Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our time at the Banquit so far

Well we made it tu the Banquit just in time-
the Paws Bang band had just started a 
well-d-served break'n
an impromptu jazz band of sum of the Banquet attendeez wuz assembled- 
us 2 Beaglebratz were asked tu join in-
we were honored tu b asked.
Az good az we all were, 
the crowd cheered wildly when 
Paws Bang took the stage once more

The Princess Diva Shasta just had tu b 
a part of the fashion show

Lest we fergit y this banquit wuz 
Pepsi sang a dedicashun tu the honoreez-

Racer Bunny

Racer Pip
Coach Roo

Coach Puddles

We just looked in a certain room with 
loud music-
this iz what we saw
Roo wuz tryin' teachin'a class on
line dancin'.

We gotta go fer now,
gotta make a beer run  

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yes, we IZ gonna make it tu the BIG banquit

Well, ya DU no that sumtimez 
it iz more fashunable tu 
enter a room a little later, soooooo, 
we IZ gonna go tu the banquit BUTT 
we haf tu git our goodiez ready.
Mom nu we wuz goin'an
afta she did one of the most d-spica-ble thin'sumone cood ever du 
tu a doggy (Shiloh's toofiez cleanin')
mom wanted to du sumthin'nice fer us soooooo
she made us a
a lamb meatloaf with rice toppin'an
a breakfast dish with
'nanaz, carrotz an'blueberriez.
In case there r thoze at the banquet who r daring'enuf an'want 
tu try this-
 our mom sed we cood take this pot of chili
mom haz never shared 
her homemade chili with us b-4 butt
we r gonna take it tu.  
Now it duz haf alot of beanz an'it 
iz spisey - mom sez, so-
keep that in mind - don't wanna offend anybuddy,
if ya no what we mean.
We also haz sum loavez of cornbread tu go 
with that chili-

So, az soon az us Beaglebratz can get our 

Sopwith Camel gassed up
(may-b we cood just feed it sum of mom'z chili?)
then we will b on our way tu the banquet.
We may haf missed out on the Big Race butt 
we IZ goin'tu the banquet.
We even got our fancy, goin'tu a pawty, clothez on

We haf GOTTA talk tu mom 'bout gettin'sum new pawty clothez.
Hope tu c u at the banquit.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~
PeeS - 4 a list of other banquit postz, 

(note from mom - Shiloh did real good for the dental cleaning  - plus he didn't need any teeth pulled and his gingivitis is not severe enough to need an antibiotic.  I wanted to thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A bit of an update - weather an'more

First - from the mom.
When I got off work at 3:30 and even
part way home, it had been drizzling off and on all day but
had stopped by then.  HOWEVER-
on the way home, the car started getting pelted with ice pellets.  
By the time I got home- 
a light covering on the driveway.

Less than an hour later, when I wheeled Shiloh out in his crate to go to the vet, there was over an inch of ice and snow on the driveway and 
it is still coming down. 
A word about Shiloh'n the vet-
he just went this evening because he is boarding there
overnite - tomorrow he will get his dental cleaning.
In the meantime I am having a new range delivered tomorrow so
I will be home all day with Shasta-
I am so thankful it turned out that way because she has NEVER been separated from him for that long.

NOW - a werd via telepathic wavestream frum 
b-hind enemy linez-
SHILOH here-
I'm not shure what happened.
Mom came home frum werk az uzual'n
she let me'n Shasta outside.
May-b thoze ice pelletz hittin'us had sumthin'tu du with this.
Then the next thin'I nu, mom wuz puttin'that harness thin'on me.
Then out the door we went an'I had tu 
git in my ATB
(All-Terrain Beagle mobile)
I had no idea where we were goin'until
we gotz tu the vet.
I saw mom hand that rope'thin'tu the vet lady an'then MOM LEFT-
Yes, that'z rite-
b-4 mom left, 
I herd them talkin'bout sum doggy gittin'a toofiez cleanin'- poor chap. 
More later - that vet lady iz bringin'me my dinner-
wunder if it will b bread'n water?
B bak tumorrow

Az fer SHASTA-
Oh dear - where IZ my big bro?
Oh well - guess I'll just wait tu c what happenz'n
in the meantime-
Yep - just little ol'me - ALL by myself-
mom iz ALL MINE!


(Note from mom - I know a dental cleaning is kind of a routine thing but anytime a dog of mine goes under anesthesia, I worry - alot.  My sister lost a little 10-week old Westie pup when under anesthesia for what should have been a minor procedure - getting the dew claws removed since the breeder didn't do it and my sis has had other Westies who got their dew claws stuck in the carpet.  We both think there was negligence by the vet since the pup's health records had been combined with my sis's adult Westie.  ANYWHO - would it be too silly to ask for a little prayer for Shiloh - the last time he was under was when he got neutered at less than one year - he's almost 8 now.
Thank you.)

