Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black and White Sunday with Shiloh-Lord of the Manor

I, Shiloh-Lord of the Manor, iz joinin'with  
in the Black'n White Sunday Blog Hop.
(yep, kinda late butt mom haza 3-day weekend soooo, 
thingz r more lazy tue-day than uzual)


Friday, August 29, 2014

FFHT - This week's meetin'of Chocoholicz Anonymus willnow come to order...

This Friday, Team Beaglebratz iz pawticipatin'in
Stanley and Murphy's 
Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails.
This installment iz
brought tue u - courtezy of ME-
Shiloh-Lord of the Manor

Hello all an'welcome tue this week'z meetin'of Chocoholicz Anonymus. My name iz Shiloh an'I am Lord of the Beaglebratz Manor; I am also a chocoholic.

I am not shure when my chocoholism began-
it almost seemz like it haz gone on furever.
Oh my mom duz her best tue try'n stop me frum eatin'thoze most d-lectable morselz BUTT-
u just never know where I mite show up.

One of my earliest mem'riez wuz findin'one of thoze heart shaped chocolate d-litez that wuz wrapped up tite in that shinee paper.  I only had the one piece - I coodn't git that paper off so I ate that tue.  Nope - no sickiez.

I haf eaten other chocolate stuffz over the yearz since I wuz a wee pup an'tasted that furst yummy bite.  Like the box of that hot chocolate mix that I found on the counter.  Oh mom TRIED tue keep me away frum it BUTT I alwayz found a way-

One of the most scrumdilli-ishus wuz what mom called a tunnel of fudge cake - NOT a regular size cake butt one of my mom'z friendz had made l that wuz'boutz haf the size(may-b a little smaller) of a regular cake (no pikchurez) It wuz s'poze tue b a birthday cake fur my mom - nobuddy told me sooo
"I can't believe I ate the WHOLE thing - yep, agin - no sickiez  It wuz'boutz 8 inchez wide.  Mom sat it on the dinin'room table, way bak away frum the edge BUTT what can I say - I AM a Beagle an'I AM a chocoholic.  An'she DID leeve me there while she went out tue eat with aunt sis - that wuz b-4 Diva Shasta - so I ask u - what iza woofie tue due?

BUTT even at MY barkday pawty due u think I git a 
 chocolate cake?  I think not!

Just look at me, askin'really nice an'not jumpin'around-BUTT  NO CHOCOLATE CAKE!

This iz what happenz when I don't git sum
chocolate ANYTHING!
Mom gitz the ole'stink eye - neener neener!
Whoopzie - well I c we haf run out of time fur this meetin'of Chocoholicz Anonymus.  I am so furry much sorry that I haf hawged the whole meetin'BUTT it haz helped me realize that MY mom iz what iz called an enabler - SHE iz the TRUE chocoholic in our house - SHE bringz the chocolate in-tue our house an'only that iz y I mite find it-
SHE NEEDZ tue b here tue!
Well, I thank-u all fur comin'an I
thank-u all fur listenin'. 

That'z all folkz!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Well it WUZ National Dog Day

that TUEZDAY, 8/26, wuz

(we wuz TRYIN'TUE werk on this fur Tuezday BUTT
momz'puter, blogger an'facebook all had OTHER ideaz SOOOO
we iz sharin'it now)
We Beaglebratz gotz all 
dressed-up in our finery-
Diva Shasta iz modelin'a dress by

Etsy shop


Hey, what happened tue my head?
Just lookit all that purty ric-rac.
(See, even the pikchurez say 8/26/14)

This pikchure showz the little x-tra that
Punchy will add tue make the dress floofier
if u want it.

Here'z a good pikchure of the
purty collar an'cute button Punchy added.

An'here iz anuther pikchure of the ric-rac.

An'of course Shiloh-Lord of the Manor coodn't b left out - doncha think he NEEDZ 

This iz one of thoze bandanaz that have the
space fur the collar tue go thru.

Now this iza neat pikchure - YES-
the bandana iz TOTALLY reversible.

Of course the best pawt wuz the price-
not furry much green paperz at all-
cheaper than thoze big-name placez.
Anuther great thing-
sum of thoze ideaz fur Diva Shasta'z dress,
(we knowz - hard tue b-leeve, rite?) an'then
Punchy put her x-pertise tue werk.
Nowz r'member-
thoze green paperz that Punchy gitz frum 
her Etsy shop-
they go tue help her care fur 
her Pugz an'rite now-
that meanz alot of it goez tue her vet cuz
that dreaded C monstah iz after 3 of them.

We Beaglebratz r pawticipatin'in this week'z
Barks and Bytes Thursday Blog Hop
 co-hosted by the
2 Brown Dawgs Blog'n 
Heart Like A Dog

PeeEss - We will b pawticipatin'in
Murphy'n Stanley'z
Fractured Fryday Hairly Tails
later tue-day so there will not b a guest blogger.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Mischief with Mom - we Beaglebratz IZ NOT HAPPEE!!!

Us Beaglebratz got a bone tue pick with our mom.
(NOT a milkbone neether)  
R-member this -
Well u'all haf dun a great job fur us already BUTT
that iz NOT where the problem iz,
NO SIRREE BOB (or tom or ....)!
She SED she wood help us tue reach that goal BUTT

we r B-HIND tryin'tue reach that goal soooo

NOW there will b a few dayz where

u will c 3 postz in ONE DAY!

We will haf our major post of the day then-

the other 2 may just b our loverly facez

(so that meanz NOT mom cuz her face iz NOT loverly, 
egspeshally since we iz NOT happee with her!)

We even haf a couple more offerz tue respond tue-

our MOM iz late'n lazy sumtimez-

we may just hafta take over!

          We got just 128 dayz tue come up with
sumwherez around 
270 postz BUTT
we KNOWZ we can due it cuz
we gotz u'all supportin'us even if
our mom duzn't.

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Black & White Sunday with the Beaglebratz

We Beaglebratz r gittin'a late start on this-

We r joinin'in on the Black & White Blog Hop

which is co-sponsored by 

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor'n Diva Shasta~

Dear sweet Jazzi - Like you sed, untill we meet agin......

Dear sweet Jazzi - u wood not say g'bye so 
like u we say-
Until we meet agin.
Now u can eat thoze tacoz 
whenever u want!

Fur your family, friendz'n furrendz 
u leeve b-hind 
who miss u terribly-

Friday, August 22, 2014

Furrendz on Friday - Guest post - The Great'n Powerful Oz the Terrier

Today I, the great and powerful Oz the Terrier, am going to give you a quick lesson in How to Write a Limerick.

First, you must understand how to arrange your limerick in meter (rhythm) and rhyme (rhyme).  The standard form is a stanza (poem) of 5 lines with the first, second and fifth lines rhyming with each other in three feet of three syllables while the third and fourth lines rhyme different than the others and are two feet of three syllables.  Got it?

Probably not.  Neither do I...I just know how to write the darn things.  Anyway, the rhyme scheme is AABBA - all As rhyme and all Bs rhyme.  Easy enough. 

The meter however, is a bit harder (and sometimes I toss the meter to the wind because I hate being constrained on a literary leash, so to speak).   It is an accented pattern of double weakly stressed syllables.  Still no help, right?  I know...I hate meter. 

Basically the meter is:
1  dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT
2  dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT
3  dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT
4  dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT
5  dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT-dah-dah-DUT

Now that we know the rhyme and the meter, we need to find a friend of which we can ridicule in verse...humorously or even rudely.  I think we can all agree the best limericks are funny and maybe a little rude (or crude...or lewd...or get the idea).

NOTE:  Though you may be tempted to start your limerick with "There once was a man/woman/dog/cat/etc from Nantucket", don't.  All the good rhymes for that have already been written. now you should be ready to write your very own limerick.  I have taken the liberty to write one for Shiloh and Shasta since this is my guest post for them. 

A Limerick for Team Beaglebratz
by Oz the Terrier

There were Shiloh and Shasta the Beaglebratz Team
Who got a lofty idea and started to scheme.
Their plan is quite loopy,
To be a novelist like Snoopy,
By writing 1,000 blog posts by the end of 2014.

CHALLENGE to Shiloh and Shasta:  For one of your 1,000 posts, write a limerick using the process in this post.  You can write it about anyone (except if they are from Nantucket).

CHALLENGE #2 to everyone leaving a comment:  Can you leave your comment in the form of a limerick?  Even a bad one?  (And for Frankie & Ernie, no two lines of a limerick and giving up!  I know you CAN write a limerick!)


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Senior Citizen Day

Yepperz, it iz Senior Citizen Day - Ranger told 

us'boutz it bak when he posted
so we Beaglebratz ARE seniorz – soo???????????

We still due this - just not so much.

Our mom sez now we r more laid bak – mellow.

She also sez we r more mature now an’our 

gray-white furz make us

 look more so-fisti-kated.

So then y duz

she call Diva Shasta her


~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~

PeeEss Make shure tue come bak here tue-morrow fur
our next installment of
WE r not tellin'who it will b-
come bak tue-morrow an'find out!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - sorta may-b

Shiloh-Lord of the Manor

Here'z lookin'at u, kiddo!

PeeEss - if u r lookin'fur our bad poetry,

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Beaglebratz ATTEMPT Oz' Bad Poetry Contest

Oz the Terrier 2nd Annual Bad Poetry Day Contest 

I guess us Beaglebratz like tue git 
late startz on stuff-
oh well, better late than not at all, HUH?
Really, if mom wood just git 
her prioritiez strate'n
lern WE NEED HER more than her job.
So ok - here iz our feeble attempt-

Team Beaglebratz are not poetz'n
we knowz it-
We r creachurz of habit
Chasin'critterz like the wabbit.
We'll chase squirrelz up a tree if
that iz where they chooze tue flee.

