Saturday, December 31, 2011


We just wanted tu take a minit tu 

let u'all know that

we found our Nu Yearz Eve ball or 

dance or pawty or WHATEVER!

Thanx tu Wyatt'n Mayor Frankie
we r over at

fer hiz

1st Annual Nu Year'z Eve Pawty.

It's NOT just a pawty BUTT

there r prizez tu!

Stop on by fer a hole lotta fun!

(Az u can c, the Diva Shasta iz 
havin'tu rest after 
all the dancing) 


Friday, December 30, 2011

In serch of the Nu Years Eve Ball (dance)

Like the subject line sez-

we Beaglebratz r lookin'fer

sumwhere'z where we can 

trip the lite fantastic on

Nu Year'z Eve.
(whatever that meanz butt we really don't wanna trip - butt that iz what hoo-minz say)

Pee-S - we will not b around much on Saturday- 
mom will b cleanin'n we will b serchin'fer our dance

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Here's an update but not much

Ok, remember the Herpes eye infection was just discovered yesterday afternoon.  
Treatment began soon after but I saw my specialist earlier this afternoon.  
So that means the treatment has only 
had one day to work.  
My specialist thought he 
might have seen a small improvement.  
You would think that as quick as this infection came on that it wouldn't take long for it to go away once treatment began and 
it may be that way for someone with 
"normal" eye health but 
that ain't me.  
So for the time being I will take that "might have seen a small improvement" and 
run with it.

Next Monday (1/2/12), I am off work for the New Years holiday and have my next eye appt. with my local doc - two weeks from today I see my specialist again.  I have additional appts. already set for the next 6 weeks after that IF they are needed - I am hoping and praying 
 they are NOT needed!

So now it is time for bed - just not organized and keep getting here late.
Rarely seem to have time these days to 
visit other blogs.
Shiloh'n Shasta are waiting for me to let 
them outside so they can go to bed so
guess I will stop for now and
get some rest.
Ya'll take care and stay safe.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Monday, December 26, 2011

This is my Mom on Monday post but again kinda late

Not much going on - finally got a paycheck the Friday before Christmas but already had Christmas presents for my family courtesy of a Christmas club savings so besides helping buy Christmas dinner for sis and her son - also went shopping today and was able to pick up a few really good bargains.  I think Shiloh'n Shasta want to post about a "Santa invasion" so will just say that I was able to add to my Santa Clause "family".  Between a couple of Christmas presents and the shopping today, my sis was able to add some to her snowman "family" altho it is not as extensive as what Frankie Furter's mom has.

Ok, now for a little drama - seems like I can't go long without it and I bet you all can't guess what it's about - yep, my eye - less than five weeks since the transplant.  We had to cut short our shopping trip since I had a previously scheduled local eye doc appt.  One of the drops I HAVE to use after a transplant is a steroid drop which can lead to the development of a Herpes Simplex eye infection and after you get it once then the virus never totally leaves your body but is dormant until something like a physical or emotional stressor can cause it to flair up - my first infection with it was several years ago and now it has flaired up again. There is much GOOD news about this infection tho - it was caught early and treatment has already begun.  Even my vision has improved one more line on the eye-chart since my last visit with the specialist.  And that specialist just happens to be here in town Tuesday afternoon so my local doc wants me to see him if the specialist wants me to come in AND since I was previously scheduled by the specialist's office then that should be no problem.

Well not much else to report - was close to pulling my hair out last week as I tried to get everything done that I wanted - I don't think I have ever had a year where I was so dis-organized.  My original plan included being off work the week before Christmas but I lost those days since I was off so long earlier this fall so I ended up having to work.  Don't get me wrong, I was sooooooooooo glad to be able to return to work but I missed having those days off and I hope I can get them next year.  Well my eyes are trying to shut and I am starting to have to correct my spelling more and more.  I need to let Shiloh'n Shasta outside before bed so I will try to do an update tomorrow evening.

We wuz hit with a whirlywind....Merry late Christmas wishez

Our mom wuz so furry much bizy the past 
few daze - we hardly ever saw her BUTT
at least she wood take time to feed us BUTT
otherwize the ONLY way we Beaglebratz nu
mom wuz here wuz when she blew by us
on her was tu du sumthin else.

