Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UPDATED on Shiloh - 2nd post today

Well, whatever it was - it ain't there no more.  The vet said that it was not a cyst - he tried to drain it but nothing would drain.  
He would not even guestimate what it was- 
he said he used to do that but 
was always wrong so he won't do it anymore.  
He did say we could just give it a week or two to see what happened and 
if I did want it removed and a pathology report- that would take at least a week and over $125.

What I remember the most was how it was less
than a month ago.
I had Shiloh to this vet then but the
vet did not seem too concerned and
just told me to watch it-
which is exactly what I did.
(Remember from my prior post - it was basically a small spot, barely raised)
Within the last couple of days, 
the bump got to the point where it was starting
to make Shiloh's hair stick out.
So that is where we are at now-
waiting at least 7 to 10 days,
maybe a day or two longer due to the holiday,
for the results of the path report.
In the meantime, Shiloh has never been bothered
by it and his appetite has definitely not changed.
Since the harness he wears on walks and visits 
comes really close to the shaved area-
also has two staples-
he is pretty much stuck in the house and 
our bakyard.
(Will get the staples out on 7/9)
I want to get him some chicken (got rice)
and other good stuff-
Shiloh'n Shasta almost always get a little extra
mixed with their kibble altho not much-
tonite it was a few blueberries and a
spoonful of cottage cheese for each
(just usually do a little extra for variety-
they are not spoiled at all)
Ok - 'nuff rambling for now-
now the hardest part is upon me-
the waiting while 
Shiloh is totally oblivious to any of this.
Instead, he is wondering whatever did he do to
deserve loosing a small part of himself so traumatically.
 Mom'n Shiloh

What's up with Shiloh?

This is from the mom and gotta be quick since me and Shiloh are headed off to the vet to see if we can find out what this is->
 (this is the best pic I could get but still not good.)
It is less than 1/4 inch off the skin and about as round as a usual size pencil eraser.
I first noticed something in this same spot a couple of weeks ago but by the time we got to the vet, it had almost disappeared - it looks a lot worse this time.  I hope it is not what my first thought was - I have had a melanoma removed and I know the signs to look for.

Ok - I will update when we return if there is any updating to do about Shiloh.  If anyone is so inclined to say a little prayer, it would be much appreciated.
Gotta go for now,
Kim and Shiloh

Friday, June 24, 2011


It iz I, the Diva Princess Shasta
My dear Relentlessly Huge'n
 When I read your post'bout 
the contest,
I cood feel your pain'bout
bein'bound tu your estate.
I tu seldom leave this kingdom
I inhabit with my bruther, Shiloh.
(Sumtimez he can b a pain like 
your Pea butt he iz good tu haf around.)
I seldom get away x-cept fer tripz tu
the dogtor or pet storez-
sumtimez I du thoze therapy vizitz
with mom butt
seldom even go fer a walk.
I wood love an opportunity tu
go gallavantin'bout town with u.
I wood feel so protected by your 
Regally Huge self.
I no u cood show me such a grand time all 
around Master chu-settz.  
An'u really r furry much talented- 
may-b u cood teach me sum of thoze 
dancin'stepz u r so good at.  
An'u must b furry much smart- 
u go tu skool'n haf lerned alot.  BUTT
even tho I may b on the shorter end,
then u cood c all the hi stuffz'n
show them tu me.
An'since I am a bit on the shorter end-
that only meanz I cood find all the stuffz
on the ground so u don't pass'em by.
An'don't let that furst pikchur fool u-
that'z only the 
diva princess side of me.
After all, 
I AM a Beagle furst an'foremost.
Beaglez r alwayz ready fer a good time'n
I no we wood haf a most
only if I am the 
lucky one u chooze.

(NOT alwayz the diva princess)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


That'z what we wood like tu no.
We git home frum the 
Blogville Piknik in the Bark'n
haf tu take a long snooze tu
Well then, we may haf missed
a day or 2'n
then mom gitz home
every day frum
that stoopid werkplace BUTT
we find out that 1 time she went
tu the store on her way home cuz
she had
fer us
(the treatz NOT the sackz)
THEN LAST nite she came home BUTT
then mom'Shasta went tu the
dogtor'n Shasta got one of thoze
sharp OWIE thingz'n
a pet-icure
(she wantz tu b ready fer her date with
the RH Mango-man
in case she winz)

mom bringz Shasta home'n
leavez with aunt sis tu go git sum
tacoz'n stuffz-
she bringz it home tu eat BUTT
du u think we Beaglebratz git any?
We r duin'good tu git
ANY of our food ALL week.
Tuday she sez she will b little late cuz
she haz tu stop tu git her sum medicine-
We haf tu go fer now BUTT
we will b bak later tu
tell u 'bout the PAWTY that
the Fiesty Three r havin.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Linkz fer Wally-melon an'Bobbin'fer Tube Steakz

We shooda included theze in our earlier post.

