Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shiloh's barkday

I did want to take a minute to share some pics of Shiloh's prezziez however I don't really have time to comment on each or put them in any order so hopefully it will all be self explanatory.

Also, I really do apprecfiate all the prayers, purrs and POTP me and Diva Shasta are getting - even getting some new friends.  I will come back after this is all over and I can see again to follow up and meet you all.  Now on with the show-
First some barkday treats

Now the prezzies

 With a personal note to Shiloh from Rescue Me Collars thanking him for choosing them for his birthday collar after admiring Diva Shasta's.

 HEY GOOSE - now do you see what you "suggested"?
This is the last post from Team Beaglebratz for the next week or so - if you don't know why - see previous post. Hope to be back as soon as we can.
~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Monday, March 25, 2013

Not AGAIN??? 2nd post today from the mom MORE POTP please

First - I want to thank you all for the POTP wishes for my little Diva Shasta - please keep it up as I am pretty sure it is working.  I am slmost sure the problem is in her neck - the cervical spine region since most of the time she carries her head low.  HOWEVER - her head does seem to be coming back up - very slowly and just for a short time and she just seems a little more animated at times.  This is good since getting her to the vet in the next few days is not likely to happen.

As some of you know (and many many thanks for your prayers/POTP for me) I have been having a bit of trouble with my vision.  Earlier this afternoon I had an appointment with my specialist in Overland Park, Kansas and needless to say I was caught a little off guard with the results.  Tomorrow afternoon, here in Topeka (he comes here twice a month) I will be having outpatient surgery during which he will perform an  
which is supposed to promote the healing and overall health of my eye.  Yes, I did include a link to an article that explains it a bit if you are really into that sort of reading but basically the problem with my current corneal transplant is the following-
 my "good" eye, the only one with any vision, is not healthy - right now it has an epithelial defect of the cornea (skin tear on the cornea surface) and a Herpes Keratitis (Herpes eye infection).
At this time the stem cell transplant is really the last form of defense that can be used to combat my current deteriorating cornea transplant; the next step would likely be my FIFTH repeat cornea transplant.

So, what this means is that even tho I will be at home after this procedure, doing ANY posting or commenting for a few days is just NOT going to happen.  I would really REALLY like to go around to those who left your POTP and prayers for Diva Shasta and me HOWEVER what time I have before surgery will be spent getting last minute chores done around the house, making sure any bills due within a few days are paid, doing any laundry needing to be done and any other last minute things I think of as well as giving Shiloh his birthday gifts.  I will TRY to at least post pics tomorrow to show u what Goose unknowingly "suggested" and a couple other things. 
Gotta go for now. 
~Mom Kim~ 

POTP Please - Diva Shasta

This has gotta be brief since I am heading off to my own doctor appointment in a bit.

In a way Diva Shasta may be a bit better than earlier yesterday when she wasn't drinking and didn't want to eat much.  Then I remembered I had just picked up a box of P-nut Butter flavored Frosty Paws - added a bit of that to her kibble and mixed in a little water - she licked the bowl clean - that was just a bit of a snack.  Later for dinner, I repeated this but a bit more - again, licked the bowl clean PLUS went over to the water dish and drank quite a bit - HUGE sigh of relief from mom and she is doing all that today.  She is going out to potty fine.  For the most part, it kinda seems like she is depressed - I press in spots to see if there is pain - NATA.   She did trot a bit across the deck with her tail up one time yesterday.  Also yesterday, Shiloh thought he heard something outside - was jumping around and barking and of course little sis, Diva Shasta couldn't be outdone so she joined in altho not quite as much as Shiloh.  

So right now  she is in her crate - the door is open and she goes in and sleeps there on her own.  Sometimes she will sleep on the orthopedic bed.  She goes up and downstairs - she willingly goes out and will even instigate that a couple times.  Since she is eating, going potty and getting around some and not exhibiting pain - altho there were a couple times when I accidentally held on to her by her lower neck, the UNDERNEATH part by her throat, and she did whimper a little - I guess I will just watch her another day and if no better, talk to her vet.  So once again could I please get some POTP for my little Diva - this is so frustrating because she is really exhibiting no clear symptoms.  Thank you.

Ok, gotta go for now - not sure right now where my vision problem is headed.  At times, like right now, it does seem a little improved but that is likely due to having the screen print enlarged.  Or if it goes the other way, I could end up having to have a repeat cornea transplant - that possibility NEVER goes away.
Ok - gotta go
~Mom Kim~

Friday, March 22, 2013


First, I would like to thank 
really inadvertently gave me the idea for 
this post.

Diva Shasta - she is the team member who 
can play any position you ask of her.
Shiloh - he is the team captain. 

They also show their community spirit by
visiting at a local nursing home, a hospice &
Shiloh helps kids learn to read.

Also, perhaps their greatest accomplishment-
providing me with non-stop companionship and 
24/7 nursing care, not to mention
terrific bed-warmers that 
sometimes borders on bed-hoggers.

We are all ready for the Kansas University vs.
Western Kentucky NCAA Basketball game tonite-
in fact it has already started so 
I will end this post.
Diva Shasta can even be seen 
cheering on her Kansas Jayhawks
 Diva Shasta is decked out in
her KU Jayhawk cheerleader outfit-
she just can't stop "talking" to her Jayhawks.
   Shiloh is sporting his KU Jayhawk bandana and
a KU Jayhawk t-shirt.  
 Of course the scene would not be complete without other Jayhawk fan "stuff" that
allows them to show 
their team spirit.

