Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chek out the neat give-away at Pet Blogs United


This iz frum the Shasta – I mean Queen Shasta 

In case ya'll haven't herd yet, 
Oskar an'hiz mom over at  
r duin' their FIRST GIVE-AWAY!  
They have teamed up with 
tu give one lucky winner, a hand made collar that u can pick out yourself- 
how cool iz that?  
Yep - I have entered an'piked out my fav- 
I ain't tellin'cuz it mite git jinxed 
(butt it iz the ONLY 1 fit fer royalty like me).

Now there iz only 1 MANDATORY way tu enter BUTT once u du that then there r several optional wayz tu enter - an'the neat thin'bout that iz that each optional way givez u anuther entry in the contest.  

Now ya'll mite b wunderin'y Shiloh izn't here with me 
tu post 'bout this.  
Well, that'z eazy-peezy 
(peezy - he he - git it, PEEzy he he).  
I am the only 1 enterin'cuz I d-zerve it more
Shiloh just got a fairly nu collar when 
sumone gave it tu mom so
u c - I need 1 an'he duzn't.
B-sidez, this is my time tu blog in celebrashun of
my upcomin'barkday. 

Anyway, ya'll hurry on over tu 
 an git entered in that give-away.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"Come an'git your turd" - HUH? Camera Critters and Pet Pride

Shiloh Beaglebratz here -

We alreddy did a post erly tuday so we iz combinin'this to include
r friendz at Camera Critter AN'Pet Pride.
An'we r late tu.

Mom wuz home fer awhile tuday butt then left me'n Shasta - 
like FUREVER an'it wuzn't even a werk day - it'z SATURDAY!  
Duzn't she no that tuday is suppoze tu b fer me'n Shasta?
Anyway, she left with r Aunt Sis so we hoped she wood not 
b gone so long-
we wuz WRONG!

We found out that she went tu a place called
When mom got home she told us all 'bout it-
artz an'craftz stuff - no doggiez so we woodn't like it anyway.
BUTT then she sed they had FOOD - an'what 'bout that wood we not like?
Butt then she called me-
"Shiloh - come an'git your turd!"
Now wait a sec - I am 7 yearz old an'I don't du that in the house an'I
haf NOT dun it now!
But there it wuz - layin'rite on the kitchen floor
Hey - wait a minit - that ain't mine an'it lookz funny.
B-sidez, mom don't want me eatin'that stuff so why iz she givin'me one?
Shasta here-
I am the diva - the Queen of this family so'ze I don't eat that stuff which 
iz why mom didn't call me - at first.
Yeah, they all no u iz the missy priss here-
just stop interruptin'me.  
Anyway, mom GAVE one of these "turdz" tu me - HUH! 
Ok - ok - so we will now x-plane it tu u'all the way mom FINALLY told us-
Theze so-called "TURDZ" r really TREATZ!

Here iza pikchur of me'n Shasta with a "TURD"
Mom made us share this one BUTT we each got a whole one tu!
They r soooooooo yummy.
If u bigefy the pikchur then u can c the website if u want tu order sum.

Then a bit later, mom wuz takin'a pikchur of sumthin in the livinroom so'ze me'n Shasta HAD tu go make shure she wuz duin'it rite - yep, she wuz.
This iz what it wuz-
That pikchur iz kinda fuzzy so in case u can't c that website after u bigefy the pikchur, here it iz
 Mom haz gotten us stuff there b-4, biscuitz an'muffinz.  They haf sum other stuff there tu.

So, agin I just HAF tu ask - what iz it 'bout this stuff wood we not like to haf gone to this Cider Daze place?

PeeS - Frum the Shasta - I let Shiloh blog 'bout this stuff tuday even tho this IZ suppose tu b MY bloggy time - frum now until I say after MY barkday.
C that bar above with my pikchur -
that sez when it iz. 

WE R BAK !!!!!!!! (agin)

It'z Shiloh'n Shasta here - FINALLY! 
We haf missed u'all so very much.
Mom tried tu convince us that we wuz havin'Internet
problemz but we r not shure 'bout that since
it happened rite after Shasta made that 

But then sum of u sed the squirrelz were in on it which 
cood b since 
they r ALWAYZ cauzin'truble.

