Friday, May 27, 2011

A little truth about me and some pics of the Beaglebratz

After my eye doc appointment this morning I really need to make a bit of a confession - oh what I have been telling you all about my eye is all true but this is something else I have been thinking about for a few days,  it really kicked in when Georgia Little Pea left me a comment - it was a good one but just got me to thinking about something. The comment basically referred to how cheery this blog is (and I really do take that as a huge compliment because it tells me I have succeeded at something I want) in light of everything I have going on right now with my eye.  Well, it's because I use it as a way to lift my own spirits - the only person I am really trying to deceive is ME and the Beaglebratz are a big help with that.  I guess I am trying to convince myself that what seems s&*!!& to me, ain't really all that bad - I've been doing this for years in different ways, over 30 years, ever since the onset of my physical disabilities then with my depression - that's one reason why it is so important to me to have the Beaglebratz or at least a dog in my life.

Now, as for the eye doctor appointment today - some good and some bad.  The healing part is going well - honest.  However, it is where that healing eye tissue is that is causing the problem - it is why I am home and not at work.  It's why I am using larger print today - I can't read what I would need to at work, can't even read what I would need on the computer screen at work.  Right now, the healing tissue is right over the center of my eye.  When the specialist put on that bandage contact lens this past week, it was hoped that this contact would help keep the healing tissue smooth - not happening yet and not yet known if it will.  I go back for another eye doc appt. this next Tuesday.  

So that's why I thought it was true confession time - my mood right now is beyond down the toilet - down down down within the deep dark depths of the sewer. (sorry for the graphic description that might lead to unwanted vivid pictures in your minds).  See, my deception even leads to sick humor sometimes - it's just a way of life I guess.

Now for a bit of a break from the not-so-nice reality of my day.  I got some new pictures of Shiloh'n Shasta that I wanted to share - a true example of theirr far-off distant cousin, Snoopy from Peanuts
First we have Shasta demonstrating that famous stealth mode extreme focus that Snoopy showed as he sat on the roof of his dog house, getting ready to attack->

Then it is Shiloh's turn to
demonstrate that same ability->

Now we have a duet->

Now what post that mentions Snoopy the father of all things Beagle, would be complete without showing one of his gazillion products that we have recently added to this Beagle house->

 Ok, guess that is all for now - not much else going on.   Out weather kinda matches my mood - cool, cloudy and rainy - even the occasional clap of thunder that reminds me of what it would sound like if I put my fist through the wall like I want to.
(Don't worry, I don't)
Think I WILL go grab a soda and sit on the couch with the Beaglebratz - maybe even take a nap.
~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~

PS - also best leave now because Blogger is not changing fonts and font size like I ask it to
(that is why some is and some is not) 
and I am getting 
VERY frustrated

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Send Help for Animal Victims of Joplin Tornado

Anybody who watches the t.v. or listens to the radio weather reports or maybe you have seen the widespread devastation in 
from this past Saturday's tornado- 
the deadliest single tornado with over 120 deaths so far.

We are all well aware that along with human devastation,
the animal world is affected by this same havoc.

If you are moved to help and can afford it,
please click on the link for the 
Humane Society of Southwest Missouri.
You can donate from their website via Paypal-
me and the Beaglebratz will be donating a little
(wish we could do more but any amount is appreciated)

P.S.  Another doctor appt. today - found out when I got home yesterday that my specialist wanted to see me when he was in town today.
Eye is still healing but the scar tissue was affecting my vision pretty bad.  You all don't want to know the details of the procedure he did but it ended with putting a bandage contact lense - you can see through it but it is called that.  This is suppose to promote healthy healing-
and a little faster too I hope.
We are in the middle of thunderboomers with a possible tornado, 
again so will post this now.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

FINALLY, another update

Well, there is really not much to report. Improvement in my eye condition is still continuing HOWEVER it has now moved to a slow crawl.  I was able to go to work all last week except for doc visits (that is a good thing I guess) which means my vision has improved too.  Also, just because the condition of my eye is improving DOES NOT mean the same improvement in my vision matches it.  Remember from my last post about the "skin tear" I have on the surface of my eye - that is what is healing VERY SLOWLY but while it is healing, it leaves a rough surface on my eye - imagine looking through a rumpled-up piece of plastic wrap.  However, once that is healed, it will smooth out (also if need be, there is a minor procedure that my specialist can do to smooth it out - won't go into detail but he has done it before).

Well, was going to add more to this but my computer didn't want to cooperate earlier this afternoon and now it is late. And I do have another eye doc appt. tomorrow - to make sure nothing is worse.  So I will go ahead and put this post up now and if anything is changed tomorrow, I will let you all know.

The Beaglebratz are anxious to get back to the blog - I do have a couple of new pics I can post-

Shasta after our last visit to the Hospice House.
      Here is one I recently took of Shiloh-
      As you can see, he is not losing any down time over anything.

