Sunday, October 31, 2010


 It iz almost too late fer this an'b-sidez,
haf seen our Trick or Treat pikchur.

So we d-sided tu just put up sum random pikchurz 
frum around here.
Az u can c, the tree ghost iz
flyin'hi now in our front yard along
 with Mr. Strawman an'hiz gang-
  they joined St. Francis of Assisi

This guy u'all haven't met b-4,
Mr. HouseGhost iz not a nu vizitor but 
just kinda stayz tu hiself, in the front of the house.
That'z Miss BooCat vizitin'with Mr. HouseGhost butt
mom got crazy (so, what'z nu) -
n'missed gittin'her head in the pikchur.

Like we sed, mom got crazy with the camera an'just 
snapped - THE PIKCHUR (not her mind, not yet)
this iza Mr. BeagleGuy an'u mite
meet'em if u ever knock on our door.

Now what u c here iz sumthin'we wuz gonna du last nite BUTT
we ran out of time an'next thin'we nu wuz 
mom sayin'it wuz time fer bed.
Anyway, over there at 
Phantom, Thunder an'Ciara were showin'us their 
fer Show Us Your Treat Jar day -
yes, that'z rite, we did say 
they haf a treat CUPBOARD.
Well, this iz our piddly little 
treat space.
We don't haf an entire CUPBOARD.  
We showed that tu mom BUTT
all she had were x-cusez like
Well they r bigger an'there r 3 of them.
An'our only questchon fer our mom-
So what iz your point?
BUTT, u look at our piddly supply an'then 
go c what Phantom, Thunder an'Ciara got then
c if u don't agree with us-
an'it ain't us
Nope, sumthin'just ain't rite here.
Du u c the unfairness of it all?
It just ain't rite.
 Oh well, 
Hope u'all had a 
Shiloh' n Shasta

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #11: Trick or Treat!

We r nu at this Anipal Photo Hunt(and late with it tu) BUTT we iz gonna try it - hopefully next time we will b erlier with our post.  Butt we thought since mom had made us put these cawstumez on then we iz gonna du az much with them az we can.

That'z Mr. Strawman in the bak BUTT
he an'all hiz friendz haf moved around tu the front of the house now - guess they didn't like bein'bak here with us no more.
Fer those of u who haf not seen our pikchur b-4, on your left iz 
me - Shiloh "Biker Dude" Beaglebratz 
an'on your other side iz
me - Shasta "The Princess Fairy" Beaglebratz.

We wuz tryin'tu figur out
what all this stuff
iz fer-

BUTT by the time we did-

it wuz tu late!
We'd already bin cawstumed!

 Don't fergit!  This iz the
blog hop, so git hoppin' 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friendly Friday #3 - Oskar the Miniature Schnauzer

Screaming Mimi

SHILOH: I think I can speak fer every-1 here at Team Beaglebratz when I say that this week’z Friendly Friday choice iz:
OSKAR - a Miniature Schnauzer an'good furriend of ourz.

We just found out that on sum occazionz (probably not very many at all cuz I never hear it), Oskar haz bin known az Mimi's Oskar Diamond Magic but whatever, we like just plain Oskar the best. Now when we furst got tu no Oskar, he had just 1 blog or home on the Internet, 
The Daily Oskar   BUTT 
a little while ago, Oskar an’hiz mom-person, Pam, d-sided they needed another blog (iz that their vacashun home on the Internet?) so-
wuz born which iz a place where all us bloggerz can come tugether.
A blogger can b a guest blogger or haf their pikchur put on PBU.
Even this blog hop iz hosted by Oskar an'hiz mom Pam at PBU.
BUTT, Oskar'z talentz duzn't stop with the Internet - 
recently he showed us all a hidden talent he haz-
after I found out what a brilliant artist he iz, I asked him tu 
pleeeeze paint MY pikchur fer my mom-
Such BRILLIANT werk, doncha think - what a likeness.
I wunder what'z next?
Well, if u haven't met Oskar an'Pam, hiz mom then
head on over tu PBU an'The Daily Oskar-
just follow the linkz above.

