Tuesday, December 31, 2013


In addishun tue wishin'u'all a


We Beaglebratz also r duin'what we

can tue git the werd out so that a doggy family

can also haf a Happee New Year.

Momma Noel an'her pupz were rescued by 

(The Legacy Chronicles)

but now the pupz haf parvo'n

fightin'fer their livez.

One of the little pupz cood no longer endure

the struggle an'crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Accordin'tue LBR'z Facebook page the remainin'pupz 

r showin'signz of improvin'

If u haz not dun so yet,

cood u click on that link above'n

stop by their blog tue leeve sum POTP'n

if u can donashunz r welcome.
(Parvo treatment X 4 pupz = many,many green paperz)

Ann of Zoolatry wuz so kind tue make this fer us tue help git the werd out
 Here iz that link agin-
The Legacy Chronicles 

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~
Mom Kim tue


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Theze pikchurez OF US were all pawt of a LOOOOOONG photo shoot mom did erlier this month tue TRY tue git a photo SHE thought wuz good enuf fer out Christmas card - she FINALLY d-sided that one up top wuz THE ONE!  We iz so furry much sorry we cood not send tue all of u - WE WANTED tue BUTT mom sed we didn't haf enuf green paperz - she sed may-b next year. HRUMPH!

WE ended up havin'tue ENDURE THREE dif'rent photo shootz in ONE evenin'!  Mom sed no tue the next one cuz Diva Shasta wuz squitin'an'Shiloh had the zombie look in hiz eyez(ater so much flashy beast u wood tue)

More zombie lookz an'more squintin'!  MOM - we r tired!

We BOTH wanna know - MOM! Iz u dun YET??????
 Ok - so we will b bak with our Christmas card count in the next day or so - mom sed that since HER birthday wuz this month then she iz gonna INCLUDE HER birthday cardz in her count.  WE Beaglebratz sed - NO FAIR MOM - it ain't YOUR birthday now anywayz!
This iz what us Beaglebratz r gonna b duin'whenever we takez a nap- 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

More POTP - now for Shiloh

Top Nurse Diva Shasta here - mom asked me if I wood due a quik post b-4 bedtime, she sez she kinda feelz bad cuz she haz bin postin'bout not much else lately altho we haf other stuff tue post 'bout butt just no time. Alwayz willin'tue help mom in whatever way I can an'eaze her mind - I sed shure I can due it! 

So basically it iz more of the same - Shiloh iz havin'a bit of problemz with hiz bak - thoze diskz an'degenerashun stuffz.  Kinda hard on mom cuz he will look an'look at her as if pleadin'fer her tue due sumthin'so he will feel better BUTT sumtimez when mom actz like she iz gonna rub hiz tummy or due one of thoze bak massagez which we both love THEN he walkz away az if he iz tellin'mom - DON'T U DARE COME NEAR ME! He iz gettin'hiz Duralactin - mom haz increased hiz dose an'at timez he seemz a little better.  Az most of us Beagles due - he iz still eatin'drinkin'pottyin'ok.  Mom iz gonna watch him sum more an'if no better than off tue the dogtor they will go.  Ok, gotta go outside then bak tue my nursy dutiez.  Mom sez I iza better nurse than the onez who took care of her in hospital - I am only duin'my best fer my big bro, Shiloh.
 ~TOP NURSE Diva Shasta~

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Now, fer your listenin'pleazure

We Beaglebratz wood like tue bring u- 

White Christmas az sung by

Santa an'hiz Reindeer

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A LATE Thankful Thursday from Mom Kim

First, we will hear a brief word from the Beaglebratz -

Thanx mom. 
The above pikchure wuz taken by our aunt sis when we were over there - we THOUGHT 
we wuz there tue just vizit with our 
fur cuzin Bailie'n
git in sum speshal playtime
we soon notised a couple thingz-

1 - MOM wuz NOT there
2 - WE BEAGLEBRATZ did NOT go home that nite!

Now don't git us wrong - Bailie iza great doggie tue play with'n we love stayin'with aunt sis -
NOT all nite an'NOT without OUR mom!
The Case of The Missin'Mom!

Ok - so we Beaglebratz will now turn this bak tue our mom an'she will fill u in on what happened.

Thank you Shiloh'n Diva Shasta - so now I will solve The Case of The Missing Mom - I'm su:re to Shiloh and Diva Shasta I was missing but I really wasn't to anyone else.

