Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Change on the horizon

I have decided to do a little switching here – I started this blog with it being in my name so to speak (Beaglemom) however the Beaglebratz have proven to me that they are quite capable of handling the blog duties by themselves & besides, seems like they are here more than me so … this is THEIR blog. They have earned the right to have their name in the header. I will still be around – sort of over-seeing things when needed but really, it is & always has been all about them & other doggy/Beagle stuff with a few other things thrown in. I know if the need arises, they will let me post what I deem necessary & important items of information. I know they will call on me if & when the need arises. I hope change doesn’t create too much havoc – as far as I know, the only change for now will be in the header – hope the url stays the same.

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Yea !!! Good for you Shiloh and Shasta. Your two legger has seen the sunshine. Good luck to you on YOUR blog. I know it will be a little bit hard and scary at furst, butt you will have tons of furends out here to help you when you need it. It'll be sooo much fun for you both. You are lucky beclaws you can take turns and help each other. Many Paws make light work.