Saturday, September 4, 2010

AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day on the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Us B-bratz had a bizy mornin'which iz y we r kinda late postin'this.  Mom wuz gonna take Shiloh tu the dog-tor to git sum of thoze pointy thins'updated but Shasta needed her nailz trimmed up so when Aunt Sis came by this mornin'we all went.  After Shiloh got thoze pointy thins'dun (owzer!) he also got hiz nailz trimmed up - that'z Dr. Matt an'vet tech Enya - they r super nice, even after Shiloh peed on the table an'then peed on Dr. Matt while he wuz cleanin'the table


Here iz Shasta tryin'tu make it all better fer Shiloh - they both r dun gettin'all taken care of.  Then we herd Mom talkin'with Aunt Sis about that store we all love - Petsmart - yes, yes - we r gonna git tu gooooooooooo!  We haven't bin there fer soooooo long.  Here we r at Petsmart

but we found out there were sum catz there so we paid more 'tenchun tu them than we did tu all the toyz an'nommiez there - they haf moved thins'around sum an'now they haf LOTZ more stuff, an'more clothez tu.  (Iz that really a good thin' - don't think so).  But Mom nu we wood love sumthin'spechial so she found sumthin fer us an'sumthin fer cleanin' - whatz with that - humanz alwayz wantin'tu clean.  But we never saw anythin'cuz then we went home an'we never saw nuthin' - at least fer awhile but that wuz ok tu cuz Mom took us home an'then left fer a bit while we Beaglebratz got tu take a good nap.  

Ok - now, after r nap an'Mom wuz home, then we finally got tu c what Mpm got fer us - well, Shasta wuz more interested
 in it - Shiloh wood haf bin happier 'bout a nommy.  But then Shiloh found out what a good tug toy that toy made an'he loved playin'tug with Shasta.  Here iz a good pikchur of the no stuffin'toy
that Mom got fer us - Itz hard tu tell frum the pikchur butt itza squirrlee - it will help us keep in trainin'fer the real thin'.

Ok - we git tu eat now an'Mom sez we can haf sum of that turkey loaf tuday.  Gonna go fer now...


JacksDad said...

We went to the PetSmart this morning to just so I could bark at the dogs who were in the Obedience Class :)

Oskar said...

What a fun day! Petsmart is so fun & that toy will totally help you to train for squirelling!

Nubbin' wiggles,

Anonymous said...

Passing through from the blog hop. Pleased to meet you!

3 doxies said...

SQUIRRRRRRRRRRREL!!!!!!!! I loves squirrels...well not really loves them...I likes to chase them.
Hey, at least YOUR mom didn't buy you a pairs of nail clippers fur YOUR birfday! Yep, my mum did.
It's been like a hundred years since I has been to PetSmart...ya'll so lucky.


houndstooth said...

Toys and turkeyloaf? I could forgive a lot for both of those things!