Monday, January 31, 2011

PLEASE help me find home(s) for 2 Pekingese

'Nuther courtesy post fer our mom-

Thank you once again Shiloh'n Shasta.  You two have been so thoughtful and I really appreciate you two for letting me borrow the blog again.

These 2 lovely Pekingese were owned by an elderly woman who recently had to enter a nursing home-
This handsome little guy is Tiger.

This black and white beauty is Lady.

 they are currently being cared for by the woman's son (Chuck) and family who are family friends and fellow church members.  After this week, these two dogs will have to be put down due to the excessive cost (hundreds of dollars) Chuck and his family are also dealing with the chronic and serious health concerns of his daughter and he is a long distance truck driver who is not able to be home much.  Chuck would give you the shirt off his back if he thought it would help.   I would be happy to find a rescue or someone who could at least foster these two beautiful/handsome Pekes-
they have been through so much through no fault of their own and now deserve a forever home.  Since they are small dogs, they still have lots of living and loving to do.                                            ____________________________________

Here is some more information that was passed on to me by Chuck-

Lady  -  born 9-8-02 female spayed, black and white,
rabies shot 6-10, very loveable dog.

Tiger  -  born 11-29-02 male and neutered - fawn and black, rabies shot was given in May of 2010, very loveable but somewhat shy. 

Both dogs were adopted from Petland and
raised together by my mom when they were pups. 
98% of their vet care has been through
Burlingame Animal Hospital in Topeka, KS. 
The other 2% was done by a home care vet
by the name Thomas A Schmar also in Topeka. 
Both dogs are pure breed Peke's but
the papers were never sent in to
register them, I have both original apps. for both dogs. 
These babies deserve a good loving home.
The kennel they are now at in Carbondale (Bo's Kennel) has been working on potty training with some very positive results.
With all the recent disruptions in their lives these dogs are
doing remakably well-
they need someone with time and lots of patience to
help them adjust to a new home. 
They are happy healthy animals who saw the doctor more than
their owner. 
PLEASE help find them a home as this is the last
week I can afford to pay for a kennel.
Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE - if you can help, please email me, ASAP and I will relay the info to Chuck or make arrangements for you to contact him. 
If nothing else, maybe contact the kennel to help defray the cost of boarding until a foster or rescue is found.
These two Pekes were somebody's loving companions and she is no longer able to care for them - they need your help, PLEASE!
(Prayers for Tiger & Lady too)

~Mom Beaglebratz~

Friday, January 28, 2011

We got an award - thankz Kirby

We wuz really surprized last nite when 
one of the commentz on our blog wuz frum 
Kirby lettin'us no'bout an award that he had bin givin'an 
award that he wuz passin'it on tu us.
How cool iz that?

Now we gotta come up with 7 thin's 'bout us - 
now we ain't shure if that meanz 7 thin's 'bout EACH of us OR
7 thin's 'bout us az a duo BUTT
 our mom sez since our bloggie-thin' IZ a team effort, 
we will tell u'all 7 x-sitin'thin's 'bout us - az a TEAM.
After that, we need tu pass on this award tu 
15 of our furriendz.

Sum more interestin'an'x-sitin'info 'bout us-

 1. Like Kirby, Shasta's name mite not haf bin Shasta-
mom started out callin'her Keelie butt 
Aunt Sis sed what 'bout the name, Shasta?
Mom liked that a whole lot an'better than Keelie soooo-
Shasta wuz it.
2. Shiloh uze tu b a real cracker dawg
(pre-neuter days) BUTT 
                                                  I ain't that pupper no more.                            
3. One of the Beaglebratz HATEZ tu b without the other-
               they really du love bein'big bro an'lil sis.
4. Ok - the B-bratz git tu tell ya'll sumthin'bout our mom-
         Yestaday (Thurzday) mom selebrated her- 
             25th year of werkin'at the same place.
5. Ok - Shiloh'n Shasta here agin.  In case there iz sumbuddy
nu readin'this fer the furst time-
we iz really uncle an'niece.  Shasta'z doggy mom wuz a 
litter-mate of Shiloh'z .
  6. When I (Shiloh) go tu the dog park (not much anymore)
mom sez the furst thin'I gotta du iz tu check out 
the perimeter.
Well of course I du- 
gotta make shure all them squirreliez r b-havin'.
7. This iz Shasta- 
ever since I furst came tu live here with mom'n Shiloh, 
Shiloh wuz my hero - I haf alwayz tried tu b like him->

