Saturday, April 30, 2011

B-WARE – your pawrentz cood b in DANGER

The abuve pikchur iz an x-ample of what we Beaglez du best-
mom NEEDZ tu lern how tu du what we Beagles already no.

Our mom wuz tellin’us Beaglebratz ‘bout sumthin’she encountered when
she left her werk place one day last week–
she didn’t tell us sooner b-cuz she nu we wood worry.
She sed she wuz outside waitin’fer her ride an’happened tu look down an’there was a SQUIRRELIE climbin’ around on a bench close tu where she wuz.
She kept watchin’az he scampered up tu the top of the bench.
Mom sed he must haf happened tu catch sight of her az he wuz sittin’there cuz………

Now let us warn u–
this AIN”T fer thoze with a weak heart cuz we don’t want tu cause any problemz BUTT
we iz wantin’tu warn u-

That squirrelie he wuz sittin’there on his haunches an’he looked rite at our mom!

She thinkz it gave her the evil squirrelie eye.
She sed don’t worry cuz she told that squirrelie that she haz 2 squirrelie-huntin’dawgz at home’an' they
wood just love sum fresh squirrelie kabobz.
Well that must haf really scared him cuz
that squirrelie just got rite down off that bench az fast az he cood move
(an’u’all no squirrreliez can b purty quik when they need tu b)
then ran off tu the yard way far awayz.

We told our mom that she REALLY needz tu haf 2 Beagle-guardz there BUTT
she sed her boss just woodn’t allow it.
Well, we will just haf tu teach her how us Beaglez r ALWAYZ on the look-out fer squirreliez an’give her sum kind of alarm she can sound so we can come over tu her werk place tu fight off them squirreliez cuz u’all no, if there iz one squirrelie then there r gonna b more.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Friday, April 29, 2011

2nd post tuday - WTF!!! WE R BAK !!!

       Akchually, it iz us Beaglebratz FURST post tuday - guess mom did 1 erlier - she'z bin duin'that a lot the last cuple'o dayz.  She TOLD us that our Internetz wuzn't werkin'BUTT we kinda wunder 'bout our mom sumtimez.
Fer instance, sumtimez when she iz eatin'she will say 
"You tu haf had your dinner an'did I stand around watchin'u?  
Now we ask u'all what haz that got tu du with ANYTHING?

Anywayz, we wantz tu git this posted tunite so 
we can git bak tu regular bizness this weekend.
We gotz sum other stuff tu post 'bout later.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

ps from mom - not sure what the problem was, it took me about 10 seconds to get my Internet working - uplugged and plugged back in the power cord - that's all.

Hope to be back tonite

Well I FINALLY will get a chance to check out my Internet tonight - thought I would last night but things didn't work out.  Shiloh and I went to the nursing home to visit and for the most part, that went good.  I found out that Beth had a bump removed from her tonsil area - she is waiting to hear if it is cancerous or not.  So, even tho she did sound good on the phone, she was not up to a visit.  I was kind of bummed out over this - she is such a sweet lady and doesn't deserve this new development as she already is showing early signs of Parkinson's.  When we met for the first time I found out that she already knew my family from years ago - when we lived out in the country she had lived near us - I forgot all about her but she remembered me and my sister - she is very sharp.  Then another lady, Maggie, had a "Do Not Disturb" sign on her door so I didn't want to bother her.  She also has several medical problems like diabetes and she is on oxygen.  I also noticed a few empty rooms where we had visited before.  Me and Shiloh were gone about 2 hours so it wasn't a total wash-out - we are always welcomed there and those we did visit enjoyed having us there - we did meet a few new people so that was a good time.

So glad it is Friday - I NEED a weekend.  Started off this morning by knocking over a FULL 32 ounce glass of water - my work shoes were right below it so I had to scramble to clean that up and find some other shoes to wear today.  It also drenched the sweater I usually wear to work.  Then on my way to work, I discover I don't have my office keys with me - thank goodness my co-worker and office mate was at work the same time I was.

Ok - enuf whining for now - Shiloh does enuf of  that for all of us sometimes.  Today is Friday, payday, the sun is shining - second day in a row and it is suppose to be near 80 degrees today.

The LORD is in HEAVEN and everything is good.  Hope you all have a great day.  Hope to be back tonight.
Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Still no Internet at home - concerned for our southern Blogville residents

I did want to check in from work because I know we have several members in Blogville who may have been affected by all the tornados in the south;  I do pray they are all safe and would greatly appreciate it if you could leave me a comment letting me know how you are doing.  Last I heard, there have been over 170 deaths from the tornados and the storms may not be done yet.

