Monday, August 31, 2015

Mom's Musings on Monday

I better get this done or it will end up being Mom's Musings on Tuesday which really doesn't sound as good.

You have probably noticed that I have not posted lately - there has been a couple posts from the Beaglebratz or about Shiloh but not much about my eye/vision problems - and that is a good thing rite?  Well they are still there - kinda - but the more acute and immediate phase has passed.  That is NOT to say EVERYTHING about mu eye/vision is better - nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there has been SOME improvement but will there be anymore - entirely unknown.  The major thing to me (and my sis who provides ALL transportation) the doctor appts. have slowed ddown to every other week instead of every week and there for a bit it was 2 and 3 appts. each week - mostly in Kansas City.   One of the last appt. I had in K.C. was with my ocular plastic surgeon - the doc who fixed my droopy eyelid back in January of this year.  As he was checking my eye he said "the graft is SPECTACULAR!" {graft meaning the most recent cornea transplant I had on 6/23/15}.  Now I realize that he was referring specifically to the graft but I still ran with it - I had never heard that word from an eye doctor when looking at my eye.  THEN when I asked "well than would that apply to my overall eye condition since you first saw me"?  He nodded yes then further said "on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best - it is a 10!".  Well ok then - NOBODY had said that about my eye for ???????????? (probably almost 40 years when my initial eye problems began)  On the way back to Topeka, one of our usual stops is the Legends - a super nice outdoor shopping area and MANY eating places, a Cabellas, nearby Kansas Speedway, The Great Wolf Lodge and who knows what else.  Our fav since we're traveling is Chik-fil-A then Russell Stovers for dessert but before we go to either we stop at Auntie Ann's - soft pretzels.    Then about a week later, when I saw my local eye doc he said there was NO sign of a defect, NO herpes eye infection or fungal infection - NO new problems - this has not happened since the cornea transplant.  My next appt. is a week away, with my cornea specialist.  Now I am all caught up on that.

The next thing, as you may remember, I got the letter from the Office of Personnel Management (the VA is included in that, my employer for almost 29 years) did grant my disability retirement.  A few days later, I went in to turn in my badge and keys and say good-bye.   A few weeks earlier I had gotten the same determination from Social Security.  Working at that job is now a thing of the past - now all that remains is emptying out the 2 boxes of personal items I brought home.  The Beaglebratz have named me their unofficial revolving door allowing them access to the outside whenever they want.

Next - this past Black Friday, when all the pre-Christmas sales were happening, I picked up a new camera, a Nikon Coolpix L830 - in a real pretty plum color which I had been wanting for some time - Best Buy finally had it at a price that was hard to turn down.  The problem - I had this nice new camera and my vision started going downhill soon after I got it.  Luckily I was still able to take pics altho I had no idea of the quality.  So I have all these pics from the past few months that no one has seen - this is about to change.  Something else that is about to change - I am going to take a back-seat on the blog and give control back to the Beaglebratz.  After all, it is THEIR blog.  I will still pop in like next appt. or some other real good reason but otherwise, it is all theirs. Not sure yet how often that will be but at least it is a start. 

               Lady Shasta        Lord Shiloh         

Friday, August 28, 2015

FFHT frum Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Thank u tue Murphy & Stanley
fer hostin'
Fractured Fryday hairy Tails.
This month the inclusion iz-
"It would be really embarrassing if 
everyone knew . . ."

Hello there- 
it is I, Lady Shasta of 
Beaglebratz Manor.
See that pik of me up there?
I am on the look-out fer kritterz who mite b prowlin'our
Manor groundz-
THAT iz the image I want u tue 
hold on tue'n
NOT what I am 'bout tue tell u cuz
So just fergit what I say frum 
here on, ok? 
"It would be really embarrassing if 
everyone knew . . ."
IT happened a few yearz ago-
IT happened on 1 of the 
earlier walkz mom took me on thru
our neighberhood.
(at leest mom didn't haf that 
flashy-beast with us tue
git a pik of IT like 
she wishez she had)
we wuz just walkin'along, mindin'our own bizness when 
IT appeared rite in front of us.
We coodn't go around IT-
IT started tue walk towardz us
What were we tue due?
I wanted mom tue let me 
take us HOME!
Butt she MADE me stay there az IT 
walked up tue us.
started tue rub up aginst me.
Mom tellz other peepz that 
I rolled over in a submissive way'n
just let IT rub my face BUTT
I say IT suckered knocked me down'n
got in my face.
(YEP, that'z how I
r'member it'n
I'm stickin'tue it!)
An'IT wuz not one of theze nice kittiez frum Blogville-