Our Weather - Deja Vue?


Ok - what that meanz fer us -
rite now we haz thunder-boomerz an'rain.
The talkie-box man sez the earlier that rain turnz tu snow then
the more snow we will git.
Mom sez we kinda sit rite b-tween that north of an'south of I-35.
Some peeps around us are already gittin'the sleet.
Wonder what we is gonna git-
stay tuned an'we will let ya'all no.
Will it b more like this?
and this?

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Corbin iz here tu save the day (an'Shasta)

In case anyone needz a little recap of yestaday-
When we left Shasta, she had bin caught nappin'an
wuz now under attack by the 
blue-eared green Mr. Attack Mouse
Whatever will happen tu the Princess Diva Shasta?
Where iz her big bruther, Shiloh?
Oh, he must've bin out duin'that vizitin'stuff-
it fitz rite intu hiz role az a Secretary of Social Netwerkin'
so iz the Princess Diva Shasta doomed?

Have no fear my dear - Corbin iz comin'tu your rescue!

Yes, Corbin iz close by.
Oh that Corbin iz a sneaky one - he HAZ a plan tu
distract Mr. Attack Mouse'n 
save the Princess Diva Shasta
Yes, that iz a most distractin'toy fer a mouse.
Corbin meanz business, don't u think?
C'mon Mr. Attack Mouse-
Make my day!

OH WOW - Corbin haz saved little ole'me
Corbin - u iz my hero-
how cood I - The Princess Diva Shasta - ever repay u?

Oh, I know-
 With the power vested in me by the Beaglebratz Kingdom-
herewith an'fer-ever more-
I proclaim thee Knight Corbin!
All hail the mitey Knight Corbin!

~The Princess Diva Shasta~

PeeS - Dear Corbin the Knight - so sorry u had tu werk when u came tu the Beaglebratz Kingdom - may-b if u can come over agin, we can du sumthin'more fun.
S'n S

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mom'n Shiloh bin bizy ..... SHASTA - WAKE UP!

SHILOH:  This last week haz bin a bit bizy fer mom'n me'n at furst, 
I wuzn't shure what wuz goin'on.  
Sumtimez, mom wood put me thru sum kind of testin'at home-
like sum commandz an'stuffz.
Then, there wuz a couple dif'rent daze when
mom'n me went tu MY fav'rite store BUTT
du yu think I gotz tu du anythin'I wanted- 
Nope - it wuz more obedience stuffz'n
bein'good on a leash.
I coodn't even "play" with the kittiez there BUTT 
mom wood make me ignore'em az 
we walked past'em REALLY FAST!
I did git tu help pick out sum good treatz fer me'n Shasta'n
turnz out that all that werk paid off-
az this past Saturday we ended up-
duin our therapy dog re-evaluashun-
WE PASSED - YEA!!!!!!!
Me'n mom still git tu go vizit'n 
make peeple happy!

Now az fer SHASTA-
she wuz recently caught nappin'

THEN - lookit'who showed up-
It'z the attack of the 
blue-eared green MR. ATTACK MOUSE!
OMD - I can't watch-
Just lookit thoze huge black whiskers - how gross!

He'z movin'closer ........

Duzn't she no he iz there???????

  Whatever will b-come of poor Shasta?????????

~Shiloh'n Shasta~ (??????????)

Monday, February 14, 2011


This message is being transmitted to you via telepathic wavestreams.

Shiloh'n Shasta here-
Our mom haz shut us in our room an'we

can't git tu the 'puter tu

wish u'all

when mom gitz home frum werk'n
releasez us frum our captivity,
we r gonna head fer the
Valentine pawty
we hope iz still goin'on at
Alien's castle
(c yestaday'z post)
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just stoppin'by.......

We wanna leave this note here so'ze u won't all wunder if we iz still around.  We iz gonna b at the Valentine pawty over at 
an'u no Alien iz there tu - it'z hiz castle.  
Akchually, we iz sendin'this note by telepathic wavestreamz tu our mom so she will post it fer us cuz we iz already there.  OMD!  There r sooo furry many doggiez an'kittiez here.  If anyone readin'this haf not bin there yet - u REALLY should join us - all u haf tu du tu b a part iz tu leave commentz tu join in the fun.  Here iza link tu tell u more about the  
Hope we c u there.

Of course, b-4 we end this massage.
we MUST include a bit more serious note-
Our furriend 
iz havin'sum health problemz - pleeze stop by with sum prayez an'good
thoughtz fer good health.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

River Needz sum Power of the Paw

 Our furriend an'fellow Bloggville resident, 

 needz sum

Power of the Paw.