Anyway, we wanted tu stop by b-4
we go tu bed tu say we hope 
all had a furry much

We had a gooder one an'will share a few 
pikz in te next day or so.  
Santa Paws brought Beaglebratz a 
He also left us ALOT of treatz in
our stockinz BUTT
mom woodn't let us eat them all.
We think she shooda since 
it WUZ OUR treatz'n
Santa Paws gave them tu us, 

OK, we iz goin'tu bed now-
we ALL went tu Aunt Sis house all day.
We will try tu git bak in a day or 2.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My thoughts about why .... and work - Mom on Monday - sort of

(WARNING, could be an excessively long post ahead)

I get a few comments from people sometimes about my perseverance and dealing with all the stuff going on related to my disabilities, especially my eyes/vision since that seems to be what I'm bothered by the most.  I really do appreciate all them and I just had the thought that they, at least in part, help to motivate me to keep going the way I do.

And I'm sure no one would be surprised when
I say that Shiloh'n Shasta play a big part of my
"keep on keeping on".
Of course I cannot deny that my family at home
and friends here in Blogville also play a part in my
"keep on keeping on".

Now for a little of my own "philosophy" or where else
that thought came from.
Until November 22, 1976, I was pretty much of
a "normal" kid of 19 then
I had surgery to remove a large benign brain tumor.
Don't let anyone ever say that if a tumor is not cancerous then
no problems - now I have to admit that today it would not
have caused the problems it did then but medical advances since 
then have greatly reduced the complications and problems
that would result from such surgery.
Let's suffice it to say,
I was almost like a newborn when 
I came home from the hospital-
I had to relearn much.
At that time my parents, sis and I lived on a small farm
just north of town.
So that means that at that time my 
family played a HUGE part in 
my rehab and MANY of the things I do today would not 
take place if it weren't for them. 
I am sure that this in part is 
responsible for what goes on today.

And there are 2 or 3 beliefs which I know motivate me-
not sure how others feel about this subject BUT
this IS MY (and the Beaglebratz) blog.
After that first surgery and any other subsequent surgeries, 
 some people might have just given up or at least
not tried so hard and not want to
"keep on keeping on".
I will be the first to admit-
I have had a few thoughts like that 
tho they were fleeting.
Then my faith in God intervenes-
I do believe that God wants His
children to be happy 
and to have a 
good life and to do the best they can with what they have.
The next belief can be somewhat of a challenge-
it is for me sometimes.
I really do believe that miracles do happen BUT
the biggest problem I have with this is I forget
that miracles do happen-

Now this last belief I want to share with you-
in a way, this is the same belief that Sandra mentions
after that horrible fire at the
Houston Pittie Pack-
about God not giving you more than you can handle.
OK, FIRST I want to make sure people know that I believe 
NO ONE has an incorrect thought - EVER!
I agree with the psychologist, Bowen who said something like 
your feelings, thoughts and beliefs are never wrong
because they are automatic-
maybe like that of a dog's instinct 
in that they just happen- 
we don't really have any control over them but
only how we react or respond to them.
Now I have had people say that to me about my disabilities
that God never gives you more than you can handle  and at times, I have had that same thought but
then I thought, ok if God wants his children to be happy
and enjoy life then why would He give anyone things like
disabilities or a horrid fire that took the lives of 
5 loving creatures?
So a few years ago, 
I heard a pastor say
God doesn't GIVE the bad things in life-
sh*t just happens.
In other words, it is all a part of life and 
sometimes stuff in life just happens.
(My words now) In other words, life sucks sometimes and 
things happen that we don't understand. 
But like the pastor said- 
God is there for us to turn to when we need Him and 
believe me, I have needed Him alot since 
that day in November, 1976.

Ok, I'm done with my speech above-
now you all know that when 
Mom is quiet for too long, then 
when she does talk (or post)
Work is going well, I guess-
my job is about 95% computer work and
after 90 days of non-use then
your access is taken away.
Oh I will get it back BUT
it could take up to 2 weeks.
And for those of us who have ever worked this time of year, it is almost impossible to get things like computer access very quick.
Plus they have to check that my account at the regional office in Austin, Texas was not deleted.
Oh well, such is life-
"keep on keeping on".
I am just so glad to be back-

Sunday, December 18, 2011

So Sad

Me and the Beaglebratz have only been gone from Blogville a few days - since going back to work (everything with that is going well) this has cut down on my at home computer time and I am tired after getting home plus getting ready for Christmas.  But now, when I do get here and on Facebook, I read so much about the unfathomable and most terrible tragedy that has struck the 

We at Team Beaglebratz are so
very thankful for the human lives and 
the two puppers who were saved but
we mourn the loss of
Coco Chanel, Guerro, Shelby,
Lucky and Tiger.

