Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adoption-part 1 - Shiloh Beaglebrat comes home

It wuz around the early part of May of 2003 – I wuz out in the yard

with my doggy mom’n my sisterz’n my brotherz plus my dad and one of my unclez wuz around sumwhere tu. The day wuz sunny’n warm’n - nuthin wuz any different – we wuz all scramblin around, either wantin’ tu eat that stuff in the pan or followin’ doggy mom. Then we saw this big thing with thoze 4 round thingyz – doggy mom told us it wuz called a car, it moved up not far frum us. Tu female humans came out’n walked over tu us then started talking tu my human mom then started playin’ with all of us. A bit later, I herd one of the female humans talkin’ tu my human dad – “I don’t know how tu chooze, which one du u think is the best?” Huh – chooze what? Best what? And why wuz she askin’ my human dad? Well, in case no one else haz figured it out yet – this nu female human wood soon b my nu human mom – yep, on May 16, 2003, I moved to my nu home with my nu human mom’n now I had a human aunt sis tu’n a human cuzin. When I got tu my nu home, my nu human mom took me outside – then while I wuz outside with my nu aunt sis, nu human mom went in the house – I wuz scared she mite leave me then I’d be all alone in this nu place. But no – there she iz agin’n walkin’beside her on the ground wuz another little doggy, ‘bout my size tu – well akchually he wuz a little taller than me (however that wood soon change).

We walked up tu each other‘n we introduced r-selves – Hi, I guess I’m the nu kid here – kin we be friendz? He sed, Hi – my name iz Oreo’n I bin here fer a long time so that makez me the boss’n yes – we kin be friends tu ….. but I AM the boss.  Even with r size difference, we soon became best buds.  An'I also found out I had a doggy cuzin - her name wuz KensieR'member I told u about how the size difference b-tween me'n Oreo wood change - well it did, within a few months

There were other changez tu - mom'n me went to skool then there were testz'n then we started duin' sumthin that I really LUV - mom takez me tu vizit different places.  The reezon I told u about that is that'z part of the reezon that Shasta came tu live with us.  One day, mom told me that my real doggy sis, Tess, had babiez.  Then later, when we were sittin' tugether, she sed, "Shiloh - I love u'n u haf turned into a really good dog'n u r part of the reezon I want to bring 1 of thoze babiez here."  At furst I thought - well I wuz born a dog so what else wood I b-come?  Anyway, that iz how Shasta joined r family but I will let her tell you all about it.


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! What a story and be thankful for. Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Shiloh that is a beautiful story. I think your mom must be really Thankful to have you. I know Shasta is thankful that you were such a grrreat boy your mom decided to bring her into the fold.
You must have been a super student. You learned a lot in your school and now do good things for two leggers. I am sure that they are thankful for visiting them and making them feel special and loved. Grrrreat story. That picture with the BIG step is really cute.