Nothing much else going on - I do appreciate all the comments left on my prior post and hopefully I can check the ideas out tomorrow evening that I have been given.  I have printed out that post/comments so I will have them with me at home to try.  Who knows - maybe me and the Beaglebratz will be back tomorrow evening from the comfort of our own computer.   Shiloh'n Shasta are both doing fine.  Right now - back to work.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Important news from the mom

Something is wrong with my Internet connection on my home computer - there is none.  The external modem appears to be working fine - all wires are hooked up the way they should be-
all lights lit up the way they should EXCEPT to show activity since there ain't none.. 
Nothing was moved from Sunday evening to Monday morning that would have caused it.
I am not a computer geek - I'm downright computer illiterate actually-
know how to use them but that is it.

Any access I have to the Internet or email is VERY limited at this point-
here at work or at my sister's.
Even tho here at work, we CAN use the Internet on a limited basis,
when one shares their office & work-space with their supervisor then
that translates into almost nil - nata - almost 0 except for the
very occasional time she spends at meetings.

So any posting or commenting that is done by me or the Beaglebratz-
will not be much - very little pictures except what is on Picasa which also ain't much.
I am not sure when this will change, soon I hope.
In the meantime, I'll try not to pull ALL of my hair out.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wanted tu post BUTT.......

Oh WOWZERZ!!!!!  There was just way so much going on yesterday at the Celebration of Life fer Richie and the Great Birthday Pawty fer Ronnii.

There wuz soooooooooooo much food there - BUTT 
all us pawty-goerz had no problem makin'shure nuthin went tu waste.

An'there were way soooooo many of us pawty-goerz there-
havin'such a furry much good time.

An'the PawzBang Band showed up-

When they JUST HAD tu take a break then the
Blogville's Jazz Band, the HIGH ROLLERS
wood fill in.
While me an'Shasta were at the pawty,
we got a speshal d-livery frum our mom-
 She had bin sumwhere called the Farmer'z Market'n
got sum home-made biskitz an'mini-muffinz-
then found theze sausage rollz an'had
them sent by courier over tu the pawty.
Guess she wuz worried that we mite run out of food-
she obviously haz NOT bin tu 
one of our pet-bloggerz in Blogville pawtiez.
(Oh that iz just tu funny - run out of food -

By the way, we met sum doggiez at the pawty-
don't think we had ever seen theze 2 b-4,
wunder if they just showed up fer the eatz?
Any of u recognize them?
Wunder if they came tu crash the pawty?
(Start the video then
double click on the it tu git the whole thing)

At least they didn't cauze no truble.

If anyone wantz tu vizit 
make shure tu check out the last few posts tu 
read all'bout the pawty.

Rite now, us Beaglebratz NEED tu go sleep offour hang-overz-
we had sum killer Maw-gaw-ritaz at the pawty.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Friday, April 22, 2011


This pawty iz gonna b one of the BESTEST of pawtiez.  
We want tu wish Ronnii a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!  
We will also b celebratin'the wunderful life that sweet Richie
had with the Momster an'the Popster an'Ronnii.

We herd that Ronnii iz lookin'fer a life-guard fer the pool pawty -
Wunder if Shiloh wood fit the bill?

Az soon az we gitz the sopwith camel revved up,

we will b on our way tu

PeeS - y'all really shood go there an'check out sum 
of the food that will b there.
Here'z the turkey loavez we iz takin'there.

~Shiloh an'Shasta~

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sorry fer the lapse

Shiloh here - sorry we didn't post sooner after the stormy weather. 
 Mom wuz watchin'that talkie-box thingy an'the
weather man sed
we missed the worst of it-
all we gotz were a few thunder-boomerz an'sum rain.
Mom sed we gotz more rain in the area tuday BUTT
no thunder-boomerz-
just yucky weather.

In the meantime, mom keepz me on
that long rope thingy-
even IN MY kingdom.
I tried tu go x'plorin'last nite BUTT
that rope thingy kept me frum it.

Rite now-
gotta go take my erly mornin'snooze-
mom leavez fer werk WAY TU ERLY!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The calm B-4 the storm.....

We Beaglebratz r just takin'it eazy fer now BUTT if we hear that thunder-boomer guy then we haf tu bark at him an'chase him away.
Here r sum pikchurz mom took a bit ago-

Ok, thoze pikchurz don't really show much of what iz happenin/soooo
here iza link tu our local newz stashon an'weather

Lotza thunder-boomerz an'a few tornadoes around our area BUTT 
none here - yet.
We will b around Blogville az the weather allowz.
!Shiloh'n Shasta~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The mom has a question...

