Monday, January 30, 2012

Mom day Monday bummed out - SECOND POST TODAY

I'm not good at asking for
prayers -
I feel like 
I'm a broken record

A while back I said 
I wasn't going to post anymore about my 
eye and vision unless 
there was a drastic change.
A few days later there was a 
second outbreak of the 
Herpes Keratitis virus but 
it was also off to the side and
wasn't causing any vision problem so
I figured no big deal and didn't say anything.
Well the last couple of days I began
noticing a change in my vision-
not as good as it had been.
Just slight at first but
today, at a scheduled follow-up,
it was discovered that the virus had
indeed spread into the path of central vision.
At least I was able to work today and
hopefully tomorrow too.

Ok, so I'm bummed out a little BUT
I don't think it affected my appetite.
Yesterday I had slow-cooked a small pork roast in
a bath of the salsa I LOVE along with
about a fourth cup of Olive Oil and
extra onions and maybe a 
teaspoon of garlic -
of course the meat just fell apart.
That was yesterday BUT
then for MY dinner earlier,
I had purchased a twice-baked potato
from the deli 
(see where I'm going with this?)
Yep, after heating up a little meat that 
I had torn in smaller pieces-
I apooned it over the potato along with the salsa then
sprinkled it with a handful of grated Mexican cheese then
nuked it all for about 30 seconds.
(No, the Beaglebratz did not get any but
they do have their own package of
grated Cheddar cheese which 

they did get some of that)
If I can fix that good of stuff when
I'm bummed out, just think what I can make
when I'm not.

Anyway, time for bed-
I do need to get more sleep than
I have been.
Shiloh'n Shasta are doing their part (kinda)
to help mom out.

Mom's Day Monday

I wonder what those 
two think about sometimes?

This was what they were doing 
most of the weekend.
Don't they ever tire of sleeping?

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Shiloh-Meister iz bizy

Just wanted tu 

let all u lady doggiez no-

I am no longer available fer the

Blogville Valentine'z Day Pawty.

Oh don't read this the wrong way-

I am goin'AN

Ms Tasha an'Ms Ginger frum

haf BOTH - (read that az 2)

agreed tu b MY dateZ.


Ms Shasta iz dreamin'bout

her upcomin'date with 

Seamus (the Famous)

More newz later.
Now then - there iz one more 

teeny-weenie (no pun intended)

little matter tu take care of 

an'that iz-

Diva Queen Shasta
my little sis.

Now don't let that name 

scare u off cuz

that'z just sumthin'she callz 

herself sumtimez'n
(she insisted I call her that tu)

She haz assured me that 

she will be a 

good little girl doggy at the pawty.

Haf u ever 

seen a little lady Beagle sulk?


a purty sight - just sayin'

She keepz sayin'that I 
got 2 datez already'n

she ain't even got a nibble.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

We wuz wunderin' ???????????

 Sum mite think we Beaglebratz wood not b lookin'fer datez
fer the Blogville Valentine's Day Pawty
BUTT after all=
we IZ bruther an'sister in our furmily
an'it iz just so wrong fer a 
bruther an'sister tu date.
(or may-b not)
B-sidez, mom tellz peeple that we iz 
uncle an'niece fer real-
an'since mom don't lie, 
we believez her an'that
(An'may-b not sumwherez)

SO - we Beaglebratz r wunderin'?
Anyone interested in
goin'with us-
az tu separate couplez?

~Shiloh'n Shasta~


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Are you going ??????

Well of course we r talkin'bout 
only the most IMPAWTENT event goin'on in Blogville 
durin'the month of February.
As your 
Secretariez of Networkin'we just had
tu tell u'all-
See that badge at the beginnin'of this post?
Can't miss it can u?
Well anyway, 
there'z one on our blog rite above it
an'if u click on it then
u will go tu the blog home of
tu git more info all'bout the pawty such az
the kissin'boothz, the King & Queen contest butt 
fer theze tu thingz u gotta hurry-
cuz your pikchurez just gotta b there BY
JANUARY 31st - 2012! 
You can git the email addy at their blog.
There iz also a
Now we no that we iz kinda late 
gittin'this newz out BUTT
better late than never'n
u'all still haz time tu
praktise your dance stepz.

By the way, this pawty iz not just fer us,
read 'bout how it 
also will benefit
She is tryin'tu help many doggiez
find their forever home BUTT
in the last month haz really
run intu a stretch of bad luck, includin'
loozin'her job.
Now she NEEDZ a privacy fence tu 
keep the doggiez frum 
goin'xplorin' (sumthin'Mr. Shiloh 
no'z all'bout.

Oh, one more bit-
remember the KISSIN'BOOTH 
we told u'bout?
Well don't fergit tu send thoze pikchurez-
that's what we did
Mr. Shiloh

The Diva Queen Shasta

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ummm - sumone'z in BIG trouuu-ble ... note frum mom tu

Shiloh here an'just fer the recerd- 
I wuz NOT the one in trouble'n
mom wuzn't either so that only leavez one other 
member of our furmaly-
Oopza - I kinda gave it away when 
I sed FURMALY cuz that meanz 
a doggy'n
there iz only one other here-

YEPPERZ! It wuz her royal highness
Miss High'n Mitey
I mean the
Diva Queen Shasta.
When mom walked in the door 
after her
hu-doc appointment, 
there wuz 
mom HAD tu walk thru it.
Now she nu it wuzn't mwah b-cuz
I am imprizoned in a crate.
The Diva Queen haz the hole kichen b-cuz it iz clozed off with a gate
(I can't b there b-cuz I just crawl over it)
I must say tho- 
Shasta haz lerned well
the lessonz I haf attempted tu
teach her over the yearz-
after all, I am the MASTER at
Just notise my form here'n
I haf already checked out what 
iz in front of me-
now I'm lookin'fer more BUTT
I don't haf tu move tu c more.
Ok, now a werd frum mom-

Mom here-
I had another eye doc appt. with the 
specialist today - he was quite pleased.  Took a quick first look at my eye and thought there was improvement that he could easily see this time.  So to make sure, he took a longer look and said yes, there was definite improvement - almost total improvement.  I thought I was seeing some improvement too in my vision and I was able to read one more line on the eye chart.  Ok, next up - an appt. with my local doc in one week.  In a way it seems like to many appts. but the way my eye condition can change so rapidly I would rather that than being off for 4 or 5 months.  Ok, next post should be from the Beaglebratz.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Peep is a Flake - one more time...........