 Ok - now the 15 furriendz-
1.  Miss Kylie
2. Frankie Furter 
3. Miss Puddles (an'her tu partnerz in crime) 
4. Tank 
5. Oskar
6. Jazzi 
7. Mayzie
8. Sapphire
 9. Jack 
10. Sugar the Golden Retriever
11. Maddy an'Owen
12. Riley an'Remus
13. Thunder, Phantom an'Ciara - The Chronical of Woos
14. Two Little Cavaliers - Indiana an'Davinia (mom too)
15. Mango an'his momma

Ok - that iz it.  Now none of this iz meant az a bribe 
(I think thoze who mite b wunderin'bout this no who u r).
Sum we haf known fer awhile an'sum may-b not so long BUTT
fer all of u we appreciate u stoppin'by tu leave a comment.
We don't alwayz haf much time tu du the same so we iz duin'this.
We no there r otherz out there butt that is what the rulez say
(b-sidez, our eyez r tryin'tu shut now)
So we iz goin' nite-nite now-
happy dreamz tu all.
  ~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Az our furst offishal duty az Secretariez of Social Networkin',
we - Shiloh'n Shasta du hereby make this offishal announcement -

Yes, Mayzie wantz all pet bloggerz frum Blogville
tu stop by her blog THIS COMIN'Thurzday, 1/27/11 tu 
leave a comment on the post fer that day.
Why is this so very much impawtent u may ask?
WELL, if we may answer that queschon -
it iz b-cuz Mayzie's mom iz going tu make a small donashun 
fer EVERY comment left that day-
an'thoze small donashunz can add up tu 100 green paperz tu 
their favorite rescue-
Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation.
b-cuz then Mayzie's mom iz gonna take all the namez of thoze who left commentz then 
draw at random a name of a pet blogger who left a comment-
that pet blogger will receive a
MATCHIN'DONASHUN/tu the shelter or rescue of their choice.
 Ok, if we haf confuzzled u'll in any way, then check out-

This haz bin an 
OFFISHAL announcement frum your
 ~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, January 24, 2011

A spechial request frum our mom ............

Shiloh'n Shasta here - we no it'z kinda late butt our mom haz been wantin'tu du this fer a few daze butt she had truble findin'time.  Now she wantz tu make time so we iz gonna let her - take it away mom........

First, I want to thank Shiloh'n Shasta for letting me have the blog for now.

I feel bad that I was not able to introduce this special animal sanctuary until now - under better circumstances.  I am referring to Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary .  I accidentally discovered it when I happened to find their blog, also called Rolling Dog Ranch Animal SanctuaryAs in thir words from the website, it is "a special place where disabled animals enjoy life".   Yes, most of the animals they take in have a disability - many are blind including the horses, dogs and cats who call the ranch home - just running an animal sanctuary is special but when almost all of those animals have a disability(ies) then that is extra special to me.  I have added them to my blog roll since they are not a and I was not able to add them to the blogs I follow - this way I can find them easily anytime I want.  Today when I read my blog roll, I read that this special animal sanctuary had lost one of their special residents this past Saturday, Briggs the blind Beagle .  Briggs also had a neurological deficit that caused him to wobble some when he walked - a condition he developed as a result of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which also led to his developing kidney disease. 
According to Steve Smith and Alayne Marker who operate the animal sanctuary, Briggs had only lived with them about 3 years and soon after  Briggs first arrived at the sanctuary, Briggs was in much pain from the glaucoma which had led to his blindness. After successful surgery to mainly alleviate the severe pain - his eyes were not removed but rather the internal contents of the eyes were removed and prosthesis inserted - Briggs went merrily about, with his eyeballs functioning like they should except for the fact that he could not see with them.  Little Briggs did go through alot but from all appearances, he was one happy Beagle boy - Steve and Alayne called him a ladies man because whenever a new female dog arrived at the ranch, Briggs would always try to introduce himself to the newcomer.

Little Briggs, I wish we all had gotten a chance to know you better - sounds like you were one courageous and loving little Beagle-boy.  The Beaglebratz salute one of their own and bid you a fond ARROOOOO. 

Please stop by the blog for Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary to offer your thoughts and prayers to Steve and Alayne.

PS - Next time, back to more from Shiloh'n Shasta

Friday, January 21, 2011

Almost gone ......... and then.....

We gotz alotta more snow Wenzday. 
Yep – the last snowz we got wuz almost gone away– 
mom had tried tu clear a path on the deck then more just went away but the clear path wood take us out tu the yard. 
Then, Wenzday when mom got home frum that werk place an’she let us out from our confinement an'opened the bak door– 
this iz what greeted us-
well, it didn’t akchually say HI! butt it wuz there-
If you want to look, this link  
 will take u tu our news show webpage.   
(yes, it really wuz 8.7)
Now, we/re just gonna post sum random pikchurz
that mom took - she kinda fell intu the thought that she
wuz a good pikchur-taker->


Now these next 2, we r tryin'tu figur out what iz so
grate'bout havin'snow on one'z bak

An'this last one mom took lookin'out intu our neighberhood->

This iz a pikchur lookin'out our bak door intu the lite-
it lookz like that frozen rain BUTT there really wuz snow mixed in with it.