This past Tuesday morning I woke up and got ready for work - I did seem to be a little more tired than usual but I figured it was just due to getting over whatever bug kept me home from work the day before.  Besides the tiredness didn't seem much worse than what I usually feel getting up at 5:30am.  So at 7am on Tuesday (12/10) when my ride picked me up, I went on to work as usual.  It was a little after  9:30a when I got off the phone with my sis and then a couple of minutes before 10a when you could say I had my feet suddenly give way - I had stood up to take my usual break and get something to drink - all things my morning routine is made of only THIS morning was NOT routine.  I did start feeling a little strange but I thought getting away, going for a short walk, getting something to drink would all help the feeling go away - WRONG!  I never made it away from my desk - at least not until a couple of my coworkers and the ambulance EMTS helped me out to the hallway where I was helped on to a stretcher then taken to the waiting ambulance.  Of course all this seemed so unreal to me - from passing out and being almost completely unresponsive to being taken to the hospital ER by ambulance to being told by the heart doctor that they were admitting me overnight for observation - I mean come on people, that's something you see on TV or at the movies or you read about it happening to OTHERS.  Then when they told me that my tests came back normal except for 1 lab test that was only 2 points off - I thought ok, the doc would change his mind and let me go home to rest - NOT A CHANCE!

So there is not a whole lot more to this mystery. Yep - I was admitted but it was only for overnight - was discharged a little after 12:30 on Wednesday (12/11). I guess when the heart doctor saw my echocardiogram that had been done late Tuesday afternoon - after I was in a room - and the report said that there was no change from the previous report in 2010 (I have Aortic Valve Stenosis) then he decided I really didn't need to be there anymore - plus I know from my years working in medical records - insurance would not cover much more.  And I didn't really feel like I needed to be there as long as I was anyway.  Oh, since I wasn't really clear about what happened that led to this - I passed out - yes, my feet went out from under me - I collapsed on the floor beside my desk then my coworkers helped me stand then they moved me into a chair where they still could not get a clear response from me - total time was almost 5 minutes which is when the ambulance arrived.  Talk about F-R-E-A--K-Y!!! 
Feels kind of weird talking about some other medical problem instead of the problems with my eye.
I came home Wednesday afternoon and my sis brought the Beaglebratz home less than an hour later - I am sooooooo grateful to her for taking them in - I know it had to be weird to them too.
Just thank the good Lord above for bringing us all back together again, safely. 

Ok - we all need to get to bed - need some rest but still feeling so much better than Monday nite.  Oh by the way - speaking of my eye problem (now I'm in familiar territory) this past Monday when I felt so bad and was off work, aalso saw my eye doc -the same one who had only days before had said he didn't expect much improvement in that epithelial defect (skin tear) on my cornea - wll he DID see a BIG improvement in less than ONE week - that defect has shrunk to less than half the size it was.  YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Ok - bedtime now

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Anuther speshal request

 We Beaglebratz haf anuther speshal request –

only this one iza furry much speshal request fer

our mom.  Once AGIN she iz havin’a bit of truble

with her vizion.  She went tue her eye doc yesterday

an’he sed that itty-bitty skin tear on her eyeball (epithelial

defect) – well, he sed it ain’t so itty-bitty no more so

he put anuther 1 of those dif’rent kind of contact lens in –

the kind that helpz it heal (she’z already startin’tue c a

little better) an’the doc sez he wood not haf her come bak

fer TWO weekz cuz it takez longer fer her tue heal.

ANYWAYZ, we all know’boutz the power b-hind Blogville

prayerz (all prayerz really) so we Beaglebratz wuz

wantin’tue ask fer sum prayerz fer our mom.  She iz

stressin’boutz the stuffz she still hazta due so we thought

if we cood git our mom sum prayerz then her viaion wood

git LOTZ better B-4 what the doc sez.
We Beaglebratz shure due thank-u
  ~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Thursday, November 28, 2013


All of us at Team Beaglebratz 
wish each and everyone a 
for those outside the U.S. - hope you have a great day !!!

Fur at leest the next couple of dayz, not shure how much any of us will b around.  Of course tueday iz Thanksgiving Day an'we will b 
nappin'most of the day while mom iz at Aunt Sis's (we git our turkey
when mom gitz home)
Then on Friday, mom iz one of thoze kerazy peepz that go out shoppin'alot while we stay home
(not fair).
 ~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Speshal request

Hey all u lucky doggiez, kittiez an’any other furkid out there in Blogville – us Beaglebratz r here with a furry much speshal message.

We wuz over at Milo's Mad Life vizitin’with our furrend MILO an’HIZ mom missed gittin’in the Christmas card x-change this year.  So, if u’all don’t mind, we wood like tue pass on sum of what he sed –

Mum is getting some Christmas cards made for the family and since she missed the Christmas card exchange she was wondering if anyone would like one from us, just send your address to Miloanmoll(at)gmail(dot)com and we will send all of you lovely guys a Christmas card with my beautiful face on. Spread the word, we want to be able to send as many peeps as possible a Christmas card!!!

Soooo, if any of u iz interested then just click on that link above tue read the full post  an'leave a comment 'bout it. An'may-b u cood help spread the werd like we did.