We really thought we had seen the best of the best of flakey thingz frum our mom BUTT
even this one topz all
that we did the first time.
R'member in our other flakey post
we showed them pikchurz of
our mom werkin'on puttin'away
the Christmas thingz?
An'we also sed it 
wuzn't dun yet.
Well just may-b she 
saw that b-cuz
she iz werkin'on it agin tuday.
(That wuz kinda the idea)
Anywayz, she had brought this thing
home AFTER Christmas'n
 tuday, while she wuz puttin'everythin'else away, 
this thing wuz sittin'nearby.
Ok. fer thoze who 
don't no 'bout this thing-
it can TALK!
every time mom wood move then
it sed sumthin'tu her.
Now fer 2 Beaglebratz who 
r tryin'REALLY hard tu git our
beauty rest-
this iz just 
We thought we gave her good companionship BUTT
iz she really so desperate fer hoo-min contact tu go an'bring
this thing home?

Just one more HOOOGE reezon our
mom is a FLAKE.

We mite b tu late with this latest bit butt we just had tu talk'bout it-it wuz just so so so 

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Peep iza Flake

We Beaglebratz haf a few reezonz we think our MOM IZA FLAKE!.
Well, we only gotza couple of picz-
b-sidez our mom we iz the only onez here.
An'also, our mom uzually keepz the pikchur-takin'box
sumwherez where we can't reach it!
What's with that?
We think that iz y our PEEP IZA FLAKE!

Then there r the furry many timez when we watch her when
she iz eatin'we don't want her tu miss anything.
She will tell us 
"I didn't bother u while u were eatin, did I"
or she will say
"You already ate your food"
An'her point iz?
Du u c y we think our MOM IZA FLAKE!

An'then there r the timez she will mix in sum
hoo-min food with our kibble BUTT furst
she sez she hasta taste the hoo-min food tu
c if it iz still "good".
Yea, rite.
Just anuther reezon we think our MOM IZA FLAKE!

Ok, here r sum pikchurz we wuz finally able tu git-
we Beaglebratz think this iza a good reezon y

Now we no the pikchurz don't really x-plain 
the hole situashun so we offer this-
we just took theze pikchurz TUEZDAY'n
mom haz bin werkin'on puttin'the Christmas dekorashunz in
the closet since SATURDAY!
She duzn't move furry much fast'n
in thoze pikchurz she lookz like
she iz studyin'sumthin'
We try tu stay outta the way cuz
 u just never no where u mite end up when...

Ok, we haz one more reezon we want tu tell u'bout
y we think our MOM IZA FLAKE!
Now we no that most pupperz'n kittiez REALLY
like their nappiez.
Well what wood u think if while u wuz
takin'one of theze nappiez-
u git all snuggled down good an'just
'bout start snorin'THEN
your peep. with the muzic on....
comez over an'sitz down rite by u THEN
startz tappin'on u tu the sound of the muzik.
Yepperz, that iz EGGZAKTLY what she duz!
Now du c y we Beaglebratz thinkz our...

PeeS - now each one of theze reezonz may not sound that bad
tu u BUTT when u add them all up then yep,

Monday, January 2, 2012

MOM ON MONDAY........ and a word (or two or...) from Shiloh'n Shasta

First Mom - Ok, I have decided that unless there is a drastic change in my vision in the next month or so, I will not be posting a whole lot about it.  At times it seems to take over my life and there is more to me than that.  Suffice it to say that I did have an appointment earlier this morning with my local eye doctor and while the improvement is still "maybe slight but definitely not worse but no cause for celebration" - my doctor needs to realize that I do consider "not worse" a really good reason to celebrate considering the overall nature of my eye condition.  In fact, the fact that I am seeing good enough that I can return to my previous job IS a MAJOR cause for celebration.
In fact, after thinking about my overall health condition 35 years ago when I was discharged from the hospital on Christmas Eve after a surgery that left me more like an infant than a 20 year old woman and having the surgeon and other medical staff giving a prognosis that I would probably never walk again and a hospital social worker tell my mom and dad that they should probably find an institution for me - and now I am living on my own and working at a good job where I have been for 26 years.  Reason to celebrate- 

Ok, this post is already longer than I originally planned - hope no one minded my sentimental journey but it was all kinda brought home when I sat in church on Christmas Eve 2011 and thinking what 'I' was experiencing when I sat in church on that Christmas Eve in 1976.
Now on to the news from Shiloh'n Shasta->

Shiloh'n Shasta Beaglebratz here-                 Ok, we iz NOT gonna b az long-winded 
az mom wuz.
BUTT, we Beaglebratz haf reezon tu
celebrate tu!
Last week we entered a give-away 
over at the blog of 
guess what?
Yep, we won - we get thoze yummy treatz at Pawmetto.
Mom'z vizion iz duin'good'n
we iz gittin'sum nu treatz.
Now may-b we won't STARVE!
~Shiloh'n Shasta~
This iz our nu bed that Santa Pawz 
brought us = Shasta'z butt iz covering
the pawprint.