Geesh - u let an amachur handle this an'this iz what u git - 
he fergitz a critical part - Anyway.
Also, at PBU, Oskar an'Pam, along with a cool
place called Fido's Closet - u will c it listed at PBU,
gave away a nu, handmade collar - I WON!
They (PBU) have already sed there will b more give-aways 
(there haz already bin anuther) so
stay tuned.

Ok -  so that shood be enuf infermashun tu
peek your interest so 
u'all just need tu head on over there an'tell them 
the Beaglebratz sent u.
Remember, the linkz r listed above
(at least my bruther 'membered tu put thoze here)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Pet Blogger Blog Hop - Happy Halloween - ok, kinda erly

Ok, here we iz - the fairy princess an'her biker dude.

SHASTA:  Mom fergot tu straighten my wingz b-4 she took the pikchur.
SHILOH:  Here r sum better pikchurz of y I iz a biker dude -

See the handsum stitchin'on the bak of my
jaket an'on my visor?
       Just like on a hoomin's 
                     biker jaket.           

SHASTA:  Ok Shiloh, they all c u just fine.  
NOW they all git tu c MY awesum cawstume-
I AM the fairy princess.

SHILOH:  Yes Shasta, I'm shur they cood tell.
(yea, tell u wuz sumthin'all rite)
B-sidez, we gotta show everyone sum pikchurz mom took 
of her decorashun-
don't git this AT ALL-
straw b-longz in a barn an'all
that other stuff can't b eaten so y iz it here?
Anyway here it iz - mom'z finished Halloween decorashun-

SHILOH:  C, told'ya - can't eat it. 

  U can probably tell by Shasta'z lookz of 
          total disbelief an'disgust - 
              JUST NOT RITE!

                                            If u bigefy this pikchur, u can c
a little green stuff in the corner of the mouth on the witch 
(it'z really just a punkin - kinda dumb huh?)
Anyway, mom sez
thatz suppoze tu b a piece of food-
yea right so y coodn't we smell it.
An'how long iz Mr. Strawman gonna hang around- 
he'z already bin here fer 87 daze.

Anyway, that iz us an' r Halloween stuffz.
Hope u enjoyed r surprize.

Shiloh'n Shasta

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friendly Friday #2 - Frankie Furter

This iz Frankie Furter an'u 
can find him on hiz blog at
This iza pikchur of him with one of hiz newest
deer bonez - yep, frum a REAL deer.
Hiz daddy hunted the deer an'now they got all kindz of deer meat an'good deer stuff.
Frankie livez in the southeast part of Ohio an'on
August 21st of this year, he got "married" tu 2 beautiful doxiez who live in Canada -  Ruby an'Penny-
we wuz there!
If u want tu c more 'bout the weddin'an
Bachelor an'Bachorette pawtiez an'the
honeymoon, look HERE
Well, there iz just soooooo very much we cood 
talk 'bout Mr. Frankie Furter- 
like he wuz one of r erly followerz but 
u REALLY NEED tu check out hiz blog-
he iza famous doxie an'he also haz
a cuzin that lookz ALOT like him,
named Francine - hmmmmm,
even her name soundz kinda like hiz.
He wuz even a featured blogger over there at PBU.
We cood tell ya'more but that wood ruin the fun of
findin'out all 'bout this funny little man.

Shiloh'n Shasta
PeeS - we hope hiz mom duzn't mind us uzin'hiz pikchur- 
we cood of posted this without it BUTT 
it just woodn't b the same.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More elementz

Hello all - it'z time fer at home with the Beaglebratz.

Elementz - that'z what mom callz'em.  
Theze r the bitz'n piecez that u saw sum yestaday'n 
u will c more of'em tuday.  So we won't b talkin'much unless
we need tu x-plane the pikchurz.
An'u  may want tu bigefy'em cuz we is makin'em a little small-

Now y du we haf more of this stuff?