Need to hurry with this - time is limited. 
Shiloh got out AGAIN last nite - he IS safe and back home
but he was VERY determined to stay loose, until
my nephew caught up with him,
Shiloh doesn't stand a chance with a physically fit and totally able guy tracking him down.

He now goes out in the backyard, ONLY
with my 25ft. retractrable lead-
may even stay on it when I do get some blocks to put up.

My question-
and the other doggies, kitties, bunnies and bunny lovers/owners
may not want to read this part.
Does anyone know where I can find either a whole or part of
a wild rabbit pelt - the furry part.
It's got to be wild since a wild rabbit smells
better(?) than a domesticated or those raised for hunting.
I want it to put on a long pole and then use it to entice Shiloh to exercise
WITHIN the confines of the backyard.
And a plush toy will not work UNLESS
it has the wild rabbit smell.

I gotta tell ya-
if I hadn't been so worried and concerned for his safety,
I had a chance to watch him and listen as he hunted-
it is a beautiful sight to see a breed doing what they were bred to do.
I wish I could get him out to the country with a big open field and
just let him go, BUT
when my nephew did bring him home I was a little more concerned-
I do believe Shiloh was a little over-heated and that can be a life-threatening thing.

Mom Kim

Monday, April 11, 2011


We Beaglebratz haf trained long an'hard
tu achieve this level of expertise- 
we no it lookz like we iz 
let us put your mind at eaze cuz   
 we really were meditatin'an'haz our
focus on gittin'it rite.
This poze really showz off our Beagle duo true spirit.

This dogya poze really takez a team effort tu make it werk-
there haz tu b a doggy tu b willin'tu b the foundashun-
that'z me, Shiloh.  THEN-
the other doggy - that'z me, Shasta-
haz tu b able tu git the top posishun just so, WITH
that bak leg matchin'the direcshun of the front part of my body.
We call this posishun-

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quick update on Shasta from mom ...

Well, another urinalysis this morning showed the same as the last one two weeks ago - no color-no concentrated urine - clear as the water Shasta drank - NOT suppose to be that way.  Next step - complete blood panel workup also this morning - Shasta now has a shaved area on each side of her neck because the test had to be done twice due to the blood not coagulating the way it should on the first blood draw

We had to leave the vet office before the results were ready so I called after we got home - everything looked fine, kidneys are good, so far no signs of Cushings.  He did say there could be something else going on - he is sure there is a medical problem.  He is going to check on Diabetes Insipidus - he said there was nothing to indicate Sugar Diabetes.  After the first urinalysis, he did ask me if Shasta had a tendency to be a nervous dog - he said that and stress could cause the problem with her urine.  But even after I confirmed that yes indeed, Shasta did have problems with being nervous at times - the vet was still sure she had a medical problem.

Back to today - after we left the vet office, we stopped at Petco to pick up some dog food plus I just wanted Shasta exposed to that environment - since I have been watching her more, it kind of seems like either I am picking up on her nervousness more or she is showing more; she seemed almost fearful - walking with her tail tucked - when strangers approached she kind of hung back at first but shortly would slowly and cautiously approached, tail wagging questionably.  And yes, I do think she does get stressed easily altho she does overcome it quickly. 

So, I am wondering, maybe leaning towards this being a behavior issue and MAYBE NOT a medical issue so much.  The vet is suppose to call me later this week after he does more checking on all this.   I have had vets before who were doing things only to increase the fee - I do REALLY hope that is NOT the case here but I don't want Shasta to have a medical issue either.  In the meantime, we will start getting back out for more walks, maybe the dog park or just walks in the park, going to Petco and/or Petsmart and doing anything else (with no or very little expense) that I can do to get Shasta calmed down (including putting my own behavior under a microscope to see if there is something I am doing to contribute to this - I know there could be a link).

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramblings.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Our prezziez frum Miss Kylie (b-4 Jimmie)

This post iz REALLY late an'we started it a LONG time ago so when we saw other postz 'bout sum of u gittin'prezziez, we thought we better go live with this b-4 it wuz tu late!  Theze prezziez were a surprize we got frum Miss Kylie’n her mom an’also Tank an’Preston the Puggle. R’member Miss Kylie’s 3rd Annual 25 Days of Christmas (This wuz the neat card inside our package)
 where each week fer 4 weekz u cood win a blankie tu b sent tu your fav animal shelter? Well, we won the furst week an’we got tu haf a nu blankie sent tu our local animal shelter. What we didn’t realize (or fergot readin') Miss Kylie an’Tank an’Preston wuz also sendin’a surprise tu us – YEAAAA!!! We love surprizez.  Mom r-memberz 'bout the email frum Miss Kylie askin'fer our snail mail addy BUTT didn't really no y. Yepperz – when mom got home frum werk a while bak, she sed there wuz a big envelope in our mailbox an’she had no idea what it wuz – so it wuz a surprize tu her tu. Ok – the best way tu tell u’all ‘bout it is tu show u sum pikchurz of what wuz in that big envelope so here they r

pikchurz of us with the package

the Chewnola bonez


 the stuffiez - ain't they purty - here iza  
                   pink elyfant
                    the yellow giraffe

        an'here they all r - oh there iza blue camel tu!

an'also a cool squeekie ball

An'yep - they iz ALL STILL here tu!

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday woe is me

Even tho Shasta asked me to let her tattle on her big brother, I did tell her no – that was not the right thing to do really – a lady doesn’t tattle. She was not real happy about that and said that she wanted to get back at him for tattling on her – I told her that was not becoming of a lady like herself (I don’t think I convinced her).

Anyway, she wanted to tattle I mean tell you all about the cross-country journey that Shiloh took yesterday. Ok – before I go any further, I will tell you that both Beaglebratz are home safe & sound. But yep – within an hour after that post they did yesterday, Shiloh was out gallivanting in the neighborhood. He got out of the same place I thought I had just blocked – at least that is what it looked like, at first. Upon closer inspection, the escape route is right beside it – he has really messed up my chain-link fence between pushing it back and up – he didn’t have to dig, between pushing the fence out of his way and the nice slick ground cover – he soon wiggled his way out. And me not being able to run – well as they say, you know the rest of the story. However, I do have a permanent fix in mind – just need to arrange for the work to be done – a concrete base at the bottom of my fence line. Then, when my neighbor put up his fence, he left (why I have no idea because he has a privacy fence) there is around 4 – 5 inches between his and my fence – just enough space that when Shiloh wiggles out then all he has to do to gain freedom is follow that corridor to the wide open spaces. EXCEPT I am going to fasten gates at either end so that IF by some weird chance he ever does wiggle through again – I can just walk into that corridor and nab him.

But I just can’t figure it out – Shiloh is now 8 y.o. – he was neutered around 6 or 7 months – it’s not a female dog he is after, he wants to hunt and roam but this time he really had me concerned; when my nephew was able to bring Shiloh home, he was on the verge of over-heating, a very common thing in Beagles because once they are on a scent – they become lean, mean hunting machines and nothing will stop them or slow them down (except maybe a car or worse) as they keep going full-throttle, darting back and forth. I love watching Shiloh out in the SAFETY of our BACKYARD (when he isn’t trying to escape) when he catches a scent – I wish I could take him on a hunt – definitely poetry in motion. But, in the process, talk about living for the moment – Beagles don’t care about drinking or stopping to rest. And it got up to 90 degrees here yesterday and very windy. When he got home I made him lay on the linoleum in the kitchen and put wet paper towels all over him – I have NEVER seen a dog panting so rapidly.

I do have to wonder sometimes where Shasta’s Beagleness is though – she saw him run out to freedom – she made a ruckess but no move to escape – gotta love that mama’s lady diva.

Ok, I am rambling – actually I am past rambling – gotta stop for now. Next time, the Beaglebratz will be here.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bizy on Sunday (mom that iz)

Shiloh'n Shasta here.

Our mom iz gonna b bizy tuday - translashun, won't b around so much fer tuday - we probably won't b gettin'a whole lotta mom time either.  It iz real nice outside so we will get a lotta outside time which iz good an'mom thinkz she needz tu du sum cleanin'outside an'in so at least she will b around us a lot. Now for yestaday - a SATURDAY - a day tu b home with us - she wuz NOT!  She wuz GONE in the mornin'then came home fer a bit then GONE in the afternoon.  She just duzn't git it - she iz gone all day at werk durin'the week - the weekendz r fer US, SHILOH'n SHASTA!  Anyway, she did spend a little time outside with us yestaday an'she got sum nu pikchurz - Shiloh here - I'll d-scribe theze next few pikchurz since they kinda r 'bout me-(u can biggefy theze if u want tu git the big pikchur)

 Thoze furst 2 show my nu-est possible escape route - they also show mom'z feeble attemt tu block it - akchually thoze stakez (not the kind u eat) r where an old escape route wuz.  BUTT b-4 u'all git concerned 'bout me gittin'out agin - didn't happen cuz mom got the nu-est blocked tu.