This would DEFINITELY be something
no one could ever dream of happening-
not even in their worst nightmare.
I don't know what I would do if 
I ever lost so many loving companions.

There has been a 
 set up for Sandra and her family-
thanks to the generous communtiy of Blogville,
it has exceeded well over 
the original goal
please don't let that stop anyone else-
recovery from such devastion is never cheap.
So maybe insurance will help 
there will be many other expenses 
Besides their furry companions they lost
the fire didn't leave much else.
And please stop by their blog
to express your sympathy-
this devastation will take a LONG time 
for Sandra and the rest to recover from.

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi - Ho Hi - Ho, it's off to work I go (Wordless Wednesday - sort of)

Yep - tis true tis true.  Of course if I was independently wealthy or at least had a good source of a second income then not working would probably not be such an issue.  And of course, I do hate terribly having to leave the Beaglebratz behind - I am SURE they will have a few choice words I mean barks for me when I do get home.

Anyway, at my appt. last week, my vision was still between 20/150 and 20/200 - an improvement believe me but I was worried - would it be enuf.  I should not have worried - today when I saw my specialist, my vision was up to between 20/60 and 20/70 AND my specialist expects it to improve even more-

Thursday, December 8, 2011

We Beaglebratz R Still Stoopervizing

Well az ya'll know, 
mom left us here 
ALL ALOME yesterday 
An'she shut us in the 
kitchen or else
we JUST MAY-B cooda helped her
git that indoor tree all 
dekorated while
she wuz gone.
BUTT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO - she must haf fergot how good we can help soooooooooo-
now she haz tu du it by herself cuz
we iz tu bizy 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

As Shiloh'n Shasta would say - WOWZERZ WOW WOW!

 Ok, first of all, I must take a minute to thank my wonderful Beaglebratz for the nice post wishing me a happy birthday.  Then I need to thank all of you who left me happy birthday wishes.

today was another follow-up appt. with my cornea specialist who has got to be
one of the smartest and great eye docs around.
Remember last week my new cornea transplant
was NOT healing-
vision improving and no signs of rejection BUT
just not healing.
Well, thanks to all the prayers here
and the method of treatment my eye doc
used to try to resolve that problem-

Now I am not the least naive when it comes to 
the health of that eye-
I know that does not mean there will never be a problem again-
however at least my eye doc is taking
preventive steps to at least try to keep this healthy at least for awhile.
For now he is continuing the use of that bandage contact lense plus he will see me 
next week when he is here in Topeka.
I am feeling better about that-
I hate being put off to more infrequent doc visits when I know I have an eye condition that needs a tad more attention-
at least for awhile.

Sis'n I were gone most of the day today so we did a little shopping in Overland Park.
I had a couple of tater tots that found their way bak to my kitchen so I flattened them out a bit
then melted a bit of cheese on them and 
added them to the 
dogs kibble after they cooled-
between that and 
their late evening treats I
hope that helped Shiloh'n Shasta feel better
a little after leaving them most of the day.

Ok, bedtime for us all here-
more later sometime.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Monday, December 5, 2011


We Beaglebratz r givin'our mom a break frum her uzual Mom On Monday post->
she iz du-in'that stuff tu our livin'room tu git it lookin'all purty an'Christmasy tuday an'we
r du'in our most furry best tu stoopervize->

 She iz takin'a break rite now so 
we d-sided we NEEDED tu 
take a break frum our laboreeus an'teedius werk of stoopervizing the dekoratin'an
stop by tu 
wish our mom a 
Shiloh'n Shasta

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cornea Transplants - not jst bad off and good on (from mom)

Ok, well this past Wednesday when I left my specialist's office, I had learned further info of what is exactly involved in the entire process of a cornea transplant - I fuess that info maybe was explained to me years ago ( after all, this was my fourth time) actually I probably should have known but in the whole process maybe I forgot that part.  

