Monday, May 17, 2010

We are sooooooo bored

Shiloh an'Shasta here.  We no mom don't like it az much az us.  She keepz tellin'peepz she iz crawlin'the wallz - she must b duin'that after we go tu bed cuz we don't c it.  Anyway the countdown goez on - we herd mom say it iz down tu 29 daze.  But mom iz still makin'shure we duz r tricks so we won't fergit b-4 we start goin'tu vizit agin.

Anuther reazon we iz bored iz b-cuz it haz bin NOT very warm an'so wet outside fer soooooooo many daze. Mom duzn't like it either.

One neat thin- when we du go outside in the bakyard -there iz an old plastik swimmin'pool an'now it iz turned over.  Us Beaglebratz haf bin prakticin'r huntin'skillz around it cuz we smell sum really good smellz there - we think that may- b even a bunny iz tryin'tu uze it fer hidin'.  We iz duin'a really guud job of warnin'mom an'the ne-ayberz about the possible invader.  Ok - time fer r erly afternoon nap so we will be talkin'tu u'all later.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beaglebratz here.....

Shiloh here now - We had a late breakfast tuday but it wuz shure werth the wait.  Mom topped off r  kibble with cottage cheeze. a few blueberrriez an' a ittle shredded cheeze sprinkled over it all - yum yum.  Mom triez tu du sumthin spechial fer r mealz almost efery day - not as much as we Beaglebratz wood like but just a bit tu make it spechial.  Mom sez we Beaglebratz wood eat 24/7 but me an' Shasta noze that ain't true b-cuz we need r time tu sleep an'patrol the yard fer intruderz, espechially now since mom can't c so good.  We herd mom say yesterday that she iz now counting the daze to her surgery - she sed yesterday that she had 46 daze.  When she woke up this mornin'she sed now it wuz down tu 45 daze - well  DUH!  It duzn't take a roket scientist guy tu figur that 1.  Well Shasta iz over here, dancin/around like she needz tu go out but she keepz sayin' let me let me- I wish mom wood git me a 'puter of my own but I no that ain't gonna happen so I guess I will share which iz more than  she duz with the toyz.

Shasta here now, FINALLY!    Anyway, me an'Shiloh got tu ddu sumthin'the other day that we hadn't dun in a loooooooong time an'mom wuzn't even with us. Any, the neighbor guy an'his wife haf a little boy named Roman - mom sez he is 6  yearz olk.  They came by a couple daze ago an'knocked on the door an'asked mom if anyone wanted tu go tu the dog park - OH BOY!  DID WE EVER!    Me an'Roman played all over an'forever.  An'of corse Shiloh just had tu find the one hole in the fence while he wuz dduin'hiz uzual perimeter chek but that neighbor guy iz fast an'tall so Shiloh didn't staay loose vvery long.   I'm gettin'tired just thinkin'bout all the runnin'we did.  We herd mom an'the neighbber guy talkin'an he sez he wantz tu du it again.  YEA!!!!  We Beaglebratz will b bak sumtime.