Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Diva Speaks

(Just a note - sum may wunder y I am wearin'a crown since I ain't royalty BUTT I AM A DIVA an'divaz can wear ANYTHING THEY WANT!)
Diva Shasta here-
  This past Monday, Ranger posted the  
on hiz blog.  We all at 
Team Beaglebratz wuz 
 goin’over the list an’we gotta tell ya
 there r sum purty 
 neeto-sweeto holidayz in October.   
Of course we all
 know’boutz National Taco Day– 
we Beaglebratz thinkz it shood b renamed-

Our mom really likez the 12th which iz 
Moment of Frustration Day x-cept sumtimez she haz thoze momentz a lot – egspeshally when on our’puter.  She also likez 
Take Your Teddy Bear To Werk Day on the 11th-. only that iza Saturday an'she duzn't werk that day so she iz home where all her Teddy Bearz r.
Neether of us Beaglebratz go tue werk so
even if we had a Teddy Bear,
we coodn't take it tue werk.

We did notise sumthin'a bit strange on the 8th-
only 2 holidayz r menchoned-
American Touch Tag Day'n
Emergency Nurses Day.  
 Now while theze r both great dayz, none of us, even our mom don’t know nuthin’boutz theze – well we due KNOW’boutz them BUTT we don’t play Tag altho we cood at leest try tue play Tag on the 8th  - wunder if cuddlez, snugglez an’kissez count?  Our mom duz werk in a hoomin hospital tho she don’t know any Emergency Nursez.  ANYWAYZ – thoze 2 Wacky Holidayz r nice an’all BUTT there iz a furry much IMPAWTENT one that wuz left out an’it wuz Casey frum The Legacy Chronicles who helped me r’member when he left a comment on 
Ranger’z Wacky Holiday post-
he sed the 17th shood also b
International Casey's Birthday Day.

So what wuz the impawtent day left out on the 8th-

I, Diva Shasta due d-clare that
October 8th shall henceforth b known az 
 I AM A DIVA (an'my bruther iza Lord)
so I CAN due that! 

(An' b-ginnin'October 1st
the blog iz MINE!!!!)

Monday, September 29, 2014


Team Beaglebratz here-
This week we r joinin'in with
Alfie's Blog
Snoopy's Dog Blog
& My Brown Newfies
for the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop.
This past weekend our mom went tue 
sumthin'she called

She SED she cood NOT take us BUTT
we found out there were
a couple other woofiez there
(in my defense, a rescue was there-Mom Kim)

She did come home with a few thingz-
even a few dog treatz fer us.
BUTT - she also came home with sum
good stuff fer HERSELF!

We don't know fer shure since we 
we herd our mom sed that this wuz Carrot Cake-
she SED it had sum nutz in it so SHE

This iz one of 
THREE pumpkin muffinz she brought home.

Now just look at it-
There iz alot missin'BUTT
did we Beaglebratz git any?
Well c thoze little crumbz layin'there? 
AGIN she sed she had tue check fer nutz
We wunder if may-b she iz a little nutty tue?

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor n'Diva Shasta~

Friday, September 26, 2014

FFHT - Just when I thought things couldn't get worse . . . "

Team Beaglebratz iz joinin'with Murphy & Stanley an'their Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails.  This week our story iz by Diva Shasta.

This story happened a few yearz ago – when I, Diva Shasta, ferst joined Team Beaglebratz.  I wuz a mere babe an’I had not yet come  in-tue my diva-ness altho the Beagletude wuz hidin'just under my skin.
I didn't know that the lady takin'MY pikchure that day wood soon b my hoomin mom-
wunder what wood I haf dun if I had known then what
I know now?
Ok - now u may all say Awwwwww