In our bakyard or neighberhood-
when the critterz see us comin'they
will scramble fur the wood.

Our instinctz tell us tue hunt-not
tue write poetry'n proze.
We just wander here'n there'n-
we follow our noze.
Ok - that'z it - we iz dun fur now.
Due with it what u will-
az u can c, we haz impawtent stuff tue due.
~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~

Sunday, August 17, 2014

MOM almost furgot..........

Since we r gittin'kinda late start-
this will b a bit short.
There wuz a speshal post tue-day an'our MOM wuz bizy an'almost furgotz'boutz it!
(Thanx fur the reminder frum Cammie over at the AO4Digest)
Noooooo - not here butt
over at
Molly The Wally an'her 

Now a few pikchurez tue give u a hint of 
what it'z'boutz-
(in no sertain order)

~Shiloh-Lord of the Manor an'Diva Shasta~
(Don't furgit- 
Christmas iz less than 135 dayz away- 
u got your list ready?)


Friday, August 15, 2014


 Shiloh-Lord of the Manor here along with 
Diva Shasta.
We wanted tue stop in an'say
a bit B-4 our mom takez over the blog tue-day.
Oh an'don't worry - we will return tue 
our guest blogger postz next Friday.
When mom d-sided that we shood join her at
the Beaglebratz manor
(not in the same year)
She did not wait til we were "fixed" b-4
gittin'us 'chipped cuz
we gotz "fixed" a few monthz later.
Can't r'member x-actly when it wuz dun BUTT
she had dun her research'boutz us Beaglez
an'knew that we had sum of that 
"wanderin'eye" or az she often heard-
"a noze on 4 pawz". 
An'evenchually, it wuz I,
Shiloh-Lord of the Manor who
wood prove just how true this wuz az
I showed mom time agin an'agin that 
I wuz NOT gonna b kept in by a fence when
there wuz a nommy smell on the other side-
wherever that mite take me 
(an'mom'n aunt sis'n hoo-cuzin Kyle'n ... )

An'now I am gonna turn our blog over tue our mom.
Thank you Shiloh.

Ok - I'm just going to give a little info-  
what does this mean "Check the Chip"?

No doubt - proven time and time again - to microchip your pet is a really smart move - and yes, kitties need to be microchipped just as much as dogs, maybe even more since many owners let their cats wander.  The American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association have combined forces to bring you

When I got Shiloh, I was new to the Beagle world.  I had found him at a small local breeder, visited and chose the puppy I wanted from the litter - he was still too young to leave yet and I had to wait almost three weeks before I could bring him home.  So, even tho he was not with me yet physically, I still wanted to learn all I could about Beagles BEFORE Shiloh came home.  So I started reading whatever I could find on Beagles - books and online, talking to other Beagle owners and joining a couple of online Beagle groups.

A NOSE ON 4 PAWS - this was a term I heard  about Beagles no matter where I looked.  I also heard that having him microchipped was pretty much the best way to guarantee he would come back to me if ever lost or stolen - even tho I grew up around dogs and had previously owned a couple, none had ever been microchipped - until Shiloh.  When Diva Shasta joined us a few years later, she too was microchipped.

NOW TO THE PRESENT DAY - Obviously to many pet owners, "Check the Chip" means to scan that microchip annually.  Why do we want to do this?  I have  a confession to make - I, Mom Kim, had never heard or seen this term before (I think it would be of great service for your vet to automatically recommend having this done at the annual check-up, any vet I have been to has not).  No one had ever said to me - are your dogs 'chipped and have you checked it lately?  Now I knew the microchip can migrate - can move out of place but for some weird reason, I had not given it any thought as to having that microchip checked - UNTIL NOW!  Now, I will be having that 'chip scanned as soon as I can get to my vet.  HOWEVER the process does not stop with that.  Once those numbers are revealed to me then I want to enter them on the Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.  Then when the name(s) of the microchip companies are obtained I will need to contact them to verify current information regarding my dogs.  By accessing the AVMA's Check the Chip event page, I found out that Shiloh's chip company(Avid) does not participate in the Universal Microchip Lookup tool - Diva Shasta is with Home Again (microchip done by 2 different vets).  (Avid has a separate website/lookup method and once I have Shiloh's number then will verify info there.)  By keeping this contact information up-to-date, I further guarantee that the Beaglebratz will be returned to me should they become lost or stolen.  So glad the weekend is almost here - I've got some work to do to Check the Chip for the Beaglebratz.

Here is a link to Check the Chip on Facebook

Press Release from PRWEB about Check the Chip Day! 

Mom Kim
Diva Shasta'n Shiloh-Lord of the Manor