I guess I always thought that even tho it is a intricate surgery, it just involved taking my old bad cornea out and then putting in the donor tissue then of couse there was always the possibility of the new cornea being rejected but  as of now rejection is not the issue with me - no, that is a relatively easy problem to take care compared to the issue I am dealing with now altho it too is nothing new to me'  my vision has improved and as I said, no signs of rejection of the new cornea however after the new cornea is put in place, I still had to regrow my own tissue to cover the donor cornea - when the specialist examined my eye, this regrowth had yet to begin - I did not realize this was suppose to happen but once I knew then I was not really surprised because I know how slow that area heals for me.  As a result I am now wearing that bandage contact lense  again - the one I can see thru but has no power in it.  It helped a bit - for my piece of mind - to know that my specialist was not surprised this happened.  So now I am bak to waiting - I go bak to the specialist next Wednesday, 12/7 so I hope I will know more then - especiall since I am set to go bak to work on 12/12.

We are all doing well otherwise - just trying to stay warm.  May get a little freezing rain this weekend.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

HEY - HEY - The gang's all here

This iza pik of us that mom took when it wuz warm an'sunny out - NOT like tuday - it iz sunny BUTT NOT warm at all!

WELL, our daze r not like they were YET BUTT they iz gittin'there.  Mom iz able tu c better BUTT it iz still gittin'all better - she sez it takez sum time - so may-b we need tu git her one of thoze time-tellin'thingz she haz on the wall.

One of mom'z nik-namez she gave us a while ago wuz Snugglebuddiez - well we (the Beaglebratz)
haf d-sided that she makez a purty good Snugglebuddy tu so we r gonna give her that nik-name tu.

Ok - this post iz kinda short (we herd mom say it iz short like us - she better watch it or we iz gonna stop bein'her Snugglebuddiez) - mom haz an errand tu du later tuday an'she turnz off the 'puter when she leavez (we really du NEED tu git our own - one of thoze kind that we can take with us).  We hope we kin git bak here REEL fast.
Shasta'n Shiloh

Sunday, November 27, 2011

REBIRTH ???????????

I have been wanting to get bak here soooooooooooo bad but it seemed like there was always something that stoped me and now my 'puter is making a whirring sound AGAIN so today may be a little shorter than I want AND now the sound has stopped so who knows what is going on.  And now I just heard the 10 minute warning bell on the clothes dryer so will be interrupted for that - at least the Beaglebratz have already been out a couple of times so at least they will let me alone for a bit.  Have a pot of meaty turkey bones simmering away on the stove - smells so yummy in here.

Yes, the surgery did go off without a hitch and in fact the whole process of getting there and bak went better than what my sis and I both expected - the week before I had received some pre-op and check-in paper work from the surgery center telling me to be there anytime between 1 and 3pm but then the day before surgery they call and tell me to be there by 1:20pm - yes, that is between 1 and 3 but just turned out to be earlier than what we planned.  But actually, we were in their parking lot by 1pm - and I was checked in shortly after.  It was probably because of the Thanksgiving holiday and people not wanting their cataract or LASIK surgery so close to the holiday, it was less than 10 minutes later that I was called bak to the pre-op area. Ok so figure I went into surgery probably about 2pm - by the time I got through surgery and post-op recovery and discharge instructions then my sis and I got a bite to eat on the way home - I was in my kitchen before 5pm - considering last time we had to wait over 2 hours BEFORE I even had surgery, we were quite happy with the day.  Even tho my eye was patched shut and since I am blind in my other meaning I was totally blind I still was able to stay home that nite - and yes, the dogs were extremely happy I was there.  Luckily the next morning I was allowed to remove that patch so I was able to see a bit before my sis and I had to head bak to Overland Park, Kansas for my first follow-up visit - my next one will be this Wednesday, 11/30.

Ok - yes, I am seeing better BUT it is not completely healed yet plus there are sutures to be removed.  I was really glad when I was able to read for myself the post-op instructions that also said that my vision will be blurry for a bit and the vision will fluctuate for awhile (but I also know from previous experiences that those fluctuations will eventually become further apart.)  Also the variety of eyedrops plus the ointment I have to use mess up my vision a bit too but that will also get less and less too.

Yes, on Thanksgiving this year, I had something very special to be thankful for as I will for some time - who knows, maybe with all the "omens" of my divine intervention (see the post before) and the good luck on surgery day plus getting bak to church when we did, maybe they will all bring extra good luck then add alot of prayers and this cornea transplant will remain a good one for several years to come - unlike the last one.

