Saturday, August 20, 2011

Couldbeanother 6 months or less

The fungus has cleared but there are5 other problems that need to clear then I will likely end up needing another cornea transplant.  I have another appt. with my specialistthis coming Tuesday 8/23.  I hope to know more at that time.

I wanted to leave a short note since some of you may have heard about our bad weather the other nite-no damage here altho all over town there was quite a bit but no injuries thank goodness. Hope the OP Pack and Tank in Overland Park, Kansas are ok since the storm system was very widespread.
Shiloh and Shasta are both doing well - getting out in the bakyard almost whenever they want and a wide variety of treats each day.

Ok,hopefully I will be back in a week or so - don't send emails since   I'm rarely even on the computer.  Comments here are ok - I copy and paste theminto a Word document then I can enlarge them.

Gotta go for now

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is a short note from the mom since even using this font is a struggle.  First of all-Shiloh'n Shasta are fine - loving the extra mom time.  Yes, the vision problems have reared their nasty head again.  In a way it is ahmost like a deja vous of last year,  The problem this time started out as   usual this past Sunday but by Monday afternoon when  I saw the specialist in Overland Park, Kansas -  I had developed a small defect on the surface of my eye - solution was to increase the steroid eyedrop.  Nothing new about that - or so I thought - I thought I knew all of the adverse effects of it.  By Tuesday morning I was noticing more vision problems.  By the way, I HAVE to use the steroid eyedrop to prevent rejection. So, bak to the local eye doc who didn't like what he was seeing when he looked at my eye - he was concerned another fungal infection had started. Luckily for me, this was the week my specialist would be in the office that afternoon and my local doc wanted  him to see me first thing.  No big surprise that when he saw me, he confimed that diagnosis.  So ecxept for Monday morning I have been home and the dogs having a great time.

Ok, that  was the physical aspects of what is happening - I don't have time to go into the emotional aspects - and I am not sure I want to go into it anyway.  I try to stay positive and the dogs are a HUGE help for that but  there are times I struggle with that too.  Anyway I gotta go for now - have another eye doc appt,

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Sunday, August 7, 2011

We are here - Pet Pride

We haf bin in Bora Bora vakashunin'with
an'havin'so furry much fun
diggin'in the sand an'playin'in the water'n
all the most wunnerful food-
not tu mention riddin'the island of 
any unwanted critterz.

there iz just so much goin'on 
here in Blogville.
like a nu member of the furmily over at

Then there iz 
Make shur tu click on theze linkz
tu find out more
or u can click on that 
pikchur above this post tu
find out more 'bout 
Sugar's barkday.
An'we no there iz more that 
we don't no 'bout yet.

BUTT most impawtently tu us,
our mom woke up this 
mornin'n her vizion 
wuz a little fuzzy
BUTT it haz gotten sum better-
most likelt b-cuz 
we r home.
Ok - we better git bak
tu helpin'r mom now.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~ 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our vakashun in Bora Bora

We were so furry much happy 
tu hear 'bout 
vakashun with her in Bora Bora

We were desperately NEEDIN'a break
frum our mom-
always tu bizy tu 
help us with our blog so
we cood vizit with all of u.
we just d-sided tu
fly over tu Bora Bora in our
trusty Sopwith Camel'n
vizit with anyone who iz there.
We r not shur when 
we will return-
we thought may-b waitin'till
mom gitz her prioritiez strate BUTT 
that may NEVER happen soooooo...
we will c what happenz.
In the meantime, we will b
sendin'our postz via our
telepathic wavestream capability.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On our way tu vizit Gracie in Bora Bora - 2nd post fer tuday

See that pikchur there?  Well there iz anuther that u
can click on above this post-
it will take u'all tu Gracie'z blog where
u can read 'bout this.

Now this iz really
Bora Bora Day iz
So we Beaglebratz wanted
tu git this message out

Az we paw this message tu u,
our Sopwith Camel iz bein'readied
fer the trip
We hope u'all can join us-
Gracie haz rented many roomz'n
hutz on the island so iz ready fer us.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wordless Wednesday - Almost

Shiloh the weather dog here- 
theze pikchurz of us tell a story- 
a story 'bout yesterday.
 It wuz HOT yesterday-
 the weather man sed the temp got tu 112.
After mom got home frum werk-
she tried tu git us outside.
It wuz still 109 degreez.
 I must haf bin prayin'tu 
the weather godz fer cooler weather-
Shasta did NOT want anythin'tu du with


PeeS - the weather man sed it wuz still 90 degreez when we went tu bed at 10:30 last nite.
Tuday it iz s'poze tu b ONLY 100 degreez- 
like mom sez, HOT iz HOT!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shiloh'n Shasta here ...

