Monday, October 18, 2010

Just anuther day at the office ... er, make that libary

Well mom came home Sunday about noon an'sed 
Shiloh - we gotz werk tu du- 
u need tu git cleaned up a little.  
Nope - mom wuzn't gonna give me anuther bath cuz 
since I'ma Beagle my skin can git realy dried out if I haf tu many bathz an'fer goin'vizitin'or anythin'like that, I'm suppozed tu haf a bath b-4 EVERY vizit but mom sez no, she ain't duin'it - GO MOM! 
She duz brush me off real good (which I love) but 
she uzes sum of that doggy d-oderant so 
that she sez I don't smell so much like a dog 
('scuze me, but I AM a dog).
Butt - b-4 that she duz sumthin'I realy just don't like- 
not one little bit- 
she sez I NEED tu haf my tooferz brushed.  
She tellz me - Shiloh, 
u don't want no stinky dog breath around 
all the kidz du u?  
Agin with the dog thin' - what duz she c when she lookz at me - a bird?  
I haf 4 legz, a tail an'I'm furry an'drool a bit.  
Oskar  over at hiz blog showed us 
what a great artist he iz when 
he drawed a pikchur of hiz hoomin grandpawrentz- 
may-b I shood c if he cood draw a pikchur of me 
fer my mom- 
then may-b she'd get it that 

Anyway, this iz givin'me a brain-ache so
I'm gonna go rest now.

PeeS - Shasta here. 
Shiloh must've snuck in here an'did this while I wuz nappin'. 
It IZ still MY barkday month an'he probably just fergot - u no, he IZ older than me an'sumtimez we no that az u git older, u mite b fergitten stuff. 
Oh well, it iz dun now so I guess I will ALLOW it, this time but I'll b watchin'him - no more nappin'fer me - well, may-b after this one I'm gonna take in a bit - gotta git in my beauty nap first - beauty napz r difrent - they r REQUIRED an'I need one NOW so I'm gonna go fer now.


The Daily Pip said...

BOL! Between you and me, I think my mom forgets I am dog, too.

Your pal, Pip

3 doxies said...

Oh NO not da teefies!!!!!! Try what I do...soon as da toof brush comes put you ruuuuuuuun and hide under da couch! Yes, UNDER da couch!
I'm withs ya on da whole hoomans thinking we ain't dogs! Then they go and buys these awful sweaters in da winter time and makes us wear 'em...can we just stay inside and under da blankies?


Oskar said...

Toof brushin! That is just wrong. My mom person tried that once & only once. She ended up with me spittin chicken flavored toothpaste in her mouth. I won!

I can try to draw you a picture if you want me too. I am quite gifted.

Nubbin wiggles,

Marg said...

Hi there you two cute Beagle doggies. We can verify that you are doggies. Thanks for coming to visit us. It is good to see you. Glad you didn't have to have a bath.Glad you are still getting those doggie biscuits. The two doggies here love them too. Oh and by the way, us kitties love doggies.Take care have a fun day.

Oskar said...

I made your picture, Shiloh. Check it out on my blog!

I hope you like it.

Nubbin wiggles,