Right now. I need to stop for now.  I hope the next post you see will be from the Beaglebratz - I know they are quite anxious to get bak on here but they understand too that mom has to take things a little slow for a few days and they want to be as helpful to me as they can (so why did they get loose yesterday when they had the opportunity to sneek out the door but I will let them talk about that more IF they want to).
In the meantime, I know this is late but
hope everyone had a wonderful and


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Divine Intervention ?????????????????

No, not the surgery - that is two days away yet and there have been NO NEW PROBLEMS so hopefully everything will go off without a hitch.  But something else happened yesterday that still gives me that warm fuzzy feeling and leaves me and my heart smiling - besides Shiloh'n Shasta.  AND it makes me wonder just who (as in God) had a hand in it.  And it did happen in a church too!

Since my vision first messed up in early August of this year, I have let in get in the way of many things, including stopping me from attending church and even tho my sis knows more people there than I do, she didn't want to go without me - she did make plans to go a couple times but something always got in the way.  As a result we missed out on something else we do every year at this time - filling a couple of shoeboxes with little toys and toiletries for Samaritan's Purse which is a Christian charity benefitting those in dire need all over the world.  So when I saw on tv that another local church was still accepting shoeboxes from the public, we went out shopping this past Friday night to get the things we needed to fill a couple of shoeboxes then on Saturday - yesterday - we delivered them to the church that was still taking them and THAT is where the divine intervention took place.  The woman who took our boxes looked at me and asked,  Kim Brooks?  Are you Kim Brooks - I'm Martha ____.
I have to admit, it took me a few seconds - I thought Martha from our dog therapy group (remember, my vision didn't allow me to see clearly) but then I remembered the last names didn't match along with the picture I did see of her along with the voice.  Then I did remember, Martha was the girl I had shared a room with at the hospital where I had my brain tumor surgery about 35 years ago
(when most of my vision problems began).  And we later worked together at that same hospital but even that had to be at least 30 years ago.  Martha had seen me at my worst after my brain tumor surgery and even came to visit me after she had been discharged from the hospital - she was still able to play her flute even tho many of her fingers had to be amputated due to a blood disease - while she played Christmas carols in the activity room of the hospital, I sang along.  Now for a little more - a few years ago I got copies of that brain tumor surgery that was 35 years ago - I could remember that the surgery happened around this time of year, in November of 1976 but I had forgotten the exact date; turns out that the surgery years ago was the same date, November 22 which is the same date as my upcoming cornea transplant. Then I was thinking about getting re-acquainted with Martha, shortly before my eye surgery kinda like when we became good friends before my surgery in 1976.  By the way, that brain tumor - not cancer but what is called an Acoustic Neuroma.  Anyway, some may think this was all just a coincidence BUT you just never know - and for the record, I DON'T think it was just a coincidence.

Ok - this has gotten kinda long.  Sorry it has been so long since my last post - I didn't realize that.  I am not sure if I will have time to post again before my surgery - I am hoping to but have a few things to do before it and we will leave here around noon on Tuesday, 11/22 to get down to Overland Park, KS.

Sidenote - probably will miss sending Christmas cards and I really did not like not being able to take part in the pet gift exchange this year - Shiloh'n Shasta had such fun last year at Petsmart choosing the gifts to send out - hopefully next year and I do hope we can at least send Christmas emails.  Actually, it has really gotten cold since yesterday and I don't know if I could get them to go out long enuf to get to Petsmart since all they want to do now is go out long enuf to get their business done then come bak in ASAP! The revolving door I was a few days ago has become less and less since they are now more content to stay in more - I really have to put some muscle in to getting them off their chair to go out before bed.  Speaking of doing that as I yawn again for the upteenth time - best get it done before I have to carry them out.
In case I don't have time to post again before, hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.  Wish all good health - 2 and 4 leggers.
 Shasta'n Shiloh
& Kim

Monday, November 7, 2011


The reason I mention Facebook is because I have not been on there since this latest vision problem started and our blog shows up there too - I hope.

I was kinda hoping and praying that it wouldn't come to this but there will be another cornea transplant.     The really good news is that I won't be waiting long - November 22 - yep, the same week of Thanksgiving.  How's that for having something to be thankful for.  Not sure yet how long the recovery will take this time.  Last year it took a month because the specialist added a layer of stem cells which altho it promotes healing it also slows down recovery.  I don't know yet if he will do that this time - I hope to find out later today. If I don't have that done this time(which I kinda doubt) then the recovery is only a few days.  I would REALLY like to be able to get bak to work and the life I had before this latest fiasco BEFORE Christmas.

