Friday, June 30, 2017

Flashback Friday with Angel Oreo & Angel Shiloh, again

with the FiveSibes.

I am so late with this post, unlike
the Beaglebratz Ladiez are with theirs sometimes.

Anyway, without further delay-

(by the way, those words in red are links)
I shared a picture here of 
Angel Oreo & Angel Shiloh BEFORE the deck.

Well, this week I have one for you 
post deck, maybe a year later, of
Angel Oreo & Angel Shiloh.
(I have no idea of what they were looking at)

Anyway, FibeSibes hosts the 
Flashback Friday Blog Hop 
EVERY Friday and the link is
available for 6 days.
C'mon & join us.

~Mom Kim~

Thursday, June 29, 2017

So nice to be a #ChewyInfluencer on a Thankful Thursday

I'm Miss Maizie             I'm Lady Shasta
Together we r gonna tell u'bout what we gotz frum

Az we told u b-4, there wuz 2 thingz in that box.
We already told u'bout 1 HERE so now we r
gonna tell ya'bout the 2nd thing we gotz-

We r linkin'up with the Blog Hop so it will b
eazy 2 go hoppin'round Blogville 2 read more reviewz.

Miss Maizie here at this time-
in the last review Lady Shasta talked'bout 
how I didn't wanna share - wellllll
that'z not entirely true.
That feelin'iz really quite mutual.
Theze next 2 pikchurez r Lady Shasta -
c how possessive she iz?
Butt then I wood b 2 cuz that food iz so furry much yummy!
 Well, since Lady Shasta iz so in 2 that 
Natural Balance Dog Food Roll then 
I guess I, Miss Maizie, will tell ya'all'bout it. 
See thoze 2 bowlz of dog food there?
Well with that dog food roll u can slice it or crumble it,
serve it by itself or az our mom did-
az a dog food topper on our kibble.
The kind we gotz had Lamb, Chicken Liver, Pea Protein, Brown Rice Flour, Lamb Broth, Molasses, Carrotz an'Cranberriez plus vitaminz an'mineralz.
You can also git it with 
Beef; Duck'n Turkey or with Chicken an'no Lamb. 
Oh an'b-4 I fergit-
I, Miss Maizie talked it over with Lady Shasta'n
we totally agree -
we give theze Natural Balance Dog Food Rolls

Oh an'since I'm still a bit of a puppy butt
wanna make shure I don't miss nuthin'I am
gonna include that list of key benefitz that Chewy includez-

Key Benefits

  • Highly palatable and packed with protein and flavor dogs crave with no added BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin
  • Simply grate, chop or crumple over food to entice the pickiest of eaters or cut into small pieces to enhance your pup’s focus for training
  • Formulated without corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or colors
  • Made with sweet potatoes to aid in good digestive health
  • Added vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 help support a healthy immune system
Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie are part of the 
Chewy Influencer team and received 
1 roll of the
Natural Balance Lamb and Chicken Formula Dog Food Roll
 fer our honest opinion ONLY-
no other compensation wuz involved.

An'b-cuz us Beaglebratz r so furry much thankful 
2 b able 2 do theze product reviewz an'try 
all theze wunnerful goodiez, this week we r also 
linkin'up with the

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Quik Reminder...............

!!!! REMINDER !!!!
frum Lady Shasta'n Miss Maizie.

By now you have less than

24 hours if u iza kitty or less than

2 dayz fer doggiez 2 enter the contest over @

hosted by Noodles the Pug.

Click on that link above 2 

read more'bout the contest

or this one 


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuezday Treazure frum #ChewyInfluencer


We Ladiez of Beaglebratz Manor r both #ChewyInfluencers
(our mom iz too) an'a few dayz ago we got a 
new box frum

There wuz TWO yummy thingz in it BUTT
this time we iz only gonna tell ya'll bout'the

Me, Lady Shasta, kinda hadta take over cuz 
my sissy, Miss Maizie, iz still new at this an'duzn't 
know how to share - she iz too bossy sumtimez.
(I kinda look like I'm nappin'here butt I just haf my eyez clozed while 
smellin'thoze treatz'n thinkin'how yummy they must b.)
Anyway, our mom really liked what she read'bout theze'n
wanted to c if we liked'em too!