Now theze next few pikchurz also show sum FORMER possible escape routez - sum mom blocked B-4 I got out-
This furst one - guess mom got really smart?  (Duzn't happen often tho) butt she put a big stone down so I coodn't dig more.

 Yep, theze r all at dif'rent places in our fence.  Now this next pikchur showz sumthin'kind of interestin' - iz there sumthin'hidin'in that hole?
There is 'bout 5-6 inchez b-tween our fence an'the neiborz an'sum wood got left b-hind when they built their fence.  I started diggin'BUTT az u can c - mom blocked it with a stake (agin, NOT the kind u eat).  BUTT gotta wunder - woodn't that make a nice place fer a mom wabbit tu live with her baby bunniez?  Never found none tho so that meanz I AM DU'IN'MY JOB keepin'the kritterz away!

Ok, Shasta here now.  When mom wuz gone yestaday - I didn't no that she wuz gonna bring me a nu friend home (no, not the furry, 4-legged kind).  BUTT yep, that'z what she did-
I wunder if my nu friend no'z Sallie's Alien ?  My nu friend duzn't talk much just haz that dumb look all the time.

Anyway, us Beaglebratz r gonna go fer now - mom iz headed towardz the door so we gotta follow tu make shur she duzn't get in truble out there - or git blown away cuz it iz kinda windy tuday but nice'n warm an'sunny.
Iz spring here?
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

(mom here - a few days ago Shiloh tattled on Shasta about her peeing in my bed - since she had to go to the vet for a couple vaccinations, I also talked to the vet about it - he went ahead and did a urinalysis.  Everything it could show checked out fine except (isn't there always an except) for one thing - there was no color to her urine - no concentration.  Now this could just be a sign of her being a nervous pup - she has always been this way.  However (and a however will often accompany an except) no concentration in her urine could also be a sign of early renal failure - she is going back to the vet on 4/9 for a repeat urinalysis to double check - the results will guide the vet on the next step.  To give you all an idea of Shasta's nervousness sometimes - as Shiloh said earlier, it is warm and sunny but kinda windy - I have my windows open a little and just as I have been typing, the wind came up and blew through my window blinds - well you are probably aware of the noise that makes plus something outside was banging around so all the noise, plus the curtains blowing around scared her over, clinging to me.  She calmed down a bit (the wind went down) and she laid back down on the sofa.  The wind came back up, the noise started up and this time she jumped off the sofa - I guess she didn't get enough comfort from me, looked at the sofa but ran upstairs as the wind came up again.  I looked up and there she was, sitting as close to the wall as she could get.  I don't remember her ever acting this bad before so not sure what is new.  July 4th fireworks have never bothered her this much.  Ok - this could have been a whole separate post so I am going to stop for now)

Friday, April 1, 2011


Shiloh here -  First of all. this iz our FINALLY FRIDAY  post - we all NEED it.   I finally d-sided I mite az well just kinda lern tu go with the flow - y'no, thoze most embarrasin'puppy pikchurz that mom INSISTZ on postin'on OUR blog;  like our blog d-scripshun sez, she duz pay fer us tu uze the Internet soooooo I guess I can indulge this d-luzion of herz.  So on with the show............

You can tell that already at such an erly age I wuz b-ginnin'tu d-velop that ability tu du sum deep contemplatin'thinkin'

Here I iz revitalizin'myself (or wuz I just chillin?) after such heavy thinkin'

Here I iz - SUPER BEAGLE - lerning,how tu fly.

Here I iz with my "BIG" little bruther FurAngel Oreo. 
C, already he iz teachin'me how tu uze that LOOK.
Him on the other paw iz tryin'tu confuzzle mom - haz that evil eye look BUTT
kinda smilin'tu (I think it mite haf bin a evil laugh - BWA HAHAHAHAHA)

Here we iz agin - he iz givin'me a lesson on
checkin'out the perimeter of our kingdom fer any trespasserz-
y'no like the wabbitz an'the squirrelee kind.

Even at such a tender age I new when it wuz time tu head tu the house fer mealtime.

Ok - enuf of them pikchurz fer awhile-
I no my barkday month iz over BUTT
I guess this wuz kinda like an
like April Fool, it'z still your barkday month.

I'm gonna du sum after breakfast meditashun now-