Tuesday, May 29, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer-Ziwi Good Dog Rewards

Disclaimer - As members of the Chewy.com Influencer Team,
The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received 1 - 3 oz. bag of
Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Air Dried Venison Dog Treats
for their review and honest opinions only - no other form of compensation was involved.

 Lady Shasta here cuz Miss Maizie still haz truble focusin'on the impawtent stuff.
We gotza d-livery frum our good friend Natalie at Chewy.com earlier this month-
mom made the bad move to just sit it on the floor.  I tried to warn Miss Maizie to bak off an'that we wuz s'poze to share butt
                   she woodn't listen.
 While I gotz bizy findin'the yummer-lishush stuff inside- 
 AGIN, Miss Maizie grabbed the paper an'made a mess.

Here iz what wuz in that box-

WOWZERZ - Venison - really?  Mom knowz me so well.
When Miss Maizie saw what I had found in the box she 
hadta check it out too.

Our mom really likez to surprize us with stuff she knowz
we will love, egspeshally when it iz'diff'rent butt ferst she duz a little research to make shure it iz healthy an'good fer us. 
Theze Ziwi Good Dog Rewards treatz had all kindz of venison 
in the ferst 6 ingredientz-
venison tripe, v-heart, v-kidney, v-liver, v-lung an'finally
v-bone, yep-all frum venison.  Then 
it haz sum of thoze New Zealand Green Mussels,
inulin frum chicory which iz a probiotic, dried kelp, sea salt an'other good stuff to make theze great treatz.
Oh yeah - here iz what the treatz look like-
they r super eazy to break in peecez fer trainin'which
Miss Maizie iz still in dire need of.
Thoze treatz also come in Lamb an'Beef too!

Now we wanna show u'all the dif'rent key benefitz of theze treatz az if their ingredientz ain't enuf reezon 
to try theze yummy treatz --

  • 100% single-sourced venison from ethical and sustainable New Zealand farms with proteins that are free-range and grass-fed.
  • Venison formula is 98% meat that is free of antibiotics, growth promotants and added hormones.
  • Only 4.7 calories each and the perfect size for training or as a delicious reward. (we Beaglebratz Ladiez shood git more of theze treatz fer this reezon)
  • Made with a gentle twin-stage air-drying process that naturally preserves all the ingredients while eliminating pathogenic bacteria.
  • No grains, corn, soy, potatoes, wheat, rice, fillers, sugars, glycerins, rendered meals or preservatives.

So with all the great stuffz in theze treatz an'all
the great reezonz to try them,
BOTH myself(Lady Shasta) an'Miss Maizie just hadta  
give theze treatz our

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

#ThreeDogBakery brings us yummy-good stuffs!

Disclaimer - As influencers for Three Dog Bakery, the Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received these products for their honest review and opinions only.   There was no other form of compensation involved. 

Also wanted to remind your peepz that when 
they r orderin'stuff fer u,
when they git to the check-out area
an'asked fer a coupon code-
just tell them to put in BEAGLES an'they
can git 20% off their entire order!

Now let'z git on with the yummy stuff!

Late in April we gotz a box frum our good frendz at

       Miss Maizie still duzn't git it that the paper iz not the prize ... butt she iz lernin'  (Theze pikchurez can all b bigefied) 
And here iz all the yumminess that wuz in that box-

Theze haf sum of the same stuffz that our peepz mite put in their muffinz like
wheat flour, honey, canola oil, peanuts, dried cane molasses, dried whole egg, banana flavor, baking soda, baking powder plus preservative to keep them fresh fer us.  Mom sez they r eazy to break in smaller peecez butt y wood u?
An'here iza pichure of one of thoze Banana Nut Muffuns

You know how our peepz love their PB&J - well now the chef at Three Dog Bakery haz developed sum yummy treatz with  thoze same yummy flavorz butt fer us dogz. 
Here iz what theze yummy treatz r made with-
Wheat flour, honey, canola oil, peanut flour, dried cane molasses, dried whole egg, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), powdered strawberry cream an'strawberry powder to give'em that strawberry yumminess, vanilla powder, red carmine (color), baking powder, citric acid an'mixed tocopherols fer preservativez so they r alwayz good fer us to eat.

Miss Maizie knowz what she likez az she iz  
helpin'herself to theze treatz-
mom wuz called'bout this so Miss Maizie didn't eat'em all.
(Miss Maizie here - ok, so who snitched) 

Now fer thoze yummy Blueberry Muffins - 
they even haf real blueberriez an'u can c'em in that 
pikchure b-lo this one.  
Agin, mom sed they iz eazy to break an'agin, y wood u?
So - they haz wheat flour, canola oil, honey, 
blueberriez, cane molasses, dried whole egg, vanilla powder, 
baking soda & powder
(just like in the muffinz our peepz eat),
citric acid & mixed tocophersis-preservativez to 
keep theze treatz ready fer us to eat.
 Here'z Miss Maizie AGIN tryin'to git theze treatz b-4 I do

Lady Shasta here - well if Miss Maizie had her way,
she wood b the only one here who gotz any treatz butt
thanx to mom, she hadta share otherwize-
we both cood not haf dun this-

All theze yummerlishush treatz git both
Lady Shasta'z an'Miss Maizie'z

Sunday, May 20, 2018

HAPPY #NationalRescueDogDay

Ok - so ferst, it iz me - Lady Shasta'n no, I am not the dog in this house that wuz rescued.
Fer sum weird reezon like only my mom haz,
she sed that Miss Maizie shood 
do this speshal blog post b-cuz today iz

Well x-cuze me butt I bin here longer'n
she gotza do her gotcha day post.
B-sidez, Iza dog too!
Just cuz mom gotz me aza little baby NOT a rescue duz
that make me any less speshal?
Ok - so here iz our rescue that mom callz my sissy
(who stealz MY food sumtimez'n toyz'n chewiez)

 Miss Maizie

(DO NOT steal the food rite outta my mouth)

(girl, u gotz sum funny smell goin'on)

 (Um MOM!  I don't know'bout this sissy stuff)

(Hey, this iz MY chewie - I FOUND it)
(Ok - well may-b a sissy can b a good thing,
espeshally when that sissy iza rescue.)

Friday, May 4, 2018

Catching up with Miss Maizie on the Pet Parade

Hi there - Miss Maizie here!

I reached a bit of a milestone earlier this week an'my mom asked me to share sum pikchurez here-

First, u ask what wuz that milestone I reached?
Yep - on Tuezday, May 1, wuz
1 year with my new mom.

Lookin'bak -
a frend of my mom'z helped us find each other then
an'in the b-ginnin'-
If u wood like to read more then
go HERE then go HERE

Ok - so here r the rest of thoze pikchurez frum
my life in my new home this past year.
They can all b bigefied an'they iz no real order to them.




Ok - now I wanted to show u'all how my mom made my
first Gotcha Day anniversary speshal - WOWZERZ!
Agin, they can b bigefied-     
      Oh an'in case u didn't c it, theze goodiez r frum Three Dog Bakery - I lerned real fast y they r a fav of ourz too - YUM. 
(Butt I lerned that b-4 cuz this ain't the ferst time we had sum)      

 You may not b able to tell butt I iz already gittin'bizy on one of thoze pupcakez.
Mom even gotz me a new Moo-Cow.

Lady Shasta iz botherin'MY Gotcha Day bone!

What a great year- 
can't wait to c what the next one will bring!

Mom suggested that I link this to the
Pet Parade
with Rascal & Rocco-
u can still head over there'n link up too!