Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday - What we do

We Beaglebratz thought u'all mite like tue c us 
akchually duin'sumthin'.  Just pay no attentchun tue our mom - she thinkz without her, we coodn't due this stuff butt we all know the REAL truth.

Got sum more of them yummiez???

~Shiloh'n Diva Shasta~ 
Pee-S - just in case thoze videoz above don'werk rite - then here iza couple of linkz u can try->

Monday, January 28, 2013

Diva Shasta here ... Aukshun an'more

Ok, I know there iz a lot goin'on in Blogville 

rite now BUTT that iz not y I am here.  There iza

happenin'RITE NOW!  You ask - "Butt y iz it so 

impawtent Diva Shasta?"  Well, let me just tell 

got really bad sickiez - diabetes with really bad 

complicashunz.  She iz a lot better now AN'HOME 

BUTT she iz now blind cuz of thoze furry bad 

complicashunz.  Now y the aukshun u ask.  Well we 

all know dogtor billz ain't cheep so the aukshun 

haz bin organized tue help raize sum green paperz

tue help Sallie's mom pay thoze high dogtor 

billz.  Now we Beaglebrayz haz bin by that 

aukshun a few timez an'let me tell ya - there iz

just sum really pawsum stuff over there - stuff 

like kittiez toyz an'treatz an'sum fur the

woofiez tue!  An'there iz also all kindz of neat

an'nise stuff fur our peepz.  So just click on 

that link up there by the purty pikchure - BUTT 

ya'can't waste time - that really nise aukshun -

it will END NEXT MONDAY! Yep, February 4th.


Ok now fur sum newz 'boutz me!
   Diva Shasta

This picture wuz taken bak in early October, 2009

rite after me an'mom passed our test so we cood b

a therapy dog team an'vizit hospitalz an'placez 

like that - like Shiloh duz.  Well, last time, 

b-cuz all the trouble my mom had with her vizion, 

I didn't get tue vizit 'til late 2010.  Then,

b-cuz of her werk an'not much vakashun time, I 

had tue wait sum more - I only got tue go vizit 

'boutz 4 or 5 timez durin'that first 2 yearz of 

bein'a therapy dog.  At the end of that first 2 

yearz, with all the problemz my mom had with her

vizion, not bein'able tue take time off werk 

an'havin'lo green paperz, mom had tue let our  

registrashun az a therapy dog team go away.  BUTT

in Oktober of 2012, we once agin took that test

an'after mom FINALLY did all the paperwerk - we 

r once agin a THERAPY DOG TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Now sum more newz- 

Mom thought with me duin'vizitin'werk -

I needed tue haf a new collar.  Mom wuz lookin'at

her Facebook page one day an'saw a post frum 

an'd-sided she shood go check out what wuz there.  Well when

she stopped by their website (just click on that link above), she

cood not b-leeve all the purty collarz she saw - they even had

sum with my great ancestor that EFURRYBODY knowz -


ain't it just the most pawfect thing u ever did c?   Mom

even saw that TweetyBird on one - Tweety iz a  favorite of 

mom'z.  Mom wuz really surprized when she saw my new collar in 

our mailbox - x-actly 7 dayz after she ordered

it.  See that paw in that pikchure - that iz MY 

paw - I iz claimin'that new collar fur mwah - fit 

fur a DIVA!

Now c this next pikchure - that iz the nise little

note that came with my new collar - izn't that

just a superfantaztic nise note?  Click on it tue

biggefy if u need tue.

Here iz a pikchure of their bizness card an'the

front of the notecard-

An'by the way - if u hazn't figured it out-

they DONATE a porshun of their green paperz frum

the salez tue a rescue-


(Don't tell Shiloh butt mom haz already picked out a new collar fur him fur hiz barkday - don't furgit - don't let thoze lipz go flappin'fur the wrong reezon.)

~Diva Shasta~

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late wordy on Wednesday

We Beaglebratz r sooooo furry much sorry we ain’t bin around much – we don’t like it much at all when we r away frum our Blogville furrendz fur a few dayz.  Wish we had sum x-sitin’newz tue update u with’boutz y we bin gone BUTT there ain’t nuthin’tue report – same old dullsville here.  Even our weather iz dull–dreary-cold-a little warmer then cold agin – we think old man weather iz in a rutt.

