Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Late wordy on Wednesday

We Beaglebratz r sooooo furry much sorry we ain’t bin around much – we don’t like it much at all when we r away frum our Blogville furrendz fur a few dayz.  Wish we had sum x-sitin’newz tue update u with’boutz y we bin gone BUTT there ain’t nuthin’tue report – same old dullsville here.  Even our weather iz dull–dreary-cold-a little warmer then cold agin – we think old man weather iz in a rutt.

Now on the other paw – Blogville iz just hoppin’with stuffz goin’on.

Along with everything else, Reuben iz havin'a giveaway fur sum Frosty Paws.  Yep, u say u missed out when Lily an'Benny had their giveaway WELLLLLLLL, now u haz anuther chance.  Make shure u go check out Reuben @ Floppy Tongue Joy  Hurry tho - u only haz 'til February 1st tue enter fur sum yummy Frosty Pawz - we Beaglebratz haf had sum a loooooooong time ago so we know just how yummy they iz.

Now if u haz bin followin'Pip'z blog at all lately, u know he haz started werkin'on AN'travelin'tue fulfill hiz bucket list.  BUTT he ain't duin'it alone, no sirree - he haz hiz trusty sidekick Ms Puddles with him - drivin'him ANYWHEREZ hiz little doggy heart d-zirez.  (Hopefully, they won't git sidetracked since Ms Puddles iz duin'the drivin'an she also haz a tendency tue due whatever her little doggy heart d-zirez tue, egspeshally when there iz beer an'cheetohz involved)
Anywayz, u can follow Pip an'Puddles az they tour the country by checking out hiz blog

Earlier this month Sallie from the Romance Puppy had tue b rushed tue the vet an'wuz found tue haf diabetez with severe complicashunz.  With sum great care, Sallie iz home now however she iz blind frum the diabetez - click on her link above tue read more'boutz Sallie.  Az u read'boutz her ordeal, u can probably imagine how the vet bill just kept goin'up an'up.  Tue help eaze her mom'z concern'boutz how they will pay fur it all, the furrends of the CB Auction an'Marg over at
Marg's Animals 
haf organized this aucshun - u really NEED tue go check it out cuz their r many really super fine itemz over there - fur woofiez, kittiez an'peepz tue.  Just click on that link b-lo this purty pikchure.

Sarge iz havin'a sled day BUTT if u wanna b included, u gotta email him a pikchure of YOU along with tellin'him what kinda sled u want BUTT agin u gotta hurry cuz the deadlion fur sendin'your pikchure an'info iz ......
(we Beaglebratz r lete with ourz)

Mollie and Ranger    are hostin'a Valentine'z Day Ball here in Blogville.  They call it a "Spectacular, Amazing, Dazzling, Sensational and Wondrous Valentine's Day Ball!"  We Beaglebratz r callin'it a furry furry much super funtastical pawty time.  There r pikchurez of YOU involved BUTT u gotta git'em in ASAP soooooo u know the drill - click on the link b-lo this purty pikcure.

The best PAWt... b-sidez the FUN an'Food... will b that u will b able tue LEND a PAW tue help sum of our b-loved Furendz. Admishun tue the BIG TOP eventz will haf a furry much small Fee... an'the FUNds collected will b goin'tue help Sallie'n Turien an'Marg.
BUTT WAIT.... there IZ More.... see we know that FUNdz r not real eazy tue come by... an'sooooo we r gonna give u totally FREE admishun tue All of the SIDE SHOW attractshunz. Just fur lendin'whatever u can tue help. It iz gonna b the BIGGEST an'the BESTEST BARGAIN in all of Blogville's HISTORY... 
NOW - we Beaglebratz wood furry much like tue tell u'all more'boutz it BUTT we iz runnin'out of time.  SOOOOOOOOOOOO - the furry much absolute
BEST thing u can due now - click on that link b-lo this purty pikchure tue lern furry furry much more'boutz the ---

There iz sooooooooooooo furry much more tue find out'boutz the Circus -
there r sooooooooooo many eventz that will NEED YOUR pikchure BUTT there r deadlionz so click on that link an'u can find out ALL'BOUTZ IT!!!!






that iz it fur now.  
We Beaglebratz will leeve u'all with 
sum of our pikchurez frum our Christmas.
We wantz tue git caught up on 
sum of out postz so we will b bak ASAP! 

Ok - that'z it fur now 

~The Shiloh-meister'n The Diva Shasta~  


The Daily Pip said...

Thanks for posting about the Blog Tour. There were a couple of incidents in North Carolina ...but not to worry, we are safely across state lines and they will never catch us now. Bawhahahahahha!

Your pal, Pip

Unknown said...

Yep it is all go in Blogville. That was a whole lot of swag you got there pals. Enjoy. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

WE agree with Molly... you SCORED some MAJOR SWAG. Love the pic of you with the LIME GREEN LOLLY PUP. YUMMMMMM

And THANK YOU THANK YOU fur puttin up all the information about all the stuffs going on around Blogville. We really need to get some pictures in fur the Clowns and the Mirrors and the contortionists fur the Circus and Requests fur Fortunes to be read also.

YOU TWO are the BESTEST!!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Holee Molee.....Me poor teenie weenie head is spinnin fur sure. Me's still tryin to squeeze in all dat info! Oh dear! can do it cause me is SUPER WEENIE!


My Mind's Eye said...

Not only are you gorgeous you are is hard for Divas to just say a few words.
hugs madi

Mary Lou said...

Team Beaglebratz....
Rose here. Mama says that I should welcome you back to Blogville. Uh, okay.... WECOME BACK!! How did I do? ;op
Wow!! What awesome treats you two got for Christmas!! Lucky pups.... ;op

ShellePenn said...

Geez.... Our mom should have brought in a snack to get her through all the readings you made her do!! Welcome back to blogville... we don't like it when our Divas are gone.

We appreciate all the information about the stuffs going on. Especially Reuben's give away.. treats... Mmmm...

But we have to admit those pictures of the treats... wow.. they made our day... Best pictures EVER!!!

Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,