Oh, until then there is a slight change in my prayer focus.    The 
ONLY way the cornea transplant will take place on Nov. 22 is IF there are NO NEW PROBLEMS WITH MY VISION such as some kind of new infection.   Of course I still pray that there will be some kind of miracle and I will wake up some morning before the 22nd and my vision will be as good as it was BEFORE this latest mess-up with my  vision bak in August.

Anyway that is my latest news.  The Beaglebratz are doing well - they have had their breakfast of kibble topped with a few bites of Granny Smith apple - remember, no peeling - and a bite of my banana and then went outside for a bit.  Now they are bak in and snoozing away here in the livingroom - yep, there are TWO Beagles  snoozing there.

Uh-oh, one of my fav daytime shows is on - Rachel Ray and today she has Guy Fieti (Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) on - I love Rachel's method of measuring cause anyone can do it regardless of vision.  And I get some great ideas - at least this time when my vision messed up it still allows me to do a little cooking on the stove and I love to "experiment",  Maybe I will share a recipe that has become one of my favs - it involves a Tex-Mex dip I found and some hamburger with a couple of cans of beans - still have some in the freezer - umm umm really good.  

Bak sometime
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Monday, October 24, 2011


A bit of an update today.  I had to go to my local eye doc today to have a contact lense put in - the other came out yesterday'.  I thought I had noticed some improvement since this past Friday but I would not have been surprised if when I got up today, because the contact lens came out yesterday, if my vision was a little worse - it wasn't.
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Not only was it NOT worse, my eye doc said it looked like the defect was healing FASTER than it did before -
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that haze that's covering my cornea - he agreed that it may be clearing just a tad.  So I'm kinda wondering now if the cornea transplant will be necessary - at least before I can go bak to work.  I won't know that for awhile and will let  you all know when I do.  My local eye doc will be talking with my specialist tomorrow  since my specialist will be here in town - the specialist may want to see the improvement I see.  Not much else going on now.  I think the Beaglebratz are in a rut - whenever I am here doing a post, they can usually be found just snoozing away the evening.
   We will be bak when we can.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Still waiting but there is now a bit of change in what I am waiting for.  First I was waiting to see if all the problems healed on their own and at first it looked as though they woul-
the fungal infection cleared in less than two weeks and on September 26 when I saw my local eye doc, the epithelial defect (skin tear on the cornea) had healed over - all that remained was a haze that covered the cornea so the wait continued to see if that would clear.  At this time after the defect had healed it was decided to not use the bandage contact lense I was wearing to promote healing of the defect - this proved to be a BIG mistake and lengthened the healing time.  Two weeks after the defect was healed and while waiting for the haze to clear, the defect returned - that was last Tuesday, October 11.  So the chances of a cornea transplant are now real - the hope (by the docs) that there was a chance of everything healing on its own and  not needing another transplant pretty much ended when the defect returned.   As for me, not sure where my hope lies - I would still love for EVERYTHING to heal by itself however I just want all of this to be OVER!!!    So earlier today I went bak to my local doc and once again the defect has started to heal again.  My local doc did make a statement  - sort of a question - something about maybe leaving the contact lense in AFTER the defect is healed,since it has been proven that as long as the contact is in, the chances of the defect coming bak are almost 0 (I remember when the defect was healed last month and that contact was left out as soon as it was healed, I was wondering then if maybe the lense should be left IN - looks like I was rite - I wish I had said something then).  

Ok - so now it is definitely looking as tho I am now waiting for the defect to heal - once that is healed then I really hope there will be no more waiting before the cornea transplant.  Even then, with the time it will likely take for the defect to heal, at least another 2 to 3 weeks then assuming I can have the transplant at that time (assuming is not a good thing to do so I will pray for that instead) then another month to heal before I can return to work  (that much time is not usually needed to recover from a NORMAL cornea transplant but as we all know, I don't do normal - as with my last transplant, the doc will likely add a layer of stem cells which enhances healing - this also adds to the length of the usual time for healing).  So it will likely and hopefully be mid-December before I get bak to work.  I do know that I will be strongly urging the specialist to do the transplant ASAP after the defect is healed.  I already know that the transplant will not be done if there is any sign of ACTIVE DISEASE - plus it will not be done as long as there is a defect which allows any fungal or bacterial disease set in - in other words, the defect would allow the onset of active disease.  So, here I sit and wait, try not to freeze - down to 29 last nite - still trying to convince the Beaglebratz that the bed is mine - lost cause. 
Gotta go for now  - dogs need to go out and I have eye meds to use that REALLY mess up my vision and it is a good time for bed - IF I can find room for me.  Will keep you allposted onn the latest when it happens as I can.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta


Thursday, October 6, 2011

FINALLY!!!! ,Newest update

Well - bak two months ago when this latest problem finally got bad enuf to keep me home and just about totally disrupt my life in every way, there were two things going on with my right eye - the epithelial defect(skin tear on the cornea) which had really started bak in May of this year but had gotten better but never totally healed and as a result of that, the fungal infection was able to attack my eye (yes, deja vue of a year ago).

Ok, now bak to the present - because the fungal infection was caught early (less than 12 hours after initial attack),once treatment started (anti-fungal eyedrop and pills) it was gone in about a week or so.  However, when that was gone, another problem became evideny (in addition to the already know skin tear of the cornea) - a condition I have battled in my right eye ever since the onset of the right facial paralysis decades ago - a condition known as neurotrophic keratitis; basically the nerve paralysis in the face does not allow adequste snd normal nutrition to the eye to keep it healthy (more trivia you will probably never need or use).  It is this condition(the keratitis) that usually causes the defect (skin tear) at least for me.  NOW, actually as of lsst week, that skin tear has healed and yes, there has been some minor improvement in my vision 
HOWEVER it is still not improved enuf to go bak to work or resume much else.  TODAY I WAS able to get to the store on my own which really was a necessity that I get there today for a very few groceries and my over the counter eyedrops that I must use - my sis is having really bad knee pain (as in not able to stand on that leg at all and her current level of pain med is not working).

I see my specialist next Tuesday - to check on that haze left by the neurotrophic keratitis - not sure what will happen as a result - there may be a determination made at that time for a fourth cornea transplant - I need it ASAP so I can get bak to work and be able to pay bills and not draw on my retirement  anymore.  Of course the ideal result and one that I keep hoping and praying for is that by some miracle of healing that the vision in my right eye will be restored totally and I will resume all of my usual daily activities - the dogs need to get bak to going for walks and their visits.  A couple of weeks ago was the annual fundraiser in the city park for our local animal shelter - Shiloh has won the best pet trick contest 3 years
 (not dressed like this but this was part of his routine)
since we started going in 2004 - this was the first time we missed the fundraiser since we started going.  Topeka will be having their Blessing of the Animals next weekend which I really would like to go since we missed last year - between my eye problems and my sis's knee problem, it is NOT likely to happen.  This Saturday is Shasta's 5th barkday
 I DO have a present for her which I had the good sense to get earlier this year and today I picked up a bag of those Milo chicken meatballs - her favorite but then she IS a Beagle and she loves a lot of treats but she does tend to eat the Milo's meatballs first if given a choice of treats.

Ok - it is late and I need to stop for now.  The B-bratz don't miss those things like I do I know that altho I know Shiloh does love his visiting but I know rhey are VERY happy to just have me here with them and I am VERY happy that they are here with me.  Off to bed now......

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Friday, September 16, 2011


Well still a bit better - kinda.  I mean I am reading one line better on the chart, 20/200  as compared to barely being able to count fingers at less than 4 feet - so farI have been improving about a line every 7 to 10 days so just maybe I MIGHT be able to return to work in 2 or 3 weeks.  HOWEVER,that is using more of my peripheral vision than central       which is what is normally used (but then I never did proclaim to be normal).It seems that now there is a haze covering the center of my eye-
this is not really a new problem and may still improve - just one more reason to want to 'wait and see'.  
At least me and the doc did discuss my financial situation a bit and he did try something new that CAN help others sometimes so he wanted to try it with me since it might help me get back to work sooner than later.  HOWEVER as I already knew, I am NOT like so many others who have been helped with adding a hard contact on top of the bandage contact lens I was already wearing.  So here I sit, here at home
just me and the B-bratz, each of     us enjoying the others presence- them REALLY sleeping late with their mom (mom enhoys this too) going outside almost anytime they want and getting a few extra treats  (are diets in their future?)
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Thursday, September 15, 2011