Now in my short life, of course I grew up with my litter mates BUTT there wuz a few older woofiez around tue so I KINDA knew what tue x-pect when I got tue my new home an’found out I HAD A BIG BRUTHER!  It wuz all good – we had lotza fun.  Hiz name iz Shiloh an’at timez he kinda thinkz he iz a little bit all that an’then sum BUTT that wuz ok – I wuz gonna b gittin’sum of that tue.  I soon found out that I had joined the family’boutz Christmas time which iza speshal time of year – not just fer hoominz BUTT fer us woofiez tue (butt I didn’t really know that much’boutz this time called Christmas – yet)  So fer awhile, my life went on just fine – me’an Shiloh were gittin’along good an’it wuz kinda nice havin’anuther woofie in the house who wood
watch out fer me . . . or so I thought.

I mean – don’t git me wrong – I had my bad momentz tue – after all, I had bin ripped away frum my doggy mom at such a young age … an’my litter matez an’all the other woofiez I had grown up with.  THEN it happened . . ."Just when I thought things couldn't get worse . . ."
I don't haf any pikchurez of the akchual insident-
which iz probably a good thing-
it really did happen on my FERST CHRISTMAS mornin'
I had MY Christmas stockin'an'Shiloh had
HIZ Christmas stockin'an-
we wuz both gittin'bizy lookin'at
all that wuz in them - toyz an'treatz-
an'that wuz the problem-
one of thoze treatz fell out of MY stockin'
I thought - no problem, I'll just wander over an'git it.

Wellllll - there WUZ a problem-
a BIG BRUTHER of a problem!
We got tue MY treat frum MY stockin'at the same time-
only Shiloh thought it wuz HIZ treat.
(interjection from mom - this was the ONLY time something like this has EVER happened)
The main thing at that point that I, baby Shasta r'memberz-
Shiloh gave me a little nip on the ear tue
chase me away frum MY treat so he cood
make it HIZ treat. 
It all happened so fast-
Mom can't really r'member if I yelped.
BUTT rite then mom'z nephew stopped by tue
take us all tue her sis's place fer the rest of Christmas Day.

Ok - so we iz all dun gittin'our prezziez an'relaxin'on the sofa-
only I wuz feelin'kinda strange inside an'my ear wuz
kinda hurtin'a bit where Shiloh had nipped me BUTT
it wuz NOT oozin'any BLOOD

(again from mom - but it was oozing some ????)
ANYWAYZ - we wuz off tue the dogtor-
This iz what I looked like after I gotz A stitch in my ear-
also gotz sum feel better medicine.
ANYWAYZ - that wuz then an'me
an'Shiloh-Lord of the Manor haz bin like this
ever since then.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Team Beaglebratz (including Mom Kim) on Thankful Thursday

Team Beaglebratz iz pawtisipatin'this week in the
sponsored by PepiSmartdog.com
Both the Beaglebratz AN'Mom Kim haf reezonz tue b

Mom Kim here first-
I had an appointment yesterday with 
my local eye doctor.
I'm kind of not wanting to say it in case
I jinx it BUT....
(at least for me)
Ok - first, the overall problem is not gone BUT
My vision has remained as good as it is now for 
the past 10 months with NO surgical intervention since 3/2013.
I have not had to miss 
months of work since 7/2013.
It is a given, at least for now and 
into the near future that 
I wear what is called a bandage contact lense
(kind of a clear contact-type lense, no power)
  and with that, comes the 
once every two-week appointments to 
get it replaced.
That, I can handle however whenever that appointment involved my eye doctor, of course
there was more expense and more time off work.
my NEXT appointment with my eye doctor is 

This iz Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta
What else r we thankful fer.....


We haf so furry many 
furrendz an'friendz tue thank fer 
attainin'this lofty number-
we'all at Team Beaglebratz - yes, mom tue, wood
like tue thank all who made this possible.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The fall-out

Az your Secretariez of Social Netwerkin' at least fer now, we felt it wuz our duty tue make shure u fine citizenz of Blogville were fully informed of the latest frum yesterday'z mayoral d-bate.  HOWEVER we r not goin'tue show any pikchurez butt rather we want u tue make up your own mindz.  We will provide u with linkz tue the various blogz involved. 

