Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello my furriendz - Shasta here.
Sorry I am late with this (mom didn't help much either) BUTT 
we wuz bizy tuday an'Shiloh'n mom went tu the libary on Sunday after 
mom went tu church.

Mom did git a few pikchurz of what we got tu eat at my barkday pawty this
past Saturday (10-9-10).
Oh yeah - we wuz me'n Shiloh'n r cuzinz, Bailie'n Kalie.
  an'of course mom'n aunt sis were there tu.
Ok - the menu consisted of a Lamb Loaf-
 This was part of it plus sweet 'taterz'an ground lamb of course - it'z like the turkey loaf mom made us but haz lamb instead b-cuz Kailie can't haf chiken or turkey.

This other pikchur iz the loaf just b-4 it went in the oven - that'z cooked brown rice on top 'cuz mom fergot to add it.

Then we also had cake tu - or 
may-b it wuz kind of a brownie or sumthin-

This showz sum of what wuz in it - oatmeal, flax seed, pumkin, bananaz an'b-low iz sum blueberriez.  Mom saw a recipe that  The Brat Pack  had their mom make.  R mom coodn't git all the stuff tu make the exact same thing so she just put in what sounded good then added the berriez cuz she nu we all loved'em.  The 3rd pikchur iz the finished product.

Oh it'z SO VERY HARD tu wait!


         Mommmmmmm - iz it time tu eat yet?

Mom tried tu make it a little speshal - with hatz an'all butt
all we wanted wuz the FOOD!

 My cuzin Bailie even cheked out my nu toyz 
b-4 me cuz I wuz more interested in the FOOD like any good Beagle wood b!

So after the pawty wuz over, 
mom sent sum of MY FOOD home with my cuzinz-
But mom had an errand tu du so she left with'em.  
Yep, me'Shiloh wuz all alone-

An'when mom did git home, THEN 
me'n Shiloh had tu du THIS!
                                          We iz NOT happy 'bout this!

Ok, so I wuz tired frum all the x-sitement but I did want tu chek out my nu toyz - that green thing iz my nu Mr. Froggy-the thing with the legz.

 I liked Mr. Pumpkin Head - he makez a cool noize.

Az u'all can c, Shiloh liked Mr. Pumkin Head tu an'he tried tu keep him all fer his-self.
Butt Mr Pumkin Head also haz cool strechy armz so I hung on really tite.

Finally I got Mr Pumkin Head all tu myself.

But az u'sll can c, Shiloh woodn't give up so eazily.

Then, b-cuz I had hid Mr Pumkin Head, 
Shiloh went after Mr Froggy next.

I don't no 'bout all this -
I mean, what'z a Diva Queen tu du-
an mom gitz on MY case fer not sharin'?

PeeS - next blog installment shood b 'bout me'n Shiloh gittin'tu du r therapy dog vizitz on Monday.  This wuz my first vizit - quite an experience!


Minnie Moo said...

Looks like you had an awesome pawty! :) Wish we could have been there.


Minnie Moo and Lincoln too

Oskar said...

It looks like an awesome pawty! What yummy foodables and fun pressies.

The hats pictures made us laugh out loud cause you guys is clearly sayin' NO THANK YOU!

*sigh* What we pups will put up with.

Nubbin wiggles,

JacksDad said...

Well, that is a very very fine party! I will have to show the tall guy what a real party is supposed to look like!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Your blog looks really cute.

Now that is ONE FANTASTIC PAWty you had there. I LOVE the blueberry heart cake. I am sure it was DEEEEEElicious.

Unknown said...

Wow! What a wonderfuls pawty you had! Your mom did some great home cookings for you! Yummmm!

Da Lamb Loaf looks extra yummies.

Happy Belated Barkday!

PeeS....I'm still cracking up at your pikturs in da pawty hats.