We all no what the big c werd iz -

well, River haz just been diagnosed with it.

Pleeze stop by hiz blog-home an'offer

your support.

PeeS - Our 2 inchez of snow (maximum) turned into 4 and a half inchez.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a reminder - let'z git out the votez (fer me)!

The Good Old Doggiez category iz now up over at

I'm not tu proud tu say-

I iz just BEGGIN' fer your votez
(that'z me, SHILOH)

an'while u r at it, while u r at MM2,
look at yestaday'z post -
my lil'sis
iz in the category for Diva an'she
wood love tu haf your vote.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, February 7, 2011


We missed it-

BUTT you know how a Doggy Diva is-
Shasta just coodn't d-side which doggy she wanted tu win an'then-
she coodn't d-side what tu wear

An'then u no how us Good Old Boyz can b-
We want EFURRYBODY tu win.
as it wuz, they did
OOPZ - shoodn't haf sed that - u can go find out fer yourself.

THEN - when we DID d-side tu go-
Mom locked us in the kitchen then
SHE LEFT us home, ALL ALONE while-
SHE an'AUNT SIS had tu go shoppin'.
WELL - WE like shoppin'tu an'we r good at it-
we cooda helped.

SHASTA:  By the way, duz any-1 no if a suck-up iz a good thin'?
Mom sez I iza suck-up cuz I follow her EFURRYWHERE.
I just wnna make shur she duzn't git intu trouble anywhere'z.

Ok'z - voting in Mango Minster 2011 haz started-
so go vote fer me, Shasta
I mean so go vote an'let
your conscience b your guide.
Tuday the list iz up fer the
Shameless Doggy and Divas 
(that'z me - Shasta,
c the pikchur up top?)

~Shasta'n Shiloh~

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy note an'a concern fer Twix

Furst - the happy note.  
R'member the 2 Pekingese that mom wuz 
helpin'with tryin'tu find homez fer?
Tiger     and        Lady
Well this weekend they will b goin'tu
a foster home in Colorado.
Oh we iz sooo furry much happy'bout this nuze.

Now fer the MAJOR concern we haz-
Our neighber an'good furriend
iz havin'sum bad health problemz an'her
mom wonderz if u mite haf any thoughtz.
Pleeze stop b their blog an'offer sum of 
that Power of the Paw that iz such a great thin'.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fer mom'z Furangel Oreo

(we wanted tu post this fer our mom an'also)
(fer any of our furriendz who haf not met our Furangel Oreo.)

Tuday iz the 4th anniversary of the Rainbow Bridge crossing of our 
little Furangel bro, Oreo-
SHILOH:  I r'member him the best (b-sidez mom of course).
Oreo wuz already here when I joined the family az a tiny pup.
Oreo wuz a YorkiPoo who wuz'bout 12 yearz old when this pikchur
wuz taken - I wuz 'bout 8 weeks-
that wuz when Oreo wuz still bigger than me.
This next pikchur iz one of Oreo that mom took when he wuz a little pup.

 I think this pikchur showz Oreo showin'me really good how tu handle a Christmas stockin'.
Here iz me'n Oreo playin'I wuz only 'bout 4 monthz old BUTT already I wuz gettin'bigger than Oreo.
Here iz a neat pikchur that sumone made fer mom with me an'Oreo.
This pikchur wuz taken when I wuz over 2 monthz old-
I wuz gettin'bigger an'Oreo wuzn't.

 Sumone got this next pikchur of Oreo - he did like the ladiez-
here he iz havin'a s'ghetti dinner with hiz latest love- 
Heather the Doxie.
This Christmas pikchur wuz taken in 2005, 
I wuzn't even 2 y.o. yet butt 
size didn't matter tu Oreo-

This Halloween pikchur wuz taken in 2006-
b-4 Shasta joined the family in November.

Sumone made this fer mom - didn't Oreo haf a great smile?

Mom never got any pikchurz of Shasta with Oreo-
(an she really wishez she had) BUTT
u'all probably no how on-ery playful little pups can b an'she
wuz worried 'bout Oreo (who kept to himself purty much by now) 
an'how he mite b with her-
SO - sumone took sum pikchurz mom had of me'n Shasta then
added in a pikchur of Oreo-

SHASTA:  Yep, I rarely saw Oreo x-cept when we were outside b-cuz
when we came in, Oreo just layed bak in the kichen most of the time-
while me'n Shiloh wuz in the livin'room.
I wish I had a chance tu git tu no Oreo better-
he looked like he wuz one sweet little doggy.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

PS - Mom here, thank you to Shiloh'n Shasta - this memorial to our little Furangel Oreo wuz really appreciated.  I truly miss my little guy and I always wish Oreo was still with us.