Well we r gittin'started kinda late- 
since mom sed we wood du this on Tuezday 
an'b-cuz she SED she wood help us b-cuz 
there r a couple linkz an'sum pikchurz BUTT 
then she gitz bizy in the kitchen duin'her 
X-PERIMENTIN'then sum eatin'an cleanin'
(no, she sed what she made, doggiez cood NOT haf-
we'll save that issue fer 'nuther day)

ANYWAY now we will continue with
our newz.
Sum of u may r'member late last year when
the Diva Princess Shasta 
won a nu collar frum Fidoscloset-
the contest wuz hosted by
Oskar'n hiz mom, Pam at

an'here iza pikchur of the 
Diva Princess Shasta
with her nu collar
(if u bigefy the pikchur u can c it better)
an'here iza LINK tu our post 'bout it if 
u wanna read it.

Ok - that's all OLD newz-
NOW fer the nu newz.
So, mom iz thinkin'Shiloh needz 
a nu collar.
At first she iz thinkin'of 
goin'tu one of the local pet storez BUTT
then she thinkz that since 
Shiloh iz kinda speshal-
b-cuz of sum of what he duz
(mom thinkz we r both kinda speshal anywayz)
then Shiloh NEEDZ a speshal collar.
An'she iz thinkin'that Shiloh NEEDZ
a grate collar like Shasta got frum
Like this post goin'on an'on-
mom had a furry much hard time choozin'the 
one she liked best an'wood 
look good on Shiloh.
THEN, she saw it-
The Little Prince Collar.
the blankie iz ourz BUTT
that iz Shiloh's nu collar'n
we got sum little Milkbonez tu.
(Bigefy fer better view of collar) 

Now u can c how good the collarz 
look tugether
Ok - so that wuz kinda sum newz 
Now, FINALLY we want tu show 
what we iz duin'now so
drumroll pleeze
c this pikchur?
so click on this link
then c that row of little pikchurz-
look at that bottom one-
Shiloh'n Shasta.
Mom sent our pikchur tu 
Kim at Fidoscloset'n
she liked it so furry much'n   
she asked mom if she cood du this.
Mom sed YES!
We iz MODELZ - well kinda. 
Mom wuz so furry much happy an'now 
we got a button tu Fidoscloset on our blog.
Mom LOVEZ our nu collarz frum 
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

(No money was exchanged other than the cost 
of the collar that we would have bought anyway.)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mom Day Monday - some photojournaling - NEW UPDATE

First I don't get away very often but when I do, I LOVE to take pictures- as many as I can - so many that this idea may take up a few of my postings.  I haven't posted them before because it seemed like there was always something else going on.  Ok so now, without further interruptions, I bring you ONLY SOME of my vacation photos -

 By the way, you will probably want to bigefy 
Guess what - we were leaving our home 
state of Kansas - on our way to Colorado way
back on the July 4th weekend in 2009.  My uncle there had died and we were headed there for the funeral.

 Hey, I said I love taking pics - never did
      claim they were good.

Some of you may not know what these
strange-looking structures are.

         They are called wind turbines and they
     are an newer way of generating electricity 
     using the power of wind - something we have
    A LOT of, especially in western Kansas where
    these could be seen for miles.

We are on the eastern edge of Denver - you can
see the Rocky Mountains in the background.

         That is the Elitch Amusement Park in 
        Denver - nope, never have been there and
        the only reason I got this pic of it - 
        you can see it from the highway.
Here is a picture of the moon - I thought it was sort of pretty.
Ok - this is nothing really terrific but there were these two ponds I saw in western Kansas, along with the easy rolling land that to me is pretty and kind of peaceful.

Now I know most of these pics don't show much of our trip - it really was a rushed 3 day trip from Topeka to Denver then homw again. I do have many family pics but I didn't want to bore anyone with those (and I don't know everyones name anyway.  I hope I have some other pics I can show you in one or two of future Mom Day Monday posts.  I will leave you with a picture of the Beaglebratz's Colorado canine cousin, Charlie.

PS - Shiloh'n Shasta have a little exciting news to share - I had thought about posting it today BUT since it involves them, I thought they should be the ones to post it - hopefully tomorrow.
Mom Kim

PPS - just wanted to add - at 5:45am,it was already 84 degrees out.  Yes, it will be in the triple digits today and at least 2 or 3 days this week.
The heat index on Tuesday, we could have a heat index of 115. Ok, time to get ready for work.  Ya'll have a great day!