Monday, November 30, 2009

The old ruutine

Shiloh here - well, r old ruutine started back up tuday - mom got us up EARLY, then outside we go then came bak in so we cood share mom’s banana with her. Purty soon we had r breakfast then bak out then bak in then mom is rushing around so we no by now that she iz gonna leave us fer awhile. When she leavez, I am in my chair pretendin tu b nappin’n Shasta iz in her crate. After mom leavez then I git up’n go let Shasta out of her crate – of course leave it open so’ze Shasta gitz bak in real fast when we no mom is comin’. We didn’t haf a chance tu b on the ‘puter much lately – mom wuz buzy puttin’ all that purty stuff around the house – looks like a bunch of werk tu me. She did tell us tho that she only had tu go tu that werk place fer 5 daze then she’d be home a few daze – not shure what all that means except the part ‘bout b-ing home a few daze.

Ok – we gotta go du r daily patroling around the house – make shure there iz no unwanted critterz or fuud layin’ around.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving of 2009 - almost history

Well, it iz almost time fer bed - bin a long day.  Mom had tu leave fer awhile so we wuz here by r-selvez tuday - she went tu one of her cuzins for Thanksgiving dinner; when she got home she sed she ate tu much - us Beaglebratz NEVER haf that problem.  Anyway, herd her talkin' tu aunt sis on that little talky box - talkin' 'bout planning their strategy fer "Blak Friday" - that meanz erly mornin' wakin' up'n she will not b bak til later.  We r all tired so we iz goin' tu bed now.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING - Adoption stories - Camera Critters, Dogs on Thursdayz'n Pet Pride

We Beaglebratz, in r haste tu git r adoption stories written, we fergot
tu du r Camera Critters 85 post'n one fer Pet Pride   Then , since today IZ Thursday, gonna du Dogs on Thursday  tu.  We r sooooooo thankful that we r living with r mom.  We reed 'bout how bad it kin b out there for doggiez an' sum of r friendz went thru sum bad timez b-4 they got tu their forever familiez - we no how fortunate we were.  We hope u will reed r adoptshun storiez - they follow this post'n there are lotz of pikchurez.

ps - We fergot tu say how thankful we iz fer all the furiendz we r making here in the blog community'n thankful tu mom fer lettin' us take over here.

Adoption-part 2 - Shasta Beaglebrat comes home

Hi - this iz Shasta speakin'n that iz a pikchur mom took of me when she ferst came to see me.  Like Shiloh, I wuz outside in the yard with my doggy mom an' brutherz'n sisterz when sum nu humanz came by tu vizit - here I am with 1 of my siblingz-                
The 2 new humanz liked me alot'n 1 of them took many pikchurez of me'n played with me more than the otherz - I guess u cood say I felt spechul.
But then they left'n I wuz all alone with my doggy mom'n brutherzn'sisters.  The dayz went by'n sumtimes it wuz cold'n then got warm but we all were in the house with r human mom so life wuz good.  But then, thoze new humans came bak only we wuz all in the house this time.  An'then the nu human that took all the pikchurz, she held me up'n put sumthin' around my nek.  I didn't like that thing around my nek but I liked bein' held up the nu human held me close to her'n I wuz there all by myself - didn't haf tu share - yep, I wuz spechul fer shure.  But then we left the house'n the nu human wuz still carrying me - I didn't no what wuz happenin'.  Yep, I wuz kinda scared - but I wuz excited tu - I must b purty spechul tu go on an advanture with these nu humanz.  Like Shiloh, I found out I had two doggy cuzins-

They r Kailie'n Bailie - I found out that their human mom is also my aunt sis'n I have a human cuzin tu.  FINALLY we go tu where my nu human mom livez - yep, I found out this nu human that holds me'n playz with me the most - iz my nu human mom; Bailie told me.   Ok, this iz me'n Shiloh - shortly after we met fer the ferst time. He kinda reminded me of my doggy mom - only bigger but he had the same colorz.  Don't worry, we wuz just playin' in that pikchure.  He'z the best - he letz me stalk him then attak - sumbody sed I must b part kat - I don't think so.  Sumthin' told me my nu human mom wood be good to me - she made me feel spechul - she had got me a Fluffy Pup'n it wuz there waitin'fer me cuz my mom thinks I am the best -
           Me'n Shiloh soon became great friend'n we LUV'd playin' tugether-
  an'even tho I grew up, we still playAn' mom'n me bin tu skool like Shiloh'n mom - we took sum testz tu. That iza pikchure of me after the test.  Anyway, the reezon I am tellin' u all this - iz b-cuz it means mom likes spendin' time with me'n I LUV spendin' time with her.  We du all kinda thingz tugether.
Oh, an'I found out sumthin'- I wuz specially chozen b-cuz I iz related tu Shiloh - yep, I really iz - he ain't just my big bruther in mom's family but he iz really my uncle, he told me.  Gee, I wunder if that'z why we look alike

Adoption-part 1 - Shiloh Beaglebrat comes home

It wuz around the early part of May of 2003 – I wuz out in the yard

with my doggy mom’n my sisterz’n my brotherz plus my dad and one of my unclez wuz around sumwhere tu. The day wuz sunny’n warm’n - nuthin wuz any different – we wuz all scramblin around, either wantin’ tu eat that stuff in the pan or followin’ doggy mom. Then we saw this big thing with thoze 4 round thingyz – doggy mom told us it wuz called a car, it moved up not far frum us. Tu female humans came out’n walked over tu us then started talking tu my human mom then started playin’ with all of us. A bit later, I herd one of the female humans talkin’ tu my human dad – “I don’t know how tu chooze, which one du u think is the best?” Huh – chooze what? Best what? And why wuz she askin’ my human dad? Well, in case no one else haz figured it out yet – this nu female human wood soon b my nu human mom – yep, on May 16, 2003, I moved to my nu home with my nu human mom’n now I had a human aunt sis tu’n a human cuzin. When I got tu my nu home, my nu human mom took me outside – then while I wuz outside with my nu aunt sis, nu human mom went in the house – I wuz scared she mite leave me then I’d be all alone in this nu place. But no – there she iz agin’n walkin’beside her on the ground wuz another little doggy, ‘bout my size tu – well akchually he wuz a little taller than me (however that wood soon change).

We walked up tu each other‘n we introduced r-selves – Hi, I guess I’m the nu kid here – kin we be friendz? He sed, Hi – my name iz Oreo’n I bin here fer a long time so that makez me the boss’n yes – we kin be friends tu ….. but I AM the boss.  Even with r size difference, we soon became best buds.  An'I also found out I had a doggy cuzin - her name wuz KensieR'member I told u about how the size difference b-tween me'n Oreo wood change - well it did, within a few months

There were other changez tu - mom'n me went to skool then there were testz'n then we started duin' sumthin that I really LUV - mom takez me tu vizit different places.  The reezon I told u about that is that'z part of the reezon that Shasta came tu live with us.  One day, mom told me that my real doggy sis, Tess, had babiez.  Then later, when we were sittin' tugether, she sed, "Shiloh - I love u'n u haf turned into a really good dog'n u r part of the reezon I want to bring 1 of thoze babiez here."  At furst I thought - well I wuz born a dog so what else wood I b-come?  Anyway, that iz how Shasta joined r family but I will let her tell you all about it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beagle Rock Bluez or.......

This is kinda an example of r tunez but
Shiloh iz barkin' more than singin' - like me, Shasta.
But then sumtimes mom sez we're just makin' noize.
Whaddya think?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good morning

Good morning all-
Shasta speaking.
That is a pikchure of me when I wuz just a baby with
my big bruther, Shiloh.
We wuz singin' the Beagle Rock Bluez.
See that little dark spot down towardz the bottom of my ear-
that'z where Shiloh nipped me on Christmas Day when
we both went fer the same treat
(he'z bigger so of course he won).
But mom'n aunt sis had tu take me tu the dogter tu git a stitch on it.
But we iz best budz now.
Ok - time for my mid-morning nap now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

News from the Rainbow Bridge

RIP, sweet Miss Snickers

Hello all - you don't know me much, if at all but
my name is King Oreo of the Rainbow Bridge.