Now on the other paw – Blogville iz just hoppin’with stuffz goin’on.

Along with everything else, Reuben iz havin'a giveaway fur sum Frosty Paws.  Yep, u say u missed out when Lily an'Benny had their giveaway WELLLLLLLL, now u haz anuther chance.  Make shure u go check out Reuben @ Floppy Tongue Joy  Hurry tho - u only haz 'til February 1st tue enter fur sum yummy Frosty Pawz - we Beaglebratz haf had sum a loooooooong time ago so we know just how yummy they iz.

Now if u haz bin followin'Pip'z blog at all lately, u know he haz started werkin'on AN'travelin'tue fulfill hiz bucket list.  BUTT he ain't duin'it alone, no sirree - he haz hiz trusty sidekick Ms Puddles with him - drivin'him ANYWHEREZ hiz little doggy heart d-zirez.  (Hopefully, they won't git sidetracked since Ms Puddles iz duin'the drivin'an she also haz a tendency tue due whatever her little doggy heart d-zirez tue, egspeshally when there iz beer an'cheetohz involved)
Anywayz, u can follow Pip an'Puddles az they tour the country by checking out hiz blog

Earlier this month Sallie from the Romance Puppy had tue b rushed tue the vet an'wuz found tue haf diabetez with severe complicashunz.  With sum great care, Sallie iz home now however she iz blind frum the diabetez - click on her link above tue read more'boutz Sallie.  Az u read'boutz her ordeal, u can probably imagine how the vet bill just kept goin'up an'up.  Tue help eaze her mom'z concern'boutz how they will pay fur it all, the furrends of the CB Auction an'Marg over at
Marg's Animals 
haf organized this aucshun - u really NEED tue go check it out cuz their r many really super fine itemz over there - fur woofiez, kittiez an'peepz tue.  Just click on that link b-lo this purty pikchure.

Sarge iz havin'a sled day BUTT if u wanna b included, u gotta email him a pikchure of YOU along with tellin'him what kinda sled u want BUTT agin u gotta hurry cuz the deadlion fur sendin'your pikchure an'info iz ......
(we Beaglebratz r lete with ourz)

Mollie and Ranger    are hostin'a Valentine'z Day Ball here in Blogville.  They call it a "Spectacular, Amazing, Dazzling, Sensational and Wondrous Valentine's Day Ball!"  We Beaglebratz r callin'it a furry furry much super funtastical pawty time.  There r pikchurez of YOU involved BUTT u gotta git'em in ASAP soooooo u know the drill - click on the link b-lo this purty pikcure.

The best PAWt... b-sidez the FUN an'Food... will b that u will b able tue LEND a PAW tue help sum of our b-loved Furendz. Admishun tue the BIG TOP eventz will haf a furry much small Fee... an'the FUNds collected will b goin'tue help Sallie'n Turien an'Marg.
BUTT WAIT.... there IZ More.... see we know that FUNdz r not real eazy tue come by... an'sooooo we r gonna give u totally FREE admishun tue All of the SIDE SHOW attractshunz. Just fur lendin'whatever u can tue help. It iz gonna b the BIGGEST an'the BESTEST BARGAIN in all of Blogville's HISTORY... 
NOW - we Beaglebratz wood furry much like tue tell u'all more'boutz it BUTT we iz runnin'out of time.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO - the furry much absolute
BEST thing u can due now - click on that link b-lo this purty pikchure tue lern furry furry much more'boutz the ---

There iz sooooooooooooo furry much more tue find out'boutz the Circus -
there r sooooooooooo many eventz that will NEED YOUR pikchure BUTT there r deadlionz so click on that link an'u can find out ALL'BOUTZ IT!!!!






that iz it fur now.  
We Beaglebratz will leeve u'all with 
sum of our pikchurez frum our Christmas.
We wantz tue git caught up on 
sum of out postz so we will b bak ASAP! 

