Thursday, December 31, 2015

A review on the last Thankful Thursday Blog Hop of 2015

We Beaglebratz wanted tue make this last Chewy review of 
2015 a little speshal so we hopped on the 
hosted by
Won't u'all join us?

R'member that box frum we got earlier this month?
Well there wuz sumthin'else in it b-sidez what we Beaglebratz told u'bout LAST TIME.

This 1st pic iz not the best so 
our mom tried anuther.

Here r sum other pikchurez-
I, Lady Shasta, hafta guard theze or else 
Lord Shiloh will hog'em.

I, Lord Shiloh, hazta remind mom that 
I can't open theze on my own - NEED her tue help.

Our mom LOVEZ feedin'us Zuke's treatz so 
when theze were offered she did not hesitate tue 
git them fer us tue try.

B-cuz theze treatz r so
We Beaglebratz TOTALLY agree-

We Beaglebratz'n our mom r so furry much thankful fer 
Ms Sydney an'
givin'us this most wunnerful opportunity tue
try theze an'all the other good stuffz this year.
Now we will let our mom fill u'all in on 
the stuff your peepz mite wanna know-

Thank-you Beaglebratz-
Zuke's Super Yummy Betas are rich in veggies containing Antioxidants.
 When you treat with Zuke's Super Yummy Betas, you are not just giving a yummy treat but also helping to maintain the healthy lifestyle of your dog with a blend of Pumpkin, Apricot, Sweet Potato, Butternut Squash and Carrot-
veggies rich in betacarotene.   

DISCLAIMER - we were sent a 6 oz bag of Zuke's Super Yummy Beta Blend Dog Treats
  in exchange for our honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A review from Team Beaglebratz

Merrick Classic Grain-Free Venison Holiday Stew Recipe Canned Dog Food
(not the best pic butt u'all git the idea)

C'mon mom - I KNOW there'z sumthin'yummy in  there cuz 
Chewy sent it which meanz it'z fer us woofiez'n NOT u.

It all started with the arrival of a Chewy box
(yep, our mom had FINALLY started dekoratin'fer Christmas)

I, Lady Shasta stood guard tue keep any introoderz away.
(like Lord Shiloh)

HEY MOM - I found this in the Chewy box- 
I need sum help gittin'it open

FINALLY our mom got it open'n 
added sum tue our kibble-
We both had happy(empty) bowls in a few short minutez.

We Beaglebratz both agree,
this Merrick Venison Stew gitz
since there r 2 of us here-
that meanz 
Now we Beaglebratz r gonna let out mom talk'bout that
borin'butt impawtent stuff that
your peepz mite wanna know'bout.

Ok, besides the great taste of venison, red-jacket potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peas and red delicious apples, the other key benefits include-

Grain-free recipe
Added vitamins and minerals
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
Great for all life stages and breeds.      

DISCLAIMER - we were sent Merrick Venison Stew in exchange for 
our honest opinion-
no other compensation was involved.  

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Team Beaglebratz

We Beaglebratz hazn't bin around much 
ALL month soooo
we told our mom 
stop by tue-day tue 
wish u'all a 

Mom iz duin'the shoppin'thing the 
day after Christmas'n
we r all furry much tired soooo
we iz goin'nite-nite BUTT
we gotz LOTZA pikchurez tue share sooo
will try tue b bak sumtime

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday With Lady Shasta

Mom wuz dekoratin'the livin'room with her 
stuffiez an'I wanted tue take a nap-

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Mom d-sided tue link up with the
Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop this week.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Quik Throwback Thursday With the Beaglebratz

Us Beaglebratz haf bin thru sum 
hard timez last week-

Our mom, aunt sis an'hoomin cuzin Kyle all abandoned us at the vet man kennelz tue go down tue
Lewi-ziana tue vizit their bruther an'family durin'
we HADTA stay with the vet man like 87 dayz.
At leest when hoomin cuzin Kyle got home this past Monday
he came tue the vet manz place an'rescued us
(az in me, Lord Shiloh, Lady Shasta an'fur cuzin Bailie.
BUTT where wuz mom?
Where wuz aunt sis?
They got home the NEXT DAY!!!!!!!
NO - they did NOT bring us NUTHIN!
BUTT - we did git tue stop at Petco'an
git a treat.

ANYWAY, now mom iz waitin'fer 
the painterman tue-morrow sooooo
we ain't even got no dekerashunz fer Christmas yet-
not even a Christmas tree!
Will we ever b dekorated fer Christmas in time?
An'IF there r NO dekorashunz,
will Santa Pawz leeve us any prezziez?
Oh woe iz us!

Sooooo - since mom iz bizy cleanin'
we iz just showin'sum old pikz of us-

Lord Shiloh since I came ferst-

me an'Angel Oreo chasin'that "snake".

How wuz I tue know that I wuz 
chewin'on my soon-tue-b new mom'z, shoe?

Enquirin'mindz wanted tue know-

Hmmm - iz this where that "snake" livez?

Ok - now sum of Lady Shasta I guess-

This wuz when Shasta ferst met Angel Kailie-
one of our Westie fur-cuzinz.

I had tue take Shasta under my paw'n 
teach her the finer thingz like 
Beagle vocalizing.

BUTT did she HAFTA follow me so much'n
copy my every move? 

Ok, we gotta go fer now'n take our after dinner nappiez.

When our mom haza minite or 2, may-b she will stop by'an
tell u'all how she abandoned
'boutz her time in Lewi-ziana.

Until then, 
we will c u when we c u'all.

Oh - we haz started gittin'YOUR Christmas cardz.
MAY-B mom will due 
our Christmas photo shoot this weekend
so WE can send out cardz b-4 
 NEXT Christmas.