What'z not to like - we Beaglebratz LOVE fish!
An'theze yummy Plato fish dog treats r just that-
See what that sez-
100% fish!
There'z NUTHIN'that iz bad fer us'n they
taste great too!
Mom did say that SHE made a mistake-
the treatz r kinda big butt
she can break'em in smaller piecez.
(we don't unnerstand y she wood do this)
Mom did say next time she will git the mini size or
may-b git the little rollz they haf.

They r made frum 
100% cod skin and golden redfish skin-
nope, no other ingredientz an'they
r good fer us doggiez who mite haf a few more 
poundz than our pawrentz wood like or
may-b sum doggiez haf skin allergiez, our
pawrentz know x-actly what we r eatin'in our treatz.
An'there iz no doubt where that fish comez frum-
c that little round emblem there - ICELAND!
It duzn't git any more pure(an'cold) than that! 

We Beaglebratz ladiez love our fish'n
we love theze 
Plato Hundur's Crunch Fish Jerky Fingers Dog Treats
so much that we give'em a doggy combined total of

Now to make shure we didn't fergit nuthin'we r gonna uze that handy dandy list of key benefitz that iz on the website-

Key Benefitz-
  • An all-natural high protein treat that’s made from 100% fish;
  • Free from corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, additives and colors;
  • Fish are sustainably sourced from the clean and cold waters of Iceland;
  • Naturally rich in omega 3 these treats help your dog maintain healthy skin and coat.
  • Jerky Fingers help to safely clean teeth by removing tarter build up for optimal dental health.
Now just to b shure, sent 1 bag of 
Plato Hundur's Crunch Fish Jerky Fingers Dog Treats
to the Beaglebratz fer our honest opinion ONLY-
no other compensation wuz involved.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wayyy #Flashback Friday plus 2

Every Friday the FiveSibes host the Flashback Friday Blog Hop.  If you have a special photo (or 2 or 3 or ...) share them in a post each week then link up below to join the fun.

This week, I was looking through some old photos and ran across several I want to use for a FF post - I tried to narrow it down to one but I couldn't so these two ended up here.  Not real sure when these two pictures were taken - my Angel Oreo went to the Rainbow Bridge in 2007 and in this picture, my deck had not yet been built.  I know that Lady Shasta joined us in late November of 2006 and in this picture, Angel Shiloh was pretty young so I'm guessing early 2005 which would have made him around 2 years old.

I do remember this next picture was of our 1st Christmas together - 2003. Angel Shiloh was already a big boy - being born in March of that same year.  Angel Shiloh and Angel Oreo were best buds (future FF posts?).

~Mom Kim~

Friday, June 16, 2017

A late Flashback Friday with Angel Shiloh & Lady Shasta & Miss Maizie

I am sooo very late getting this post up-
hosts this Flashback Friday Blog Hop & you still
have 6 more days to add a Flashback Friday post.

Something took place earlier this evening that prompted me to look for this picture of Lady Shasta using the sofa table as a safety zone to get away from Angel Shiloh during one of their many play-times.

You may be wondering what it was that 
prompted me to first search for that picture &
then share it here-
in a few years it too could be seen on
Flashback Friday but
I will not make you wait that long.
Here they are-

Even tho Lady Shasta is a bit bigger now she remembered what a 
good safety zone that table made and 
she could still fit when she
used it when Miss Maizie kept pestering her.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

An evening of Sunday Selfies with the Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor

Us ladiez r joinin'in the
hosted by
The Cat On My Head.
You still haf time 2 join in-
it lastz fer 4 more dayz.

HEY MOM!  It'z time 2 eat - NOW!
                             I'm Miss Maizie            I'm Lady Shasta
We're gonna share a couple of pichurez with u.

MOM - I'm tryin'2 git in a snooze here!

MOM! - Do u have a problem with me snoozin?

So I fetched an orange tennis ball - whatcha starin'at?

I know - I am just so furry much stunnin'u can't help starin!

That'z all!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Flashback Friday Blog Hop on Saturday

This Flashback Friday post is 
actually going to end up on Saturday-
just read about this on Facebook.

Some of you do a 
flashback Friday blog post so why not just
link up that post to the 
Flashback Friday Blog Hop hosted by 
every Friday but it continues until the following Friday so
you could go ahead and link up what you did today
or Friday, 6/9/17.

Ok - so this was not so long ago-
only a little over a month.
The day Miss Maizie came to 
live with me and Lady Shasta-

If you haven't had a chance to read about 
Miss Maizie then 
to get caught up.

~Mom Kim~