Frankie, your moderator

Murphy & Stanley - mayoral candidatez

B,H & G Management (The Pug Ranch Kids) - their management team

Dory's Backyard - mayoral candidate Dory and her management team, Arty, Bilbo an'Jakey

Taffy   - Stanley'z EX-gurlfurrend?

Meanwhile - while everyone else wuz recupertin'frum an'reviewin'the d-bate Gussie wuz duin'hiz own  recuperatin'an'tryin'tue fergit'boutz hiz "inner kitty".

~Diva Shasta an'Shiloh-Lord of the Manor ~


Saturday, September 20, 2014

We Beaglebratz iz not here tue-day

 We Beaglebratz r over at 
The Legacy Chronicles with 
Oktoberfest selebrashun!

Stop on by an'haf a listen tue 
the Oom-Paw-Paw band-
we Beaglebratz haf joined up with
Stella Rose, Prissy, Mona an'Maggie fer
your Oktoberfest muzic.

An'don't fergit tue 
stop by
OH YES - she haz transformed her pizza truck
an'now it iz b-fittin'any
Oktoberfest pawty-
along with all the
YUMMERLISHUS Oktoberfest food!

So don't fergit tue stop by
Casey an'Cinderella's (ferst link)-
u can dance an'drink an'eat great
German food all day!

Willkommen zum Blogville Oktoberfest!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A LATE Thankful Thursday iz our 2ndPost tue-day!

We r joinin'up with PepiSmartDog
and the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Just an fyi from the mom - when I find a product that really benefitz the B-bratz - "WE" like to pass on the info.

Shiloh - I AM the Lord of the Manor an'u can find
which kinda leadz in-tue this one.
Now if u haz bin readin'our blog much then
u may r'member I haz had tailbone then lower spine
probz fer many yearz-
startin'when I wuz sumwherez around
 3 or 4 yearz old-
B-4 Blogville.
Fer many yearz, my mom relied almost totally on
the vet an'medz tue help me feel better each time
the pain an'discomfort got tue b tue much fer
me an'her.
Then 3 or 4 yearz ago mom wuz "talkin'tue
 sum other Beagle pawrentz on Facebook,
wunderin'if their Beaglez had problemz like mine'n
what they did-
that iz when she ferst herd'boutz
One of thoze Beagle pawrentz had even bin told by her vet that the only thing left tue due tue help her dog wuz surgery - didn't happen.
After bein'on Duralactin fer many yearz, 
the pawrent had tue help her Beagle cross the Rainbow Bridge-
fer OTHER reezonz, at age 15.

There iz a liquid available fer
woofiez AN'kittiez.
I take a tablet with each meal-    
Canine Vanilla Flavored Soft Chews
Even Diva Shasta takez a little,
mom sez she wantz tue try tue stop it B-4 
it b-ginz.
There iz also a variety called
 Duralactin® Canine Joint Plus Soft Chew
butt the other Beagle pawrent just uzed the 
Canine Soft Chewz so
that iz what my mom givez us Beaglebratz.
There iz also a kind fer thoze big woofiez

NOW - IF I due hafta go c the dogtor, my
pain duzn't last long BUTT it hazn't got 
that bad fer a couple of yearz.
IF I due hafta b on medz-
that duzn't last more than a week-
may-b 2.

Ok, mom sed that'z all'n
no - we wuzn't gittin'paid fer this 
in any way - not even samplez.
Like my mom sed - when she findz sumthin'good like this that may help otherz then she likez otherz tue know'boutz it tue.
An'this iz only OUR opinionz - just cuz it werkz fer us - duzn't mean it will werk fer all.
~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor~

TESTING . 1.2.3.......

