Thursday, June 28, 2012


Furst, we Beaglebratz know we r late in the day with this BUTT 
mom keepz us shut away frum the'puter when she iz at werk.

Now then, we want tue wish 
OSKAR over at
The Daily Oskar a
You can also find 
him an'hiz mom Pam at

Now we iz gonna turn it over tue 
our mom - go ahead mom.

Thank you Shiloh'n Shasta. 
Many of you probably already know
about the wildfires in Colorado- 
you may not be aware of this 
(I wasn't at first)
but Utah is also having a bit 
of a wildfire problem as well.
We at Team Beaglebratz are aware of
3 blogs from Blogville-
please let us know if there 
are others.
Those 3 are:
with K and her family
with Mayzie and her mom
(today is the mom's birthday-
see how to help celebrate which will also help those affected by the wildfires - even the pets)

and in Utah-
with Goose and his mom-
yes this one surprised me too a little.

Anyway, if you could please stop by if you haven't already and share 
some of that Blogville support and
caring that you all do so well.
Also keep everyone in Colorado and Utah in your prayers - there are animal shelters there that need prayers and donations if you can.
Mayzie has some info about the shelters for the pets 
and people too.

Thank you all so much-
sorry this is late in the day-
lately for us that's how life is sometimes.
~Mom Kim~
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

POTP - Please pray for those in the path of the wildfires

Thank you to Ann, Maggy'n Zoey @
fur this wunnerful badge.
We Beaglebratz (mom tue) r furry much worried'boutz all thoze in the path of the devastatin'wildfirez 
in Colorado
(K'n R' their mom/dad)
In their most recent blog entry
they we packin'tue 

Our mom also haz family around 
that area an'
anyone we don't know.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wordy Wednesday - sorta

Shasta playin'peek-a-boo

It haz bin FURRY MUCH HOT here.

We haf bin kinda lazy an'NOT want tue due much at all.  The temp haz bin near 100 an'mom sez the humidity iz thru the roof 
(so how come we don't c it)

Mom sez it iz gonna b 105degreez outside with 'boutz a 
115 heat index.

 We think-
frum the fryin'pan intue
the fire.

An'we just herd the weatherman
say it ain't goin'away.

We Beaglebratz iz goin'where we
can dream'boutz that white stuff

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Friday, June 22, 2012


Nope, nuthin' in the mailbox BUTT it did come in our email - directly tue us.  Since our mom didn't ask US fur help, it took her a bit longer tue git it uploaded an'lookin'rite.  IF u haf not notised it yet - take a gander up there at the top of our blog - at the header.  Yepperz - now we iz lookin'

An'just guess who we haf tue thank fur our big, boo-ti-ful mug shotz - yepperz - Ann, Maggy an'Zoey over at ZOOLATRY
Yepperz, one day this past week we wuz just sooo furry much when we checked our emailZ an'there it wuz - a surprize fur us at Team Beaglebratz - that'z US!  Well mom had a bit of a problem at furst gittin'where it needz tue b - like we sed, she didn't ask us fur help - at furst.  THEN we convinced her that just may-b this wuz how it goez an'there it iz - or shood we say, there WE are!

We r still not real happy with the general bakground - wood love tue find sumthing with doggy pawprintz or sumthin'so guess we will keep lookin'
An'we hope tue make anuther change or tue like add sum pagez, egspeshally if it'z az eazy az blogger sez it iz.

Gotta go fur now - need tue git bak tue our napz.  Bark at ya'll later......

PeeEss - mom duzn't make any of our purty pikchurz - otherz haf dun it

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, us Beaglebratz TRIED to put up a post last eve 'boutz Internashunal Box Day BUTT may-b blogger gotz tired of cooperatin'cuz NONE of our linkz wood werk rite.  They looked ok when we put'em in BUTT when we previewed'em - didn't set up right - oh well, may-b NECT year.  NOW on tue tuday-

We were readin'Frankie'z post fur TUDAY! In hiz post he talked 'boutz a FULL HILL ALERT! Barkin'n Growlin'  Well, we wuz wunderin'if he needz sum help with that->
Notise how INTENTLY Shasta iz look'in at Shiloh az he breakz intu hiz ALERT - she iz juzt waitin'fur sum guidance az tu when she shood join in on the ALERT.

We just want tue leeve this reminder fur u'all tue b keepin'the Blogville Olympics in mind - IF u haf NOT started praktisin'yet - 
Remember, DO NOT send us your entriez 'til 
JULY 9th fur the SYNCHRONIZED PEEIN'event.  More info later...........

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Problem with the squirreliez

We Beagllebratz herd frum 
Brinksey Winksey over at 
they r havin'a problem

Thoze pesky squirreliez r
botherin'the werkerz who
r TRYIN'tu build a new
 woggie pibble house.
Thoze onery squirreliez r
even poopin'on the FOOD fur 
the werkerz. 

stop by there tu offer 
whatever help'n support u can.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~


Friday, June 15, 2012

Time fur a bit of a change????

The change wood b 
with the way our blog lookz.  
We Beaglebratz haf bin TRYIN'tue 
convince our mom that since 
WE Beaglebratz due almost ALL of 
the bloggin'then 
WE shood d-side what it lookz like.  
An'all theze silly changez that 
blogger iz FORCIN'us tue deal with- 
we think it wood b 
neeto-sweeto tue
make a change that WE want.

Our mom likez all the 
purty templatez she haz found tue
uze on the blog since
SHE started bloggin'BUTT
now WE r duin'most of it.
Due u'all think
she EVER ASK what 
WE want on OUR blog?
Nope-nata-a big fat ZERO!
We tried tellin'her that
all that purty stuff
INTERFEREZ with our bloggin'n
that we haf tue blog AROUND it.
So - in the next couple of dayz
we Beaglebratz shall just haf
tue wait an'c what happenz.

Rite now- 
it iz past our bedtime.
~Shasta'n Shiloh~ 

(Why duz she ALWAYZ hafta
wait til we r already asleep B-4
goin'tu bed?)

Blogville Olympics

We Beaglebratz wood like tu leeve u'all with a hint of what event we r hostin'an'NOT enterin'.  Note the technique that we haf mastered so well - we r even LOOKIN'in the same directshun an'BOTH of our tailz r pointin'upwardz.  Truly a team effert.

This iz the schedule of eventz that ANYBUDDY - ANY SPECIEZ can enter.

Friday July 27th...OPENING CEREMONY  with the PARADE of the ATHLETES   

Sat JULY 28th...Window Nose ART...aka Snot Smears      
           and Swimming

Sun JULY 29th...Crazy Sleeping Singles
         Synchronized Sleepers

Mon  July 30th...Cross Neighborhood Walkabout
          Catch me IF you Can be announced...

Tues July 31st...Gymnastics
        Couch Potatoe Peeling

Wed Aug 1st...Critter Stalking
    Tongue Curling/The RASPBERRY
        Special.... to be announced

Thurs Aug 2nd... Stick (s)
            Pole Jumping

Fri Aug 3rd...Marathon Chewing

Sat Aug 4th ....Tuneful Farting
            Keep Away

Sun Aug 5th....Equestrian
    Camera Avoidance Tae Kwon Do

Mon Aug 6th...Synchronized Peeing

Tues Aug 7th...Free Style Zoomies
      Roaching and Rolling

Wed Aug 8th...Squirrel Hurdles
        DRAW your People

Thurs Aug 9th...Turbo Track
       EXTREME Weather Sports

Fri Aug  10th...Boxing
        Snoopendous SniffAthon

Sat Aug 11th...BATHTUB  Wrestling
   The Great Tennis Ball Tournament
Sunday Aug. 12th....     Closing Ceremony

More info tu follow in anuther post-

 PLEEZE DU NOT send entriez yet.
Registrashun b-ginz July 9th
And here's a message from the Blogville Olympics Committee:
THE OLYMPIC Committe MUST INSIST that All ATHLETES be ENTERED by Midnight (this is CENTRAL time zone fer us) July 18th.  in order for the athlete to be SCREENED fur Bugs.       The Peep Athletes have to be Screened fur DRUGS... butt WE of Blogville are above that!    However, we gotta be sure that no Fleas get in...          Complain to FRANKIE if you don't like the deadline.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


14 Dachshundz perish in 
house fire at Doxie rescue
We Beaglebratz furst hurd this 
most horrible newz over at 

They had read 'boutz it at the blog of

Basically what happened wuz a 
Dachshund rescue in
Fruitland, Idaho wuz d-stroyed in a 
house fire that
left the family homeless, d-stroyed their posseshunz an'az if that wuzn't enuf,
took the livez of FOURTEEN preshus Doxies.
Here iz the Facebook page fur the 
fur the most up-to-date info 
on wayz tu help them directly.

OF COURSE, WHN iz gonna help in the best way fur the family an'ALL of Blogville an'b-yond can help.
Once agin she will b takin'cloth donashunz fur the 2 quiltz she will b makin' 
 Once agin, u can check out the 
blog fur the 
fur more info.

An'a newz story 'boutz the 
fire can b found

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

ALERT! This just in-
a Chip-In has bin established.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bandana Day an'yestadayz pikinik

We Beaglebratz d-sided tu pawtisipate in the fourth annual Bandana Day tuday hosted by The Portuguese Water Blog

Here iz Shiloh with hiz birthday bandana

Shasta iz patiently waiting for her therapy dog vizit with a purty pink bandana that Aunt Sis let her borrow

Yestaday us Beaglebratz gotzta du sumthin'that wuz REALLY fun!  The therapy dog group that Mom an'us r memberz of held it's annual pikinik an'the BEST pawt wuz that WE DOGGIEZ all gotzta GO!  We Beaglebratz gotzta c doggiez we hadn't seen since LAST year an'even sum new doggiez.  Mom got a few pikchurez BUTT not enuf - we iz gonna show u what she got-

This iz just pawt of the group - we Beaglebratz r there sumwherez BUTT the area wuz fenced in so WE gotzta b OFF our stringz.  We wuz probably checkin'out the perimeter tu make shure it wuz safe fer all of uz tu b here

 Here iz Shiloh checkin'out where the swingz r - with that kind of stuff on the ground, never know what kind of introoderz mite b lurkin' - yep, mom  left hiz string'thing on so he knew she wood git him no matter what he tried.

Shasta an'Sammy renew old furriendship

(Note from mom - Shasta is at that point in her life where she doesn't like looking at the camera when I take her picture - there are more important things to look at, at the moment)

Ok - the next few pikchurez r onez that mom took durin'dinner time - mom duzn't know the namez of sum of theze doggiez - we Beaglebratz du BUTT she didn't ask us an'we ain't tellin'

(Another note from mom - Evidently Shiloh has learned it too that someone eating is more interesting to look at than mom taking a picture.)

Shiloh tellin'Samantha c'ya at the next pikinik.

We Beaglebratz were so furry much tired last nite when we got home, mom tu, we didn't du anything but lay around, nap an'go tu bed.  In fact, a nap soundz purty good rite now.  C'ya'll later...

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Friday, June 8, 2012

Finally Friday

We know, Friday iz uzually thought tu b a fun day - postz r uzually 'boutz sumthin'happee BUTT az in the peeple world, us petz sumtimez gotta take the not so happee stuff with the happee stuff.  An'we all know, that when one of uz reachez the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, it really IZ a good thing fur us petz.  We r whole an'healthy agin - never tu b in pain agin.  So, az we cloze the earthly chapter, us petz know that we b-gin a happee an'furever healthy chapter over the Rainbow Bridge.  True, our peeple r sad fur a bit BUTT they will soon realize that once their b-loved furry furmaly family member iz really an'truly happee an'furever healthy an'pain-free over the Rainbow Bridge.

In the last day, peeple familiez and furmaliez haf said good-bye tu

01/26/2002 - 06/07/2012

All 3 r gone tu the Rainbow Bridge butt they will NEVER b furgotten.

Run free Cotton, Charlotte an' Lily.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday - Mr. Ducky iz here!

Akchually, Mr. Ducky haz bin here a bit BUTT there haz bin so furry much happenin'around here an'we   haf bin a tad lazy bizy keepin'our kingdom safe frum any introoderz so we hazn't had time tu post 'boutz it til now.  
Anyway, sum may r'member that us Beaglebratz were the lucky winnerz at POSIE'S BLOG. Well u'all know that Posie livez WAY over in the Yoo-K so Mr. Ducky had a looooooong way tu go tu git to us here in Kansas butt he made it.  Can't c it furry much well butt he even gotted stamped with 
  Yepperz, we know, our mom didn't git a furry much good pikchure butt whadaya gonna du?  GOOD help ain't cheap so we du the best we can with what we gotz.  It really duz say Royal Mail.
This iz how Mr. Ducky cood find us - c, our namez iz rite there - u mite haf tu bigefy it an'look REAL close butt they r there
Ok - so Mr. Ducky made it intu our house BUTT b-4 he cood really b let loose BOTH of us had tu check him out

(The Diva Shasta here - the next pikchur iz of Mr. Big Butt Shiloh tryin'tu leave ME with an'old stuffy while he hogz inspectz Mr/ Ducky - I wuz NOT happee'boutz this ugly turn of eventz)
 FINALLY - it took sum werk BUTT Mr. Ducky wuz out with us Beaglebratz
Beleeve it or not BUTT I, The Diva Shasta gotted tu check him out ALL BY MYSELF!

Not shure where Shiloh went - may-b checkin'out the cool card Posie sent frum hur an'Uncle Wes
 Akchually - that'z the envelope the card wuz in - mom didn't git a pikchure of Shiloh readin'the card or anymore pikchurz of Mr. Ducky az he flew through our livingroom.  She had sum lame x-cuse 'boutz gittin'Mr. Ducky tu fly an'not bein'able tu uze the flashy-beest at the same time.  I tell ya - hoominz can b so furry much inept sumtimez an'come up with sum kind of lame x-cusez WHENEVER!
By the way, u'all can't c this furry much well BUTT
Down there at the bottom of the package that came with Mr. Ducky who came frum the Yoo-K, it tellz ya that Mr. Ducky FURST came out of a place called "HYPER PET" - they r in WICHITA, KANSAS which iz 'boutz 140 milez frum us in TOE-P-KA, KANSAS!  Poor Mr. Ducky - he had tu fly all the way tu the Yoo-K just so he cood fly all the way bak almost where he furst came frum.  May-b he wuz homesick so now he gitzta b nearby hiz hometown - thank u Posie fur helpin'Mr. Ducky find hiz way almost home.  We Beaglebratz will take really good care of him (that iz really ster-aaange.  It's almost like Mr. Ducky KNEW what he wuz duin'  We will hafta keep an eye on him - duz he haf a mind of hiz own?)

~Shiloh'n Shasta~

PS from the mom - Mr.Ducky is a really neat toy - put your thumb in the little pockey under the duck'bill then pull back on the rope tail and let it fly - like the way you do with a sling-shot.  It has a bungee-pull.  This is a really fun toy - again, thank you Posie and mom.



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday - More from Mr. Chewy

The Beaglebratz have become regular customers-

Shiloh inspects the goods

Shasta wonders if there is anything good here

Shasta finds some treatz

Beaglebratz cannot live on treats alone

Yummy and cute

Only some of the best from Mr. Chewy - we have recently joined others in Mr. Chewy's  Blogger club.  More to come from Mr. Chewy.

Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta 

PS - Team Beaglebratz were not reimbursed in any way for doing this post - we simply LOVE such a variety and great customer service.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Today, June 4th, iz our furriend

 HAPPEEE BARKDAY Corbin frum Shiloh'n Shasta.

Since Corbin cannot celebrate hiz barkday hiz uzual way, he d-sided he wood ask us doggiez'n kittiez of Blogville (otherz r welcome tu pawtisipate tu) an'help spread sum 
Pit Bull Awareness. 

Well this iz such a HUGE event'n
such an impawtent one that
we asked our mom tu help.
She helped us find a lotta stuff like 

The story of a rescued Pit Bull who 
in turn, rescued her owner by alertin'
a hiker tu hur owner'z emergency-
you can read the story here->

Then mom found a video 'boutz 
click on that link tu 
witness just what a little love'n 
compasshun can du fur a dog.
Truly a transfurmashun'n
that video sez that
Butterscotch iz lookin'fur
that speshal furever home cuz
An'u can find out more 'boutz him at

Our mom wuz truly horrified when
the newz broke 'boutz
the Michael Vick dogfightin'scandal.
She haz followed it off'n on since
the b-ginnin'
So much sorrow'n horror turned tu
good'n rejoicin'
It took awhile an'tu this day
the rehab of sum of thoze dogz goez on BUTT
considerin'that many "x-pertz" sed
fightin'dogz cood NOT b rehab'd,
wood haf tu b euthanized
the happee timez continue->
Mom wuz gonna put the video here BUTT
if u click on that link then
when that video iz over,
there r many more u can watch.
Then there iz the video of
an'the story of
 an'anuther therapy dog.

Yes, it IZ AMAZIN'what 
Pit Bulls 
can accomplish when
their ownerz show them sum
love'n understandin'n compasshun. 

Finally we wanted u'all tu meet
Stringer can b found in
Lansing, Kansas at the
Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue-
no phone - they request u uze 
their email listed at that link.

We Beaglebratz hope u'all liked
our post 'boutz sum
Pit Bull Awareness.
May-b u lerned a little sumthin'u
didn't know b-4.
If not, that'z ok tu.
We enjoyed talkin'boutz the 
Pit Bull -
may-b one day,
it won't b so misunderstood.

~Shiloh'n Shasta~ 
 (with help frum mom)