep when b-cause my back legz were stretched out that way, mom takez that az an open invitashun tu TIKKLE MY PAWZ!   MOM –  WTF!  DID I ASK U TU DU THAT – I DON’T THINK SO!  An'this wuz NOT the furst time fer that tu happen - du your hoo-minz du this?  It's like they (at least my mom anyway) can't wait tu pounce on us with their little fingerz.  Du we wait fer u tu drift off tu sleep just so we can tikkle your pawz?  NOT HARDLY!  May-b if u just went tu bed then u woodn't b so hard tu wake up in the morninz. 

Or there iz the situashun, almost EVERY nite, me'n Shiloh r asleep downstairz when mom iz putterin'around shortly b-4 we go tu bed.  Now r'member, me'n Shiloh r already asleep - y'know, Shiloh iz sawin'logz an'we r just totally asleep.  After mom turns sum litez off then makez shur the doorz r locked (AGIN!) then she will sumtimez start watchin'TV or sumthin'like that meantime us Beaglebratz r sound asleep.  Then all of a sudden it'z like mom gitz this 'brilliant'idea - "C'mon u tu, time fer bed"  Me'n Shiloh r like WTF! 'X-cuze us all tu heck BUTT can't u c, we r already there.

OK, now it'z MY (Shiloh) turn -  I have bin waitin'fer this. R'member my barkday wuz a few short weekz ago?   Sum of u may haf  read 'boutz otherz who had great barkdayz an'even barkday pawtiez or they gotz really cool stuffz fer Easter.  Did I git a barkday pawty this year?  DON'T THINK SO!  Did us Beaglebratz git ANYTHING fer Easter? NATA - ZIPPO - NOT A THING!  WTF iz that all 'boutz!  When Aunt Sis got bak frum her vakashun, she did bring us Beaglebratz (yes, BOTH of us - how iz that a barkday prezent, fer JUST ME) anywho, she did bring us a couple of theze 
 THANK U AUNT SIS - if it weren't fer theze sooper fine treatz, my barkday wood b TOTALLY FERGITABLE!

You can c in the next pikchure that I knew
X-ACTLY how tu partake of  this most yummy delikicy. 

See, I told u Shasta got one tu - so what 'boutz this sez BARKDAY PRESSIE FER THE SHILOH!- huh mom?

Anyway, that is our furry much antisipitated (????) first installment of WTF Wednesday.  Az long az mom iz here then we r shure there will b more.  We hope u enjoyed it – we r sooooo furry much glad we now haf a place tu go tu let out our frustrashunz  We can also ask blogger WTF since they r the reezon this post did not go live erlier this mornin’.  Our world iz plottin’aginst us.
PeeS  Miss Puddles  iz also havin’WTF problemz.

~Shiloh'n  Shasta~

Monday, April 9, 2012

We Beaglebratz Wish Marg HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We Beaglebratz herd that it wuz 
Marg's (Marg's Animals) birthday tuday.
We convinced our mom that we NEEDED 
the blog tuday.

We owe Marg a HUGE THANX cuz
fer us Beaglebratz she
held a contest bak in 2010 that 
And we showed our mom just
how much we LOVED
thoze biskitz an'now
she gitz them fer us
all the time!

there really iz a
bigger reezon we wanted tu 
 wish Marg a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
 See all thoze many dif'rent animalz
in that pikchure-
the donkeez'n bunniez'n
doggiez'n kittiez'n
the goatz tu?
Thoze r sum of the animalz
that haf sought out or
bin taken in an'cared fer 
by Marg.
An'her help duzn't stop there.
She duz whatever she can tu
help raize fundz fer
otherz in need.

So Marg - this day iz fer u. 
An'fer otherz readin'this post-
how'boutz headin'over tu
an'wish her a 

~Shiloh'n Shasta~
(an'mom tu)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Shiloh here - this iz just SO WRONG on a couple of dif'rent levelz.  First, we r BEAGLEZ no, we r the BEAGLEBRATZ NOT BUNNIEZ!