Hello there - it iz I, the Lord of the Manor, Shiloh.
Mom got a little worried a couple of dayz ago.
She notised I wuz not lookin'my uzual self-
tail hangin'along with my head an'just kind of mopin'around the house.
BUTT wuz a couple of dayz ago an'NOW I am duin'better.
It wuz my bak botherin'me THEN butt now duin'better-
climbin'stairz, trottin'around outside.
Oh yeah - that iz Diva Shasta there b-hind me-
Mom sez she barked an'moved her head just az the flashy beest snapped the pikchure.
Oh well, mom got a good pikchure of ME-
that'z what matterz - izn't it?

Remember this - Blogville Dino Dig Fest?

A wize an'former mayor of Blogville once told us 

Beaglebratz that

we cood due this anytime soooooo

Mom sed our ‘puter’z little black box (modem) wuz messed up fur a few dayz 
(we Beaglebratz say yeah, rite– 
messed up by thoze rascally squirreliez iz more like it) so we MISSED 
Blogvilles Dino Dig Day 
(butt like Frankie told us, Blogville makez it’s own rulez) so we iz postin'that tue-day.

Diva Shasta got an erly start on 
practisin'her diggin'skillz

Diva Shasta an'Shiloh-Lord of the Manor-
The Diggin'Duo-

The next 2 pikchurez show how
I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor putz
whatever I need to make shure the hole iz
dug prawperly.

I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor - may look like
I am lyin'down on the job but my pawz r still movin'

Shiloh wuz checkin'out under the deck while
Diva Shasta b-gan her diggin'

 Yep - I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor can
dig wherever it'z needed-

Here I am, Shiloh, even 
diggin'in a snowstorm-

I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor - needz tue
keep practisin'whenever I can-

Never know when thoze diggin'skillz will b
put tue the test-

Ok - so may-b not diggin'straight down BUTT
there just MIGHT b a reward out fer what iz on the other side-

Lookin'fer a place tue dig-

Nope - can't dig here-
Diva Shasta nozin'out the pawfect dig while
Shiloh iz still sniffin'

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~
The Diggin'Duo

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2nd post on National Pet Memorial Day - Angelz Oreo, Kryket & Kammie

September 14th iz Nashunal Pet Memorial Day.
It wuz listed on 
we don't c nuthin'wacky'boutz it.
We think it iz a furry much great holiday!

Way bak in February mom fergot tue 
due sumthin'that wuz furry much impawtent sooo-
we Beaglebratz wood like tue 
take this time tue r'member our own angel-

Fer any who mite not haf herd,
I, Shiloh-now Lord of the Manor,
grew up with my little "big" bruther Oreo

While Diva Shasta wuz only'boutz
4 monthz old when
Angel Oreo left fer the Bridge
an'cuz of hiz health an'her rambuncshunus,
they never really knew each other well sooo-
it wuz MY job tue tell her'boutz her 
little "big" bruther Angel Oreo'n
how great a job he did raizin'me.

My little "big" bruther Angel Oreo taught
me, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor how tue
b a good big bruther tue Diva Shasta
My 2nd Christmas(2004) with my 
little "big" bruther.

Here iza couple pikchurez of 
Angel Oreo when
he wuz a puppy

All the wimmen loved Oreo

Oreo wuz a furry much happee woofie

Tributez fer Angel Oreo
(our mom got the birth year wrong)

Here r 2 other woofiez our mom had long b-4 us
This iz Angel Kammie.
Mom adopted her frum our local shelter who sed
she wuz pawt Sheltie
 (Theze 2 pikchurez r old an'were scanned which 
mom sez iz y they r poor quality - WHATEVER)

Here iz Angel Kryket- 
mom got her frum a pet store B-4
she knew better
Pet store sed may-b pawt Rat Terrier BUTT
Mom thinkz may-b pawt Border Terrier.

Theze were mom'z - there wuz family 
woofie angelz butt no pikchurez.