Friday, June 29, 2018

Only Natural Pet Lamb Lungs from #ChewyInfluencer

Disclaimer:  As members of the Influencer team,
The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received 1-1lb. of 
 Only Natural Pet Lamb Lung Dog Chew for
their review and honest opinions only-
no other form of compensation was involved.  

This is our last June Chewy review .
(One we did earlier this month was actually for May but due
to plumbing problems it was not finished until early June)
Anyway, would like to thank 
for hosting the Blog Hop 
each month.

Hi there - it'z me, Lady Shasta fer now.
Miss Maizie wuz pretendin'to take a nap so
I will b here fer awhile.
A few dayz ago that Chewy doggy left anuther box fer me us at
 our front door.  Ok-ok, so the box wuz fer me an'Miss Maizie BUTT
do u c her around here?  NO so 
that makez it FER ME!
 So after mom helped gittin'the box opened,
mom sed thingz started movin'faster than 
what she wuz ready fer.

I think I did a purty good job at uncoverin'what 
wuz inside.
 You can bigefy thoze 2 pikchurez up there butt mom left this next one big already so u'all can c how I really grabbed that box to git it open all the way.  She sed I really meant bizness an'that I lerned real good frum Angel Shiloh who taught me all I know'bout openin'boxez.

 Here iz what wuz in that box-
 Ok, so'bout this time, thingz really got bizy cuz Miss Maizie saw me chewin'on this'an

d-sided to come over an'chek thingz out fer herself
 Yep, theze 2 pikchurez can b bigefied.

while in this next pikchure u can c that she got her own
Lamb Lung to chew on.
Pleeze x-cuze us while we chew butt 
we did want to leeve u'all with this-
Now a few werdz frum our mom-
When I picked out these chews, I was looking for something that Lady Shasta would enjoy.  She has had several teeth pulled over the years and now rarely will chew on antlers or any type of hard bones.  My worry disappeared the moment she helped herself to the bag of these chews.
(This is how I feel about these chews overall.)
Even the way she worked on "uncovering' those treats told
 me how eager she was to find them.
So let's see, first I will tell you all about the ingredients -
Australian free-range lamb, 100%- 
To me, that is the biggest benefit. These treats also encourage 
your dog to chew on it INSTEAD of your furniture.
These Lamb Lung Chews are safer and more nutritious and
digestible than any nylon chew or rawhide.
Since the lamb is free-range with no other feed, that means no antibiotics or grains - one more way of ensuring these chews are safe and so digestible. 
Some of the pieces are larger than what I wanted to give to each of my Ladiez - they were easy to break in two which
makes these a good chew for most dogs.
The Only Natural Pet Lamb Lung Chews are 
a great chew for your dog. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer brought us Honest Kitchen Bone Broth

Disclaimer:  As members of the Influencer team,
The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received 1 - 5oz jar of
The Honest Kitchen Bone Broth Chicken Bone Broth with
Cardamom Dog & Cat Supplement for
their review and honest opinions only-
no other form of compensation was involved.  


Hey MOM!  Look what that nice doggy left fer us!

Miss Maizie tellz Lady Shasta- 
take it eazy, mom will open it fer us.
Then while Lady Shasta checkz out the box-
once agin, Miss Maizie haz taken off with the paper to

an'what wuz in that Chewy box?
Drum Roll Please......
Lady Shasta sez - Ain't shure what this iz yet BUTT
it'z frum the Honest Kitchen an' so...

Mom took a pikchure of our 2 bowlz side by side 
(which can b bigfied) 
then got a pikchure of just 1 bowl-
mom putz a few veggiez in our kibble then added that 
yummy Honest Kitchen Bone Broth.
Ourz wuz Chiken butt u can also git
Beef an'Turkey.
An'it iz real eazy to make-
just add 2 Tablespoonz of the Honest Kitchen Bone Broth to
a cup of hot, NOT boilin'water.
After it coolz then add it to your dog's food, eazy-peazy.
An'oh my the YUMMINESS!
Oh u can smell that chiky an'there iz also sum
cinny-mon smell an'us Ladiez coodn't wait til mom gave us sum-
 We did not leeve our bowlz'til they wuz EMPTY!
Lady Shasta here - there shure wuz no queschon in our mindz-
me'n Miss Maizie looked at each other then together we sed-

Now, us Ladiez r gonna let our mom talk'bout sum impawtent stuff that your peepz mite wanna know while
us Ladiez dream'bout our next bowl with sum
Honest Kitchen Bone Broth in it.

Thank you Lady Shasta and Miss Maizie.
As for the ingredients, that is a short list with
dehydrated chicken broth, dehydrated chicken,
dehydrated sweet potato then cardamom and cinnamon-
that's it!
It is those few ingredients that give this bone broth a really
great smell and taste.
As for the description and key benefits-
it had me thinking about my own chicken soup and broth.
We know how we feel after a bowl of chicken soup - now we can give our dogs and cats those same benefits like nourishing the body for the long-term health benefits and
doing so knowing those ingredients are all natural.
Then making sure that only human-grade ingredients are used for both our dogs and cats and that
no by-products, preservatives or
GMO ingredients are used.
Plus there is the peace of mind knowing that this product is made right here in the USA.
Finally the Honest Kitchen Bone Broth can be used by itself as an encouragement to our pets to drink more; add to the
Honest Kitchen Foods to hydrate; add to kibble for that pet who needs a little encouragement to eat or 
just add to kibble for a tasty extra treat. 

We wood like to thank 
for hosting the Blog Hop 
each month.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Selfies using #FlashbackFriday - memories of Angel Shiloh

Mom Kim here -
I was thinking about doing a blog post with 
Angel Shiloh's selfies so joined in the 
hosted by The Cat On My Head.

Then I remembered that I had wanted to
join in the Flashback Friday Blog Hop but
missed it on Friday.
Luckily I remembered it lasts until next Friday so
here it is--
hosted by FiveSibes.

So today I am flashing back to these selfies of---
Angel Shiloh 
3/26/03 - 3/9/16

Angel Shiloh is leaving instructions for  
linking up to the 2 blog hops.
The first one will be for the 
Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.

The second one will be for the 
#FlashbackFriday Blog Hop.
Now let's all go for a hop---

Monday, June 18, 2018

Awww....Mondays with Mom on Monday

My Ladiez are snoozing away, 
trying to stay cool so 
I get the blog today.
I decided to try something new like 
this blog hop -
it's easy, all you have to do is post any picture with
any subject that makes you want to say Awww
 then link up to the host which is
super easy isn't it.
This blog hop happens every Monday.

So anyone who knows me, 
knows I am all about my Ladiez.
For those who may be new here,
that is Lady Shasta all curled up and
Miss Maizie up top.

I may post about other subjects in the future
 but my Ladiez are what I see most of and
they give me lots of Awww moments.
That's it for today!
~Mom Kim~

Friday, June 8, 2018

Flashback Friday with the original Team Beaglebratz

On this Flashback Friday I am thinking about my original "team"-
Team Beaglebratz
Lady Shasta looks to Lord Shiloh for guidance?

Little Lady Shasta looked to her brother,
always trying to imitate him.

Little Lady Shasta taking 
"singing" lessons from her big brother.

No matter what her big brother was doing,
Lady Shasta was right there to help

     Lady Shasta says 
"Anything you can do I can do too"

Lady Shasta adored her big brother.
Her mom misses him everyday.
Lord Shiloh - 3/26/03 to 3/9/16