Friday, April 17, 2015


Hi all - Mom Kim here.  Not staying long - this is still extremely difficult to b online.  Vision remains low at this time.  Remember that fungal infection of my eye that was caught early and treatment began immediately - didn;t make any difference because the condition of my eye is so poor overall. (in case someone is reading this who doeesn;t know - I am already blind in my left eye so when I have problems with my rite then it really plays havoc with my life).   So when I went to bed on December 13 vision was still decent BUT when I woke up the next day - vision was in the toilet.  There have been soooooooooo many appointments with my cornea specialist since then.  PLUS on January 2 of this year, I had plastic surgery for a droopy eyelid and to tighten up the corners of my eyelid - little to no healing of the funal infection would happen until this was done plus I would have trouble  shutting my eye if this was not done.  Ok - things began healing after that but vision did not improve since the overall condition of my eye remains damaged.  Soooooo, on March 2 of this year, my cornea specialist took stem cells of my healthy altho blind left    eye and transplanted them onto my bad rite eye in an attempt to get it healthy which as of this past Tuesday - IT IS WORKING!  

However (hate that word) the specialist found something else - a small bit of a Herpes eye infection HOWEVER (ok- this can be a good word too) I have had that MANY times and it really wasn;t that bothersome and it has already begun healing with no adverse affects.  And since I am not working anyway (no work since 12/15/14) didn;t really interfere with that. 

So now what?  Waiting for my next cornea transplant which is likely 3 months away once the Herpes eye infection is cleared.  Have no idea if my vision will improve enuf before that to go bak to work. 

The Beaglebratz are doing well - enjoying their time with mom.  Lord Shiloh of the Beaglebratz Manor remains ever diligent in keeping intruders at bay (yes, pun intended).  There has been a slight name change - LADY Shasta keeps her mom comfy and feeling safe by staying close (as in snuggling).  Of course they do take breaks so that they can continue their saga over at the DACHSIES WITH MOXIE  blog.

Ok- enuf for now - need to rest a bit (even tho I am sitting most of the time as I am typing, I do have to get close to the screen to proofread even this print)  Have NO idea when we will b bak.  Hope all is well with you all and Blogville.  I am on Facebook (Kim Brooks)  where my sis can check my timeline for me.