Monday, December 5, 2016


Let me count the wayz- 
cuddlez an'snugglez, good food tue eat, walkiez, 
goin'tue Petsmart, goin'tue the park, 
yummy treatz, sleepin'in her bed with her, my Beagle bed, sharin'her naner with me, 
keepz me healthy even if it duz mean tripz tue the vet-man,
lettin'me vizit with aunt sis an'fur-cuzin Bailie,
my speshal barkday this year,
more yummy treatz frum Three Dog Bakery.
I'm shure there iz more butt
my little brain can't handle it all.
We haf bin bizy lately -
Movin'furnichure, settin'up the Christmas tree, 
hangin'up all thoze purty hangy thingiez an'settin'out the 
other dekorashunz.

This little elfie came tue vizit-

Elfie thinkz I don't c him BUTT



A speshal message frum Angel Shiloh
Mom - I know u miss me an'I can hear u still cry fer me sumtimez an'I know 
Lady Shasta still missez me a little sumtimez BUTT 
I know thingz r slowly gittin'better there tue.
I just wanted u tue know that 
I am so greatful that u had the courage tue 
help me travel tue the Rainbow Bridge.
I feel so much better now an'I 
git tue c so many furendz frum Blogville who 
left b-4 an'after me.
Yes, it wood b great tue b there with
u an'Lady Shasta on your speshal day BUTT
I know we will all c each other sumday.
In the meantime, 
I am here, watchin'over both of u.
Pleeze know this-
I will alwayz love u.
Angel Shiloh

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Until we meet again, dear Easy........

Me an'mom got sum newz yestaday that 
made us furry much sad.
Blogville'z own Easy haz gone off tue the Rainbow Bridge.
All of us in Blogville will miss you Easy.

Easy wuz such a gentleman.  On our date in 2014 fer Blogville'z Date Day, he took me tue all the best placez - the best restaurant...

the best night-club where we danced the nite away.....

Before I hadta fly off, 
Easy took me tue the Eiffel Tower where he
had a speshal message fer me.

Me an'mom will miss u sweet boy.


haf alerted us all in Blogville of a great way tue help 
Easy'z staff.
They want tue raise fundz that will cover the vet costz-
the surgeriez an'care wuz not cheap.
It iz most difficult tue deal with 
the loss of Easy butt now
all thoze vet billz tue?
Blogville iz great at helpin'their own-
if u can help in this way then 
click on that link above fer more info.

there will b an aukshun later hosted by
Mollie & Alfie One Wing.
More d-talez will b announced soon---

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor