Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#ChewyInfluencer makes the short month of February long on taste!

This iz our 2nd review fer the February- blog hop.

Lady Shasta here
r'member this pikchure frum 
our last post HERE
I sed there wuz 2 thingz in it-
we checked out 1 of'em this past Monday 
an'now we iz gonna tell u'bout the other thing-

Gotta make shure I find it all-
don't wanna leeve nuthin'b-hind.
Hmm - sumthin'smellz good in there.

Miss Maizie here - mom iz helpin'me butt
 I gotta keep an eye on Lady Shasta.
Eferybody thinkz she iz such a lady butt-
sumtimez she can b a real bully when
 there iz food or treatz around.
 Let'z just c what iz in here-
may-b I can grab one cuz they shure do smell good. 
That Lady Shasta can b such a hawg sumtimez butt
at leest she didn't take mine too.
Mom wuz TRYIN'to git a pikchure of us an'the
treatz so u cood c how big they r butt
Lady Shasta kinda messed that up.
(Mom sez that'z y the pikchure iz blurry - yeah rite mom)

Az u can c - mom got us the Stix BUTT 
WHIMZEES has got sum fun shapez'n 
dif'rent sizez fer dif'rent sizez woofiez.

Another thing our mom likez'bout'em-
WHIMZEES r gluten-free & all nachural so that 
any woofie with food sensitivitiez shood b good with'em.
The list of ingredientz iz not that long-
Potato Starch, Glycerin, Powdered Cellulose, Lecithin, 
Yeast, Malt Extract, Sweet Lupine Meal, 
Alfalfa Extract, Paprika.

BUTT, what do we - the woofiez who r the akchual taste-tasterz of The Manor say'bout'em?


Disclaimer - The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor, being members of 
the Influencer Team, received 
1 bag of the Whimzees Stix Dental Dog Treats
for their review and honest opinion only- 
no other form of compensation was involved.

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Ladiez get the week started right with #ChewyInfluencer

We Ladiez r joinin'up with the Blog Hop hosted by

Us Ladiez herd our doorbell ring then 
alerted mom butt she just put the Chewy box aside an'sed
we'll save this for later

it wuz later.
Hurry mom-
we're tired of waitin!

Az uzual, I - Lady Shasta - did a great job of 
chekin'out the box while
Miss Maizie grabbed the paper an'ran to tear it up.
(Will she ever lern that the really BEST pawt r the goodiez?) 

Yes, there wuz 2 thingz in that box BUTT
fer now, just gonna talk'bout the......
Mint Breath Strips Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats

Miss Maizie had a try with the bag butt 
luckily never did git into it.

I did git into the bag butt mom took it away b-4 I got anything - DRAT! 

Mom got us the medium size treatz butt they also
come in large(50+ lbz), small(15-25 lbz)
 an'x-tra small(5-15 lbz). The medium r the rite size fer us butt 
mom sez we will try the small next time cuz
she alwayz worriez'bout our weight.
Here iza pikchure of the treat-
Mom wuz surprized I, Lady Shasta, cood eat it all cuz
I haf lost so many toothumz butt I did.
Mom sed she liked theze dental treatz cuz
 they r healthy fer us woofiez an'thoze nubbiez help to
 git in b-tween our toothumz. an'r good fer our gumz.
(Funny - I ain't never chewed no gum)
Oh, r'member I told u that our mom liked'em cuz
they r healthy, well I "borrowed" that Key Benefitz list frum
the Chewy webpage fer theze treatz so 
u can read just how healthy they iz plus 
read other good stuff'bout theze dental treatz like
they r made rite here in the USA!

Key Benefits

  • Helps clean teeth, fight plaque and tartar, and freshen doggy breath with unique shape and natural formula.
  • Designed with a double-brush action to get in between teeth and help keep them clean with every bite.
  • Infused with breath strip pieces throughout that are made with all natural spearmint oil to keep breath even fresher.
  • It’s easily digestible since it’s made with natural peas, alfalfa, tapioca and gelatin, with no potatoes or grains.
  • Sized for medium dogs from 25 to 50 pounds, and are made in the USA with no grains, gluten, corn, soy, or artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
An'just c how eazy they iz fer us woofiez to chew-
Mom coodn't git a pikchure of Miss Maizie with herz cuz 
she grabbed it then ran an'hid butt
 it wuzn't long b-4 she wuz bak'n lookin'fer more.

So with the good stuff in'em, our mom likin'em lotz'an
us 2 Ladiez lovin'theze dental treatz-

DisclaimerAs members of the Influencer Team,
The Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor received 1 bag of the
Merrick Fresh Kisses Double-Brush Mint Breath Strips
Grain-Free Dental Dog Treats
for their review and honest opinion only- 
no other form of compensation was involved.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sparks #20 for February 19, 2018

A few years ago
Annie @ McGuffy's Reader
began sharing inspirational quotes on her blog.
Eventually others joined in and the
Sparks Blog Hop was born.

From Annie - "I believe we are all meant to be lights in this world.  If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going.  It is then we can begin to truly see each other."
Further, Annie says - "Together, we can light up the entire world with positive energy.

This is a huge fault with me and
also relates to what my dogs are teaching me-
take one day at a time and enjoy the moment.
I found that quote then added it to a picture I had taken on
vacation one year -
I thought how appropriate as 
the majestic paddlewheel boat on Lake Taneycomo in
Branson, MO, slowly makes it way around the lake so
that those on board are not rushed.

Hope you enjoy your day!
Mom Kim

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Caturday Art with Mom Kim and her Beaglebratz Ladiez

Mom Kim here-
wanted to join in this week's Caturday Art Blog Hop hosted by
Athena and her mom over at

I stayed up late last night TELLING MYSELF-
get these pictures done now then you can post it EARLY Saturday morning - well that didn't work out well at all so
 note to self-
Now on with the art-
I am still using only the free version of piZap so-
using only one of the many Floral Borders I absolutely love
the end result.

I then decided to give each of my Ladiez their own picture.  
Here is Lady Shasta who is my more mature and regal(?) lady.
Random Border followed with a Random Overlay.
(the names piZap gives to some of their stuff is "so creative")

Now as for Miss Maizie - Ker-a-zy Maizie and my younger and highly immature juvenile dilinquent,
(much like her predecessor, Angel Shiloh was at that age)
I wanted something that sort of matched her personality so 
I used one of piZap's 
Pattern Border's and a couple of Floral Stickers.

Ok - this is a blog hop so get to hopping around and
look at all the other great art.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Postcards from Paris - Happy Valentine's Day

Mom Kim here-
I've been noticing something not quite right 
around here lately-
like it is just too quiet around here and
I can eat ALL of my meals without sharing.
Then I start seeing things laying around the house where the dog toys should be like pictures of

did my Ladiez want some toys from Paris?

Then I get these in the mail-
my Lady Shasta & Dougie Dog. 

and there was also this one from 
Miss Maizie & Zaphod

What the???
How is it they fly off to Paris while 
mom is stuck at home???

Oh yeah - guess they don't allow us humans
on da plane.

That must be why I found this Valentine card from
my Ladiez.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Gay Paree here we come

Miss Maizie here

Dear Zaphod - wood u like to share my bone?

Oh yes Blogville - handsum Zaphod frum 
will be my date for 
Postcards from Paris.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Caturday Art with Miss Maizie - Would u b my Valentine's Day date in Paris?

Do u Blogville guyz need a date fer the
Postcards From Paris
on Valentine'z Day?
May-b I cood b that speshal gurl?

I wood love to share my toyz with u.

I wood even share my stickz with u.

I am just a gurl who likez to haf fun!

Wood u b my Valentine?

Mom Kim here-
Miss Maizie had asked me if I would help her with her invitation so this is what we came up with.  I also knew the Caturday Art Blog Hop was coming up so I decided to link up with
I know some of this is just pictures but
I did embellish a couple others using Pizap-
so far my favorite. 
The first picture with Miss Maizie in it is the heart picture -
I used the heart background on their website then added her picture plus the flower sticker from Pizap.  To finish, I used the red balloons overlay.
Then on the last picture with Miss Maizie I 
just added the heart sticker as well as the flower sticker by her ear.
She HAD to sign her picture so I added the text.