Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Don't let this cute face fool ya on Wordless Wednesday

We r linkin'up with this week'z

This iz me, Lady Shasta-
matriarch of Beaglebratz Manor.
Mom sez my cute little face cood fool ya butt 
I just don't unnerstand y she sed that.

THIS face iz really the one that can 
fool ya into thinkin'she iz sooo
cute an'sweet!
THIS iz Miss Maizie

You'all can judge fer yourselvez-
                            needz to lern sum mannerz'bout                            respektin'their elderz!

You'all c what I hafta put up with now?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yummy Treats on Almost Wordless Wednesday

Mom'n Aunt Sis went 2 Overland Park, Kansas this past Monday 2 do sum shoppin'n
brought us bak sum goodiez frum
Miss Maizie got 2 find out'bout theze yummy treatz.

 Blueberry treatz

 Cheeze Pizza


~Lady Shasta~
~Miss Maizie~

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Meeting with Miss Maizie

Hello there - I'm Miss Maizie!
I live with Mom Kim an'Lady Shasta.
I moved in x-actly 3 weekz ago tue-day. 
This wuz the ferst pikchure that my aunt sis, who iz also
Lady Shasta'z aunt sis, took of me rite b-4 we came home->
a nice LADY brought me frum Oklahoma-
click on that link 2 find out who.
My new mom an'aunt sis met her in Kansas.
(I ain't never dun this bloggin'stuff so Lady Shasta iz helpin'me)

I turned nine monthz old last week.
When I lived in Oklahoma, I lived with a family that
had a little girl and an older boy.
They did love me butt I kept jumpin'up 
an'knockin'the little girl down an'they d-sided it 
wood b better if I lived with sumone who
cood spend more time with me'n take care of this.
That nice lady (c link above) helped them find my mom'n
that iz how I came here.

My new mom an'Lady Shasta both think my name iz
Ker-azy Maizie cuz I like 2 run real fast'n play a lot'n
jump around.

When Lady Shasta gotz all that NEET STUFF
then my new mom Kim an'aunt sis
went shoppin'an gotz me a 
new Friz-b
a new ball thrower with a ball
(I love chasin'stuff)
an'just like Lady Shasta - I got a new collar!
(Lady Shasta warned me'bout that flashy-beest

Also had sum toyz waitin'4 me when I switched homez butt
there ain't no pikchurez of'em.

There r sum pikchurez of me havin'sum 
fun in the bakyard.
 Look ma - I can fly!
When I am in the bakyard, I try 2 b helpful 2 my mom.
Fer instance, c that big, overgrown bush in that pikchure?
Well, ferst I try 2 jump up an'catch one of thoze long stickz-
then if I git one, I pull it off'n
carry up 2 the front gate where 
the werker man can git it.

Yep - Ima toy fiend 2 -
 Sum of theze toyz I brought with me 
an'I found sum already here!
 I also like 2 make a bed out of sum of the toyz-

 You all know my new sissy, Lady Shasta?
We r kinda gittin'2 b best budz-
Time fer our nap now.

~Miss Maizie~

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday PrideBites Winner

Back in March of this year, me & Lady Shasta entered the 
PrideBites Giveaway for a $100 over @
Pierre, Bentley & MK Clinton.
PrideBites is the great manufacturer of
PERSONALIZED pet supplies.
Then, on 4/3/17 we received the e-mail notifying us that 
we were the WINNER!!!
There were so many great products to choose from that
it took us 3 days to get everything picked out and
how some of it would be personalized.
Our prize package came this past Monday and 
it was SOOOO worth the wait.
Of course Lady Shasta had to start checking it all out as soon as I got it opened-
there was more in there than just toys.
Lady Shasta got a new personalized collar and leash.
(This picture can be bigefied so you can better see the detail on her collar)

This is a personalized micro-fleece blanket.
Lady Shasta couldn't wait any longer-
she wanted to try out that super soft blanket.

CLICK HERE to see the toys we got-
The Emoji Tuff Ball Toy - 3 pack;
Sadie The Squirrel Dog Toy;
Ice Cream Dog Toy.
(I'm afraid Miss Maizie has absconded with
2 of the Emoji toys and Sadie The Squirrel Toy.
Plus we shared with Lady Bailie the Ice Cream toy & 1 of the Emoji's-
this is all ok with Lady Shasta who cares more about
 comfort & fashion)

 We are joining up with
We are so thankful for the gang at 
Barking at the Bayou for
hosting this wonderful giveaway and for
PrideBites offering such wonderful products.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Some thoughtz frum Lady Shasta'bout Miss Maizie

I don't know y anyone askz me'bout this now since
no one asked me B-4.

(mom Kim here - in my defense, I thought
I was doing a good thing and I did ask BUT
she never answered :) .)

Lady Shasta here agin-
How wuz I s'poze 2 know that this-->>>
wood b-come what I am'bout 2 tell u.
Anyway, mom sez this friz-b sez it all'bout Miss Maizie-
That spellin'iz wrong tho-
shood b Ker-azy cuz that iz what I call her-
Ker-azy Maizie
(an'don't tell my mom butt I haf herd her say this 2)

Most timez all I wanna do iz snooze or just walk around butt
then this thing thinkz she hasta b with me-

I AM a grown lady after all-
I try 2 tell her this butt
she just talkz bak - NO RESPEKT!

Tue-day we wuz outside an'she wuz
aktin'all ker-azy like-

 I give up - I just don't know how 2 deal with
all this ker-aziness.

I just had tue give her a good talkin'2'bout
how ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor shood b-have.
I don't think it did any good.

We even gotz a d-livery of foodablez
frum Chewy tue-day an'she 
wuz more interested in the box an'paper then 
what wuz inside-
(mom sez she really movez 2 fast sumtimez-
meanin'Ker-azy Maizie-
I totally get this)
Of course me bein'the more x-perienced one at this,
just hadta teach her what 2 do-
THEN she finally unnerstood what iz most impawtent here.

Mom did say KerI mean Miss Maizie did git 
her own food BUTT
I wood now hafta SHARE MY treatz!
(may-b there iz sumone out there who cood help me out with this?)

I NEED 2 try an'git a snooze in B-4 that
Ker-azy Maizie botherz me, AGIN!
~Lady Shasta~