Why is it so %T#$% friggin difficult, especially for a MAJOR FEDERAL health care agency with tens of thousands of patients with chronic illnesses to understand that just maybe it cannot be determined or specifically stated when an employee with a chronic disease will be healed enough or well enough to return to work.  Then you have to deal with the doctors who insist on taking a 'wait and see' approach to the improvement or healing of that condition. Now if I could win a million dollar lottery so I could pay my house off and pay other bills including mounting medical bills and needed prescriptions as well as over the counter meds that insurance won't cover plus the food for me and the Beaglebratz then sure, I would be more than happy to take that same "wait and see".  But are those same doctors willing to pay any of those expenses - I don't think so.  My specialist is helpig me a little with small samples of the eye meds that I need but believe mewhen I say that is a small fraction of the total cost of those meds. Then these same doctors who want to 'wait and see'are slow to complete the paperwork you need to guarantee that your job will be waiting for you and that your employer will cover the cost of your health insurance until you get back to work (so you can pay it back - but at least it is there when I need it).  Ok, enough venting for now.

As I spend my day, thinking about the above and wondering ifit will lead to bankruptcy oand selling my house - having to retire due to my disability, those positive thoughts sometimes are downright impossible to maintain or seem to come and go.  Sometimes the depression and sadness try to take hold BUT then I think about ALL ofmy great Blogville friends - both 2 and 4 legged and all the positive and pawsitive vibes they are sending my way.  Thank goodness for the computer and being able to enlarge print - I love reading all your comments, I feel like that is still 1 thing I have.


How does one stay sad and down when this (Shiloh) is looking at you with a wagging tail?

or you look over and see this(Shasta)

Yep, new pictures just like this one

Ok, gotta go finish laundry then get ready for eye doc appt.  Back later or tomorrow.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Friday, September 9, 2011


I know we have all been doing this (and my tanks are sooooooooo great) but it seems to be more important now then before.  Yes, improvement is still happening which I found out at my appt; yesterday. However what would normally take a NORMAL and HEALTHY eye maybe a few days to heal - the normal healing process of my eye is non-existent (nothing new-been this way for years which is a main problem for all my vision problems).  So what that means, what my doc told me - with normal healing, the epithelial defect or the skin tear on my cornea would be healed by now.  HOWEVER,because of my compromised immune system involving the eye it could take my vision at least two to three more weeks to heal.  Now IF I were married (maybe) or at least had some type of a sufficient second income that would not really be a problem. One good thing is that I can elect to have my employer cover the cost of my health insurance but I will have to pay it bak once I return to work.  However they offer no disability type of insurance or coverage unless it is workman's comp which of course this isn't    So then, what am I getting at?  That two or three weeks is just really NOT acceptable to me altho I am sure that Shiloh'n Shasta would not have a problem with it (at least until their dog food ran ot and no more treats in the drawer) however as you all are aware, there are just a tad more to living than that (Of course whatever the time limit is - that is really something determined by God but I can still try and do something)  

ANYHOW OR ANYWHO - as the subject of this post says - positive - pawsitive thinking. I know you have all been doing this along with your so many prayers and healing vibes - if it isn't TOO much trouble maybe you could mention this in your blog or Facebook page if you have one?   I even worke  some clothes I usually reserve for work to my doc appt. - maybe as a hidden motivator????????????????

I am just so very much in awe and appreciative of all the kindness and support and comments we have all been given.    May be bak to my blog over  the weekend or the Beaglebratz may put in an appearance - not sure at this time - rite now I need to go.  Thanx again so very much for all your help.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

We r here tu!

Yepperz - we the Beaglebratz r here tu!  Mom sed we cood leave a message tu so here we iz -WOOHOO!  So this iz gonna b kinda shor fer now butt may;b more sumday REAL soon.  We just wanted to share sum pikcurz of what we haf bin duin - u may haf seen theze b-4 butt mom hazn't got any new onez on the 'puter yet.  'k - here they r-

this iz what we haf bin duin the most-

Then we bin duin a little bit of this tu-
and this tu-

we bin duin az much of this az we can

We r tryin'tu figur out sumthin'-
Mom will b eatin'sumthin'an 
we tell her we want sum tu 
she sez we already had our meal.
We ask u-

Hope we can come bak soon tu c u all-
~Shiloh'nn Shasta~