Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shiloh's Booti-licious entry

Ok - here'z Shiloh'z entry for J.D. & Max's 'Booti-licious' contest

Yes, this iz Shiloh b-cus he iz bigger than Shasta.
Shiloh iz entering the category fer Tail Placement.
Beagles have been bred fer centuriez fer their hunting ability-
rite down tu the white "flag" on the tip of their tail tu
alert the hunter where they were in a tall grassy field;
altho Shiloh duzn't really hunt,
he carriez his tail az his ancesterz did.


Janie said...

You have a very attractive white flagged tail, Shiloh!

Diana Chiew said...

Hi, we came over from Cookie's and Friends'. Nice to meet you and that's a cutie bootie with a white flag there...