Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A bit more update – good and not so good

Mom Kim here – not a lot of time to post lately and the Beaglebratz are NOT happy about that.

 First - I MUST give a HUGE thanks to Ann from Zoolatry  for such a beautiful and festive header/background- 
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! 

Did have an appointment with my cornea specialist -  the good was that my vision had improved a bit which I knew since I am back at work.  HOWEVER, the not so good part is that it looks like I now have my 3rd Fungal infection in that eye;  There is still good news in that this infection has just started – the signs are there and I am already being treated for this infection so HOPEFULLY and I pray that it doesn’t get any worse.  The pharmacy had to order the anti-fungal eyedrop I need but it will be here tomorrow; it will mess up my vision altho to what extent I don’t know for sure since it was caught so quickly.  I am also on an anti-fungal pill (already had one) so like I said, since it was caught sooner than the other two -  it hasn’t fully developed yet – maybe I won’t even miss any work.
So that is about all I know for now - the Beaglebratz have been getting A LOR of Christmas cards and I have gotten a couple - wonder why so many for them and not so many for me?  Oh- to Denny and Riley - they got your box in the mail and theirs will go out this weekend (maybe sooner).  Our Christmas cards will be going out this weekend I hope - at least some of them.
Ok - gotta end this for now - Shiloh an'Diva Shasta do miss you all and will be back as soon as possible.
Mom Kim

PS - The Beaglebratz are doing well by the way.  Feeling good that Shiloh has slept in bed with me'n Diva Shasta the last couple of nights after sleeping on his blanket on the floor for several months.  He won't let me help him get up and kinda hesitates at first but then up he goes.  It put a smile on my face AND heart.  Maybe that supplement he is on is helping him more than I realized - I knew he has been moving and running more easily but this was a new development.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

A bit of an update on a late THANKFUL THURSDAY (and notes from the Beaglebratz)

We are joining in the
this week with PepiSmartDog.

My vision is slowly improving, in fact it had started improving a little when I wrote that last blog post however I was still waiting to hear what the next step would be as far as doctor appointments – I have a doctor appointment with my specialist next Tuesday, 12/9.  The specialist also wanted me to increase the anti-rejection eyedrop – which means he could see the possibility of rejection just in the pictures  my local doc sent him. (in case anyone reading this post missed my prior post then click HERE which will bring you up to speed – basically it’s the same old-same old stuff).  Me and sis were kinda hoping for an appointment at the specialist’s office in Overland Park (suburb of Kansas City) and maybe do a little Christmas shopping but we are going there this Friday (12/5) anyway so I can spend my birthday doing one of my fav pastimes – SHOPPING! (most fav are the Beaglebratz of course)  Anyway, now – just more waiting however now the wait is to see what happens between now and the appointment time.  As I said in my prior post, my ultimate dream/wish, at least where my eye/vision is concerned, is TOTAL healing and vision improves GREATLY from the recent (3/2013) stem cell transplant.  HOWEVER, the more realistic part of me (which includes some medical knowledge of my eye condition) also anticipates my specialist bringing up the topic of the NEXT procedure – like how soon to do it since this e.ye/vision flare-up seems to be happening more often.

Anyway, I do want to thank you all for your healing thoughts and concern, POTP, prayers and purrayers - THEY ARE WORKING - 
and PLEASE keep them coming.  Now the Beaglebratz havr a 
few words (?) 

Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta here-

We haf sum pikchurez here that we wood like 

your thoughtz/

The other day WE got a rather LARGE box frum 

Chewy.com BUTT

mom WOOD NOT let us open it.

By the time we got tue even c it, this iz all we saw!

Now we due know there were 2 bagz of food in there, 

one fur us an'1 fur our fur-xuzinm Bailie  BUTT 

Y wood mom NOT LET US C IT????? 

When mom FINALLY let us inspect it,

we checked it good-

Diva Shasta even questioned sum of the nearby manor subjectz if they had seen anything odd BUTT
no one wuz talkin'.

SOOOOO - now while we Beaglebratz R thankful that mom got us MORE food-
we want tue know what else wuz there'n y coodn't WE open it?
Ok all u Blogville rezidentz-

got any ideaz?


Monday, December 1, 2014



It's the same old - same old stuff
about Mom Kim - AGAIN!!!
There is the additional possibility of the cornea transplant from 2 years ago rejecting altho like I said,
this is still in question.
I'm not sure exactly when this started AGQIN or if it really
ever did completely heal from early last month.
The epithelial defect is back, 5mm.
And I still have the nodule (not new)
right above the defect.
Once again there is mention of surgery HOWEVER that is still my decision.
I was not able to go to work today but I do hope to tomorrow.
My local eye doc took more pics of my eye to send to the specialist in Overland Park, Kansas-
this is what I am waiting to hear about; will I go there this week for an appointment or will he wait until he is here in Topeka next week.
This is part of the reason none of us have been online lately-
 reading or commenting.

I NEED to cut this short and get
to bed.
Yes, like I said before, 
Shiloh and Diva Shasta are fine.
I am still hoping to put off that surgery until AFTER the 
first of the year.
My ideal situation would be for the stem cell tissue I have already had transplanted in 3/13 totally heal my eye and improve my vision for the rest of my life.  
HOWEVER I would settle for just getting through the rest of 2014.

Oh, and by the way, "our" goal of making 1000 posts by the end of this year - that flews out the window a long time ago.
I do want to give a special thanx for our guest bloggers this year and I hope we can do this again next year.

In the meantime, not sure when the next post will be.
I do ask for your prayers, POTP and purrayers-
Mom Kim