Well we haf missed sum good thins'an'we
gotz sum catchin'up tu du.
But we gotz bak just in time fer this week'z edishun of
The Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop which is co-hosted by
Please stop by an'say HI!
We thank them fer co-hostin'this event an'we
hope tu b bak later tuday -
after we all get sum sleep.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ok – so I figure since my annual barkday iz next month than I shood start celebratin’NOW! - wait, this needz tu b in O-FISH-SHAL PROKLA-MA-SHUN form so I shood start this over.

Az me, the real lady of the house an’master MISTRESS over ALL toyz, supreme d-stuffer of stuffiez an’QUEEN of this kingdom, I, Shasta du make the followin’ PROK-LA-MA-SHUN:

On this day, September 15, 2 thouzand an’10 shall be known az the beginnin’of MY, Shasta’z pre-barkday cel-e-bra-shun. 
iz in response tu my unfair confinement in sed crate.
  ( I offer this pikchur as proof )
Therefore, my MOM will b the ONLY one affected by this 
All of my furriendz haf showered me with much support so 
they r ‘cuzed frum further persekushun.
frum my mom I will b X'PECTIN'ALL the 
spechul treatz an'toyz du such a 
wronged an'oppressed 
Beaglebrat such az I.
Henceforth, my mom shall haf tu address
my regal self az Queen Shasta
I d-clare this 
if an'when I c fit.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

.....An'then not so fun timez :(

This here iz the Shasta:

In the mornin'b-4 mom leavez fer werk.

What more can I say, my face sez it all.

(note from the mom - it's not easy having to leave this)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun timez

Shasta here-

A while bak r mom an’Aunt sis went to a wedding out of state
an’left me’n Shiloh with her hoomin nephew –
my little fur-cuzin, Bailie livez with them.
Mom sed she wood post sum pikchurz when she got bak.
Well, that HAD to haf bin a gazillion months ago so
I haf d-sided tu take matterz intu my own pawz fer at least MY pikchurz – may-b mom will feel guilty that I haf tu du tis myself so
will post the weddin’an’trip pikchurz this weekend.
An’after all the sad timez in Blogville lately,
I thought sum happy timez were indicated.

Ok, now I no Bailie lookz kinda short-hair but
she iz a Westie an’her mom had the groomer cut her hair short
(Bailie’z hair, not the groomer’z hair)
b-cuz it wuz so hot.

Here iz my fur cuzin, Bailie
She iz a whole lotta fun tu play with - I wish I cood play more with her.
 We like tu play tugether.

Ok - that iz all fer now.  Seein'theze pikchurz haf made me ready
fer a nap.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prayerz fer safe journey

Hi,  the Beaglebratz here -

Me & Shiloh haf a special request tu ask of u'all.  This afternoon at 4:15,
Mica, Petey' catbro over at Petey's Playhouse , will b making hiz journey over the Rainbow Bridge.  We here at Team Beaglebratz no that the past few daze at Petey's Playhouse haf not bin eazy onez for Petey's mom.  There iz a sweet pikchur of Mica an'Petey sleepin'tugether over at Petey's Playhouse.  Please follow that link above over tu Petey's Playhouse an'show your support an'concern fer Petey's mom and fer Petey an'most impawtent - tu pray fer a safe journey fer Mica.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chil-laxin'on Labor Day

 Yep, that's what us Beaglebratz bin duin'tuday.  
Mom herd that word on the radio then 
told us about it - it'z what u du when 
u r chillin'an relaxin'-

Mom wuz the only one around here duin'any laborin'.  She wuz puttin'alot of old paperz in a big box then 
it cutz them all into little small piecez; 
she wuz cleanin'r yard a little 
an'cuttin'down thins' outta one of r bushez an'washin'sum clothez.
  Oh yeah, she also had tu let us outside then 
bak in a while later- 
 we don't no y she just don't 
leave the door open cuz 
sumbody ALWAYZ wantz outside.

