Monday, May 26, 2014

A later Memorial Day greeting

 The true meaning of Memorial Day IS NOT a three-day weekend or the cook-outs-

We salute our military canines
and equines
and yes, felines too!
~Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A late, almost Wordless Wednesday - post Blogville Date Day

It is already the second evening AFTER the Blogville Date Day and still-

Diva Shasta continues to recoup
 and it continues-

What about Shiloh-
He has to work at keeping his eyes open and
he wants me to get rid of the camera-

In case you missed their dates-
Diva Shasta with Easy and
Shiloh with Miss Tasha-
click HERE 

They will return after they wake up- 
and stay that way!
Mom Kim

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sarge's Blogville Date Day X 2

 Yep - Team Beaglebratz haz TWO datez tue report'boutz fur 

Furst iz the date that 
Diva Shasta an'Mr. Easy
went on-an internashonal date.
Fur the early pawtz of the date, 
pleeze click on that link above fur
Easy'z blog an'a great report on
the furst pawt of our date.

I, Diva Shasta, wood like tue share 
sum pikchurez of the wunnerful time Easy had
planned fur us once I landed 
 near hiz home-
r'member - click on that link above tue
read all'boutz the early pawt of 
mine an'Easy'z date.

NOW THEN - I, Diva Shasta, will show u
how the latter pawt went-
We had a great time at the 
French Rock'n Roll Festival-

By this time we were famished an'Easy had made
rezervashunz at an ely-gant French bistro-
Easy had 1 more surprize fur me
b-4 I flew bak home-
While WE were on our date, 
Easy had arranged fur my sopwith camel tue
git a total make-over!
a day I will alwayz r'member-
  NOW, it iz time fur I, Shiloh, tue 
report on MY date with the
loverly Miss Tasha!

I, Shiloh, also had a plane ride
reach my destinashun an'my date
the loverly Miss Tasha BUTT
then we left almost rite away fur
St. Louis
Of course b-4 we landed, we HAD tue 
fly under the Arch an'did a few looptie-loopz.
We even buzzed a riverboat that passed by.
 I cood hear Tasha squeel with d-lite az 
we made our way tue our final destinashun-
the Gardenz of The St. Louis Zoo-
Sweet Tasha had even brought along a 
fully-stocked piknik bazkit-
with fried chikin, fruit an'milk bonez.
We enjoyed the delicaciez of the 
piknik bazkit az we meandered along the 
many pathwayz of the gardenz.

After walkin'so much, we were both 
ready tue relax a bit so we
headed fur the next segment of our date day-

I, Shiloh, had booked us an 
evenin'riverboat cruze on the 
Tom Sawyer Riverboat.
Durin'this time, we also were able tue
enjoy a lite dinner

Az our cruze came tue a cloze'n
we neared the dock, we were treated tue a 
wunnerful firewerkz display over St. Louis

We Beaglbratz wood like tue thank 
 Mr. Easy an'Miss Tasha fur
accompanyin'us on our 
Date Day datez.

~Diva Shasta'n Shiloh~

I, s

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

POTP request –- an’MORE newz

Well our mom’z eyeball an’vizion maker haz not bin az good az she wood like HOWEVER she haz bin able tue go tue werk (we Beaglebratz r happee fur mom butt not fur us) an’due sum other stuffz tue.  An’she haz bin able tue put off that eyeball procedure that MITE make her c better butt she wood hafta miss more werk.  HOWEVER, that cood all b changin’  Yesterday (Monday) when she woke up, her vision-maker wuz not az good az it had bin (not real bad butt just not az good) so off tue the eyeball doc she went.  Well, r’member those thingz called epithelial d-fectz (our mom helped us spell that) they r kinda like skin tearz on her cornea part of the eyeball – she haz had a few butt they got better.  This time it iz gittin’better BUTT after u haf so many, even if they git better, it makez the cornea sicker an’sicker.  Part of what led tue the d-fect wuz sumtime her contact lens came out so the eyeball doc put one bak in an’then gave her sum new medicine an’then go bak tue c him on Thurzday (May 8).  THEN she will go c the eyeball speshal doc next Tuezday (May 13)  After that?  Haf no idear.  Stay tuned fur updatez…………  

 (an’we Beaglebratz wood like tue ask fur sum POTP an’prayerz fur our mom – we know how flusterated she gitz cuz she wantz tue due thingz fur us an’with us an’her eyeball sickiez git in the way of that sumtimez even when we try tue tell her all we really need iz just her – well, may-b sum kibble an’a few treatz).

 NOT DUN YET............

Yep, it iz me, Diva Shasta, with sum x-sitin’newz!  Due u all r'member a few dayz ago when I talked'boutz how I wuz STILL WITHOUT a date fur Blogville's Date Day?(SEE PREVIOUS POST)



 Izn't that profile GORJUS?

An'just look at thoze eyez -ain't they just so - so - so

We may be goin'tue Paris fur dinner-
after all, I due haf my sopwith camel-
after I fly over tue pick him up'n then
we can fly around that big Eiffel Tower on

 our way tue dinner.

(PLEEZE x-cuze the poor quality of this pic- 
mom ALWAYZ blamez the flashy-beest) 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Furrendz on Friday an'Blogville'z Date Day

hosted by Sarge

My big  bruther Shiloh an'hiz sweetheart
Miss Tasha frum the DWM haf
really b-come an item-
will they take pawt in Date Day?

HOWEVER, I, Diva Shasta, remainz WITHOUT
a date at this time.
BUTT a little furry, 4-legged birdy told me
there WUZ a sertain silvermistygrey pup who
wuz lookin'fur a date.

Diva Shasta iz askin'-
u still lookin'fur a date?

I will share my toyz'n
az u can c I'ma good dresser-

I even haf my own plane so
I can fly us anywhere in the world!
~Diva Shasta~