Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Lady Shasta wants to wish you all a 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dressing up fer Whitley

Mom haz bin bizy most of the day BUTT 
I told her, I INSIST I gotta show up tue
pay tribute tue
Blogville'z own fashunista-
Miss Whitley!
She wuz not shy at all when
it came tue
showin'all of Blogville her sense of great fashun.

I am gittin'my outfit all ready fer
Memorial  Day-
Whaddya think Angel Whitley?

Our own angel, Lord Shiloh, even
appreciated Miss Whitley's fashun sense'n
wanted tue b included in this speshal tribute-

We want tue thank our furrend
fer comin'up with this great idea fer
a tribute tue Angel Whitley then
 lettin'us all b a pawt of it.

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mud and spa day

With all the rain we have had the past few dayz
the Beaglebratz Manor groundz haz
gotten a little muddy in spotz-
I found one of thoze spotz-
(Now I know that may not b much tue sum of u butt
fer a lady like me,
I'za mess 
I hate the mud an'I hate walkin'when it'z wet out- 
the mud wuz even stuck b-teen my toez)

I guess that'z y mom an'aunt sis took
me off fer a spa day tue-day.
Didn't git any pikchurez of that spa place or 
me b-4 the spa BUTT
come an'meet my new furrend-
WAIT FER IT..........

This kitty livez at the spa place.
Mom sez no, the kitty coodn't come home 
with us an'we r not gittin'a kitty BUTT
she did say that she knowz I still
want a furry companion. 
After the spa day an'makin'a new furrend, 
I NEEDED a nap-

b-4 I can git a new furry companion,
there iz sum other 
stuff that needz tue happen ferst.
Like git our house Manor ready tue sell then
git a new house Manor here in town then 
that iz pawt of the reezon y we haf not bin around much-
it may git werse b-4 it gitz better.
We will c.

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Monday, May 16, 2016

Me' n mom r still here & IMPAWTENT REMINDER !!!


Check out 
fer all the infermashun an'updatez.

Now fer the me an'mom pawt-
One day last week, aunt sis took me an'mom tue the vetman cuz mom wuz worried 'bout a koff I had an'sum ruff breathin'well the vetman got a good histry of what had bin goin'on then listened tue my heart an'felt around my throat.  (He also stuck that stik thingy where the sun don't shine-NOT NISE!)  He notised that when he pushed on my throat then I wood koff.  Sinve my temperchure wuz ok an'my heart soundz good, he sed I had probably irritated my throat sumhow.  He told mom tue watch how it got an'let him know if it continuez - if it duz then he will due an xray.

we all went tue 1 of my fav'rit storez-

Then this past Saturday, aunt sis had tue due a little werk at
the church that she an'mom go tue so me an'mom went out with her - while aunt sis an'Lady Bailie were in the church werkin'me an'mom walked around outside-

a good critter-zombie hunter will b on the look-out wherever 
her travelz may take her

  there iza lot of     
 ground tue cover here - 
sumtimez I even hadta listen fer thoze critter-zombiez.

Then on Sunday afternoon,
I still hadta go patrol our Manor groundz fer 
more of thoze critter-zombiez-

 Oh an'then tue-day, Monday,
it rained ALL DAY which wuz a good reezon fer 
I NEEDED sum rest after
all that patrollin'

Now then, I know that wuz a lotta stuff BUTT
don't fergit tue chek out that 
I ferst menchoned.  It iz also in the 
Blogville groop on Facebark.  
BUTT ya'gotta hurry-
the aucshon runz thru Saturday, May 21st.
An'there r a few biddin'warz in progress!

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wags and Waves for Forrest Day

Me an'mom herd'bout this speshal day- 
a tribute tue a speshal doggy-

You'all can click on that link above tue
vizit hiz family an'leave a comment.
I iz wavin'our flag proudly fer Forrest an'I iz 
smilin'an wavin'my earz at Forrest.

An'the newz'of this speshal tribute day fer Forrest wuz 
even herd at the Rainbow Bridge-
Angel Lord Shiloh let mom know that he wanted tue 
include this pikchure of him waggin'hiz tail. 

an'a thank-u tue 
Sharon @ gentlestiches
fer puttin'tue-gether this tribute tue 
honor Forrest. 

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor
with a speshal guest appearance by
Angel Lord Shiloh
tekky assistance provided by
Mom Kim

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mom'z Mischief on Monday an'MORE

This post iz 'bout y MYmom haz NOT helped me post fer 
(over a week)

Akchually, I am not shure of all the d-tailz butt
all I due know fer shure-
the flashy beest haz not bin so quiet.

Fer x-ample, me an'mom wuz just sittin'on our deck, 
when all of a sudden-
HEY - what'z that I spy bak there?

Well, of course I just HAD tue patrol the perimeter tue 
make shure IT wuz gone an'that
there wuz no more-

Of course after all that patrollin'I NEEDED a little rest.

After a short rest, I headed up around the house

I asked mom if that was all-

She told me I shood probably check UNDER the deck
so I did that tue
sheesh - iz that woman ever finished?

Oh, an'mom wuz packin'up all of her
Boyd'z Bearz an'other stuff 
Sum of her bearz r big so she had tue git sum big bagz-
shure due hope she duzn't try tue
put me in one of thoze big bagz.

Mom told me that we will b
movin'in a few monthz so I gotta make shure 
that our NEXT big box we git,
gitz saved so we can pack MY stuff an'then
we all will know who that box iz fer. 


The auckshon tue help Lily Belle an'her mom with
Chek it out at-


iza speshal day!
Fer more infermashun'bout this speshal day tue pay tribute tue
a speshal doggy,
Let'z all show our wagz an'wave tue Forrest
so he can c way up at the Rainbow Bridge!

Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor