Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dogs on Thursday post

Mom told me that her'n me haf a big date tunite.  I am a Reading Education Assistance Dog an'mom'an me usually just go tu the library where the little children kin take turns reading tu me.  But she sed tunite iz dif'rent - she sed "Shiloh, tunite we r going tu skool".  The skool we r going tu iz in a small town not far frum here.  They r having sumthin called Family Fun Reading Nite.

But she did sumthin last nite that the CONTRACT sez she won't - she gave me a baf.  Then, she woodn't let me dry myself the way I wanted by rubbing all over the floor - I had tu follow her around an'she made me go outside only on one of thoze rope thingyz - not free in my own bakyard.  But I got her bak - I woodn't stay in the baf all the time, I got out 2 times an'got the floor all wet'an tried tu git all that water off of me'an all over the wallz.  Arroooooooooooo!  (that'z  Beagle-ly talk fer .... EVERYTHING!)


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You jumped out of the baf tub TWICE??? Wow, that must be a record. I really think it will be worth it though, beclaws you are going to get to be around all those little two leggers. How fun for them. That is a very much super thing for you to do.

Unknown said...

Hi Beaglebratz!

Thanks for visiting my blog - as you know, I have a special weakness for beagles! Do you know my wee wifey Rosie of the Dughallmor Beagles? I also have a beagle pal at the dog run named Snoopy. He's just a pup so I'm quite busy teaching him the ropes

Now, I must admit, as much as Mom tries to convince me that the bath is just the same as the pool at the dog run, I'm not buying it for a minute. So I just stand there looking pathetic and hope it will all be over quickly!

Your pal,


Janie said...

Aw, poor Shiloh. A bath is a terrible thing. I hope the school trip is worth the trouble!

Oreo said...

I HATE baths and I would love to jump out but Mom has it so guarded that there is just NO way. Plus I think she would shoot me for getting water all over, LOL


Quilt Works said...

:) Thank for making me smile!