~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~ 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

WHAT GIvES - a note frum Shiloh

Furst of all- Iz our mom'z vizion better?  Well

yes and no - her vizion iz not az good az 

yestaday BUTT we Beaglebratz did hear her tell 

aunt sis it iz better than this mornin'AN'the 

doctor sed it iz NOT az red az it wuz yestaday, 

so go figure - 'nuther doc appointment 

tue-morrow.  (Now if sumone iz readin'this 

an'don't know what I iz talkin'boutz then c our

3nd post frum yestaday - mom posted it)

Now fur the WHAT GIVEZ  - earlier tue-day our

doorbell rang - we Beaglebratz LOVE when the 

doorbell ringz.  So mom openz the door an'NO ONE

wuz there BUTT there WUZ a BOX - a box frum our

friendz at Chewy.com -come'on mom, u know when 

a box iz frum them then we Beaglebratz git toe 

open it. BUTT she sed NO this time then opened 

it an'took a bag of our fav'rite food out. 


Beaglebratz cood tell that the box WUZ NOT 

EMPTY!!!  Then mom picked up that box an'took it

DOWNSTAIRZ!  I(me Shiloh) don't go DOWNSTAIRZ'N

mom KNOWZ I don't go DOWNSTAIRZ!  THEN, a bit 

later, mom comez in frum gittin'the mail'n

she haz on of them BIG mailer-envelopez.  I sed


probably fur me or it mite b fur Diva Shasta 

butt I doubt it.  Due u KNOW what she DID with 

big mailer envelope?  Yepperz - FURRY MOST DARN


Oh by the way, mom did give me a hint kind of 

'boutz sumthin'that wuz in the box - she sed she

got the idea frum sumthin'Goose told us 

all'boutz.  Hmmmmmm I will haf tue think'bout

that.  BUTT, b-4 I can think'boutz it much - 

almost time fur bed an'I NEED sleep tue due my

best thinkin'.




Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WTF on Wednesday - from the mom - 2nd post today

Since this is just a short post and it is from me - no pictures - I know, how boring.  Anyway, early this morning Shiloh was able to complete his Wordless Wednesday post and proceeded to nap while I finished getting ready for work (by the way, BOTH Beaglebratz are just fine).  HOWEVER, during the time I finished getting ready for work, my vision took about an 
75 degree turn for the worse - luckily I already had an appointment with my eye doctor scheduled for today.  The diagnosis, at least part of it is nothing new to me and I was sort of just waiting for it to happen again even tho so many prayers were said that it never would again- the dreaded epithelial defect or skin tear on the surface of my cornea.  However, the other part - did actually stump my doctor a bit altho he does believe (and I do too) maybe I got something in my eye during my shower, like shampoo
So what this boils down to - I didn't have time to comment on other blogs like I wanted to before but now - it's gonna be nonexistent UNLESS there is a good change  by morning  - about the same for blog posts since the Beaglebratz will probably keep a close watch -  just not sure what they will be watching.  I go back to the doc this Friday but my specialist is out of the country until Monday.  He will be here in town on Tuesday which is when I will see him..  I know there are so many POTP and prayers going out all over Blogville right now but if you could spare one for me and send it this way, I will definitely appreciate it.  Oh, and the Beaglebratz - you know what kind of a nurse Diva Shasta can be-

I am confident Shiloh'n Diva Shasta will both be looking after me really good.
~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Wordless Wednezday - spring, where r u?

This past Friday, March 15, mom sed it wuz 
87 degreez out (fur real).  
When mom got home frum werk'n
let me'n Diva Shasta outside,
it wuz soooooooooo nice.

Yestaday, on Tuez-day, when 
mom got home frum werk'n
I looked outside

THIS iz what I saw-

 Mom sez we gotz more snow 
comin'later this week-

How duz that white stuff look
like this?



Sunday, March 17, 2013


Shiloh here- 
B-sidez tue-day bein'St. Paddy's Day, there r a couple neeto-sweeto thingz that r also happenin'

Over at BUNK'S BLOG-
he iz havin'an 
Easter Egg Hunt'n Giveaway. 
Click on Bunk's link above tue
find out more.

Then we Beaglebratz made a 
new blog furrend.
We wuz lookin'around an'met
Jozi iza cute little Corgi who iz
havin'a cool giveaway- 
click on that link above then 
u can find out all'boutz the 
Pedigree Swag Giveaway she iz havin' 

In the meantime, we Beaglebratz r wishin'u

(anuther good x-cuze fur Puddles tue
enjoy her fav'rite beverage

(Hmmmm - I hafta wunder - haz my little sis, Diva Shasta,
bin tippin the bottle this mornin'?)

We Beaglebratz hopez u'all haf a 
furry most blessed 
St. Paddy's Day an'Sunday.

Also, our mom'z uncle iz in a 
hospice in Tucson-
he haz the dreaded cancer d-sease'an
iz not duin'well at all-
cood u'all pleeze send 
POTP tue him an'hiz family who r with him?