I lived with my big "little" brother Shiloh for awhile.
I had the extreme pleasure of greeting Miss Snickers as she crossed
the Rainbow Bridge this morning.
Yes I know, it is a very sad time on earth right now,
especially in a certain place in Iowa.
But let me assure everyone that Miss Snickers is in a very good place now and she is frolicking like the young pup she once was-
running through the lush green meadows where the
sun shines brightly all the time and it is never too hot or cold.
I know she will be missed - she misses everyone too,
especially her family
but now she feels no pain or discomfort.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

FINALLY! - We eat

Shasta speaking-
I talked with Shiloh'n we agree-
Ok, ferst, mom insists on sleeping a little later'n then
when she duz git up, granted she duz let us outside but
then she gits on the 'puter.
Ferst, that iz uzually r domain but then she iz duin' that INSTEAD
of makin' r breakfast.
Ok, then finally we du git breakfast'm maybe it wuz werth the wait-
mom made us scrambled eggz with cheeze in them.
Then she mixed that in r kibble'n sprinkled a little more
shredded cheeze on top.
Ok - so maybe she redeemed herself.
mmmmmmm - yum yum

Oh, what wuz that Shiloh?
u say mom wuz lookin fer recipez fer us on the 'puter?
U say she found sumthin over at the blog home fer
where there r a whole lotta recipez
and then over at the blog home of
there r more?
And she copied tu make fer us?
Well, I guess then that iz ok altho
I just hope she really duz make'em - she haz a habit of
findin' good recipez but not makin'em.
Ok, we did haf r breakfast then went bak outside-
now it iz time fer a nap.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Sooooooo POOPED - tired that iz

Shiloh Beaglebrat here - I wuz over at All God's Creatures - home of Sitka'n Nanuq they r therapy dogz) 'n they were talkin' about their therapy dog vizit which got me tu thinkin' about r'z so I d-sided tu write a bit about it.

I am POOPED, az in tired. Mom haz desided that r visiting shood all b dun in one week then off a week then on a week’n so forth. Yesterday afternoon we went tu the Hospice place’n we didn’t stay in just one area there – nooooooo, mom took me tu 3 different areaz. The furst buildin’ we went tu, mom sez it iz kalled a daycare but it iz fer adultz who need that. Yesterday wuz really tuff on me cuz they had cooked a turkey for a Thanksgiving meal they’z havin’ tuday’n made sum piez’n I cood smell all that – I wanted tu find it but mom wood’nt let me. One of the ladies there did share her ‘naner with me tho’ – I love ‘nanerz. Oh dear – I fergot tu tell u about Miss Vicky – she izn’t a client there – she werks there. She iz the ferst person we see when we git there’n she almost ALWAYZ haz a couple of treatz fer me. I du my triks fer her’n anyone else waitin’ there. She iz so nice to me’n – iz always happy tu see us. Yesterday, I even shook paw’s with one of the client’z waitin’ there. Ok – bak tu the clientz – there wuz one lady there, I sat by her fer sumtime – she kept tellin’ me what such a good boy I wuz (Mom wood say sumtimez he iz but that’z just mom). I sat there by her’s she scratched the top of my head a little’stroked my earz – then she had tu go home. A bit later mom took me to anuther house – this iz where the people stay when they can’t go home. I don’t always git much of a chance tu visit with them but the families and people that werk there shure like me coming to visit. There wuz even a young girl there playing music on the big blak table – while mom’n me listened tu the pretty music, I danced ‘round’n ‘round – we all enjoyed it. When mom’n me were gittin’ ready tu leave – mom opened the door’n one of them pesky squirrelz ran rite across the sidewalk in front of us – we wuz almost out the door’n I wuz so surprised. Mom pulled me bak in’n pulled the door shut b-4 I cood alert anyone. That wuz either one brave or very stoopid squirrel tu be there at the same time I wuz. Then we went bak in’n found a way tu go downstairs. That iz another area of the hospice where people can stay fer just a couple of dayze. We visited down there tu fer a bit but not long since r ride wuz picking us up soon. So we told them all good-bye then walked bak tu where r ride wood be waitin’ fer us.