NOW - this last pikchur REALLY IZ THE BEST
aktivity on a day like this one->
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Pees - the weather guy sez we cood git more snow on Sunday with anuther chance next Thurzday-
enuf iz enuf already.  Mom iz plannin'fer spring already.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SHILOH'S entry in MM 2011 - the Good Old Boys an'Gals category

Well I figur if my little sis Shasta can 
put her name in big letterz then so can I.
This post iz all'bout me an'my entry in
MM 2011 - the Good Old Boys an'Gals category

I thought 'bout enterin'the Cracker Dog category -
Mom haz bin tryin’tu find a category fer me tu enter – she thought she could find pikchurz of me fer the Cracker Dog category butt it didn’t happen even after she looked’n looked – she had one specific one in mind butt never found it (b-sidez, the daze of me bein'a cracker dog are mostly a thin'of the past - I haz matured an'mellowed - that'z what mom sez sumtimez, even Aunt Sis sez that).  
 I finally told her she better fergit that one b-cuz the deadline wuz fast approachin’an she had plenty of pikchurz of me fer the 
Good Old Boy category – she sed “Oh yeah, u wood fit in there pawfectly”.  So here I iz with my Good Old Boys an'Gals entry-
 This iz me at a Valentinez Day ball askin'a fair maiden
fer a dance -
DEFINITELY Good Old Boy material.
One time, Aunt Sis told mom- 
"He'z gonna du just'bout anythin' u want him tu-
he haz grown up so much"

This next one mom took shortly after Shasta joined the family-
look how patient this Good Old Boy iz-
wood a cracker dog just stand by while 
a pup-squeek invaded their toy box?
I think NOT!
However a GOOD OLD BOY wood du that.

And  just look at the next pikchur- 
now how many cracker dogz wood allow their little sis tu lay on top of them an'this is not just a one time thin'butt
u'll haf seen the many pikchurz of difrent wayz she layz on me,
SHILOH - The Good Old Boy.

Ok - last pikchur tu show that I am definitely qualified tu 
b in the Good Old Boy category-
the followin'pikchur showz me in one of my impawtent rolez-
Reading Education Assistant Dog
Tu do this I had tu already b a registered therapy dog then mom 
had tu attend an all-day seminar-
now therapy dogz cannot b your insane cracker dogz BUTT
A Good Old Boy - that'z ME, 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SHASTA'S entry in the MM 2 Shameless Dogs and Doggie Divas

Mom wuz spendin'sooooo very much time lookin'fer pikchurz fer Shiloh that she almost fergot'bout MY entry.   
X-actly HOW am I qualified fer such a title az Shameless Doggie Diva u may ask?  Well, just the title of this post- 
I mean take a really good look- 
the only name b-sidez MM 2 in big letterz iz
Here's a pikchur

Of course then there is this one

And this iz one taken when I wuz not even a year old-
I started erly-

Here iz one of me even when younger-
my big bruther Shiloh wanted tu play with the toy BUTT
I don't wanna share

Then of course there wuz this collar-
the beautiful Royal Princess collar - get that, PRINCESS-
az in ME-
the Shameless Doggie Diva!
~Shasta Beaglebratz~

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sumtimez it'za man thing - an'then .........

Shiloh here 

It wuz all 'bout me.....
I wuz tellin'mom that it wuz past my bedtime-
she listened 
an'it wuz all 'bout me goin'tu bed
SHE went tu bed tu.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Prayers needed NOW - PLEASE

This is going to be a quick one from the mom –

 The serendipity cafe Sunshine Circle    Is one of the blogs I follow – Kimmie, the owner, lives in Brisbane, Australia. I’m sure some of you have seen news reports of the horrific torrential rains and flooding in that area – IT IS WORSENING! Please send your prayers NOW! Visit her blog and leave your prayers there – last I read was an hour ago on her blog but not sure how long she will be able to maintain contact.  
                       PLEASE PRAY NOW! 


BREAKIN' NEWZ - We iz so furry much x-sited!

We have bin "confirmed" by the 
fulfill the cabinet pawsishun az 
Secretariez of Social Netwerkin' -
an'we accepted!
WOWZERZ - we iz soooo furry much honored by this choice.