Now az fer a pikchure of us so u'can all c that we iz still alive an'kickin-

(OK, so may-b we ain't kickin'so much in this pikchure 
but us pupperz still NEED our napz - we wuz kickin'ealier
that day)
 ~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Monday, November 11, 2013

A late afternoon Veterans Day post

Most of this post is from last year because I(MOM) did not get one done earlier and I spent part of the morning today AT Topeka's FIRST Veterans Day Parade - I think was late in coming since we have a Veterans Medical Center here which is also part of Eastern Kansas Health Care System which includes the Leavenworth VA - with a good-size military presence including Ft. Leavenworth.
The following also includes a brief history lesson about the origination of Veterans Day.  Some of you may remember that both my dad and my brother were/are veterans.  My mom worked at a veterans medical center where I have worked for over 25 years.  And then I remembered that Kansas is the actual birth place of Veteran's Day - yep, now for that history lesson-

 was the actual birthplace of Veteran's Day back on Nov. 11, 1953, when Alvin King, a resident of Emporia, felt that the day which was called Armistice Day didn't give just credit to all those veterans who had served and given their lives since WW1.  After U.S. Rep. Ed Rees of Emporia, introduced legislation in Congress in the spring of 1954 to change Armistice Day to Veteran's Day all across America, it was Oct. 8, 1954, when then President Eisenhower signed a proclamation that stated: “On that day, let us solemnly remember the sacrifices of all those who fought so valiantly, on the seas, in the air, and on foreign shores, to preserve our heritage of freedom.

 And let's not forget - the veterans of our military - they are not just the two-legged kind-
we also owe a big debt of gratitude to all those 4 leggers

 Team Beaglebratz is forever grateful for what ALL of our veterans have given to us.

~Kim, Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta~

Monday, November 4, 2013

Give Peace A Chance


 Us Beaglebratz r just like all the other 
doggiez an'kittiez an'all the other aminalz 
here in Blogville-

Just live an'let live!

Woodn't it b nice
if all hoo-minz, all over the world, 
cood live that way tue?

Dona Nobis Pacem -
Latin 4 Grant Us Peace!

Great idea izn't it?

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~ 
Mom Kim tue! 

Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace)

Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace)

Friday, November 1, 2013


 Shiloh'n Diva Shasta here-
Bet u'all thought the scarey Halloween stuff wuz over fer this year-

Welllllllllllll, not so fast.  R'member when our mom talked'boutz havin'what she called a basal cell carcinoma taken off her noze (we all know it better az the c monster butt not the werst kind).  Well after she came home frum havin'that dun we Beaglebratz coodn't c much difrent x'cept she had this big bandage on her face.  So all wuz ok fer a couple of dayz...


THEN it happened...

she TOOK that bandage OFF!

WE were all doin'just fine BUTT ...



What our mom saw - even gave her a frite so b-ware - u may not want tue c what we saw...
Tue bad it wuz earlier this month an'not dun
on Halloween day - she didn't need a mask...

See, mom had her own Howl-o-ween mask.
Now if u haf a bad dream-
don't say we didn't warn u.
Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

(a note from mom Kim - it didn't last long really and it may have actually helped my vision altho at first, the way the skin had to be moved around and stitched likely caused 
increased problems with my vision.  
HOWEVER as of today's eye doc visit - my vision is where it was this past August. 
I keep hoping and praying that this will cancel
the need for my next eye procedure 
scheduled for 1/21/14-
or at least my doc will want to postpone it.
As for the hideous look above-
almost back to this-
Mom Kim, Diva Shasta'n Shiloh

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Shiloh'n Diva Shasta here-

Well Blogville haz really outdone itself this time - we Beaglebratz don't know if we can partake in many of the festivitiez since our mom iz bak tue werk an'our telepathic wavestream capabilitiez r so limited at timez (that iz what we uze when our mom iz at werk so we can vizit a few of your blogz.

We did wanna show u'all our clawstoomz our mom got us AFTER HOWL-O-WEEN LAST YEAR!  They r kinda neeto-sweeto cuz they can b worn fer pajamaz tue!
We kinda look like we iz ready fer a nap.

Shiloh sez I ain't duin'this trick without a treat.

Diva Shasta sez - Now really, iz thiz sumthin'a DIVA like ME wood wear?  If u want me tue wear this then I MUST haf a treat - hand it over, I can smell it!

Shiloh sez - This iz really kinda embarrasin' - ain't u dun with that flashy beast yet?

This iz our Howl-o-ween SockMonkey friend - he'z lived with us fer a couple of yearz (yep, our mom iz tue tite with the green paperz sumtimez).
Okey-dokey - we iz dun with our modelin'stint this time.  See ya'round............

We iz joinin'the 
Howl-o-ween Blog Hop
so u can find ALL OF THE FUN-
You can also look at
Frankie an'Ernie's bloggie 
tue find a list of where the 
HOWL-O-WEEN festivitiez iz at.