PeeS- Of course Shasta iz ALWAYZ ready fer sum play

Saturday, September 4, 2010

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day on the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Us B-bratz had a bizy mornin'which iz y we r kinda late postin'this.  Mom wuz gonna take Shiloh tu the dog-tor to git sum of thoze pointy thins'updated but Shasta needed her nailz trimmed up so when Aunt Sis came by this mornin'we all went.  After Shiloh got thoze pointy thins'dun (owzer!) he also got hiz nailz trimmed up - that'z Dr. Matt an'vet tech Enya - they r super nice, even after Shiloh peed on the table an'then peed on Dr. Matt while he wuz cleanin'the table


Here iz Shasta tryin'tu make it all better fer Shiloh - they both r dun gettin'all taken care of.  Then we herd Mom talkin'with Aunt Sis about that store we all love - Petsmart - yes, yes - we r gonna git tu gooooooooooo!  We haven't bin there fer soooooo long.  Here we r at Petsmart

but we found out there were sum catz there so we paid more 'tenchun tu them than we did tu all the toyz an'nommiez there - they haf moved thins'around sum an'now they haf LOTZ more stuff, an'more clothez tu.  (Iz that really a good thin' - don't think so).  But Mom nu we wood love sumthin'spechial so she found sumthin fer us an'sumthin fer cleanin' - whatz with that - humanz alwayz wantin'tu clean.  But we never saw anythin'cuz then we went home an'we never saw nuthin' - at least fer awhile but that wuz ok tu cuz Mom took us home an'then left fer a bit while we Beaglebratz got tu take a good nap.  

Ok - now, after r nap an'Mom wuz home, then we finally got tu c what Mpm got fer us - well, Shasta wuz more interested
 in it - Shiloh wood haf bin happier 'bout a nommy.  But then Shiloh found out what a good tug toy that toy made an'he loved playin'tug with Shasta.  Here iz a good pikchur of the no stuffin'toy
that Mom got fer us - Itz hard tu tell frum the pikchur butt itza squirrlee - it will help us keep in trainin'fer the real thin'.

Ok - we git tu eat now an'Mom sez we can haf sum of that turkey loaf tuday.  Gonna go fer now...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

!! URGENT NEED - Please help a different kind of rescue animal

  Ok - theze guyz r a little diffrent then the rescuez u uzually c but this happened here in Kansas an'mom uze tu haf sum of thoze big furry 4-leggerz - way b-4 us - so she iz kind of real fond of them.  So we r gonna turn it over tu her now.

MOM - thanx you two.  I didn't think much of this at first until I heard a  report on the news this morning.  First, what we are talking about are the horses that were seized from the Winding River Rescue - yes, horses that needed to be rescued from a rescue - this in itself is bad but I know it happens.  Here is a link to where the horses are NOW -
Horse Calls, LLC., Equine Management Solutions

I am trying to find a report online about this bshown above t being at work limits me.  I do know there are issues with the horses - mainly that of malnutrition HOWEVER what really concerns me now is what I heard this morning -
the horse have just 2 weeks to be adopted out - maybe even fostered or whatever it takes BUT after that 2 weeks, ANY REMAINING HORSES WILL BE SENT TO THE SLAUGHTER-HOUSE!  I am thinking, surely this is a scare tactic to get them adopted.  Like I said, I don't have access to the full details.  However I can do what I am doing now and pass the word to get these animals the help and homes they desparately need.  So, PLEASE go to the website shown above then there are 3 links listed there at the top of the page - click on them and give them plenty of time to load - you will see instructions to adopt then on links 2 & 3 you will find a listing of available horses.      PLEASE - if you know of anyone who might be interested, check these horses out now - they need our help.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When du we eat ???????????/

Mom wuz seein'so much good homemade doggy treatz here in the blog community, she FINALLY d-cided we needed sum tu. 

Ok - so it duzn't look tu good  here but it will - mom haz made this fer us b-4 - it iz gonna b a Turkey Loaf - yep, she sed that.  She uzez ground turkey, 1 egg, brown rice flour an'put a little of that gravy in it then poured sum on top b-4 baking. 
 Oh, an'it also haz shredded carrotz, cooked sweet 'taterz an'grated cheeze.  Mom also added a few broccoli stemz but not many cuz she didn't haf tu many.  She baked it like - FUREVER - b-4 it wuzdun but then she sed it wuz tu hot tu eat rite now so we will git a bedtime snak.

In the meantime, fer r dinner, mixed with r kibble, mom added a little of that gravy with sum warm water, a few spoonz of sweet 'taterz an'a couple carrotz - ummmmm ummmmm good. 

Pee-S  That wuz last nite.  By the time we had a chance tu post, it wuz almost bedtime.