           SHASTA:  Where'd this stuff come frum?

SHILOH:  That'z a neighber friend, 
     Mr. Strawman, come by tu talk I guess.
        Hey Shasta, what IZ all this stuff?

        SHASTA:  An'mom sed theze r a couple elementz
            of my cawstume.  She sed that we coodn't show 
               any elementz of Shiloh'z cawstume cuz it wood
                  give it away. 

An'agin, me'n Shiloh haf tu git in 
  sum quality tug-o-war b-4 bed.

                                  Gittin'up close'n personal.

                 That'z all fer now folkz!

PeeS - No one iz sayin'if Shiloh marked the bale of straw or not butt it smellz like sumthin'haz. (mom haz a cold so she don't smell much at all)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This kinda stuff'n that kinda stuff

Well wood'ya look at that- 
the queen diva iz gonna share the blog tunite.  
We gotza a few pikchurz we wanna share butt
gotz sum neat nuze tu share furst-

SHILOH:  Ya'no that post I snuk put up yestaday?
Now doncha'all go gitten tu 'x-sited just yet b-cuz 
mom already had 'bout 50 postz up b-4 we took over butt
the blog really kinda took off when we Beaglebratz took over last Oktober.
Anywayz, that post yestaday wuz r 200th post!
Woo Hooooooooo!
An'r followerz haz gone up a little tu.
DOUBLE WooHooooooooooooo!
BUTT, we gonna stay an'try tu du more - ya'll make blogville
so much fun an'if r mom wuz artsy, 
we'd give awardiez tu ALL.

SHASTA:  Ok Mr. Shiloh, 
all r furriendz haf herd enuf frum u- 
MY turn now.
After mom'n Shiloh got home on Sunday, 
mom left a little later with aunt sis.
When they got bak here, 
 we herd'em puttin'stuff all around outside 
in the front yard.
Then, aunt sis went home'n'mom came in the house.
Mom showed me'n Shiloh sum pikchurz of 
where they went-

She sed they went tu a punkin'patch.   Now 
x-cuze me butt I no what a patch iz'n'this ain't it.

SHILOH:  x-cuze me Shasta  BUTT I happen tu no 
that IZA punkin patch - at least that'z what they call it.

SHASTA:  Well  X-CUZE me all tu heck - I fergit mom went there last year tu - I'member that now.  The pikchur below iz a ride out there they haf fer the little kiddiez (that with a D az in little hoominz, NOT a T az in the furry critterz)

Ok - still Shasta, the Queen Diva here-  
now we gotz sum more nuze that I am gonna tell ya since 
Mr. smarty pantz Shiloh d-sided tu tell ya the other without 
chekin'with me furst.
It'z kinda like what CapJack (Richie)  over at hiz blog iz duin'BUTT 
u will all no in a day or 2.
 Anyway, here r a few pikchurz-
Hey mom, what'z all this stuff on r deck - duzn't straw b-long in a barn?(we duzn't haf a barn so y iz it here?)

     Hmmmmmmmm - mom added sum more- 
                iz that all?

Here iz Mr. Snoopy Shiloh hiz-self wunderin'what iz goin'on?

    Ok - so I haf tu check it out tu-
     haf tu make shur it ain't gonna
          git up an'cause havoc all over the
          Sooooooooo, ok - now theze r only sum 
            cluez an'there MAY b more in the next
             day or so.  So u just mite wanna come 
              bak sumtime tu c more.

Now mom wanted me tu put up theze pikchurz of- me'n Shiloh playin'the other nite.  I guess she thought they wuz cute or sumthin'.

Ok - that wuz a looooooooooonnnnnnnng post butt 
it iz kinda speshal- 
it markz (kinda like Shiloh markz speshal stuff)
he he - I made the joke, 
anyway it b-ginz r third century (sorta) bloggin'.
Butt, we iz now goin'tu bed.
Sorry this is soooooooooo late.

Nite nite