THEN az if that ain't enuf-
A mostest bootiful badge fer us-
Shiloh'n Shasta,
Secretaries of Social Netwerkin'.

Du u'all no where that came frum?
Well, just the mostest talented
We kinda wunder if  
helped tu.
Duzn't matter, 
it iz a most wunderful job.

Fer Mayor Frankie'z eyez - We Beaglebratz, propoze that Ronnii an'her mom - an' Richie tu,  r appointed tu sum kinda cabinet pawsishun such as Secretaries of Artistry - all in favor?

~Shasta'n Shiloh ~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, we r thikin' that since the snow didn't come down b-4 then 
that is y we gotz 87 gazillion  almost 10 inches this time- 
r'member we posted 'bout it startin'Sunday nite.  
Well, it snowed an'snowed all day yestaday.

who livez kinda in the area that we du, 
thought he MITE need sum help walkin'thru all hiz snow tu git home'n 
we offered tu help if needed- 
hope he made it ok since we haf not herd frum him.   
Here we r practisin'our sniffin-out skillz.

It stopped erly this mornin'BUTT 
now it iz VERY cold an'kinda windy.
So now we gonna go an'git warm
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Monday, January 10, 2011




We wood like tu thank Oskar'n his mom, Pam fer

honorin'us by acceptin'the info our mom sent tu 

them so we cood b the 

Featured Bloggerz at PBU 

this week.

We hopez u'all click on that badge above'n

go read that great article -

our mom sent sum pikchurz tu so

u can c them tu.

PeeS - we will b bak later with pikchurz'n further update 'bout our snow    
     BUTT we will tell u'all now, mom iz here tu'n wunderz if we iz
     turnin'white whenever we come in after we haf bin outside.  DUH - 
     even we no it'z just the snow.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Sunday, January 9, 2011


We FINALLY gitz our Internet bak a bit ago 
an'now it iz SNOWIN'tu!  
Mom sed the 'puter wuz messed up BUTT 
we wunder since 
she spent more time gone yestaday than uzual an'cookin'- NOT fer us.  
Anyway, this iz a short post fer now butt 
we haz lotz more tu bak-up an'talk 'bout 
like bein' 
(more later).
Butt, we gotsta tu go fer now.
~Shiloh'n Shasta~

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We ARE still here

Mom haz bin bizy agin - duzn't happen often.  R'member all them big red'n green boxez we showed u last month
That'z where all them Christmas dekorashunz that 
our mom haz were hidin'
an'then mom put'em out all over the house
(Oh yeah, we r NOT 1 of thoze Christmas dekorashunz that goez intu hidin'like all of them other Christmas dekorashunz.)
Well, any-who now mom iz puttin'all them dekorashunz bak in thoze big red'n green boxez.

Now mom can git purty wild organized sumtimez'n startz puttin'stuff in boxez - here, there an'every-where.  She just grabz stuff an'plopz it intu a box - me'n Shasta d-sided that we did not wanna go plop intu 1 of them Christmas boxez so this iz what we did instead->
an'Shasta did sum of this->
while I did sum of this->

Now mom ain't dun yet so 
me'n Shasta gonna go du sum more of this->

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Upcoming news - RE: CSN

(Beaglebratz here - mom haz sum impawtent nu'ze tu share'bout the  luggage stores at CSN where you can find things like laptop carriers to carry-ons to entire sets of luggage so we r lettin'her haf the blog tuday)

Thank you Beaglebratz - I was first contacted by CSN at the end of November 2010, about the possibility of doing a blog post review for or a give-away from one of their over 200+ websites.  I wanted to do it but with the holiday season upon us, I really could not fit it into my already hectic schedule. 

SO NOW THE NEWS - since  I did want to do it, I figured now would be a much better time since I can focus more attention on it and it fit my plans of wanting to do new/different things with this blog (nothing will change around the Beaglebratz doing the majority of the blogging.   I have been looking at CSN's online stores like that luggage store the Beaglebratz mentioned above  to stores that sell products for our furkids such as SimplyDogBeds (which also has beds for kitty) AND AllPetFuriture which actually sells a wide variety of pet supplies for your furkids - even birds, fish and other small critters.   This webpage here will take you to a directory of the many CSN online stores.

Just a side-note here - I sometimes wonder if I was born in Missouri (the Show-me state) - I decided that if I am going to do a give-away then I would prefer to test a product first so I can honestly be assured of the quality - don't get me wrong,  I have heard and read many great things about CSN but I guess that is just a quirk of mine.  Whatever it is, CSN was willing to send me a product that I will do a review of - it is something for the Beaglebratz.  So stay tuned and watch for this news.

~Kim, Shiloh'n Shasta~