Friday, April 19, 2013

Update and a bit more

 Mom Kim here - we are all home again - I have been here since Tuesday but the Beaglebrat
didn't get home from their vacation (jail to them) until yesterday since the vet was closed when I got home.

And the saga of my improved vision continues - last appointment vision was 20/300 - this week's appointment was 20/150.  However it is still not good enuf to go bak to work - maybe another week or less.  I am still having problems reading regular size print and my doc says the contrast in colors may be interfering too.  No more appointments for 3 weeks - not real happy about that but I know if I really need an appointment then I can get one.

Facebook is playing around with their style and set-up and I do not handle change  well that I did not initiate.

Last Friday eve, me and sis took a plane out of the Kansas City International Airport down to Louisiana - New Orleans where my brother picked us up and drove back to his home in Bush, Louisiana where he lives with his wife and their 3 dogs - Mikey a Lab/Catahoula mix, Precious a Smooth Coat Dachshund and Miley a Lhasa Apso, a diva and queen of the bunch.  His son and daughter-in-law from Australia were also in town for the wedding of my nephew - his brother and MY brother's youngest son.  This nephew and bride have Sasha - a beautiful Pit Bull who could easily be one of the sweetest role models for the breed.  Sasha also has a big problem with separation anxiety and is on Prozac - during the wedding and reception she stayed at MY brother's house instead of being alone at my nephew's and his bride's house which meant I got to be around Sasha quite a bit and fell in love with her.  I didn't take my camera since I was having vision problems but my sis got plenty of pics so when I get some then I will post pics.  Oh yeah, my sis's son was able to fly down too for the wedding (later flight) so when my brother took him back to New Orleans to catch his return flight, me and sis went along so we could see a little of New Orleans.  Then me and sis flew out of New Orleans the next day (Tuesday).  I had hoped to visit Villalobos Pit Bull rescue (Pit Bulls and Parolees) but time did not allow.

More later..............
Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta who is doing much better

Friday, April 12, 2013

Another short update

Well, slowly but surely my vision continues to improve and Diva Shasta is improving too - maybe a little faster.

I had an appointment with my specialist this past Tuesday - he was really pleased with how my eye looked and I was able to read the 20/300 line on the chart which was a big improvement from the week before when I was doing good to see outlines of people barely a foot or two in front of me.  I can tell that my vision is improving a bit day to day - was able to make out a small coin I had dropped on the floor of the kitchen which is a lite-colored  linoleum - the coin turned out to be a penny.  Next appointment is next Wednesday at which time I am hoping  and praying for another big improvement so I can get back to work - will soon be out of leave and income.

Diva Shasta is doing several things which put a lot of smiles on my face.  For over 2 weeks, her and Shiloh had NOT played tug or raced around the living room - until the past couple of days.  She is dancing for me again, playing tug with me, willingly doing her tricks for me, bouncing up the stairs and loudly complains when I don't get her food bowl sat down in front of her fast enough.  I think part of the meal time excitement is due to changing foods - I really thought what I had been feeding the Beaglebratz was really good (and it is) and they really liked it.  However, everytime I did a taste test with them - new in one hand and old in the other - after sniffing both really thorough, both of them would choose the new first  (Diva Shasta tries to help herself to the bag).  Something she is NOT doing that she had been and when she did it, it really made me feel like the worst dog-mom ever - it has probably been almost a week since I last heard her whine or yelp.

Ok - need to let you all know that none of us will be around for a few days - no updates or nothing.  I have family stuff to deal with as well as a nephew who is getting married.  May not be back til after my next doctor appointment. 

So hope all is well and I really miss not being able to visit all of your blogs - as well as the Beaglebratz miss their furrends.  May have to have a big blow-out party when we FINALLY  get back.  Rite now I need to go join the Beaglebratz for a decent nite's sleep.
   Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just stopping in for a second

Ok - not sure how this will turn out but wanted to stop by for a couple minutes.
My vision is improving SLOWLY but a little bit more everyday.  It is driving me KERAZY not being able to stop in more.  I know the Beaglebratz miss their furrends and friends.
Diva Shasta still has a moment or so when I will touch her a certain way or she moves a certain way and she whines or yelps BUT otherwise is doing well - eating and potty good, runs and chases after Shiloh when he sees something that is not right according to him.  If I am not feeding her fast enough - she lets me know.  She is getting her Duralactin twice a day (I have written about this before so maybe it can be found in another post if you want to read why I use it)  Both her and Shiloh will be going to the vet this next Friday for a vacation
so I will talk to the vet this week if she is still yelping.

 Have already stopped by my Facebook page so better stop and rest my eye.   We all will be bak when we can.
Mom Kim