Mom Kim Barks

NEED to update - now is 2/8/18 and a lot has changed in the past 5+ years, good and bad!

NEW UPDATE 1/20/13
MOM KIM with 
Lady Shasta'n Lord Shiloh
more info on MOM KIM to come but til then

UPDATE - Ok, looks like I can do what I was hoping
so now I need to let the Team know this works like we were all hoping it would - just never know about blogger - there have been a few things we tried that blogger says it will but then turns out NOT working so I know we have a few awards so maybe make a separate page for that, maybe separate pages for each of the Team members and then who knows what else.  More later...
Right now - this is just a testing page - wanna see if it does what I hope it does.

More to come..........

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