Ok – that wuz longer than suppose tu be – we went tu a nursing home the night b-4 that but I will wait fer anuther time – I need a nap.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

R iz fer .. Reading

Shiloh here’n this iz ABC Wednezday  Yes, today – R iz fer Readin’. I luv tu go tu the library with my mom tu read. Akchually, I don’t du the readin’ nor duz my mom – but we git lots of little children who like tu come’n read tu me. I am a certified Readin’ Educashun Assistance Dog – sum of us kin go tu skools but I go tu the library b-cuz my mom werks durin’ the skool day. Anyway, it iz a good program b-cuz it helps the little kidz do better at readin’n they r happy about readin’ (an’seein’ me). Mom sed tu make shure tu tell u that if u want to know more about what I du – look in r links secshun at the Reading Education Assistance Dogs and also at – Happy Readin’ tu all!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That white stuff iz all gone

Good mornin' all u fur-friendz out there - Shiloh speekin'.
Well that white stuff wuz all gone this mornin' -
yep, when mom let us out fer r mornin' businesz, all that wuz there wuz that old wet clear stuff
which ain't no fun at all - u can't play in that.
It wuz still cold tho so we didn't stay long.
We herd the weatherman on that talkin' box sayin' sumthin' about
pink blobs and green blobs and red blobs everywhere -
don't no what he iz talkin' about but I hope we don't git no blobs.
Ok - az u kin see, me'n Shasta gittin' ready fer r mornin' nap so gotta go fer now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lookit what we got

Mom sed the weatherman sed that white stuff wood be outta here an'just git sum wet stuff later this evenin'. Well, when mom took this pikchure, it wuz later.Poor Shiloh wuz shakin' his head in disbelief while I (Shasta) keep lookin' fer more.  Mom wants enuf tu stay home tumorrow but probably not.  Oh well, sumday.....

Hello everyone

Beaglebratz r here fer a minute - we like tu stay all curled up'snuggly when it is cold outside.  Mom didn't want tu go tu werk - she alwayz wants tu stay with us - well of course we wood LUV that.  But she sez since we won't go tu werk then sumone haz tu du it so we'z kin haf a house tu live in'n good stuff tu eat - az long az we r with mom, we don't care about the house but now the food - that IZ a must haf.  There iz a little white stuff falling frum the sky but not much - may git more later tuday.  Ok - that'z enuf fer now - gotta go take r mid-day nap.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update then time fer bed

Yep - mom just told us - it's offishal; the man on the talking box just sed that we may see r furst real snow of the seazon tunite an'tomorrow.  She also told us about the temperachurez fallin' all day tuday - that'z funny - all we seen is that kleer wet stuff.  Anyway, we'iz all goin' nite nite now - the Beaglebratz'n mom wish everyone a good nite.

R Pet Pride post of the week

Furst, we wanna do a shout out'n wish a super
happy barkday tu Oscar and
a super happy meow-day tu Monty.
Yu kin meet them over at Pet Pride

The weather here tuday haz NOT bin nice - cold'n wet.
Mom sez sum partz of where we lif,
mite git sum of that white stuff frum the sky.

This iz what we haf bin duin' most of tuday.

Shiloh's Booti-licious entry

Ok - here'z Shiloh'z entry for J.D. & Max's 'Booti-licious' contest

Yes, this iz Shiloh b-cus he iz bigger than Shasta.
Shiloh iz entering the category fer Tail Placement.
Beagles have been bred fer centuriez fer their hunting ability-
rite down tu the white "flag" on the tip of their tail tu
alert the hunter where they were in a tall grassy field;
altho Shiloh duzn't really hunt,
he carriez his tail az his ancesterz did.

Shasta's Booti-licious entry

J.D. & Max
r havin' a neat contest over on their blog.

Of course we r enterin' -
Furst we have Shasta's entry
for the Bottom's Up category

Mom iz still lookin' for Shiloh'z an'not shure what category-
us Beagles don't haf furry tails.

PS - the blog button above goez to their blog - scroll down a bit tu git tu this message "Holidays-and J.D. & Max's Booti-licious Competition".

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good morning - Camera Critters #84

We hope this findz everyone du-ing well.
R mom gave us a wunerful breakfast-
she added scrambled eggz tu r kibble then
sprinkled shredded cheeze on top-
mmmm mmmm good!
We were outside earlier this morning tu wake up the neighborz-
mom sez we r good at that.
Mom sez that she' Shiloh r goin' tu the library later -
I no that means he'll git to see more childrin - he luvs that.
We haf already bin outside a couple timez but
now we r in the house'n gonna take a nap now.
Hope everyone haz a good day'n don't fergit-

Friday, November 13, 2009

Worldwide moment for Miss Snickers

This iz Miss Snickers - izn't she a cutie?
She needs alot of prayerz'n really good healing vibez.
She iz fighting a life-threatening illness -
last nite, her humanz thought that when they
took her to the dogtor
this morning, that Miss Snickers would begin her
journey tu the Rainbow Bridge.
But Snickers iz one of thoze tuff terrierz'n she proved them all wrong.
She went bak home with her humanz.

If you would like to read more about where this great idea
started'n what time this happenz where you live then
If you are in Kansas or at least for most of Kansas, like we r then
the time would be 5:00pm.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dogs on Thursday post

Mom told me that her'n me haf a big date tunite.  I am a Reading Education Assistance Dog an'mom'an me usually just go tu the library where the little children kin take turns reading tu me.  But she sed tunite iz dif'rent - she sed "Shiloh, tunite we r going tu skool".  The skool we r going tu iz in a small town not far frum here.  They r having sumthin called Family Fun Reading Nite.

But she did sumthin last nite that the CONTRACT sez she won't - she gave me a baf.  Then, she woodn't let me dry myself the way I wanted by rubbing all over the floor - I had tu follow her around an'she made me go outside only on one of thoze rope thingyz - not free in my own bakyard.  But I got her bak - I woodn't stay in the baf all the time, I got out 2 times an'got the floor all wet'an tried tu git all that water off of me'an all over the wallz.  Arroooooooooooo!  (that'z  Beagle-ly talk fer .... EVERYTHING!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It is late - mom sez early mornin' so'z
we Beaglebratz (& mom)
r goin' tu bed.

Another way sumone can help..........

We Beaglebratz also found this way that may-b sumone cood help -

           Military Pets Foster Project

It'z so sad when r fiting men & women haf tu go away n'sumtimez give up their furry ferrend furever.  This project wantz tu help stop that.

Let'z not fergit..............

(No. we don't mean us.)

We mean all r furry ferrendz who also r in the military - let'z not fergit them.  Commander Tank found a really neat website
that remindz us all that r doggy ferrendz who are
serving their country in war zones also cood use sum help
just like the humanz.
There iz a list there fer the doggiez
as well as a list fer the humanz.

Then, over at the
they found a webpage
with many of thoze moving pikchure thingzy on it of
doggiez welcoming their pawrentz home frum the war.
(This mite make your mommy cry, so b nearby with a tissue)
There iz also one of thoze moving pikchure thingyz with human kidz.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A quik note b-4 bed .....

Beaglebratz here - we had kind of a lazy evening after mom got home.  Mom wuz duing sumthin funny at furst - she wuz dancin an'jumpin around an'talkin about no werk tomorrow.  Gee - if that's true then we kin go out an'in an'out an'in all day.

But fer rite now - we all iz goin tu bed - yaaaaaaaaawwnn.