THEN, the Beaglebratz DU NOT even like Bunniez.  Bunniez FEAR us (well at least me)  
Shasta - HEY!  They run from me tu!
WHATEVER!  Now if u don't mind, I (Shiloh) will continue.   FINALLY, (an'there may b one or tu of u who may not want tu read this part (Mayor Frankie - may-b u?) BUTT we BEAGLEZ du enjoy an occazional bunny tenderloin or even a sparerib.  Now notise that I sed BEAGLEZ - that iz b-cuz us BEAGLEBRATZ haf not bin so forchunate az tu akchully partake of a bunny.  You c, we don't git out of our bakyard AN'since there iz a fence around our yard - once we spot a bunny an'give chase - the fence stopz us since the bunny can escape from us.  Then c what it duz?
 It just sitz there an'snickerz at us - this iz NOT acceptable BUTT what can we BEAGLEBRATZ du?

Anyway, when mom started settin'up the Easter stuff, I Shiloh, TRIED tu git Shasta intu hidin'BUTT az u can c frum this next pikchure
she DID NOT heed my warnin'!  Now she iz NOT a puppy like Mayor Frankie'z Ernie - NO, she haz bin thru stuff like this B-4 so what IZ her problem?
Can we say Mama'z Girl - she duz what mom wantz her tu du. (HEY - I AM NOT!  Then what iz YOUR x-cuse - u had bunny earz on tu ya know)
IF u du not mind, I Shiloh wood like tu continue now.  Yes, that IZ a Tweety Easter Basket - mom LOVEZ anything Tweety - she haz pajamaz, lounge pantz, T-shirtz, a Santa Tweety, Tweety Christmas ornamentz an'we haf a Tweety toy.   Akchully, I am'boutz dun.  Just wanted tu say->


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


(The first song you should hear is kind of a  tribute/memorial to 
the reason will become apparent later in this post)

For some reason I was going to have the Beaglebratz talk about this for me but then I thought why should they give up their blogging time and be responsible for something that I did.  They were not the ones in funk mode – that word funk, I’m sure is not even in their vocabulary even if it is dog speak(their vocabulary that is).  Ok – maybe this is a bit over the top but anyway-
Not sure how long this funk has been going on – it may not have ever left me since I know I have dealt with it in the past (and you all are probably thinking Oh no - do we have to see this AGAIN) but then I thought it went totally away – I thought I had dealt with it and conquered it.  I don’t know what it is going to take for me to realize that this funk thing, like the Herpes eye infections I get sometimes (DON’T have one now) anyway, once it attacks your system, it will never totally leave me – in my case anyway.  Rather I guess it will usually go into a sort of dormant state or remission, like the eye infections.  Then one day, when I least expect it, it (the funk) rears it’s ugly self again, just like the eye infection.  Now if you were to see me in the real world somewhere then you might not suspect I am in any kind of a funk – whether it’s active or it’s dormant self – I am good at covering it up to others.  But here in Blogville, I just don’t show up (and of course the Beaglebratz are taking care of me so they are not here either) – at all.  Or if we do make it to Blogville, there MIGHT be a comment or two left but otherwise, NATA, NIL, a big fat 0.  Usually my funk is in conjunction with some kind of increased eye problems or in this case it’s the added financial and job concerns plus thinking about the therapy work that me and the Beaglebratz have, at least temporarily given up (at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself of) and who knows what else.  But then something whaps me upside the head and it is like a light bulb going on – this funk is causing me to miss something – whether in the real world or here in Blogville and I don't like that
This time it was fellow hound and his mom, 
and Fred crossing the Rainbow Bridge.
Now I do follow this blog and when I have time I try to get it read - I knew Fred had been diagnosed with epilepsy but I hadn't read the blog lately so I didn't know how serious this condition had become.  Then this morning I read this post from Hound Girl - Time Heals All Wounds - maybe it's because I'm a dog parent but that caught my attention and I hoped it didn't mean what I thought it meant - but it did.  After I did some digging and reading on her blog and on her Facebook page, I found out that indeed Fred, the happy go-lucky and terror of whenever and where-ever he wanted, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few short days ago. So I hope that if for some reason, that you have not yet stopped by there to leave a note of love and support that Blogville is known for (at least by it's residents) - I know me and the Beaglebratz are going to head over there as soon as this is posted.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Almost time here ...............

While my team, Team Beaglebratz snoozes in their fav chair - their mom is hunkered down here at the computer and in front of the tv, getting ready to watch her fav college basketball team, KANSAS UNIVERSITY, as they play Kentucky for the National Championship - NCAA Tournament - got my Facebook page open and may see what my Twitter account is doing too.


mom Kim