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It iz just I,
Lord Shiloh of the Beaglebratz Manor.

My sister-
Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor
iz bein'kinda quiet today

We r just announcin'tue 
all of Blogville
(in case ya'hadn't herd)
today iz.....
A day just fer us doggiez-
an'y not?
Just take sum time tue think'bout 
all we due fer our peepz.
Cuddle, companionship
we keep our Manor groundz safe'n
free frum kritterz,
 provide in-home security
an'werk A LOT tue keep our mom happy.
(this can REALLY b a challenge sumtimez)

When mom an'aunt sis took me tue 
git my stitchez out today,
AFTER that, we went tue git sum...
So y, when we git home, duz mom only
give me'n Lady Shasta a
couple of bitez'n sez...
savin'the rest fer later.

(Mom Kim here - in my defense, they r having it for dinner along with their kibble mixed with their FreshPet food, topped with pieces of cheeseburger topped with a bit of Greek yogurt)

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Yesss, this is an older pic of Shiloh 

 n'Shasta BUT they are laying  

TOGETHER on the same dog bed so 

I guess that is part of the great 

news too!  Anyway, my weekend 

got off to a great start when the vet

called me this morning with the 

results of Shiloh's path report --

In other word  - BENIGN !!!!!!!!!

It is quite common in dogs.  The vet 


needed.  All I have to do is keep 

current on his dental cleanings so if 

it does come back then the vet will 

just cut it out again.   This is the 
BEST NEWS EVER  for Shiloh and 


Now, going back thru this week, 

looking at Tuesday, 8/11 next.  Had

a doctor appt. with my cornea 

specialist.  No, my visual acuity is 

still not that great HOWEVER the   

overall condition of my eye is stable,

so much so that my specialist 

decided that I could go a MONTH

before I have another appt. with 

him. And I can also wait 2 weeks 

before I see my local eye doc -

typically it was just 1 week before

I would see my local eye doc and 

after my cornea transplant, I was 

having so many problams I was 

seeing my specialist 2 or 3 times a 

week.  There was one week I saw 

my local eye doc then a retina 

specialist the next MORNING and 

my cornea specialist that 

AFTERNOON - it all came out ok.

OK- now for what I consider the 


I could have gotten, especially since

there is no cure for this eye 

condition and it is not known when 

or even if my vision will occur -
from my job

I received the letter on Monday, 

8/10.  I still have a couple of things

to clear out at work but after this 

next week, that ought to be it!

Ok, gotta go for now - been working

on this post for a bit and I also 

have  a couple of errands to take 

care of - gotta get more of that

I give a little of that to both dogs

but  Shiloh still gets more of it than 

Shasta - just don't tell her that.  

Ok - outta here for now.



Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Sunday Update on Shiloh, Lord of the Beaglebratz Manor

In case anyone missed 
our last update,
I WAS able to bring Shiloh home this past Friday around 5pm-
between recovering from the anesthesia, the antibiotic and pain med, I don't think I have ever seen a dog so unsteady on his feet.

After slseeping most of Friday evening, Shiloh showed an interest in eating so I gave him a couple of bites of soft dog food which he was quite willing to snarf down.  He also drank water very well, took his meds hidden in a little cheese and
went outside willingly.

Saturday was more of the same but more alert and much steadier on his feet.  I am not sure what is going on with Shasta - rite now she wants little if any thing to do with him-
not even laying on the big dog bed which is big enuf for both.

Since the vet was out on a farm call when I picked up Shiloh, I did not have a chance to talk with him excdpt when he called me to let me know when I could pick him up - I had a couple of questions but I was just listening to him give me directions for Shiloh's care so I ended up calling him bak Saturday morning.  I went ahead and had that lipoma on Shiloh's side removed - it was so large I was worred that he mite hurt himself or bang it against something -
it was just a fatty tumor; 
I knew Shiloh would lose some teeth BUT TEN?  O-M-D!!!
And I guess a couple of those needed to be cut out;
there was that small tumor on the roof of Shiloh's mouth.
The vet removed that and in order to be able to suture the incision closed, he had to remove a small piece of bone also which is why Shiloh is on an all soft food diet rite now with NO biscuits or 
doggy cookies.
And no kibble mixed with his food.

So, that is where we are rite now-
Shiloh is healing well. 
I also asked about the pathology 
report on that mouth tumor-
it will take about a week to get the results but he thought it was good that the tumor was small when it was removed.  
I am trying to push that thought to the bak of my mind but I know the thought of "what if" is there.
In the meantime, I am trying to slow down my thoughts and just take things one day at a time-

Again, many, many thanx for all the prayers, purrayers and POTP-
and PLEASE continue them.

(this was made for me several years ago - I don't have this talent)

Friday, August 7, 2015



Shiloh is HOME! 

When me & sis picked him up at the vet, he was very shaky  from the pain meds and anesthesia -
he also is on antibiotics.
The vet was on a farm call so I could not ask how many teeth he had to pull -I qill call him in the morning and also find out when the pathology report will be bak.

Rite now Shiloh finally fell asleep on his big bed in the living room - we are all sleeping in the living  room tonite. 
Anyway, that is about all I 
know for now.
When I know more, I will try and pass it on.

Thank you all and please keep that POTP and the prayers coming
Mom Kim

Mom Kim here-

I heard from the vet a bit ago -

he told me that he was in the middle of Shiloh's dental-

Shiloh will need to have a few of his upper teeth removed.
The vet also said that Shiloh has a small tumor on his upper palate
that hw NEEDS removed-
it will be sent off to the pathologist.

So that is how things are at this time- I am trying to stay optimistic
but I also know that it is common for Beagles to get the 
dreaded c monster.

That is all I know at this time.
I just hope Shiloh will be home tonite and not have to wait until morning, 
especially since no one is at the vet's place over-nite.

PLEASE keep the POTP, prayers and purrayers coming for Shiloh.



Thursday, August 6, 2015

POTP for Shiloh, Lord of the Beaglebratz Manor

Mom Kim here-

Tomorrow morning, Fridag the 7th, my little Shiloh will be going to the dog-tor for a teeth cleaning, possible tooth extraction and removal of a large - about the size of a golf ball - lipoma from his side.  He has a small - quarter size - lump under his jaw line where his teeth end so there is likely a tooth that is abscessed.  None of this bothers him, he eats just fine - kibble and biscuits get chewed just fine and his appetite is just as strong as it has ever been.  He never has refused any food.  And the lipoma might just as well not be there- never has bothered him and I know it has been there for at least several months if not more than a year.
Most of you pet parents know what it is like when your “baby”  go thru any type of surgery and now that Shiloh is 12, my concern/worry is a bit greater
(ok, maybe a lot).  HOWEVER it helps knowing that he has never had a problem with anesthesia - he has gone thru a few teeth cleanings with no problems.
AND it also helps knowing that I can just come to all of you dear Blogville friends and furrends and ask you for prayers, POTP and purrayers and all that will happen and I so deeply appreciate each and every one.

By the way, I am doing ek - my vision/eye
healing is still in progress - no one knows the when or what or if when it comes to what my eye or vision will do next.  So yes, I have no idea when me or the Beaglebratz will be here again.  I hope all is well with all of you - I hope and pray that one day soon I can get back to visiting your blogs.  Rite now, I need to go rest my eyes and relax a bit.