ESSENTIAL Beagle Owner's CONTRACT - Part B

Shasta Beaglebrat here tuday-

As my big brother Shiloh promised yestaday, here iz the 2nd part of the CONTRACT.   I wanted tu read it tu – mom REALLY NEEDS to read it again. I r’member – I wuz just a little bitty baby an’she had me sittin’ on sum stranger’s lap who wuz dressed in red. An’she still won’t let me out when I furst tell hur – noooooooo, she makes me wait. May-b, when me n’Shiloh give hur r stories, we shood slip in a r’minder about the CONTRACT-


• I will not sneak around the backyard, wearing funny clothes and a face mask, to test whether my Beagle is a good watchdog.

• I will not yell at my Beagle to "HURRY UP ALREADY" when he's just looking for the right spot to take care of business.

• Once he has found an acceptable spot, I will not stare while my Beagle is doing his business.

• I will not ask my Beagle to retire to his crate anymore.

• I will open the back door as soon as my Beagle sits by it.

• I will never again leave my Beagle at home if I intend to go driving in the car.


• I will not bring home anymore cats.

• I will get rid of all those cats we currently own.

• I will not feed the cat before I feed my Beagle.

• I will protect my Beagle from all obnoxious little human things at all times.

• I will not have another one of those obnoxious little human things.

THE CHRISTMAS SEASON (I thought this wuz a REALLY good thing rite now)

• I will not make my Beagle wear silly looking antlers or red Santa hats.

• I will not make my Beagle pose for pictures with some fat stranger in a red suit.

• I will not tie leftover ribbons, tinsel and bows all over my Beagle and call it "Christmas Spirit".

• I will accept that my Beagle shall play with the green tree covered in shiny ball-like ornaments.

• I will remember to stuff a stocking and buy several presents for my Beagle.

An' yes, she DUZ put ribbons an'bows on us then laughs sumtime - how RUDE iz that!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beagle owner's contract - part A

Shiloh Beaglebrat here.  I fergot that mom had this an'found it tuday while she wuz at werk (according to this contract that'z sumthin' she ain't suppoze tu b doin'with us Beaglebratz here.  Anyway, this iz only part of it - will post the other part later cuz it's kinda long.  Mom still haz a llloooooonnngg way tu go on duin' all this but so far, she haz never run out of sum kind of treats fer us.  There r a couple things she can git away with not duin' - like the wading pool cuz neether of us Beaglebratz r tu keen about it.


I do hereby swear that I/we will abide by all the terms & conditions specified below.

Upon signing this contract I fully understand that all my Beagles dreams will be realized for ever more and they shall assume their rightful position as the center of the universe, leaving me as a mere human slave.


• My beagless desires are always paramount. My Beagles wish is my command.

• GIVE, SHUT UP and LEAVE IT are useless requests, so I will stop using them.

• I will not yell at my Beagle for slobbering everywhere after drinking, then chase him around the house with a "drool towel."

• I will not abandon my Beagle for trivial reasons like "going to work".

• I will not yell at my Beagle for creating "chew toys" from objects they find laying around.

• I will try much harder to understand my Beagles language.

• I will never go socializing with other canines without my Beagles.

• I will set up the "kiddie wading pool" every day it is hot.

• I will not laugh at my Beagle for being confused over not being able to find the lump of ice he buried earlier in the day.


• I will not chase my Beagle around yelling COME! when he is busy socializing.

• I will not complain my arm is tired after only throwing the ball 50 times.

• I will not confuse my Beagle by throwing snowballs for him to fetch.

• I will not ask my Beagle to play fetch with a boomerang.

• I will not drag my Beagle from interesting sniffing spots during our walkies.

• I will not hide or place my Beagle's ball in a place where I know he couldn't possibly retrieve it from and then ask him to go and get it.

• I will drop whatever I am doing and take my Beagle out as soon as he asks me to.

• A little rain and a cool breeze is no excuse for not walking my Beagle.


• I will not run out of treats.

• I will always carry around cookies & treats and will instruct all my friends to do likewise.