This is how Shiloh and Shasta spent yesterday - waiting for "the end"

Ok - we are all headed for bed now - be bak later.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A not so short update

From the mom - before the update, I just want to thank you all for your concern, good wishes and prayers.  So far my vision has improved enough to where I have been able to go bak to work; I missed two days completely last week then worked half days for two days then worked all day this past Friday.  I saw my eye doc last Saturday (5/7) when the problem started, then last Monday, the specialist on Tuesday then back to my local eye doc on Thursday and then again tomorrow (Monday, 5/16) - if there is anything new I will try to update after that.

Ok - in case anyone is interested, a little info about what is causing
this - I am blind in my left eye (this has been this way for years) so that when I do experience vision problems in my rite or "good" eye - that is what makes the problem so bad and a real emergency.  I have had 3 cornea transplants - my last one was last year.  As some may no, any kind of a transplant requires some kind of a steroid or prednisone which is suppose to guard against infection, inflammation and rejection of the implanted tissue - which in my case was the cornea transplant which requires an eye-drop as the means of getting the steroid to the cornea.   This eyedrop also has 3 side effects - cataracts, herpes eye infection and glaucoma - I have developed the first two - I was able to have the cataract removed but as for the herpes eye infection, as with all herpes infections - once you have one, it never totally leaves your body (goes into a sort of remission but can and does recur without any prior warning).  Yes, that is what has happened - a recurrence however it is on the mend.  Ok - the infection was only the beginning - there is another problem and it is also a life-long battle.  The rite side of my face is paralyzed (another long story for another day).  However it is this paralysis that stops the normal supply of any nutrients (blood, oxygen and whatever else there mite be) to my rite eye which in turn means the surface of my eye (epithelium) tends to be fragile - I have what mite be thought of as a skin tear (like when a dog can tear the top layer of your skin when their nails come in contact with your skin - no, that is not what happened with my eye, one of the B-bratz did not make contact with my eye - they are not allowed near my eyes).  It is not known for sure what causes the skin on my rite eye to tear, besides being fragile but it could be any infection weakens an already fragile condition.

Ok - now that you all have been educated, whether you wanted it or not and probably more than you ever thought possible (I know I have learned more about the eye than I ever wanted to - never knew there WAS such a thing as a Herpes eye infection or Herpes Keratitis until I first developed it years ago);  I will end for now.  The B-bratz are both behaving themselves as much as Beagles can.  They are such a great comfort to me all the time but rite now - they mean more to me than any other time - I don't know what I would do if they were not here (that would definitely NOT be a good thing).  Will be bak when possible.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prayerz & Pikchurz

First we haf a prayer request - we hate tu haf tu say it butt it iz fer our mom. She is havin'more trublez with her eye.  It iz not az bad az lazt time an'she haz already vizited her local eye doc who iz already in contact with her speshal eye doc with 2 nu medicashonz an'increase a cuple otherz.  We Beaglebratz r kepin'close watch on her tu make shur she duz ALL thoze medicashonz an'give her sum cuddlez when needed.  We did wanna leave u'all with sum pikchurz since we may b away fer a cuple of daze.

SHASTA here - When mom gitz home frum werk or may-b it iz later an'I haz eaten my dinner an'then want NEED outside I haf a furry much good way of lettin'mom no I want NEED to go outside - mom haz lerned purty good tu what I am tellin'her when I du THIS-
       or I mite du this-

I haf alotta difrent movez like theze-
  sumtimez I move tu fast an'the pikchue 
   iz blurry - at least that iz MOM;s reezon
    fer it.

SHILOH - Hey!  Where r MY pikchurz?  I wanna share sum tu!
 Hmmm - how'd I git on that magazine cover?  
Well at least everythin'it sez iz true.

This wuz me when I wuz younger-
I wuz already d-velopin'that Beagle'tude.
See - I haf that Beagle'tude-
I wuz destined fer it.
 Hey - this iz s'poze tu b MY(SHILOH) pikchurz-
Oh yeah, I wanted tu show u'all that 
even when Shasta wuz a young'en, 
I wuz helpin'her lern that Beagle'tude.

This must've bin a lonnnnngg time ago- 
like my pre-neuter dayz.
Anyway, I guess may-b I didn't like old Mr. Frog much tu 
b givin'him the Beagle Happy Dance on your head karate move.

SHASTA here agin-
Yepperz, I gotza magazine cover tu 
an'it sez good stuffz'bout me

Well we hope theze pikchurz added a few smilez tu your day-
now it iz time fer our afternoon nap.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Friday, May 6, 2011


Pip an'hiz mom r tryin'tu sell their house BUTT they r kinda sad b-cuz it iz not goin'well rite now. Well, like Guv'ner Puddles haz shown u'all tuday, there is alot tu this house. An'don't b fooled by the outside - it iz much more spacious an'elegant INSIDE!   So we Beaglebratz wanna make shur all of Blogville no'ze 'boutz PIP's house an'may-b we can all help git it sold (altho we furkidz can't figur out what it iz with hoo-minz who alwayz want tu sell an'move sumwherez else - even our mom iz not immune frum this).  We furkidz cood care less az long az we haz a full tummy an' peeple who care 'bout us  - that'z all we iz sayin'rite now.

~Shiloh 'n Shasta~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well this post iz gittin'up better late than never.
Ya'no how u feel when nuthin'seemz tu go rite an'all
 ya want tu du iz take a nap?

Well - NOW iz that time!