Ok - that'z it fur now 

~The Shiloh-meister'n The Diva Shasta~  

Monday, January 14, 2013

This iz all we gotz tueday

It iz only 'boutz 12 d-greez out - it iz

 FREEZIN'an'mom haz 

tue leeve us fur that werk place-

Friday, January 11, 2013


Team Beaglebratz will continue tue b YOUR

once Mayor Madi takez office!

Ok - we gotta keep this post breef-
(no, NOT beef - we sed BREEF az in SHORT)

We Beaglebratz r gittin'ready tue 
fly out NOW tue Mayor Madi'z inaugerashun.

We iz gonna b duin'our FLYOVER
in our sopwith camelz
So PLEEZE heed this infurmashun!


We iz NOT U F O'z
(Unidentified Friggin'Objectz)


Mayor Madi KNOWZ it iz us!
Officer Bites KNOWZ it iz us!
  They will NOT b happee if u shoot us down cuz
u think we iz UFO'z
(Unidentified Friggin'Objectz)  

Ok - gotta go - don't wanna b late fur
this most auspishus occazion.
Our sopwith camelz r rev'd up an'waitin's
off we go intue the wild blue yonder.  
(Akchually it iz erly mornin'so the sun iz just comin'up)

       ~Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta~       

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Terrible on Thursday - from Mom Kim

First, I just wanted to say this DOES NOT involve me or the Beaglebratz in any way except we wanted to tell you all about something terrible that happened recently at the 

I first read about it at Life With Dogs and could not really let it go.  Just the fact that anyone can go in and take something that someone else has worked hard to get is bad enough. But when what is stolen was intended to help two groups who are the most vulnerable (the homeless AND THEIR pets and then it didn't just happen once but TWICE within a few short hours.  Well, I just wanted to do whatever I could to get the word out about this atrocious act of cowardly behavior.

You can also check out their FACEBOOK page for their latest updates and information if you would like to help - something Blogville is really good at.
~Kim, Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta~ 

Here is a video and additional info->


Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Stan - Dog With A Blog

Ok - we Beaglebratz just can't wait on this  

anymore.  We wunder if our mom iz tryin'tue find

her inner child.  We fear it may take sum time cuz

it haz bin sooooooooooooo long ago that she wuz 

ANY kind of a child - inside or out.  Anyway, fur 

the past few monthz, us Beaglebratz haf bin FORCED

tue x-perience this search our mom iz goin'thru-

tryin'tue find her inner child.  Glad we doggiez 

don't hazta spend time lookin'fur our inner puppy,

our livez iz tue short fur that.

ANYWAYZ, a few monthz ago our mom started tue 

watch this on that big talky box we haz - she 

really likez it.  Here iza link tue hiz webpage-

So of course, we Beaglebratz r wunderin'WHERE HAF

WE GONE WRONG?  Our mom az our assistant haz most

obviously FAILED US (altho this ain't really new 

tue us Beaglebratz.  We Beaglebratz r dogz an'our

furrendz r doggiez an'kittiez BUTT due ANY OF US

haf OUR OWN talky box show?  Think'boutz it!

OUR MOM claimz tue b our promoter so where iz our 

show - Hmmmmmmmmm?  May-b if we haza pikchurez of

us akchually werkin'on our blog - u can watch 

Stan werk on hiz blog.  

(By the way, u hazn't seen us much lately so here

iza couple Christmas pikchurez tue remind u what

we look like   
     The next pikchure wuz taken AFTER mom started puttin'our Christmas stuff away butt it'z goin'kinda slow

And FINALLY our New Year'z Eve pikchure

Ok - we iz dun fur now - time fur a nap.
~Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta~

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beware the Pepto-Bismal squirrel

One just never knowz where thoze pesky squirrelz will show up next.

And shure, they WANT u tue think they r
tryin'tue help u BUTT
what r they REALLY up tue?


Friday, January 4, 2013

WE R BAK !!!!!!!!

even if it iz kinda late. 

We had to catch up on our recuperatin'frum the holiday rush.

We gotz sum pikchurez tue share with u'all'n 
hope tue due that this weekend or
early next week.
We just gotz a whole lotta catchin'up
tue due.

We also gotta try tue git our blog
changed around sum-
at leest change our header.

Rite now we gotta git bak tue
our recuperatin'.

~Shiloh'n The Diva Shasta~