• I will never eat anything until my Beagle has tasted what I have and approved it for me.

• I will share everything I eat with my Beagle.

• I will not cut my Beagles toenails ever, ever again.

• I will stop referring to my Beagle's necklace as his "choke chain".

• I will not bathe my Beagle after he has just bathed himself in mud puddles, cow pats or dead animal remains.

               More tomorrow----------------

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Giving mom some time here

The Beaglebratz here for a minute or two.  Ya'no, we really du love r mom but sumtimes, we think that if we wuzn't here - she'd  fergit her head an'fergit we wuz here. Furst, she fergot to tell u all that Mickey can be found on .  Then, she fergot tu say that this post is r Pet Pride psst  for this week (hope this iz ok - we really wantz tu help Mickey find a wunerful furever home like we did).

I want to thank my Beaglebratz for allowing me these few extra minutes to try to help out a fellow furkid.  Mickey is a little West Highland White Terrier that my sister is fostering for OzWecue here in Topeka, KS.  He came from a puppy mill

but he is such a sweet boy - he has grown to love human interaction and gets along well with my sister's other 2 Westies - loves to play with the big ball with 1 of the Westies sis has.  You can contact OzWescue of Kansas by email at
Thank you for your interest.  Now bak to regular programming.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our weekend so far

Shasta Beaglebrat here-
We are late with r Camera Critters #83 post.  We Beaglebratz love these daze when mom iz home with us more.  But she wuz gone sum tuday but when she did come home, she did bring me'n Shiloh sum yummies - we love yummies.  She also had sum more of r good fude tu so I guess it wuz ok that she wuz gone.  But when she iz home more, she duzn't get it that we Beaglebratz need to go outside more - she keeps sayin' that iz all I want tu du when she iz home.  I cood really uze a sign like that Plan for the Day sign that Frankie Furter haz.  Just look at this next pikchur - all me'n Shiloh want iz tu go outside-

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mom sed slite change n plans

Mom told us Beaglebratz that she left her eyedrops at work - not good cuz she really NEEDS them so we iz staying home tunite. So, about what I thought wuz MY walk last evening.  Furst, it didn't last long enuf.  AND, mom woodn't let me sniff like I wanted - she wood keep me walking so I coodn't stop'n sniff like I wanted.
So why did she say this wuz MY walk - we wuz duing what SHE wanted.

Mom here again

I am at work right now - the Beaglebratz are home, no doubt snoozing the day away - ahhhhhh, the lives of my Beaglebratz are "ruff" ones for sure.  Not sure if any of us will be around later - I'm taking Shiloh Beaglebrat visiting at the nursing home later and we won't be home til almost 9pm (CST).  Then if common sense still has a hold of me (altho I haven't seen much of it for awhile now), we should all head for bed within an hour or two after since 5:30am comes mighty early for this older body.  There is a slim chance Shiloh may sneak in here for a minute - I know he wasn't real happy about the walk we had last evening.

Have a good day - bak to work for me :( .................

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Change on the horizon

I have decided to do a little switching here – I started this blog with it being in my name so to speak (Beaglemom) however the Beaglebratz have proven to me that they are quite capable of handling the blog duties by themselves & besides, seems like they are here more than me so … this is THEIR blog. They have earned the right to have their name in the header. I will still be around – sort of over-seeing things when needed but really, it is & always has been all about them & other doggy/Beagle stuff with a few other things thrown in. I know if the need arises, they will let me post what I deem necessary & important items of information. I know they will call on me if & when the need arises. I hope change doesn’t create too much havoc – as far as I know, the only change for now will be in the header – hope the url stays the same.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It is time to vote

Please go to
There are all kinds of cute kitties
doggies with costumes. 
There is even a group for those with an
excuse why they aren't wearing a costume.
The voting is grouped by category-
us Beaglebratz are in the Best Dog Costume
and the
Viewer's Choice
with our picture shown on the second page
(it is the same one you see here).
No matter how you vote,
you will giggle at all the pictures.