Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adoption-part 2 - Shasta Beaglebrat comes home

Hi - this iz Shasta speakin'n that iz a pikchur mom took of me when she ferst came to see me.  Like Shiloh, I wuz outside in the yard with my doggy mom an' brutherz'n sisterz when sum nu humanz came by tu vizit - here I am with 1 of my siblingz-                
The 2 new humanz liked me alot'n 1 of them took many pikchurez of me'n played with me more than the otherz - I guess u cood say I felt spechul.
But then they left'n I wuz all alone with my doggy mom'n brutherzn'sisters.  The dayz went by'n sumtimes it wuz cold'n then got warm but we all were in the house with r human mom so life wuz good.  But then, thoze new humans came bak only we wuz all in the house this time.  An'then the nu human that took all the pikchurz, she held me up'n put sumthin' around my nek.  I didn't like that thing around my nek but I liked bein' held up the nu human held me close to her'n I wuz there all by myself - didn't haf tu share - yep, I wuz spechul fer shure.  But then we left the house'n the nu human wuz still carrying me - I didn't no what wuz happenin'.  Yep, I wuz kinda scared - but I wuz excited tu - I must b purty spechul tu go on an advanture with these nu humanz.  Like Shiloh, I found out I had two doggy cuzins-

They r Kailie'n Bailie - I found out that their human mom is also my aunt sis'n I have a human cuzin tu.  FINALLY we go tu where my nu human mom livez - yep, I found out this nu human that holds me'n playz with me the most - iz my nu human mom; Bailie told me.   Ok, this iz me'n Shiloh - shortly after we met fer the ferst time. He kinda reminded me of my doggy mom - only bigger but he had the same colorz.  Don't worry, we wuz just playin' in that pikchure.  He'z the best - he letz me stalk him then attak - sumbody sed I must b part kat - I don't think so.  Sumthin' told me my nu human mom wood be good to me - she made me feel spechul - she had got me a Fluffy Pup'n it wuz there waitin'fer me cuz my mom thinks I am the best -
           Me'n Shiloh soon became great friend'n we LUV'd playin' tugether-
  an'even tho I grew up, we still playAn' mom'n me bin tu skool like Shiloh'n mom - we took sum testz tu. That iza pikchure of me after the test.  Anyway, the reezon I am tellin' u all this - iz b-cuz it means mom likes spendin' time with me'n I LUV spendin' time with her.  We du all kinda thingz tugether.
Oh, an'I found out sumthin'- I wuz specially chozen b-cuz I iz related tu Shiloh - yep, I really iz - he ain't just my big bruther in mom's family but he iz really my uncle, he told me.  Gee, I wunder if that'z why we look alike


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Shasta, your story is grrrreat! I can see how Thankful you are to be in this wonderful new family. What a surprise to learn that Shilo is really your Uncle. How grrreat is that.
And you do so much to make life better for the two leggers. I know they are Thankful for what you do. Loved your story. Such a cute baby.

River said...

Hi Shasta! That's cool that Shiloh turned out to be your uncle. My mom says there is nothing cuter on the Earth than a beagle baby. I don't know we are kinda cute now aren't we? Thanks for sharing your story. We also enjoyed reading about Shiloh. BTW, I have a cousin named Shiloh but she's a girl and a black German Shepherd!

love & wags,