Furst we haf the link fer the Wally-melon Feed 
at Ronnii's an'Uji's blogz.
Tu c the 
head over tu

NOW there is WAY lotz more tu du
an'u can find out
the linkz over at
You may haf tu read a couple
of postz tu find out just
there iz tu du at the

~Shiloh'n Shasta~ 

Furst Blogville Piknik in the Bark

THIS Friday AN’Saturday, the 17th an’18th, will b Now we haven’t bin able tu blog ‘bout it b-4 cuz our mom wuz tryin’tu b bizy an’sed she had
OTHER stuffz tu du so
COODN'T help us with a post. 
Now we Beagleglebratz implore our 
faithful readerz–what on earth cood 
possibly b more 
impawtent tu du than blog ‘bout 
Blogville’s furst Piknik in the Bark. 
Sooo FINALLY, the day b-4 the big event startz, mom sed ok, we’ll du it now. 
(gee mom, wate til it’z almost here y doncha).

BUTT b-cuz mom wuz supposedly so bizy with that other stuffz, that meant our pikchurz fer the dif’rent eventz wood b X-TREMELY limited BUTT
we did git a few fer 
like theze-

Here's Shiloh takin'hiz

Then here iz Shasta 
on the akshun

Then we got sum pikchurz fer the
Wally-melon feed
such az this one with both of us-
Mom even surprized us with 
nu collarz just fer the piknik-
now we iz all set fer more of the Wally-melon
(you all mite need tu 
bigefy tu git more d-tail)

Shiloh duz hope that 
Blogville's esteemed mayor,
iz okey-dokey with this-
Frankie haz chozen tu wear hiz baseball cap
tu help otherz identify him-
b-sides a dif'rent color 
it also sez he loves Penny & Ruby.
Now since we B-bratz r Houndz like Frankie, 
Shiloh thinkz Houndz need tu stick tugether when possible soooo-
he iz gonna wear hiz 
Biker-Dude cap
 See, 'cept fer bein'a cap, 
it lookz nuthin'like Frankie'z
(check out that link above tu c Frankie's.
Also, there iz more piknik info on 
Frankie'z blog postz)

We B-bratz NEED tu git tu bed NOW so
we can start savin'up our energy fer
all the fun stuffz at the piknik.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Almost Werdless Wednezday

The doggiez who pee tugether.....

(Oh puh-leeeeeeze x-cuze this pikchur-
guess our mom wuz really strugglin'fer 
pikchur ideaz)

Friday, June 10, 2011


Yep, it wuz I - SHASTA!
x'cuze the mess- 
that chair iz bak in the livin'room where 
it belongz now-
mom uzed an old pikchur.
mom sez I d-sided it wuz time fer me tu
paybak sum of what Shiloh did tu me.
See that gate there in the pikchur?
Mom uzez that tu 
keep us out of the livin'room when 
she iz gone.
This did the trick-fer awhile.  BUTT then
Shiloh started jumpin'OVER that gate'n
wood nap on a comfy chair while ME, Shasta,
HAD tu stay b-hind the gate.

Then, mom got my old crate an'now
Shiloh haz tu stay in that while
I am still b-hind the gate BUTT
haf more room tu roam.  BUTT,
one day, mom did NOT 
fix that gate tite at the bottom-
yep - u guessed it-
I wuz able tu scooch thru that gate'n
nap on our nice comfy couch. 
PeeS - mom wuz NOT amuzed by how 
clever I wuz-
seemed like a purty good idea tu me'n
the nap wuz good tu!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (almost)- a bit later


"C'mon - let'z play!"
(sorry the quality izn't furry much good-
mom sez the camera wuzn't werkin'tu good -  
yea, rite

Monday, June 6, 2011

An'now fer a breef werd frum our sponsor

FINALLY - our mom haz a few(that'z all?) 
werdz 'bout her vizion-
(while we continu with our erly mornin'nap)

Thank you Shiloh'n Shasta.
Thw eye doc was really encouraged and
surprised at how good my eye was looking 
this past Friday.
Yes, I am seeing better and
this past Friday I was able to go back
to work after being off for almost a week.
I will see my eye doctor again this Friday which
is a good thing-
appointments are becoming a 
little more spaced apart which 
is a really good indication of 
healing and improvement.
Gotta go for now- 
time to get ready for work.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inquirin'mindz want tu no ------

Lately our mom haz had the munchiez 

(yep, that'z what she callz it)

She sez it iz b-cuz she iz werried'n stressed.
So we wuz wunderin'what her x-cuse wuz 
all them other timez?

SOOOOOOO - we wuz also wunderin'when iz OUR turn
tu git the munchiez?
~Shiloh'n Shasta~
Pee-S - we think NOW iz a really good time fer the munchiez b-cuz of 
all that wunderin'we bin duin'

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - not really

Shasta with her Easter frog and 
Mr. Duck
No, Mr. Duck is squeeker-less but she still loves him.

 Shiloh had to check out Easter frog too-
under the watchful eye of 
Miss Shasta 
but as you can see, all her complaining
didn't stop Shiloh from taking a nap with
Easter frog.

PS - my vision is still improving but not fast enuf.  I have been off work since last Friday - hope it doesn't continue much longer.  Another eye doc appt this Friday.  So much "fun" having an eye condition where doctors can only treat a problem by a hit and miss method-
let's try this treatment and if it isn't working then will try this instead.
Oh well, at least sonething works - eventually.